July 15, 2013

Koi dano Ai dano [Chapter 23]

While eating lunch, Kanoko watches some girls take out their bento boxes. Girl A says that she made this bento box herself. Girl B compliments her that it is amazing. Girl A compliments Girl B that her bento also looks really amazing. Girl B says no, for her bento is far [bad quality] from hers. While munching her onigiri, Kanoko thinks that when people are being complimented, they would have such an excessive modest reaction. Girl A says that most of the food she made is convenient[/frozen] ones and it is only the eggs that she made herself. Girl B says that what she made cannot be called a meal and this thing she made is quite shameless. The other friend calls her attention for obviously, the bento she made, looks a bit better than Girl A. The girls are speechless before Girl A apologizes that hers is shameless. Kanoko thinks that it will be good if they just be honest and say ‘thank you’ when being complimented. She thinks of the principle ‘trouble issues from the mouth’ which people always got burned over. Examples like a guy saying that he came here before so he knows the road so the girlfriend angrily asking whom he was with, and a woman crying over her husband being poisoned but the detective says that he only said ‘he died’. Of course, to have appropriate silence is a necessary condition if one is on a high important position like their school’s president, Yabuki who doesn’t talk about other things outside of work. Giving back a paper to a guy, Yabuki says that it is rejected so please modify the budget proposal and the activities within. The guy tries to flatter him that he is first in the exam and he can balance both work and studies but Yabuki ignores him. A pretty girl gives him her club’s budget proposal and Yabuki stamps, ‘no good’. The girl tries to cry but Yabuki says, ‘reject’. The girl apologizes to her club members that it failed and the club members are shock that even tears didn’t moved Yabuki unlike the other guys. Yabuki also doesn’t get baffled by outside appearances so people call him, ‘Ice Yabuki’. While Kanoko thinks that people with nicknames are really cool, a couple of guys are goofing around and bumps into her. It made her drop all the books that she is carrying. The guy just apologizes and walks away with his friend, still goofing around. While Kanoko picks the books up, Tsubaki scolds her for not even telling those guys to pick those things up. Kanoko tells him that she doesn’t want a quarrel and [it is better that] she picks it up. After the two imagine Kanoko shouting for the guys to pick it up and they shout what did she say then they quarrel, Tsubaki gives up and helps her pick up the books. While he helps her carry the books, Kanoko is thinking of a nickname for Tsubaki like ‘hot-blooded Tsubaki’. As they pass by the others, they call out to Tsubaki but he ignores them. Kanoko thinks that he seems like a cold person for snubbing the others but he is quite passionate towards friends. Tsubaki tells her to forget about what happened today but next time if she got bumped and got hurt, she should tell him and if she finds it a hassle, he’ll be the one to talk with them on her behalf. Kanoko thinks that regarding her, on spring-school opening, she is called the ‘person whom Tsubaki likes’, then on summer-cultural festival, she is called as someone from the news club and now-autumn, they call her the secretary. So every season, she has a nickname but they don’t know her name yet even if Tsubaki is also a secretary, they call him ‘Tsubaki’.
