July 3, 2013

Short Summaries: 17-sai, Kiss to Dilemma 10, Hirunaka No Ryuusei 45 and Sugar*Soldier 24

[Free Talk: About Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, I made a mistake because according to ANN it isn’t a side story but a spinoff manga series that will appear on the October issue which is around August 24th. The 12th volume will be out on August 12th. ]

17-sai, Kiss to Dilemma 10: [I only browsed through the previous chapters and it seems to be going to the interesting part so I’ll summarize this.] The other girls are muttering over who that girl is, sitting next to Yoshii Tsubasa [吉井翼]. Someone says that it is Asou Ririka and they are classmates during elementary. Another girl complains over wanting to be friends with Tsubasa. After school dismissal, Tsubasa turns to talk with Ririka about doing something after school but she is already gone. While muttering that she had escaped, a bright eyed girl tells him that there is something she wants to tell him regarding Ririka. Angrily walking at the hallway, Ririka plans to threaten the teacher to exchange her seat because today, she is also forced to eat lunch with Tsubasa. And those girls are always bothering her since they would happily greet Tsubasa and then angrily ask who she is. She cannot believe that it is already the second day of the start of school and she doesn’t have friends yet. She is flustered that she isn’t in the same classroom with Yuu when it wasn’t easy to become boy-girlfriend with him. Arriving at 3-F class, Ririka complains why section A is far away from section F. She opens the door and asks if Yuu is there. To her shock, Yuu and the other guys are changing clothes. While walking home, embarrassed Ririka says that it turns out that they are having a health examination. Ririka couldn’t believe that the girls in her class hates her and the guys in section F thinks of her as a pervert that she will be sorry to death starting tomorrow at school. Yuu pats her head and tells her that it is alright. He assures her that if something happens, he would definitely come and help her. Ririka blushes. Wondering how he knew, Ririka pats him on the shoulder and asks what he is saying when he is obviously a coward. Yuu holds her hand and insists that he will go, if it is for Riri, he will definitely go and help her. This made her blush and wonder if he is this kind of person, no, from the start he is very nice. Yuu removes his hood and looks at her. Ririka looks nervous. She looks away and thinks that in the end, it’s quite strange for he has become quite manly but that’s not right, he is Yuu, right!? Ririka complains that it is hot. Puzzled Yuu says that he thinks that it is fine. Ririka asks is that so but anyway, they should go to the beach since it is quite hot. Yuu is surprised to see her blushing really red. He carries her and puts her on the backseat of the bicycle. This made Ririka nervous and puzzled that she asks him that wasn’t he not able to ride the bicycle. He assures her that it is stable. Soon, Ririka is screaming as they go downhill. A little girl comments that today it is Yuu [who is pedaling the bicycle]. Ririka thinks that today’s Yuu is really strange so what could have happened. By the beach, Ririka stands by the water and says that the sea feels comfortable. She smiles and urges Yuu to come. As he goes to her, she scolds him for pedaling when she thought that she’s going to die since he isn’t braking. To her embarrassment, he tells her that she never break [before]. Ririka says that it turns out that he can ride the bicycle and this way, he won’t be late at school in the morning. He hugs her from behind and says that he [wants to] sit behind her. Blushing, she tells him that if he always doesn’t ride the bicycle, he won’t be a bit cool. He tells her that it is alright for if he can be with her, it is alright even if he isn’t cool.
