July 19, 2013

Kedamono Kareshi [Chapter 13] + 2 Side Stories

Ryou asks Himari what happened and if possible, tell him about it. Himari thinks that Ryou is quite nice even if he already rejected her but she couldn’t tell him about what happened yesterday. She smiles and tells him that it is nothing and thanks him for worrying about her. Ryou looks flustered. Just when he is about to say something, Himari spots Reimi by the school gate. She quickly bends down the window and wonders why Reimi is here as if she is looking for someone. Reimi is looking for Keita. While Ryou is puzzled over Himari’s actions, Himari is worried about them meeting and she’ll be exposed. And, if she’s exposed, she would be revealed [by Keita] as a pervert girl secretly taking photos. Himari manages to go home without being seen by Reimi but to her shock, Reimi is waiting in front of her house. She realizes that she’s no longer wearing the disguise so Reimi ought not to recognize her. She goes straight to her house but Reimi stops her by asking if she is someone from this house. Reimi stares at her and comments that she looks exactly the same as the girl yesterday. Soon, Reimi has learned the truth and says that no wonder it is somewhat strange yesterday. She asks Himari what that kiss is about for they aren’t going steady and as ordinary siblings, they cannot do that. Himari says that was an accident and it was Keita who did that on his own. She tells Reimi that perhaps she likes that kind of thing but she doesn’t. And, even if as siblings, their relationship improved a bit than before but he is still quite terrifying, not knowing how to cherish a girl a bit.. Reimi angrily tells Himari that she obviously doesn’t know about Keita and yet she would say that kind of things. She says that it is lamentable that as a new family member, she unexpectedly doesn’t understand Keita. Reimi tells her that Keita was dealt black and blue by his mother. Even if his mother already has Keita and his father, his mother abandoned them and left with her lover [from an extramarital affair]. And from then on, Keita became what he currently is. Reimi claims that she embraced everything and likes Keita. Himari is speechless for she didn’t know that Keita has that kind of past.
Then, Keita calls out to Reimi what she is doing here. After the girls greeted him, Keita tells Reimi not to go to his house again and go home. Reimi angrily says that she is just telling this person who doesn’t know-- Keita sternly says that the one who betrayed him first is her and don’t make him say anything more. Reimi is really flustered. She points at Himari and asks if perhaps, he likes this girl but she totally doesn’t think that way. This irks Keita that he shouts that things have already reached this stage and what more is she thinking. “So, I really hate girls. Shut up and leave.” Before leaving, Reimi retorts back that he is an idiot. While Himari is still stunned, Keita puts his arm around Himari and tells her what she is standing there for, hurry and go in. Keita is surprised that Himari didn’t react like blushing and shouting for him to let go. Seeing her expression, Keita lets her go and asks what did Reimi told her. Thinking that she actually wanted to hear this kind of things from Keita himself, Himari mutters that it is about his mother. Looking displeased, Keita asks what’s with that expression of hers, could it be that she’s sympathizing him? Himari tries to say that it isn’t so but Keita says that this isn’t fun at all. He tells her that it was fun because her reaction isn’t the same with those others. Himari is flustered upon hearing that. He angrily shouts for her to get lost and she’s annoying to death. Then, he goes in the house and slams the door at stunned Himari. Himari thinks that in within his deepest heart’s past-- The next day, Himari tries to calm herself and act normal. While Keita is eating breakfast, she greets him a good morning but he immediately stands up and says that he’s going. This surprises Himari and puzzles her mother. At school, he continues to snub her. At the train, Himari is having a hard time since there are a lot of guys. She sees Keita looking at her but he quickly looks away. Himari is flustered for things became like this and even if she always wanted to get rid of him, but right now, she felt like crying.
Side story 1: During junior high 3rd year, a girl asks didn’t she told him that she likes him. Keita says that she one-sidedly misunderstand things for he never told her that they are going steady. The girl got angry and shouts for him to quit kidding around, stupid. And, the girl left. Feeling that life has no meaning, Keita bends down and thinks that girls are annoying. At home, Reimi comes and says that she came again. He asks what it is. To his surprise, Reimi, who is carrying some groceries, invites herself in. He shouts at her about going in by herself but Reimi tells him not to be mean to ask ‘what it is’ to his girlfriend. She says that she is worried about his and his father’s dinner so she came to help out. As Reimi goes to cook in the kitchen, Keita wonders when she became his girlfriend. He lets her off because she’s quite cute. While cooking, Reimi says that she heard someone confessed to him again today. Keita says that it has nothing to do with him. Reimi says that geez, he’s saying that again when his relationship with that girl is quite good. She comments that he is really ‘refuses nobody, [and] upon leaving [he] won’t chase after’ and she’s definitely the special one. While putting his arms around him, Reimi says that she would be very troubled if there is some other girl who is very special to him besides her. Keita complains that she’s a hindrance and get off him. Keita thinks about special..that interesting girl existed during elementary, she always cries, prudent, like a doll. Yet, she didn’t cry over the most important thing which means that she is a very unyielding[/courageous] girl. Flipping through his book, Keita thinks that it has been three years since she moved away and it is possible that they won’t see each other again. Reimi asks if his mother contacted him lately. Keita says no. Reimi comments that person is really heartless to abandon him and his father then left with her lover. Keita shouts that he doesn’t want to hear about his mother. Reimi apologizes. Keita also apologizes for his outburst. He is always jittery when his mother is talked about. His mother would say nice to hear words in order to come near him, and it seems that everyone [girls] is like that.