While Kanoko is grinning over that, Tsubaki tells her that to go ahead to the student council room because has to go first to the computer club. At the student council room, Kanoko stands up and gives a report to Yabuki to check. While Yabuki looks over it, Kanoko thinks that it is like before, Yabuki won’t say a word though it isn’t like she’s unsatisfied with it because it is better than fake closeness. She is surprised that Yabuki calls her because she thinks that she made a mistake. Instead, he asks her if she’s doing something afterwards. She says no. To everyone’s surprise, Yabuki tells her to accompany him for a while. Mizukami exclaims if he is going on a date so how about at that beverage store by the station. Sayuri is surprised that he is doing this while Tsubaki isn’t around. At the lecture hall which is where the drama club practices, the drama club members go to Yabuki and asks if they are going to talk about today’s budget but then, why are there two of them. Yabuki apologizes and says that he is in a bit of hurry so today, Kanoko is the one going to check it out for him. This shocks Kanoko and asks why her when Sayuki who has a lot of fans and Mizukami who is good in talking, are better than her. Yabuki tells her that the two are busy with their work today and Tsubaki’s meeting is extended so there’s only her. He coldly tells her that if she cannot do it then immediately resign for a lot of students are eyeing her position. This made Kanoko furious with that high and mighty attitude and in society, that is some psychological violence[?] – threaten to give the job to others and can this exist in school when she is just minding her own business until now. She wonders if it is because he’s older than her by two years and she is quite disgusted with superior-underling relationship for she doesn’t like being dominated on. She erases those thoughts for Tsubaki really wanted to be in the student council. With cutie eyes, she apologizes and says that she will do her best. Yabuki says that he’ll help her after he is not busy. After he left, Kanoko overhears the others muttering if it is of use telling their budget to Kanoko for wasn’t she elected because of Tsubaki. Kanoko approaches the club president to check over their budget and data. After he says yes, another guy apologizes to Kanoko that they are busy with practice so just sit and wait there for a while. While someone gives the budget book to Kanoko, the club president says that is a good idea to make her always wait until Yabuki comes back and they don’t think they’ll get anything trying to suck up[/curry favor] from Kanoko. So, Kanoko quietly sits on a chair and reads through the thick book. After returning to the council room, Yabuki asks why Mizukami is alone. Mizukami says that Sayuri is playing hooky. He asks why he came back so early for he thought he went to the drama club with Kanoko. To Mizukami’s surprise, Yabuki says that he let Kanoko handle it. Mizukami protests that those people can be quite authoritative that they think Kanoko is beneath them. Yabuki says that he wanted to teach her a lesson so he brought her there because until now, she always stays behind the scenes and do things while taking advantage of Tsubaki’s influence so she got a lot of success. He wants to make that arrogant person know her incompetence[/inability]. Mizukami says that he understands his feelings but Kanoko is also quite pitiful.
Meanwhile, Kanoko realizes that the drama club wanted an increase of their budget next year because some equipment this year got seriously broken but the student council wanted to maintain their current budget. She thinks that Yabuki wants her to convince them to maintain the current situation. Kanoko asks some props guy that she wants to confirm the costumes that needed to be dry cleaned which were mentioned in the budget record so lend her the key to the activity room. They give it to her. So, she hurries off while everyone is busy with their practice. At the toilet, Sayuri thinks that even if she said that she’ll go to the toilet but it is time to go back. She is furious over Mizukami asking if it is true that except for greetings, she and Hijiri don’t talk to each other after the election and lately, it seems that her position has been replaced by someone else in the television, why is that. She finds him really annoying but first, she must quickly call Tsubaki and make him go back to the council room. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have his number since she never asked him before. Meanwhile, Tsubaki is shouting at Otabe that Kanoko won’t come and he is the one who is tasked with the computer club and student council homepage. Otabe insists on a switch with Kanoko. Tsubaki shouts that he already left the club and Otabe shouts that he came for Kanoko when it was mentioned that the ‘secretary is coming’. Tsubaki is too furious and tired so he takes a break. His HP [hit or healt points/life bar like in games] is almost drained when he spots Kanoko running. He calls out to Kanoko who is shock. Kanoko reprimands him that it is bad for her heart if he imitates Otabe. Tsubaki immediately glomps her and claims that he is re-charging. His HP quickly goes up. After he asked what she is doing, she tells him that he is negotiating the drama club’s budget. Tsubaki is shock that he asks if she is all alone. She says that it isn’t hard for everyone is not taking her seriously. He wants to come and help her but she refuses. Tsubaki thinks that just like today when she was bumped and before her bicycle is filled with empty cans, he knows that she is a ‘it’s inevitable’ and ‘keep the peace’ person. He tells her to get angry a bit for they are belittling her without reason. He thinks that because Kanoko is strong and lenient, she is used to forgiving and her value of herself is quite low. Kanoko says okay and she understands what he means but she thinks that something inevitable cannot be resolved for in this world, ‘status [/ranking] exists’ those who have high status are more intense that they look down on low people. Tsubaki retorts what about status for everyone are humans so don’t think that way. Kanoko says that it seems that he misunderstands her, she doesn’t suck up to people but looking at it objectively, in high school, her position is quite low. And is he misunderstanding the meaning of status. Actually, it is like the rules of the sports competition. If you won’t like the rules, you just join other sports whose rules you can obey and she likes the ‘doctrine of the mean’ rule of schools so she decided to join but she totally didn’t expect to climb up. Having good looks, expert at sports and can deal with anything, isn’t that a standard that’s quite interesting for it is rare to surpass the normal people’s standard.
