June 28, 2013

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun [Chapter 48] -Fin-

Last Chapter: Graduation Ceremony. Blurb: “A lot of things happened in high school life, and [it] will also reach the final day..” At the gym where Asako and others stand up, Shizuku is the one giving the graduation speech. “—just like this, we can have a substantial time because here, we have met irreplaceable friends. Today, on this beautiful day, we would cry together and smile together in bidding this school goodbye. We vow that we will put the memories of this place in our heart, [and] strongly take a brand new step. Graduation representative, Mizutani Shizuku.” After the ceremony, the students outside are chatting, taking pictures and crying about seeing each other again. Chizuru commends Shizuku’s speech to be quite amazing and she is quite moved over the lots of memories part. Shizuku asks is that so, and because it is quite troublesome so she only copied a model essay. After she’s surprised by that, Chizuru gloomily mutters that until the end, she’s still very ordinary. Shizuku tells her not to mind it because for a lot of people, it is very good that Chizuru’s ordinariness is an applicable[/practical] ordinariness. Chizuru looks thoughtful as she looks the others. She says, “..graduation. Upon entering school, I fundamentally didn’t think that it will be quite fun.” Shizuku asks why. Chizuru says that it is because upon entering the school gate, she tripped and she’s very afraid of.. Shizuru comments that Chizuru is actually a subject for everyone to talk about. Chizuru says that Shizuku has changed. Sasayan’s baseball friends call out to them for a picture. Holding out her camera, Shizuku also wants a picture and everyone please adopt a ‘sword dance’ formation. Soon, they did a slightly wacky pose. Then, Hachisaki exclaims that is great and she wants one, too. Shizuku says that she’s quite happy to and they are going to do a ‘passing youth day’ formation. Then, Iyo arrives with some flower bouquets. She calls out to Shizuku and Chizuru to congratulate them for graduating. She says that Shizuku’s speech is outstanding and even if she had said a lot of arrogant things to them both.. She becomes teary eyed and flustered. She exclaims that even them senpai-s are quite unsophisticated but now that they’ve graduated, she would be quite lonely. She offers the flowers to the two who is looking dark over Iyo’s remark. Touching Iyo’s face, Shizuku tells her not to cry for her sending off words is quite unique. Iyo cries even more on Shizuku’s shoulder. This made Chizuru comment that yes, in the end, [she] changed. Looking puzzled, Shizuku she hands over her diploma holder to Chizuru. Sobbing Iyo tells Shizuku that she thinks that it would be better for Shizuku not to continue having that hairstyle upon reaching college.
As Shizuku uses both arms to hug Iyo, Chizuru continues to say that because during first year, she cannot imagine Shizuku would hug someone tightly like this on graduation day. Shizuku comments that is true. After wiping her tears, Iyo asks where Asako is because she wants to also give her flowers. Shizuku says that if it is about Asako.. Shizuku and Chizuru exchange a knowing look. At the classroom, Sasayan asks Asako what she is doing there. Sitting crossed legs on the table, Shizuku says that it is nothing, she just wants to watch this scene one last time in a bit of elevated position because it is the last. Noticing that he is looking at her, Asako asks what it is. Sasayan says that he is only thinking if she’s crying. Asako tells him not to come near her and she’s not crying because she had already cried so many times before this day and she always provoke Shizuku to anger. “..but, everyone would immediately go their separate ways. From spring, Mitty would start going to her mother’s place. Ooshima-chan would go to a female university. Sasayan-kun would go to a local college. ..afterwards, I’ll also leave my home and go to a specialty school that is near Mitty’s college.” Sasayan comments that he really didn’t think that she would really use that kind of reason to decide on it. Asako says that in the end, Haru still hasn’t come back. “It is really quite mystifying. Me, Sasayan-kun, Ooshima-chan, and even Iyo-chan, everyone had the opportunity to meet because of Haru-kun. And unexpectedly, that Haru-kun is not here.” Sasayan laughs and says that if Haru isn’t around, those Kaimei guys would always be a scary group. With a fake laugh, Asako says that those guys are not quite good. Looking out the window, Asako says, “..each day is quite like having a dream. Sasayan-kun, these three years, thank you for becoming my friend.” Sasayan is surprised that he complains that she’s too cunning since being told that kind of words, he cannot say anything else. Asako asks him what he is talking about for obviously, she said that it is more fun being friends. Sasayan says, ya, honestly speaking, there is that side and in the end, he is still rejected. They look at each other. Asako says that it is almost time for her to go since Shizuku and others are waiting. Sasayan says, okay, see you later. Just as Asako approaches the door, Sasayan calls out to her and says, “Indeed, everyone is going their separate ways. I will go see you, Natsume-chan.” This made Asako blush and says, “..yes. Sasayan-kun, *sly look* ..do you know? My school is unexpectedly quite near to your college.” Sasayan looks surprised. Downstairs, while Iyo and Asako hug and cry, Shizuku tells Sasayan and others that she has to do something first then, they meet up again. Sasayan says okay, for they would go to the club one more time.
