July 26, 2013

Last Game [Chapter 22]

Tachibana’s mother is surprised that she already arrives home. Tachibana couldn’t believe that someone saw that picture. Flashback: Tachibana is a pre-mature baby. Not only is she sickly and weak, she is also a late [<- parents are already older when they had her] only daughter[/child]. So, her parents cautiously and carefully take the utmost care of her. Her mother would urge her to eat a lot so that she’ll grow up well. Her father tells her that she is cute, the cutest in the world. They would feed her steak and cake. She is born into a well-to-do family and grew up immersed in her parents’ excess love. During elementary, a girl told Tachibana that her ribbon is cute. Tachibana proudly asked if that has to be mentioned, for whatever she wears looks good on her. And so, she became a narcissist fat child. End flashback. Tachibana softy screams in bed for she’s stupid when that girl is praising her ribbon, not her. It was a time which brought her much pain and thankfully, it didn’t progress to the point of being bullied because of her classmates’ good character. Flashback: And always until she’s in junior high, she hasn’t come to realize it. While eating, Tachibana overheard some girls talking about Sakamoto [guesswork from 坂本] who is handsome and runs fast in the soccer club. Tachibana blushes when their eyes met that she assumes that Sakamoto likes her. It turns out that Sakomoto is thinking that she’s quite fat. And, the misunderstanding progressed that she would always do things with him – be in the same committee, cheer for him during club activity and made her skirt shorter to be sexier. Finally, Sakomoto called her out. Tachibana thought that he is going to confess to her. To her shock, Sakamoto shouted that she’s really annoying and disgusting so go far away, fat pig. She realized how fearsome the cruelty of a junior high student. Then, she locked herself up at home for three whole days with her parents worriedly asking what happened. Afterwards, she started to reduce weight for she wants to become thin and be a bishoujo [beautiful girl]. Thanks to her temperament of not wanting to admit defeat, she became successful that she made a bright debut during high school at some private school far away from her junior high. Even as she won’t ever see Sakomoto again, she is really grateful to him though she won’t forgive him throughout her life for saying such mean things to a girl. During high school, she is surrounded by suitors[/pursuers] and of course, everything is directly proportional to her hard work. Even as a pile of guys come to win her favor, her heart doesn’t feel satisfied.
And afterwards, she met Yanagi who has good looks, an elegant conversationalist, family and educational background – he is the cream of the crop of the people she had met. She decides that it is him. She wants to be with this person as the reason for all her hard work but it turns out that he is interested in that stupid boorish girl whose brain cannot get the point and not only Yanagi, two guys are.. End flashback. Tachibana bites a cloth over Kujou’s answer that she likes everyone. Tachibana wonders why is that girl, who doesn’t have to work hard, liked. She couldn’t accept it and she doesn’t want to lose to Kujou but she had shown that picture to her rival. She always has it because she uses it to encourage her. And what should she do now for if it is exposed, Kujou and others would laugh at her for she was fat before. At school, president asks if Tachibana hasn’t come yet and it has already been two weeks so is her cold that serious. Fujimoto says that it is a bit worrisome for during the amusement park, Tachibana said that she doesn’t feel good and went home first. Kujou wonders if Tachibana is alright for at that time, Tachibana is simply like before but she didn’t thought that Tachibana is feeling really unwell. And, what’s up with that picture. <- totally didn’t realize. Souma thinks that after Tachibana kept on nagging about that, she unexpectedly doesn’t come and even if it is a cold, it is quite a long time. He wonders if she is having some sly plot. Yanagi wonders if it is his fault for during that time, it seems that Tachibana is confessing and he seemed to have first rejected her..no, he also doesn’t want to casually give someone have hope and she looks to be quite strong. He becomes gloomy for it has already been two weeks. He thinks that even if he is happy that someone likes him but he doesn’t have much experience for being rejected isn’t a happy experience. He contemplates over understanding the feelings of the pursuer and he feels that Tachibana is the same type as he is, who doesn’t want to admit defeat until one attains the goal. Kujou notices Yanagi and says that it seems that he is listless. Yanagi couldn’t tell her that Tachibana didn’t come because she really likes him and he rejected her. He lightly knocks Kujou’s head and says that it is nothing. Fujimoto says that no matter, what she hopes that Tachibana quickly comes back for she is an important student. She also mentions that because of this and that, Souma hasn’t quit the club and continues to come here. Souma angrily denies it by saying that the bar where he works has closed so he is free and just wait until he finds a new job, he won’t come here. Fujimoto says ya, ya and he’s cannot be honest.
