July 1, 2013

Miseinen Dakedo Kodomo Janai [Chapter 12]

Cover page: “Upon meeting you, I already like you. After living together, I have come to like you more. No matter where, I will like Nao-senpai..” Hearing those ‘ah.ah..ah’ sounds, Karin tells Nao, “Nao-senpai..the neighbors, they are currently.. such a loud sound--.. *clenches fist* THEY ARE QUARRELING REALLY LOUDLY, RIGHT!?” Nao goes huh? Then, the sound from the neighbor is, ‘Ah..no.. help.. ah.. ” Karin tells him that the woman is asking for help. “The neighbor, she is definitely in a severe domestic violence right now.” Nao stops Karin from going out and asks where she is going. Karin exclaims that of course, she is going to the neighbor because this is a big incident for that woman is suffering from domestic violence, and if by chance, she gets murdered.. Muttering if she is serious, Nao advises her to absolutely not mind them for they are not doing that kind of thing.. Karin exclaims how can he can be so sure. “Senpai, you’re quite indifferent.. I couldn’t dare believe that you are that kind of person!” Nao sighs as Karin goes out. Knocking on the door, Karin calls out to Moriyama if she is alright and she’s going to call the police right now so don’t worry. She starts dialing but she isn’t sure if it is 001 or 101. Nao takes her cellphone and knocks on the door. He apologizes and says that they always can hear clearly the sounds inside so can they keep it down or else, the one in his family would misunderstand and would go call the police. Moriyama says okay, she’ll pay attention next time. Giving back her cellphone, Nao says that temporarily, it would be quieter and the number to the police is 110. Taking her cellphone, she asks if there is really no need to call the police. Nao says that they are only doing it so what’s up with calling out the police. Inside the apartment, Nao bumps his head when Karin innocently asks what they are doing. Blushing a bit, Nao grabs her arm and pushes puzzled Karin to the wall. He asks if she doesn’t know. Karin says that’s impossible.. He whispers to her and says that she obviously said that she is already prepared for it. Recalling their almost sex, she blushes and wonders if the sound just now is.. Nao sighs and says that it appears that it cannot be heard in her room but ever since the day they’ve moved in, he always heard that sound from the neighbor. Karin bends down in disbelief that she heard someone else’s [sex] screams. Just when Nao is telling her that is why he.., Karin shouts that he eavesdrop on them every night, a pervert!! Angrily showing his headphones, Nao tells her that is why he is living with headphones. Karin thinks that it is like that, their neighbor is doing H[/sex] every night.
Sitting down, Nao tells her that according to their agreement, he’ll teach her so come and sit down. After a pause, Karin exclaims in surprise for this isn’t something that one should do right now and how come he can be quite calm. Nao says that it’s nothing, anyway, that kind of thing is also not such an amazing event. Karin is surprised that he calls it ‘that kind of thing’. “Could it be that senpai had did..that kind of thing..? (Speaking of that, also at that time, it seems that he is already quite accustomed to it--) When did you..? With whom..” Standing up, Nao tells her that if she doesn’t want to study then can he go and do his own studying for he told her before that she doesn’t have much time to accompany her.. Karin tries to protest then, relents by saying to please start teaching her factorization. While Nao is teaching her, Karin is distracted for she had recently learned that the touch of his lips and also the strength of his strong arm [for embrace], didn’t originally belong only to her when she obviously only had him. Tapping on the table, Nao says that if she kept on staring off like that, he won’t teach her. She suddenly stands up and shouts that she also wants to concentrate. “So, if in this exam, if I do not have any failed subjects, will you properly answer my question just now!? If I have one failure, I won’t ask about it again!” Nao asks why he has to agree to that condition. Karin answers that it is because if she doesn’t do this, she cannot concentrate in studying. “Please!!” Nao agrees. “I understand, so you also be serious in studying, okay? If you stare off once again, I won’t teach you..--” And, to his surprise, Karin is already concentrating in writing. He smiles and thinks that she really has a one-tracked mind. Soon, it is exams. Karin is a bit troubled while Isuzu answers the questions with his crystal. Upon arriving home, Nao notices Karin on the floor sleeping. Soon, the exam papers are given out. Karin is very nervous when her name is called. She looks at the result and looks surprised. Upon arriving home, Nao is surprised to see a brightly smiling Karin greeting him, ‘welcome home’ Nao says that she seems quite excited so where the exam results that good. Looking for something in her bag, she tells him to look at this. She shows him the crystal. “I got this from Zuzu-Carrying this, one’s sixth sense would become quite good! Praying on this, this time around Zuzu failed subjects has become zero!! Don’t you think that it’s really amazing!?” Nao asks, huh and who is Zuzu. Then, he notices some crumpled exam papers spilling out from her bag. Karin is surprised that Nao is already looking at her exam papers.
