July 27, 2013

Miseinen Dakedo Kodomo Janai [Chapter 13]

Cover page: “Oriyama Karin, 16 years old, has already been married for over a month with two years older Tsuruki Nao-senpai. The marriage of two high schoolers is an absolute secret that cannot be told to anyone--” While Karin is happily walking at the street, a black BMV car follows her behind. Isuzu wonders out loud if Karin is really going home. His driver informs him that Karin’s house is actually at the opposite direction. Isuzu says that it cannot be that she’s going the wrong way and that is why he had told her that he would let his car drive her home directly. The driver informs Isuzu that she is now going into the [grocery] store. Isuzu wonders out why she is going in that kind of store and is she going to buy something. Karin comes out with a huge grocery bag with leeks peeking out the bag. Isuzu asks Wakamatsu [guesswork from 若松] what that is. His driver says that it is leeks. Calling him stupid, Isuzu says that is saying what she is going to do with that thing. Wakamatsu tells him that most probably it is for cooking. Isuzu angrily pushes Wakamatsu’s sunglasses and calls him stupid for it is impossible for Karin to go and cook because ever since elementary, he hasn’t heard that she would do that kind of thing. Isuzu tells him to quickly follow her. Soon, Karin goes to the rundown apartment. Isuzu wonders out loud why here and is it a house of Karin’s acquaintance. Wakamatsu says no, for this place is.. He holds up a telescope to Isuzu. As Karin opens the door, Isuzu sees the name plate on the apartment as ‘[room] 203 Oriyama’ Isuzu goes into shock. While Karin is putting her apron, Wakamatsu opens the door for Isuzu. Isuzu blushes upon seeing her in an apron. Karin asks why when she obviously locked the door. With folded arms, Isuzu says that whether that door is locked or not, it is the same for him. He holds Karin’s shoulder and says that anyway, he already knows. While Karin is tense that Isuzu knows that she is married with Nao, Isuzu says that she thought that she can hide this to someone like him. “Ka-Rin. Uncle’s [not blood related; being polite] company has finally gone bankrupt. *Karin surprised* It’s because uncle is that kind of ‘persisting on doing bad things’ [<-bad for him] thoroughly good guy and he definitely got deceived by partner. I always feel that this will happen one day. It cannot be helped and since we are childhood friends, I should at least help out..” Thinking that is dangerous, Karin smiles and says that her father hasn’t gone bankrupt. Isuzu asks why she would then live in this junk-type place.
To Isuzu’s irritation, Karin says that it is a secret. She is obeying rule 2 that being married is a secret between the two of them. Isuzu looks around the place and asks how come all the things there are in twos, so could it be that she is living together with someone. Karin freaks out and denies it by saying that she lives alone. Isuzu is not convinced for there are two chairs and two rooms [aside from two toothbrushes, glasses and bowls]. He tries to open one room but Karin shouts for him to stop since senpai already told her to absolutely not go in. Isuzu asks SENPAI, who is this senpai and could it be that soccer idiot whom she is always chasing after, Tsuruki something- Flustered Karin shouts that it isn’t. “It isn’t! It isn’t! It isn’t! It isn’t like what you’ve said!! It is absolutely not like that!!” Thinking for a while, Isuzu says that is right for if they are already living together, it is impossible that she would still go to the soccer club to watch him. Karin happily says that’s right and today, she watched the soccer club from start to finish and in the end, senpai is super handsome-- Slightly biting his lip, Isuzu asks him who is the senpai she’s living with. Karin exclaims that she said that it is a secret! Isuzu leans closer to her and says is that so, if she won’t say it then--.. Looking tense, Karin shouts for him not to.. Meanwhile, outside the apartment, Nao has seen that flashy high class car parked in front of their apartment. He wonders if it is the car of his in-laws or someone from the Oriyama but then, he hasn’t heard about them coming. Taking out his cellphone, Nao worries that it would be bad if it is someone from their school so he’ll call Karin to confirm it. He is surprised when he heard a loud laugh. Back inside, Isuzu is tickling Karin to tell him. Karin laughs out loud and shouts that it is ticklish. Isuzu says that if she won’t say, he won’t stop and if she says it earlier on, she would be more relaxed. In tears, flustered Karin says that she said that it is a secret. This made Isuzu flustered that he clenches his teeth and asks what..before, she would always tell him 100%, if he does this. Wakamatsu informs him that it is almost dinner time. Isuzu stands up and says that this is boring to death. “Okay, forget it. I’ll once again inquire at school about it. Next time, you’ll absolutely make you tell me.” Karin calls him stupid for she absolutely won’t say it.