Thinking that something is off with Yuu, nervous Ririka exclaims that he is saying those kinds of things again. Then, she notices that he has already put the necklace on her. He tells her, “I like you. I always really like you. Please go steady with me. *Ririka looks surprised at him* I want to seriously confess to you once again. Because, Riri, you are very important to me.” Yuu is surprised to see her crying that he asks if she doesn’t want to, and she doesn’t like it, in any case, he’ll re-do it. Not knowing what to do, he puts his finger on the mouth and looks at her left and right. And, Ririka suddenly punches him on the stomach that he falls down on the water. She tearfully tells him that she is quite moved and happy that couldn’t focus. She looks away and says that in the end, he’s a coward. Yuu looks somewhat flustered. He grabs her and kisses her. Ririka thinks that she doesn’t like being kissed forcefully but right now, she is very happy. He bends down to her neck and says that her heartbeat is quite fast. Ririka is embarrassed and thinks that he’s very strange. She tells this to him then she says no..geez.. To her surprise, he tells her that if she make him hear more of that he will.. This makes her embarrassed and she says, no, don’t.. They kiss each other again. Ririka thinks that she the one who’s more strange because if it is normal times, she wouldn’t say such embarrassing words. “This is definitely because I’m in love--..” At the toilet, Ririka complains that her underwear is all wet. She is borrowing Yuu’s hooded jacket. Ririka goes out and apologizes for the wait and thanks for his clothes. He grabs her hand and says that they are going. Ririka blushes since their fingers are intertwined. She smiles and looks at her necklace. She plans to tell everyone tomorrow that she got a boyfriend and would Azumi [guesswork from ] and others would be happy for her, she cannot wait for tomorrow. At the stairs, Ririka asks if she can go ahead first. Puzzled Yuu says okay. Suddenly the wind blows her skirt. Just in time, Yuu turns to her and says about that, Riri.. Flustered Ririka quickly covers her skirt and exclaims if he saw it. Nervously shaking his head, Yuu couldn’t believe that she isn’t wearing her underwear. She shouts that he’s an obscene pervert. He tells her that being like that, she shouldn’t recklessly run. And, during this time, in a place which Ririka doesn’t know, something happened that she cannot imagine. Back in the classroom, the girl tells Tsubasa that Ririka told her that she wants a boyfriend and she [the girl] thinks that Tsubasa is quite suitable. Comment: It seems that Ririka isn’t quite sure on how to deal with ‘cool’ Yuu when she is very used to ‘coward’ Yuu. Nevertheless, she goes with the flow and we got some very nice lovey-dovey. I like the scene where they kiss in the beach while he carries her ^^ Apparently, Yuu has to step up his moves on Ririka especially since a love rival and his former bully, has appeared. Based on the last chapter, Tsubasa and Ririka clicked as ‘bickering couple’ and he is quite good in handling Ririka. I do wonder how Ririka would react when she learns that the ‘coward Yuu’ is just a façade so that he can always be with her. It makes me wonder as to which side of Yuu Ririka fell in love with. As for the girl who is telling that to Tsubasa, it seems that she is Ririka’s friend from a Chinese comment, and I guess she probably wants Yuu. Scans by 离境
Hirunaka No Ryuusei 45: Susume is surprised that Shishio is hugging him and not moving at all. Susume can hear heartbeat sounds but whose is it? Then, Shishio says that he is just kidding and was she tricked by him. Susume stares at him. Shishio pats her shoulder and tells her to pay attention next time because for her to have that kind of expression in front of a guy, she would definitely encounter this kind of thing. He says that is quite dangerous for he almost got careless. He goes out the room saying that he’s going for a smoke so she go ahead and sleep first. After he left, Susume kneels on the floor and felt her brain was punched. She recalls his body is quite warm and he obviously look slim yet he was able to easily pull all of her into his embrace but for a second, it seems that he hesitated so what’s up with that. While smoking outside, Shishio looks at his hand and recalls hugging Susume. He rumbles his hair and wonders what he is doing. The next morning, Susume wakes up and realizes that she has fallen asleep while waiting for him. She looks at the side to see that his futon is already folded up and there is a note saying that he went home first. The inn’s expenses are already paid so she can just relax and not hurry home. Susume goes back alone in the train. Then, she goes to see Yuyuka who is shock to see her looking like that, so what happened. Inside, Yuyuka asks about the hatsumode. She says that she knows that there was a snow storm and it became she’s staying at her house so could it be that she stayed overnight with Shishio which is kind of impossible. After Susume explain things to her, Yuyuka is shock in disbelief. While Susume tries to quiet her down, Yuyuka is asking if Shishio plan to kiss her upon hugging her. Then, Yuyuka asks how come she has that kind of expression. Susume says that she cannot explain it on her own words but when Shishio is sincerely smiling, his eyes would be like this..