July 20, 2013

Reimei no Arcana [Chapter 51]

After Loki left, Nakaba is at a loss over what to feel upon losing something very important. Tears and pain. She starts crying as Caesar comforts her. Later on, during a meeting, Nakaba informs the heads of the country that right now, the Ajin-s residing in Belquat would go on a large scale migration to Senan so they have to take measures in order for this to happen without chaos and arrange some residence area. Then, the military will watch over the country’s borders. While the others doesn’t look happy about this, Rosetta interrupts by asking why Nakaba is here and unexpectedly doing this when Caesar.. Louise stands up and gives up her position as Queen consort to Nakaba. Rosetta is shock. While the couple is surprised, Louise tells Caesar that she hopes he and Nakaba would protect this country whereas she wants to always think of Cain-sama. With that, Nakaba continues telling them of her plans when the humans from Senan come to migrate here and since they were original rival countries, they must first decide on a temporary residence area in order to avoid unnecessary disputes, as much as possible. Soon, in their room, Caesar sits down and comments that problems pile up like a mountain. Looking out the window, Nakaba sadly says yes. Holding her face, Caesar tells her face looks unsightly because she hasn’t been sleeping. Nakaba looks away and says that she’s sleeping. Caesar tells her to be a bit happy for she has become his official wife again. Nakaba tries to be happy that Caesar hugs her and says that he understands, sorry, just rest. That night, Nakaba dreams of Loki walking away. She chases after him. Smiling Loki looks back at her and calls her name. Then, he apologizes to her for actually, he really hates her. This wakes up Nakaba who is covered in sweat. She cries as she remembers Loki’s farewell. She is in anguish that Caesar who woke up, hugs her tightly. Caesar thinks that this is the pain that Loki left and does Loki really want this kind of situation. Later on, Nakaba’s braid had become slightly longer. Adele and Emilia are fusing about how Adele talks to her as a girl but he calls her a brat. Nakaba tells them that they are of the same age. Adele is in disbelief and they start quarrelling again. While Ahkil thinks that they are noisy, Belias comments that it is really gratifying that they are already friends. Nakaba says that if that is called friends then yes. Nakaba thinks that like that, change is slowly accepted. The leaders of both Belquat and Senan have changed and the country has sharply become different from before. They have changed the name of Belquat into Belacili [guesswork name from 拜拉西里]. Nakaba and Caesar re-married.
Just as before, Belias is Caesar’s trusted aide. Ahkil’s ability and wisdom helped them in revising the law and class division which gradually changed. Loki has become Senan’s leader. He didn’t give a name to his country so people would say ‘Senan’ or ‘that country’. After the country became only Ajin-s, that place has become a country that cannot be infringed on. Compared to the time when it would wage war against Belquat, it has become a closed state and doesn’t have any relations with other countries. Ever since then, Nakaba didn’t use that power again for if she were to meet Loki at the hallway [with many doors], what would she say, what would he tell her, and generally, she feared this. At the market, a fruit vendor is selling her wares when she recognizes the red haired girl. Nakaba’s braid has now become long just like before. The fruit vendor offers her some apples. Nakaba buys 5 pieces and got the fruit vendor put them in her basket. Nakaba asks how her business is. The fruit vendor says that it is doing okay and a bit hard now compared to when the Ajin-s are here since they are strong and nimble. Nakaba sadly agrees. Before she leaves, the fruit vendor comments that it’s quite nostalgic to see her and there was an Ajin beside her previously. Holding her basket tight, Nakaba says yes, he’s very strong and she likes him the most. Then, in a hood, Caesar shouts that he has found her and how many times does she have to sneak out. The fruit vendor says that he came to fetch her. Nakaba tells her that she’ll come again. Angry Caesar pulls Nakaba’s braid that made her shout not to pull it. Then, she hears a sound. It made surprised Nakaba drop the basket. While Nakaba looks stunned, Caesar apologizes and asks if it hurts. Holding her ear, Nakaba says no, just now..she might be mistaken. Caesar says that they should go home. Looking out the window from the castle, Nakaba thinks that it is already winter, and at that side, it ought to be snowing hard earlier on. She is surprised to hear someone running. It is Ahkil who comes in and trips down on the floor. Nakaba giggles as she asks what’s up for it is rare to see him frantic like that. Ahkil exclaims that they have a special visitor. He grabs her hand and quickly leads her away. Nakaba asks if it is someone like Prince Baatar. Ahkil says that he won’t come and he’s no longer a prince. He tells her to look inside and she’ll know. She opens the door to see Caesar and Emilia with a hooded person. The man removes the hood and it is Lito. He immediately hugs Nakaba and exclaims that he really wanted to see her. Nakaba hugs him back and says that he has grown up. She asks him what’s up. Lito takes out a scroll and gives it to Nakaba. As Nakaba asks what it is, Lito tells her, “Nakaba, Loki, he has passed away.” Nakaba looks surprised.
Comment: So, Loki really takes on the ‘tragic other guy/love rival’ as in TRAGIC. ^^; This is a surprise because I expected that Loki to get some sort of consolation or happy ending aside from getting Senan but it turns out that the mangaka is not yet finished with killing off characters. We’ll know more about what happened to Loki and Senan in the next chapter. For this chapter, Louise decides not to cause trouble and gives up her position. Even if she wants to hold on to the memory of Cain, wouldn’t it be better for her to move on and find happiness? With time and effort, things changed for the better for their country. Now, the humans get to appreciate the Ajin-s more. And, even if it still hurts, it must have lessened a bit since Nakaba has become calmer and nostalgic at times with the help of being busy and of course, Caesar. It is indeed regrettable that she feared meeting with Loki again because now, she will never get to talk with him ever again. I guess that time at the market could be the time when he died since she sensed it. So, there are two more chapters to go to wrap this up. PS. The last sentence is literally, ‘Loki, he has died’ but I decided to use a euphemism for it since ‘died’ would have been too blunt considering who Loki is to Nakaba. From googling, it does seem that there are people would rather be bluntly told ‘died/dead’ than euphemisms. ^^; Scans by 红莲汉

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