Outside, Nao curses for Karin isn’t picking up her phone and that laugh is obviously Karin’s so could it be that she brought a friend home. He notices the door opens and Karin is pushing someone outside. He thinks that it turns out that Karin is at home. “But, isn’t that [person] wearing our school uniform? Karin, that girl, did she tell a girl [<- Isuzu] from our school.. In the end, girls are big mouths.. If it is like that, the marriage would be spread around and it would be a matter of time--..” Then, he is surprised to see Isuzu’s pants. As the car drives away, Nao unlocks the apartment door. He sighs and pulls open the door but to his surprise, Karin is pulling the door back. She angrily says, “Zuzu, you’re so annoying. I’ve said that it is a secret, it’s a secret!!” Nao tells her that it is him. She blushes and calls out his name. As she relaxes, Nao enters inside and asks if she called her friend to come over. Karin says that she didn’t, Zuzu secretly followed her from behind. “Ah, but, but! Senpai, you can absolutely relax!! I won’t let him open that door *gestures to his room* And I also didn’t expose that I’m living together with Nao-senpai!! It is a rule that it is a secret only between us. *happy and proud* Even if I was tickled, I also endured it!” Nao asks tickled. Holding her sides, Karin angrily says that is right, Zuzu would tickle her ever since before in order for her to say things that she doesn’t want to say. Nao grabs her arms and asks if that Zuzu is only a friend. Blushing Karin says yes, and even if she says friend, it’s childhood friend. “What is it..?” Nao snaps out of it and says that it is nothing, he’s just thinking that they are already in high school that she would be tickled so what’s up with that. Karin says is that so. Nao says that even if that person is like a cute girl and in the end, he is also a guy so it is best that she pay attention to this.. Karin calls out to him and says that Zuzu is a guy and she never thought of him as a cute type. This surprises Nao and says okay, since she think of that..forget it, because it is quite troublesome so she better pay attention in making the people around her know about the marriage and the living together. As Nao goes inside his room, Karin is disappointed that he didn’t praise her for keeping the secret. Inside, Nao drops his bag on the floor and recalls Karin saying before that she obviously have no money but Zuzu treated her and she got this crystal from Zuzu.. Nao mutters that Zuzu turns out to be a guy.
Comment: Hehe, someone is jealous. Even if it seems strange for Nao to be jealous of Isuzu since he is ‘good-looking popular guy’ type and the one Karin likes. Maybe, it is because of how close he is with Karin and Karin thinks of him as a ‘guy’. It does seem that Isuzu likes Karin from how he subtle reacts with her but obviously, Karin only thinks of him as a friend. Since Isuzu is quite observant and everything, surely, he also knows that. I wonder if Isuzu wants to know so that he can take that senpai out of her life or this is just some ‘want to know everything about my friend’/no secrets. I thought of the former because Isuzu is rich and from this chapter, I think he’s more than just rich. The way his driver is dressed, using a spy telescope, how they opened the locked apartment door and ‘torture/tickle to confess’, I get a feeling that Isuzu is from a yakuza/gangster family. Given that, it might not that necessary for him to be good in studies since he has quite good insight and observation. Maybe, he also has common sense to run yakuza-related businesses. ^^; It could be the reason why he mentioned that Karin’s father is too nice. Anyway, if I’m right, I wonder if this is the reason why the mangaka purposely made Isuzu not good looking because he would have really be a good rival against Nao and it would have made this into a love triangle series. As for Karin, I wondered if it would be easier for her to lie to Isuzu. Could it be that he can know if she’s lying or she is the type who cannot lie or at least, lie to Isuzu? Maybe the mangaka doesn’t want to drag this to ‘keep on lying to cover it up’ scenario. Scans by allwink

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