[her drawing of -⌂-] but lately, the smile he has towards her is the same one towards other students. His heart has become unpredictable. To her surprise, Yuyuka advises her to simply ask him about it and she obviously told her early on to quickly do it these past months, yet she always hesitates and is indecisive that is pretty much annoying. She tells Susume to quickly confirm his feelings and make him say ‘like’ to give this relationship a name. And upon doing this, she absolutely won’t have this kind of feeling. Then, Yuyuka tells her to properly remember what she just said and not just stare off like that. Looking at the piece of paper with her drawing, Susume thinks that Yuyuka would always say things strongly and how many times did she get help from her. Recalling Yuyuka’s advise to sincerely ask Shishio, Susume thinks that if she must use words to say it to that person, she would give her strongest effort to show him her inner feelings. At home, Yukichi scolds Susume to properly contact him first. Susume apologizes. Yukichi says that it is okay for her to stay at her friend’s house but what if she got involved in some other thing. While Yukichi is grumbling about kids these days, Susume calls out to him and sincerely apologizes. Seeing her quite meek which is difficult for him to handle, he just tells her to go sleep. As Susume leaves, her note falls on the floor. Yukichi picks it up. At first, he is amused over Susume’s weird drawing then he looks serious. On the note, Susume wrote: Must do!! -> ∙sincerely ask of sensei’s feelings -> *say [he] likes me ∙then, there will be a name given to our relationship!! Susume narrates that it is only a sentence with two words and if she heard it from Shishio’s mouth, she definitely won’t be uneasy for a 100 year. Comment: As expected, he didn’t do anything more than that. Perhaps, he is hesitating now because of Yukichi and being more conscious that he’s a teacher. Of course, this makes Susume uneasy and everything. Yuyuka gave her the right advice to just ask him about it to get rid of this uneasy feeling so that she would know if she should still pursue this or just move on. Of course, now that Yukichi knows of their relationship, things might be a bit problematic later on if he disapproves of the relationship. Scans by allwink
Sugar*Soldier 24: Watase asked Makoto, “..at that time, what I wanted to tell [you]. You know it, right?” Surprised Makoto mutters his name. Then, she realizes that the rumor during junior high about Watase liking her is true. Starting to become dizzy, she thinks that this isn’t the time to think of that time. She turns around and asks him to wait, he has a girlfriend. She tells him that he obviously had a girlfriend so why he is doing this. Unfazed Watase asks her back if he doesn’t have a girlfriend, would she seriously think about it. This made Makoto speechless. Just then, the train has arrived so Watase turns to leave. She tries to call out to him but before he rides the train, he says that it would be good if he can return to that time. The train door closes and the train left. Makoto thinks that she couldn’t say that she already has someone she likes. She bends down and thinks that it hasn’t ended yet in Watase’s heart. And, Makoto wasn’t able to sleep at night so she is groggy in the morning. Her sister asks her why she looks awful but Makoto tells her that she’s fine. Going to school, she ponders on what to do since Watase didn’t send an email to her so should she be the one who has to say something. She blames her lack of experience that she totally doesn’t know what to do. At school, some girls confront her about the rumors that have been going around wherein she and some guy from another school are hugging each other at the train station. Makoto shouts that it is a mistake for they are not hugging each other. The girl tells her not to be shy and tell them the details. Iriya arrives and breaks it off by saying that they are hindering the way and stop pestering Makoto when she already said that it is a mistake. They try to protest but he tells them that the school bell has rung. Makoto tries to explain things to him but Iriya interrupts by telling her that it is alright, she doesn’t have to force herself. This surprises Makoto. He tells her that ‘Watase-kun’ is the important person who gave her the opportunity of wanting to change herself and if she chooses that side, she doesn’t need to mind him. Just then, some guy calls out to Iriya to teach him something. So, Iriya leaves. After school dismissal, Makoto feels depressed that she felt like crying. Then, she sees the soccer manager by the gate. Makoto becomes tense since she is Watase’s girlfriend. The girl introduces herself as Toyoda [guesswork from 豐田] and she wants to talk about Watase. Makoto is nervous for she imagines Toyoda screaming at her on how she is going to be compensated because Watase broke up with her for Makoto. At a fast food restaurant, Toyoda apologizes for it being so sudden but did Watase say anything to her. Since she cannot tell Toyoda about their conversation at the train station, Makoto asks instead what Toyoda is referring to. Toyoda says that Watase might be quitting the soccer team. Makoto asks why. Toyoda tells her that during summer camp, Watase had injured his foot and perhaps, he can no longer run for a long time. Even if there is no problem when he walks just like before, but ever since then, he is becoming depressed that he is frequently skipping club activity. Watase got into their school as a special sports student and she is afraid that because of it, he would be forced to quit school but then, it isn’t like there are no other methods but Watase won’t discuss anything with her. So, she thinks that perhaps, he would have talked with someone whom he has good relationship with during junior high. “It’s quite funny, right. I’m obviously his girlfriend but he won’t rely on me.”