Then, one of the guys ask what happened to Sasayan’s face, did someone confessed to him. Sasayan says no, geez. Shizuku tells the other girls that she has to go to the faculty room and she might be late so they go there first. Chizuru says okay. As Shizuku leaves, the others comment that being a chairperson is quite hard and because of Shizuku’s qualifications, she attracts trouble[/errands] from the teachers. At the faculty room, Shizuku looks dark. Gesturing towards a big pile of things in bags, Saeko tells Shizuku that these are the Haru’s private things and because it is a hindrance, please bring all of them back. Shizuku smiles and says no. While Saeko is stopping her from leaving, Shizuku exclaims why. Saeko shouts that Oga-sensei is a dried up grandpa and is she going to abandon the [respected] teacher. Shizuku shouts that she doesn’t recall that she got directed[/guided] by her [as a teacher]. Saeko bribes her by saying that she’ll give her reference book. Angry Shizuku darkly mutters that she would still babble [/repeat over and over] about that three year old issue and that is a reward. In the end, Shizuku relents and agrees to it since it is the last time. Saeko thanks her. Shizuku had a hard time carrying all of the things. After she left, Saeko says that this is a first for no matter what is said, Shizuku still helped, and since from the start, they had wondered on what should they do with these kinds of kids, Shizuku and Haru, when they entered their ordinary school. “How baffling that because they have properly matured, they had properly graduated.” While walking at the hallway, Shizuku complains over the trouble that she has to deal with and what are these important things. She looks at the joke glasses, horse head, etc. in the bag. Dropping the bag, she shouts that it is garbage and what he is doing at school. Then, she sees some papers with ‘report’ on it. Then, she starts to recall the times she had with Haru – cooking monjayaki together, sleeping on his lap at the roof top, and sleeping on her shoulder at the library. At the game center, Mitsuyoshi is surprised over Haru’s private things. He apologizes to Shizuku for they are very heavy and she should have contacted him so that he would make Haru get them. Shizuku says no, it is alright and it felt quite nostalgic. She bids him goodbye because she still has a meeting [with the others]. Mitsuyoshi suggests that she has one last round at the battling center. Soon, Shizuku is trying to hit the baseball. Shizuku mutters that even if she closes her eyes, she still couldn’t hit it. She thinks that it is also like this before, when this kind of thing happened.
She starts reading out her speech earlier. “..Because in some small things, there would be conflicts. Mutually share happiness and excitement. Just like this, we can have a substantial time because here, we have met irreplaceable friends. Today, on this beautiful day, we would cry together and smile together in bidding this school goodbye. [we] will put the memories of this place in our heart, *turns around to Haru sitting by the wall* Long time no see. *puts baseball bat back* ..it is still like in the past, unexpectedly and no promotion. *goes out of the battling cage* Today, I have a very important date with friends. Even if you unexpectedly come at this time, I also won’t feel happy.” Haru smiles and says, is that so, then sorry about that, does she want him to do a re-appearance. Shizuku says there’s no need but wait a bit. “By the way, apparently today is life’s most important day. Since you specially come back and it would also be unbearable, making you go once again. *smiles* ..forget it, in short, welcome back, Haru!” Shizuku jumps into Haru’s arms and he holds her tight. He shouts, “I’m back, Shizuku! Congratulations on graduating!” Shizuku comments that he’s quite easygoing[/whimsical]. At the monjayaki restaurant, Sasayan and others are surprised to see Haru, together with Shizuku. Haru greets them and says that everyone is gathered there. Sasayan shouts when he arrived. Haru says just now. Someone calls him stupid for he should gone to the graduation ceremony. Haru says that he planned to.. Then, someone says, “Haru-kun..?” It is Asako who just came out from the toilet. He calls out her name. Tearful Asako calls out his name again. And, they tightly hug each other. Asako calls him stupid for she is always waiting for him and this whole year, she has thought of many times that it would be good if Haru is here especially during school dismissal. Haru says that he made her wait for a long time. Pointing at the two, Sasayan asks Shizuku if those two are going steady. While ordering her set mix, Shizuku says, who knows. Then, Mabo and others arrive and say that they heard that Haru is back. Iyo calls out to Haru, I like you. While Shizuku looks glum over that, Haru asks how come they knew. Yamaken comes in and says that they got Shizuku’s message. He says that as always, Haru has a stupid-looking face. Haru retorts back that it is quite lucky that he found this place. At the door, Shizuku and Sasayan welcome Hachisaki and friend and ask for their payment. Hachisaki asks who that good-looking guy is. Her friend says that it is Haru. While Haru and Yamaken stare at each other, Sasayan says that they always quarrel upon meeting. Then, Chizuru and Yuu arrive and they are surprised to see Haru.
