July 22, 2013

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 22]

While holding on to surprised Shino, Mitsuru exclaims, “I’m actually a guy. Since the time that I’ve met you, I really like you, Shino-chan..!!” Asuza overheard this and looks surprised. Shino blushes and lets out a giggle. Mitsuru is shock that he was laughed at. Shino gestures, “Geez, Mego-chan. You are obviously quite cute, and you would unexpectedly say you’re a guy..” Realizing that Shino thought that he’s joking, Mitsuru wonders if he has to take off the wig and strip down. Before Mitsuru can do that, Shino gestures, “Thank you. I also really like you. Yes. If Mego-chan is a guy, I’ll definitely like you. Always protecting me. Very kind and very cool. It would definitely become a happy [romantic] love.” This made Mitsuru’s eye sparkle for he has hope then. He asks if what she is saying.. To his surprise, Shino is crying. She gestures to him that if it is like that, she would definitely be not be distressed like this right now. She takes out her notepad and writes to ‘Mego’ that her heart clearly knows that even if a girl like her, likes Kouji, he also won’t give her a glance. “There are many mature and beautiful girls at his side. They can clearly hear sounds and can also talk very normally with him. The me, who cannot even make an ordinary conversation with him, would definitely just give him trouble. He is a very nice person. If he knew of my feelings, he would definitely be very distressed. *Mitsuru is reading out what she wrote* I really know that even if I like him, this romance also cannot happen.” Then, Mitsuru and Azusa are surprised when Shino starts sobbing. Mitsuru thinks that it is the first time he heard the sound of her crying. It is like the cries of a young child who cannot find confidence and as if her chest is tightly grasp by some incomparable pain. As Mitsuru hug to comfort sobbing Shino, he thinks that it turns out that she unexpectedly have deeply fallen to an intense unrequited love.
On the second day, at Akechi Academy, Mego has just helped in painting a huge poster for the sports meet. The guys praise ‘him’ for drawing really well. While drinking from a canned juice, Mego happily anticipates this week’s sports meet to see Aoi’s heroic form. A cap guy points at ‘Mitsuru’s drink and asks for a sip of the juice. Just as Mego is giving it to him, Aoi grabs the drink and drinks from it. While they others wonder why the AKC head is in the first year classroom, Aoi hands to cap guy the drink. While cap guy and friend shares the drink, Aoi whispers to Mego that she’s an idiot, do not be seen outside, taking turns in drinking with other guys at a male school. Mego blushes and thinks that if seems that for Aoi to do this, he is ‘protecting her’. Mego smiles and thanks him. This made him blush. She thinks that right now, as a ‘girl’, she is more treasure by him than before. Aoi thinks that the more he’s worried, the more he cannot just let things be. On the third day, while the teacher is teaching, Mitsuru wonders what he should do for even if Shino and Kouji mutually like each other but Shino always thinks that she cannot be together with him. “I only have to conceal it and not say anything and those two won’t somehow be involved [with each other]. If I were to revert back to being a guy and confess one more time. Shino, who is pained because of love, would definitely throw herself into my embrace. *recalls Shino crying* But, is this really okay? For me, the most important thing is..” In 1-A, the teacher is telling the students what will be in the exam. Shino and Azusa look flustered and not listening to the teacher. Suddenly, Mitsuru slams open the door and apologizes for the interruption. Azusa and Shino blushes in surprise. The teacher shouts what is F-section Kobayashi doing and isn’t there a class now. Mitsuru grabs Shino and says that they are going to Kouji right now. “There’s no time to lose. Go right now. Go to Ishida and confess that you ‘like’ him!!”
This made Shino blush. Azusa is surprised. Shino holds back and shakes her head. Mitsuru says that it is alright, there’s nothing to feel inferior about it. “Shino, compared to other people, you are not inferior at all. (Even if it is not the way that I hoped for but I can do this with my utmost effort and confess to you) *holds her hand tightly* Have confidence. Shino-chan is the world’s most beautiful and cutest. I like you the most.” Suddenly, Mitsuru carries Shino on to his shoulder and runs off with her. While the teacher shouts where they are going, the other students are whispering. Azusa is blushing and speechless. Soon, Mitsuru brings Shino to Kouji’s university. Kouji is surprised to see them. The couple talk[/confess] then, Shino looks surprised and happy. They hug each other and Mitsuru looks away. Narration: “For me, the most important thing is for you, the one I like the most, to become the world’s happiest person. Expressing their feelings for each other and that face, blossoming out a joyous expression like a flower. That’s right, ever since I met those eyes that are filled with sadness. What I want to see the most is definitely the current Shino showing the most beautiful smile.” While walking in the street, Mitsuru mutters that this is good. He rubs his eyes and says that it’s dusty. He is trembling and starts to cry. “How frustrating. My heart really hurts. But, for the first time, I had helped someone attain happiness and I also feel some pride for myself. Shino-chan. *recalls memories* Shino-chan. I truly, really like you.” In the classroom, the door opens and Azusa goes in. Inside, Mitsuru has taken off his wig. He has fallen asleep after crying. Azusa scolds sleeping Mitsuru for being stupid to remove the wig for what will he do if he was found out. As Azusa recalls how Mitsuru told Shino to confess and carried her off, Azusa says, “Stupid. You’re really a fool..” She kisses sleeping Mitsuru at the side of his forehead. Then, after putting a coat on him, she wipes his tears and pats his head. Narration: “It is as if I had a soft sweet beautiful dream. The subtle surging heartache seems to be had been lightly and totally contained. Autumn is gradually moving away. Accompanying us is the still unnoticed footsteps of a brand new romance.” Blurb: “Next, wonderful love starts a new development. Intense second year [high school] chapter opens!!”
Comment: So, Mitsuru did the right thing even if it hurts. And he didn’t know that someone is watching him and has probably fallen more in love with him. =P Actually, maybe that act of unselfishness would drive Azusa to become a nicer person..well, he is already unintentionally making her become one. Her reaction to crying Shino seems more of a surprise like it is the first time she has seen her like that. It makes me wonder if it made Azusa realize that Shino can be very vulnerable compared to what she think and Shino also has a lot of issues which she doesn’t really express. And so far, things are going very smoothly for Mego and Aoi. I think this point of the story would diverge Mego and Mitsuru’s love experiences = things that used to happen at the same time. I guess the mangaka isn’t going to dwell too much on Mitsuru’s heartbreak for it is already announced that they would be in the second year already by the next chapter. Lastly, it does make me wonder if the mangaka deliberately used ‘villain surnames’ based on Sengoku Basara for Shino and Kouji because of the pain they’ll bring to Mitsuru. Though I wonder if there will be more to it since Takenaka and Ishida are both loyal retainers of Totoyomi in Sengoku Basara. Scans by 工作室

Quote of the day:
Sacrificing your happiness for the happiness of the one you love, is by far, the truest type of love. ~ Henry David Thoreau