At the convenient store, his friend asks if Keita has no plans for today for he is always with some unknown girl so today is quite rare. Reading some manga with his two friends, Keita asks isn’t it good that he occasionally cultivate friendship with them. Glasses guy says that he is talking big. Glasses guy notices something and quickly shouts for everyone to hide. While Keita complains about this, glasses guy tells him to look outside. They peek out to see Reimi happily walking with an older guy. His friends say that it is Reimi who seems to be with a college student and wasn’t she going steady with Keita. Recalling his mother who left them, Keita says, “Who knows-?” Keita totally didn’t feel hurt or anything upon seeing the two. He only has a ‘in the end, it is like that’ kind of feeling and girls are all the same. And, he has that kind of thoughts until high school. His father who was betrayed once has chosen to re-marry. Keita arrives home and bumps into Himari, the one whom he doesn’t think of seeing again is in his house. While Keita asks why she is here, their parents introduce everyone. Keita and Himari are shock for they have become siblings. Later on, Himari is trembling while peeking into his room. Keita thinks that expression hasn’t changed a bit since they were young. He shows her a letter for Ryou that she has dropped and calls her disgusting that until now, she hasn’t given it to Ryou but cherishingly hid it. While Keita is thinking that girls are stupid for she’s going to cry.., Himari tells him that she’ll endure his ridicules for their parents but if he does something to her mother, she won’t forgive him. While Keita is surprised by that, Himari tells him that after her father passed away, her mother brought her up by herself so this time, she is going to definitely make her mother attain happiness so she absolutely won’t lose to him. Amused, Keita thinks that he always thought girls are the same but.. Just as Himari goes out the door since she has told him what she wants to say, he stops her and pushes her down the bed. He thinks that in the end, this girl can make him properly enjoy it[? Perhaps he meant life or have fun ^^;].
Side story 2: Keita’s friend asks how long he has been living with Himari. Keita says around 2 months. His friend asks if this kind of thing happened = Keita suddenly goes in the bathroom that towel-covered Himari shouts lewd wolf. Keita says that it seems that it hasn’t happened. And, even if it was just a joke, it actually happened. Keita suddenly enters the bathroom. While removing her clothes, Himari is wearing just her underwear. After a loud shout, Keita goes out the door and got hit by something on the head. Keita shouts that she should have locked the door upon entering it, stupid. Himari shouts that the door is already closed and he’s the pervert who came in without knocking. Keita retorts back that he isn’t interested in that repulsive body type that even if she is in her underwear, he won’t think of those kinds of thoughts. Himari peeks out and darkly says so he saw and in the end, he’s a pervert peeping tom. Keita shouts for her not to shout out loud those weird things. He exclaims that it is obviously an accident. While walking away, Keita thinks that light pink isn’t bad at all. Later on, after a few days, Keita has just finished taking a bath. He stands up and the door opens. It is Himari who looks shock for Keita is totally naked. And the next few days after that, Himari won’t talk to him as if she was the one who suffered. While Keita is grumpily wondering if he is mold, blushing Himari thinks that she saw it, saw it, saw it. <- Chinese translator notes: she saw his little mushroom.   
Comment: Keita’s background reminds me of Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu’s Kyouta. So, does having a bad mother and bad ‘girlfriends’ give Keita the right to be a jerk? Actually, before that, he has already been bullying Himari. ^^; Since Himari is too nice, Keita and Reimi made her feel guilty for things that she ought to be angry about because of how they treated her. Sometimes, I hope that Himari has more guts like what she showed in the first chapter/side story 1 flashback rather than always cowering and timid like this. I wonder if that scolding would finally make Reimi back-off for good. She really has a thick face to say those things to Himari when she obviously two-timed Keita even as she fully knowing of his problem with girls, thanks to his mother. And of course, as mentioned in the side story, Keita has a bad habit on venting at others when his mother is mentioned. So now, Himari seems like the ‘bad guy’ when she didn’t do anything wrong and being a ‘nice good girl’, she feels bad that she is being treated that way even if she did wanted that before – for each other to mind their own business. I’m kind of hoping that Himari won’t easily give in since perhaps Keita is just doing some reverse psychology on her to make her pay attention to him now that he’s snubbing her. I would have wanted Ryou to step in around this time but the mangaka is tempering his involvement to give more chances to Keita because the end would most probably be Himari x Keita. Lastly, the side story 2 is amusing ^^ Scans by allwink

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