Soon, everyone starts to eat and drink. While holding the spatula as a microphone, Shitayanagi says that like this, everyone has something to say, and everyone had safely graduated. “Please come recently arrived, Haru-kun and give a toast speech.” Haru looks surprised and Shizuku nervously look at him. Holding the drink and spatula-mike, Haru says, “Ah- Cat and dog’s very first is on the first year, [but] a human has to wait at around 20 years old. *Shizuku feels uneasy* Until a human reaches 19 years old, generally, it is like passing through half a human’s life. Because of some reasons, I was only able to pass through two years with everyone. For me, these two years is really quite precious. I’m really thankful that I was able to meet everyone. *holds up mug* On your mark, get set, go[/everyone be seated]” Everyone are surprised. Someone tells Haru that is wrong. Someone comments that their first toast is Oolong tea. Someone calls out to Sasayan that it is bad, the toilet water won’t stop. Shizuku[?] asks Yamaken if his entrance exam notification came out. Haru[?] asks if it is the one that’s on the mailbox. [<- cellphone?] Yamaken shouts for him to wait. Yuu says that the word character for roast ‘’ doesn’t look nice from the outside but it is very delicious. Chizuru tells her that she shouldn’t say that out loud. Iyo asks Haru if his brother will come today. Then, someone asks Haru if he got his graduation certificate. And, ~Three and a half years later~ short haired Shizuku walks through a university. A student wonders if that girl is from the school. Another student asks who that beautiful job [hunting] girl is. Someone says that she looks very angry. At Kirigaya’s office, Shizuku greets Kirigaya and Gotou. They greet her back. Gotou tells Shizuku that if it is him, he’s inside. Shizuku calls out to Haru. Lying on the sofa, Haru removes his eye mask and greets her that it has been a long time. Shizuku says that in the end, he is here and does he always stay here. “You aren’t at your house so I got very worried.” Yawning Haru says that it is because it is very troublesome to go back home. She asks if he forgot about the meeting today. Haru tries to deny it. Shizuku says that she got Asako’s email. He asks her how her exam is, did the result come out. Shizuku smiles at him and says, of course! While walking at the hallway, Haru asks about Sasayan and Asako. Shizuku says that Asako has already arrived for she is quite enthusiastic about her eligibility when obviously the result isn’t known yet. Haru sweatdrops and says, here it is again, drinking [alcohol]together with Asako would definitely reach up to morning. Shizuku says that compared to that, starting next month, she will start her legal practice for a year and while he stayed behind to take care of things, she’ll leave the chicken up to him. Haru says that’s quite sudden. “Then, -then after you come back from that law practice place, let’s get married!” Shizuku goes ‘eh’. Blurb: “Thank you for the support during this long time! Volume 12 will be out on August 12th. And, [it seems that] on Dessert’s October issue, there will be a side story. spinoff manga series” –Fin-
Comment: That is quite a satisfying final chapter that focus more on graduation – nostalgia, how they changed and thankful for meeting each other. ^^ It is amusing that Shizuku only copied some essay but even so, I think she meant what she said. In a way, even if Shizuku has changed, she still retains some things that are still her own personality. ^^ The same goes for Iyo. Even if she misses them and everything, Iyo is still the same and criticizes the two. It seems that Shizuku took her advice. And, that Sasayan-Asako scene is quite nice. It heavily hinted that Asako is opening up more on Sasayan and the chance of them ending up together is quite high. Too bad that is more or less left to our imagination. And, Sasayan is already happy over what little progress he can have with her. ^^ The ‘bring back Haru stuff’ is a bit of a tie over with the first chapter, and also, the Haru is behind her while she is playing baseball. As usual, there is a bit of hesitation in showing feelings but in the end, it is there ^^ I think why Haru didn’t get to go to the graduation ceremony will be left for the short omake :P As Sasayan observed, it seems that Haru and Asako are more like lovers when they meet each other again. Those two really click and Asako really misses eating together with him after school dismissal. Haru’s speech is like the change in everyone..a bit the same and a bit different from what one would hear from him. ^^ And, we got a time skip to see the main couple older..and they are kind of still the same. ^^; Shizuku has been successful in her career. They do seem to have a ‘even if we are apart and do things separately, we are still a couple’. It is a bit of free-spirited type and both are okay with that kind of arrangement. And, it is a nice touch though a bit typical of Haru’s ‘sudden unexpected behavior’ to just propose marriage to her like that ^^ Overall, the series is quite fun with such unique characters. The romance is nice and sweet but a bit restrained because of the main characters’ personalities. The comedy and drama are quite good, too. I think the most fun is their high school life, that I almost wish that I had that kind of fun during my high school. =P This is a series where I really felt that the characters are really having fun in hanging out together especially during their summer vacations, school festival, New Year sleepovers, etc and until the end, those wacky graduation remembrance pictures. The mangaka is really creative in those parts. I like Haru’s reaction towards his family who severed ties with him. It is a bit realistic to me than the other series that deal with that kind of situation because they would ‘follow the orders of the family who made their lives difficult to make their life more problematic’. It is amusing though that at first, Haru is quite clingy to Shizuku and in the end, they found the right mix between them which isn’t too ‘suffocating’ and letting them fulfill what they want to do but still be together. This series is a pretty good depiction of a memorable and really fun high school life with all sorts of different personalities ^^ And, thank you everyone for reading my summaries for this series ^_^ Scans by 离境

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