Scratching her head, she sheepishly tells him that she has 5 failed ones which was a shock to her because it is much worse than depending on sixth sense guessing. “In the end, Karin and studying aren’t compatible! From now on, I’ll have to start sharpening up my sixth sense’s sensitivity.” Nao says that’s really too bad for she got all the ones, that he taught her, correct. “You only have to put all your effort in studying these five days and you can pretty much do this. Let me say, didn’t you do quite considerably well? *smiles* You already strived really hard. *Karin starts crying* It’s because you didn’t want to depend on the sixth sense that you cannot just leave it blank and not write [the answer], right? Saying you’re an idiot is still.. But I think that this is very amazing. Karin, you only have to want to do it and in the end, you are able to do it well. Next time, you’ll definitely pass.” Karin asks him if he still wants to teach her. He smiles and says that if she strives hard like that time around. Karin is happy to hear that. Back in school, near the faculty room, the teacher lectures her that if she doesn’t come during cram lessons this summer vacation, she is in danger of being retained so she better not think of skipping class. Karin says okay. After the teacher left, Isuzu chuckles and says that it is because she isn’t used to seriously studying so she got five failures. “You are obviously just like me so if you took advantage of the crystal strengthening your sixth sense, then you wouldn’t have failed. Ah, next time, I’ll make my crystal..” To Isuzu’s surprise, Karin gives back the crystal and tells him that next time, she will study more seriously. Isuzu asks why she is doing such a meaningless thing.. Karin happily tells him that it isn’t a meaningless thing for a lot of good things will happen. She thinks, “If Karin can solve the problem.. (Flashback: Karin nervously showed her answer. Nao smiled and said that’s correct. End flashback) Nao-senpai would give me a very happy smiling face.” While watching Karin, Isuzu mutters to himself that lately, she has changed and it started from that day. “That day when she arrived in school after school dismissal.. It is said that Karin’s father afterwards won’t drive her to school again. She is obviously a person who doesn’t care about being late but she would definitely dress up quite properly [/appropriately]. Lately, her clothes seem to be all wrinkled up...” Soon, Karin goes out of the school. She happily thinks that soccer-mode senpai is quite handsome. A car is parked at the side. Playing his game console, Isuzu says that she came out. “Don’t lose her.” The driver says, “Understood, young master Isuzu.”
Comment: As expected, Karin would be mistaken about the sounds from the neighbor. Nao is quite patient with her ^^ The interesting outcome here is Karin realizing that Nao could have done it with someone else. From his answer, I wonder if he really did have a girlfriend before and he was also traumatized by that aside from his parent’s situation. Unless, he is somewhat referring to what happened to his parents which result to him being born and his mother always blaming him for ruining her life. We won’t know soon about it since Karin failed in her exams. Nevertheless, it seems that Karin can indeed do things if she puts her mind into it and her greatest motivation is of course, Nao. She seems to be a fast learner so it won’t take long for her to lose her naiveté and learn more about the world. As for Isuzu, I cannot conclusively say that he likes her romantically as of now. Since he was urging about her using the crystal since they are alike, it makes me think that he misses more of her company. So, if she kept on hanging around with Nao, she will be ‘different’ from him and it would be she is no longer the friend he knew. If he is successful in following her to her house, he might learn of the marriage soon enough. Hm..can Isuzu make Nao jealous...even if Isuzu isn’t romantically interested in her, he is still her childhood friend so there should be things wherein they are alike and knew each other more. =P Scans by allwinkPS. I’m not sure if there will be a chapter on 15th issue of Shocomi because the scanlator says that it is on a break but in the official page, there is a picture of the series. Anyway, just mentioning it.

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