July 18, 2013

Nakanmon! [Chapter 16] -Fin-

[Free Talk: It seems that Last Notes is being actively English scanlated so I would drop that series for now. I’m still thinking whether to continue True Love or not since it is going the direction that I kind of dislike. I will know for sure when I read chapter 12. Anyway, it is already mid-month so new chapters of different series might be coming out soon. Haha, hopefully, I can finish the pending ones before more series are out =P ]

While Tsukasa is somewhat panicking, Youichi asks up to when she is going to make him wait. While telling him to let go, Tsukasa suddenly couldn’t breathe and becomes limp. Youichi apologizes. While trying to calm herself down, Tsukasa tells him that she’ll give her answer tonight at the park. After she left, Youichi leans on the wall and wonders what he is doing. At the street, Tsukasa apologizes to Nozomi. He asks what she is referring to. She apologizes for not fulfilling the agreement when she said that she would only think of him today but she thought of someone else. He teases her that it is impossible for her to do this clever thing and he’s stupid to believe her. He says that it is enough, for he feels that it would become troublesome. He starts telling her that perhaps he isn’t good in dealing with people like her. While looking away, he says that a more cheerful, and cuter girl is much better. She interrupts him by asking why he is saying that. She tells him that it is useless to make her feel embarrassed[/guilty] in rejecting him. Nozomi tries to apologize that isn’t what he meant. Flustered Tsukasa asks if it is because he is serious. She tells him that even if it hurts when one is rejected but the things that he said and did, everything is sincere so she also wanted to seriously answer him. Nozomi becomes flustered over this. Tsukasa formally thanks him for his feelings but in the end, she likes..so this is already enough. Nozomi says that even if that is so, she had thought of him, even if she likes that guy, she spent time for him and he is already happy about this so it is already enough. Tsukasa felt like crying that Nozomi tells her that he told her before that he’ll get angry if she cries for crying girls are quite annoying. Tsukasa does her best not to cry. He asks her to leave or else, he’ll go first. Tsukasa bows and runs off. After she left, Nozomi turns around but she’s already gone. Nozomi mutters that he’s really disappointing. At home, Tsukasa is thinking about going to the park afterwards and give her reply to Youichi by saying she likes him. She starts to freak out that even if she is saying that it is her answer but it is actually a second confession. Her mother interrupts her thoughts and mentions about the death anniversary of Chihiro if she wants to spend the night together at Hiroshima. Tsukasa agrees to it. Her mother says that her father would be late so does she want to eat first. Tsukasa apologizes that she is going to meet with a friend so she’s going to eat late.
Her mother asks her to buy some flowers on her way since there are Mexican asters[/garden cosmos] today which Tsukasa wanted for this month. She notices that Tsukasa wasn’t paying attention since she is busy checking the things she has to bring and preparing herself emotionally. This made her mother comment if this is an important meeting that her mind is preoccupied. Soon, at the park, Tsukasa smells the newly bought flowers while waiting for Youichi. Youichi arrives and asks about the answer. She smiles and tells him that she also likes him. This made him blush and look away. He says is that so.. Then, he apologizes for today since he left first. Tsukasa tells her that it is okay. He nervously asks how about trying to go home together occasionally. She says okay. He asks her if she likes flowers for she always buys them. She didn’t reply and he realizes something. She apologizes and says that she’ll go home first since it is late. He stops her by asking if something happened and did Nozomi did something to her. Looking away, Tsukasa says no, she told things clearly to him and he understood. Youichi asks how are saying things clearly and those flowers related because from the start, her expression isn’t ‘I like you’ type. Tsukasa looks flustered. While both are sitting down, Tsukasa tells him that the flowers are for the one year death anniversary of Chihiro, her sister who passed away from sickness. When Chihiro is already approaching her end, she kept on crying that made Chihiro very worried about her. She wondered why she didn’t do the best thing for Chihiro then (when she’s obviously the one who is in the most pain). Upon arriving here, she got to know new friends including Youichi so she is very happy and she gradually no longer think of it. Although it isn’t like saying that she’ll cry upon thinking of it because Chihiro is important to her but even right now, she thinks of the things she should and shouldn’t have done. This feeling right now is already fading and only during times she thought of it, she cannot stand it. Youichi looks at her and asks if she is agonizing about that thing. Flustered Tsukasa says that it isn’t only about that thing because it is already the end and she obviously should have done something since she obviously like her sister the most. Youichi apologizes that he is wrong about his wording but it is also the same with her sister. When his cat is about to die, its body is so weak that when he caressed it, it would still look towards him. He thought that the cat should be in pain and actually, it is alright for it not to do that but it is doing its best to tell him like ‘very happy or ‘very comfortable’.