Makoto tries to protest that it isn’t like that but Toyoda asks her that if it is possible, can she help her in asking Watase [about this]. Makoto hesitates about putting her aside as the girlfriend, and she would go ask Watase such an important issue. Toyoda smiles and says that it is all right, as long as it can cheer Watase up again, she would want to do anything that is within the scope of her ability. Then, Makoto starts crying. This surprises Toyoda and asks her what it is. Makoto says that it is nothing. Makoto thinks that this girl would think of Watase as if it depended on her life but she [Makoto] would always selfishly think only of herself. “Since that time, everything hasn’t changed [at all]--” Then, at the streets, Rika calls out to Iriya and asks if he is doing fine. Iriya says that it seems that she is still quite lively as always. Rika tells him that the editor is still telling her to get Iriya to see him and it’s quite annoying for that person hasn’t given up yet. Iriya nervously laughs and says, no way. Then, Rika casually asks if something happened between him and Makoto because lately, Makoto is [acting] a bit strange. Iriya hesitates to tell her that Rika lightly punches him and says that even if she doesn’t [want to] forcefully ask him but in short, because Makoto is her cute younger sister so he better not make her cry, okay? Just when Rika says goodbye, Iriya grabs her arm and says that there is a favor he wants to ask of her. Rika arrives home. She knocks on Makoto’s room and says that she’s coming in. Seeing Makoto hiding under the blanket, Rika sighs and asks how come she didn’t open the light. She also didn’t change her clothes that will make her skirt all wrinkled up. Makoto didn’t reply and just mutter that she wanted it all wrinkled up. Then, Rika gives her a cute gift pouch and says that it is for her. “Iriya-kun asked me to give it to you. A birthday gift.” Makoto opens it and it is a couple of scrunchies. Rika says that she unexpectedly bump into him at the station and even if she told him that he give it himself but he said that he made a mistake on the opportunity to give it to her. “Ah, also a reply. “I’m sorry, just now I’ve lied to you.” Makoto becomes teary-eyed for he was apologizing for saying that she doesn’t need to mind him. Makoto tells Rika that she has someone whom she wanted to apologize to for she did a very mean thing to him and hurt him but she doesn’t know what is the best thing that she should say to him. Rika says that even if she doesn’t clearly know the situation but it is alright even if she wasn’t able to properly say it for she only has to give her utmost strength in conveying what she thinks. Makoto thinks how one can cherish one’s most important thing, when it is perhaps already too late when one has noticed it. “But I won’t run away again. This time around, I will properly not escape the gaze and bravely confront [it]. I don’t want to make a grievous mistake again.” Getting ready for school, Makoto looks serious as she emails Watase that if he has time after school today, can they meet. She is wearing her brand new scrunchie on her wrist. Then, she sends the email. Comment: Apparently, Watase has an excellent girlfriend who really cares for him. I really wonder if he really likes her or not since he seems on the verge of two-timing Toyoda. Is it because he can no longer play soccer? He wishes to go back to the past where everything is okay. Anyway, Makoto has already decided that Iriya is the one for her so she’ll have to do what she has to do with Watase. As always, Rika is a big help to Makoto. Since Rika met up with Iriya, this enabled Makoto to learn his true feelings rather than pretend being a ‘nice guy who wants to give Makoto freedom to choose’. Scans by Scans by allwink

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