July 28, 2013

Hibi Chouchou [Chapter 34]

[Free talk: Since Asahi of halftonecircle hasn’t done it yet, upon Loverboy’s request and this is an easy one..a very good one.. so.. By the way, counting the series I’m doing, it seems that it has gotten a bit too many since some series are twice a month. For now, I would like to mention that True Love is indeed dropped. Sorry but Kainushi wa Akuma and Waltz no Ojikan are of the lowest priority among the series summaries and if I cannot find time to do them, I might have to drop them.]

Cover page: “Summer! Ice Cream! Love!” All the guys are wide-eyed over Kawasumi’s confession, ‘Please go steady with me’ and there are a lot of reactions over it. They all look at Suiren who blushes and nods. Her fanboys are stunned. Suiren bows and says, ‘yoroshiku’/I’ll be under your care. Kawasumi blushes. Then, the other guys scream in disbelief on what method did Kawasumi used to deceive Suiren, is this a joke, why, so strange, Suiren think about it again, Kawasumi is so ordinary, this is unreasonable, etc. The teacher angrily calls out that they are so noisy and just go back in class. Soon, in both their sections, their classmates are staring at the centers of attraction. From today on, they are boyfriend and girlfriend. During a break, everyone is staring at Kawasumi as he is getting a drink from a vending machine with Ryosuke. Kawasumi glances at Suiren whose view is deliberately blocked by the others. Nevertheless, she sees him and blushes with cutie eyes. The others move away and ask why him, what’s good about him. They cannot accept it because he isn’t particularly good looking, but then if Suiren likes a good looking guy, it would also be a shock to them. It isn’t a match but then, whoever Suiren goes out with, they couldn’t accept it. Soon, everyone is asking who this Kawasumi is [who took Suiren’s heart]. They ‘stalk’ him in the classroom while he is eating, while is he running for training, and practicing at the karate dojo – to know who it is. Kawasumi seems unfazed and Ryousuke sweatdrops over the ‘stalkers’.
While walking home with Ryousuke, Kawasumi finally whines how tired he is and it is very difficult to go steady with Suiren. Ryousuke cheers him up for he is a guy who can overcome whatever difficulties. Then, they are surprised when the door of the café opens. Suiren and Aya come out. Kawasumi quickly asks Ryousuke if today is Wednesday. Ryousuke calls him stupid for Suiren is waiting for him. Kawasumi apologizes to Suiren for the ruckus in school. Blushing Suiren shakes her head. The café manager/waitress happily says that it is alright and she congratulates them for going steady. This made Ryosuke also congratulate Kawasumi. Aya tells Suiren not to cry but for now, congrats. Then, the café manager pushes the couple and tells them that from today on, quickly be alone by themselves. After the couple left, Ryosuke says that they are really going steady. He screams that he also wants a girlfriend. This prompts the manager to go back to work and for Aya to leave. While walking, Suiren and Kawasumi look at each other and look away. Suiren thinks that even if she/they don’t know what it is like to go steady, it doesn’t matter. “Everything as before, same road, same silence, same [walking] steps, even if it is like this, special Wednesday, will always continue on being special. Special’s special.. Totally not the same.” Then, Suiren stops walking and watches Kawasumi walks on. Kawasumi stops and looks back. She blushes and sweetly smiles. He blushes and smiles back at her. Kawasumi says that regarding going steady, he still doesn’t know about it..although he thinks that way. Suiren is startled when Kawasumi suddenly shouts, “ABOUT THAT!!!! *walks a bit closer to her* This Sunday- where do you want to go[/walk around]!?”
Comment: Wow, he actually asked her to go on a date. On his own initiative. This is a great progress on his part. Hehe, it is not a ‘knowing’ thing but something that comes naturally ^^ So, they are officially going steady. It does seem weird since I’m used to seeing fangirls going jealous and bullying the lead if this kind of thing happens so it is a nice change that it is fanboys who are shock and jealous. Of course, they cannot bully Kawasumi because that guy is really good in karate. And, it is time to anticipate a cute date coming in the near future. Hehe, given the pacing of the series, I’m not too sure if the date will happen in the next chapter. Scans by allwink

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