While Kujou and Souma are talking, Yanagi thinks that is right, a lot has happened and he hasn’t quit. And, lately, it seems that Souma is provoking him to rant so he stayed but actually..  Yanagi thinks, that isn’t right for didn’t he reckless mentioned that he and Kujou are idiot lovers and about falling for strange Kujou, he fears that he’s the only one. Kujou returns Yanagai’s notes and he flicks her forehead for having that leisurely expression again. That night, Yanagi offers to drive Kujou home and that he hasn’t seen Miwa [guesswork from 美和; Kujou’s mother?] for a long time. As they separate, Souma feels hungry. Upon entering the car, Kujou notices a magazine-looking book. Just when Kujou is going to look at it, Yanagi nervously takes it away from her and laughs that it is nothing. It seems to be a magazine for recruiting students for a parttime job. [<- not sure; cannot quite read it] While Yanagi drives, Kujou says that she hopes that Tachibana gets well soon for she started to cook western food to teach her. While Yanagi agrees, he thinks that Tachibana might not come back. He becomes gloomy over a certain Yoshida [吉田] senpai who is still hindering him. Kujou quietly watches him. Soon, they arrive at Kujou’s place but Miwa hasn’t come back yet. Because of this, Yanagi decides to leave and tells her to lock the door. He is surprised when Kujou suddenly invites him inside her house and she’ll make him tofu steak. She even says that it is okay even if it isn’t tofu steak, whatever he wants to eat. Holding her shoulder, Yanagi says that he doesn’t understand what she is saying. [<- intention] She tells him that he looks listless and because he cheered her up, she also wants to cheer him up unless he had a stomachache. Yanagi smiles and thinks that no matter when, Kujou goes ahead without reservations. “In the end, I want to be with her. Even if I hurt someone, this is something that I also won’t concede to. It cannot be helped because love is this kind of thing.” Kujou is surprised when Yanagi rests his head on her shoulder and says that he’s recharging. She asks what’s up with him, is he unwell. Yanagi asks her to let him stay like that for a while. Kujou slightly blushes. Meanwhile, lying on the bed, Tachibana wonders what she should do for she didn’t go to the club today but it is because it is already exposed and if it reaches Yanagi’s sister and the whole university, she would be a laughingstock. She goes out her room to find her mother. No one is there so she remembers that her mother went out. She is hungry so she went to a family restaurant and ordered a lot. She decides to forget it and just fill up her belly. While Tachibana eats huge mouthfuls, someone calls out, ‘-huh?’ She looks up to see Souma. Silence.
Comment: Tachibana is indeed a strong girl for that can be quite a traumatizing event in one’s life to be scolded/insulted like that by one’s crush. Interestingly, she didn’t have a phobia with guys nor she plays around with guys because of that incident which is quite common in shoujo. Her complaint over why Kujou can get Yanagi easily is the usual complaint of the ‘love rival’. She didn’t realize that Yanagi isn’t exactly just a ‘thing’ to attain because of one’s hard work. So, I guess she doesn’t really love Yanagi but rather, as she mentioned, because of his qualifications to be what she perceived as the ‘perfect match’ for her and worthy of her hard work. And, the three who were involved with her have different thoughts about why she was absent. It is amusing how Tachibana is wracking her brains on what to do and overly worrying about it when Kujou actually hasn’t connected the girl in the picture with Tachibana so there is no rumor spreading around. Ironically, Tachibana forgot her description of Kujou of ‘cannot get the point’. From the looks of things, it seems that Tachibana would be paired up with Souma and that will be like somewhat rich girl – poor guy. Maybe third time is the charm for her. I would laugh if they become a couple before the main couple. =P And of course, Yanagi realizes again why he likes and wants to be with Kujou. Scans by 红莲汉

Quote of the day:
You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it. ~ Maya Angelou