So, her sister, perhaps, more than wanting to get something from her, she would want to do something more for Tsukasa because she also likes her the most. He thinks that perhaps she is very happy that before her end, she can still be worried about Tsukasa. Youichi stands up and suddenly grabs something. He holds it to her and says that it is her sister’s afterimage. After holding it out to her, he says that perhaps there is none in Tokyo. Tsukasa recalls the time when the two are saying that the afterimage probably exist, even if they cannot see it, the sound or perhaps the afterimage is nearby. Tsukasa felt like crying. She thinks that if he is only saying those to comfort her then perhaps she won’t frankly accept it and even Chihiro wouldn’t want someone she likes to think of her [Chihiro] and feel regrets. Youichi tells her that it is okay for her not to endure it and he didn’t know when it started but he already doesn’t detest it when she cries. Tsukasa starts crying as Youichi sits beside her. Soon, Tsukasa and her parents visit Chihiro’s grave. Then, everyone go about their ways. Soon, a month has passed. In class, Tsukasa’s friends are shock that they exclaim over Youichi has not yet kissed Tsukasa until now. There is also no holding hands yet, that they ask Tsukasa if this is okay. She tells them that it is nothing but they say her that she’s really enduring. They are startled when embarrassed Youichi shouts to the other guys that he has a lot of improper[/unnatural] thoughts. They laugh at Youichi for being stupid. So, it has already been a month since she is going steady with him and everyday, it has kind of feeling. Nozomi tells Tsukasa that kind of boyfriend is tiring, but if she’s tired of Youichi then tell him for he would like her for around three years. Tsukasa thinks that like before, Nozomi still likes to joke around. Lately, Misa seems to be very interested in [romantic] love. Reading a book, Misa asks if the first kiss taste like strawberry or lemon. Then, Chisai comes back and someone asks if someone from the second year confessed to him that is why he went out. Aghast Chisai says that it’s a guy. It seems that since the stage play, Chisai has become popular with guys. Whereas she and Youichi still doesn’t have progress.
While walking out the school, Youichi comments that those guys are baffling for they are making other people’s business as a joke. Tsukasa thinks that like this, it would appear that they touched each other more, before they went steady. Even if it is her, she totally cannot accept this situation. She asks him about holding hands. He asks now, he doesn’t want to. Nagging him, she asks if he likes her and can’t he say it now. She scowls and thinks that didn’t he say he is thinking of a lot of improper things. Youichi tells her that they go home. She thinks that it doesn’t matter. By the school gate, she starts telling him the first time she met him, how he brought that girl who fell down stairs to the clinic and it made her fretful, and then, he helped her deal with her injured finger as her heart wildly beats. He asks wasn’t she in pain that she felt like crying. Tsukasa denies it. Tsukasa says that from that time, she slowly likes him – crying, getting angry and smiling together. “Right now, it is already..” She thinks that it is not only like. She giggles at him that it makes him slightly flustered. Then, he calls out to her. At the chemistry room, Youichi closes the door and asks if everything he wants to do is okay. This made her blush and ask what he refers to as everything. Youichi pulls up her sleeve and touches her upper arm. He lets out a laugh that she exclaims why he is laughing. He tells her that it is surprisingly soft. She becomes embarrassed when he said that. He apologizes then leans toward her. Then, he kisses her. Blushing, she comments that everything makes her embarrassed. He says no, that is all for today and what was she thinking that he’ll do. He tells her that when things happen, it is obvious on his face and because he hates it when the others in class would say thoughtless remarks which he cannot endure because she is very important to him. Tsukasa thinks that not only like, he’s like a friend, someone she longed for, an important person. She smiles and says that she’s very happy. They kiss again. She asks how many times he is going to kiss. Blushing Youichi says that he’s going to kiss until someone comes in there. Then, he leans to kiss her again. Narration: “Whether in the past or even right now, this person would cry together and smile together with me.” The end.
Comment: So, finally, after a lot of dragging, the two are together and it is over. ^^; Somehow I feel that there should be something more to this series but the mangaka focused too much on the love triangle. The rejection is good for Tsukasa is not going to make Nozomi say some half-hearted things when she is serious about this in consideration of his sincere feelings. The answer for Youichi at the park isn’t that exciting and it focused more on helping Tsukasa move on and have no regrets regarding how she acted when her sister is dying. The last part is cute though and of course, the kisses are nice with his mention that he won’t stop until someone comes in ^^ So, thank you for reading these two last chapters’ summaries that I’ve written for this series. Scans by 离境

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