She tells him that when he said that ‘status doesn’t exist’, that isn’t quite persuasive. Tsubaki asks why. Then, he suddenly recalls that during their first meeting, he had slapped her hand away and shouted that he hates talking with ugly girls = words of someone who feels superior. Tsubaki is totally aghast that it drained his HP to 0 = game over. Kanoko tells him that she should go. Just then, the computer club members ask Tsubaki to resume the meeting. Tsubaki mutters that for her to say that, he couldn’t answer back. He nervously asks the club members if there is a way to make something that had happened disappear. Then, he gloomily walks away and tells them to forget it. The freshman club members are moved over Tsubaki possibly doing something wrong before so his fans increases. Later on, Yabuki thinks that it is time to check the situation of the drama club and just like what Mizukami said, giving this duty to a female freshman is a bit too pitiful so next time, he’ll give her a simple job. Just then, Kanoko comes in the room. Yabuki thinks that Kanoko had unexpectedly left the job instead of staying there after knowing her incompetence and he thought that she has perseverance. Yabuki asks her about the drama club job. To his surprise, Kanoko tells her that it is over for she made the drama club agree to maintain their budget. Yabuki says that it is impossible for he has seen it a bit and the increase isn’t that unreasonable. Holding up the agreement, Kanoko tells him that they already agreed which she made the club president sign. After reading it, Yabuki, together with Kanoko, goes to the drama club and asks what’s going on. The club president and others say that it is nothing, just maintain last year’s budget and that’s enough. Yabuki insists on knowing why but they just claim that they are busy with practice and let them out the lecture hall. Yabuki asks Kanoko what’s happened. Kanoko tells him that she went over the drama club’s storage room to find any treasures and after spending some time, she found some – a [anime]con’s limited edition garage kit and underground band CD. She asks them about it and they told her that she can sell those for they are no longer needed. So she brought those things to the idol research room and negotiated with them over and over. The nerd tries to bargain over the garage kit because the box of the toy is a bit destroyed but Kanoko threatens to sell it to someone else. Kanoko says that in the end, she sold them at a good price so it is alright for the drama club to maintain their budget. Yabuki asks if she is saying that she just did a money business deal. Kanoko tells him not to worry for she didn’t use the name of the student council. Then, she apologizes for being blunt but as a freshman, he brought her there then just left so if some problem arises during the work, shouldn’t he as the leader be held responsible. Is this making the people below grow up by letting them taste hardship caused by the higher ups? He asks if she wants him to let her off. Kanoko smiles and says, “Please support me.” Yabuki sighs and says it is like that, a change in the way of speaking. Kanoko is surprised for she thought that he’ll refute her when he was obviously tough when he left her at the drama club. She really cannot guess through him. Turning around, Yabuki bows and apologizes to her. He admits that this time, it is totally his fault and he tried to matched her up with the people he had met before.
Puzzled Kanoko says that even if she doesn’t understand but it is alright, please raise his head. After raising his head, Yabuki says, that she is she and even if there is others similar to her but they are not the same with her. “Unexpectedly forgetting this simple principle is because of my arrogance. If you are held accountable for the cash exchange then at that time, I’ll accept punishment together with you.” Kanoko felt that she has seen the true side of Yabuki for he isn’t ‘Ice Yabuki’ at all. Then, Kanoko feels awkward over what he is saying so she tells him that it is okay for she is also at fault. <- she doesn’t know why she is apologizing but to break the deadlock, she first apologizes. She asks him not to talk about her as if she is some rare species and just conveniently treat her like the same. Yabuki says no, from today on, he is going to treat her as unrivalled[/unique] ‘Naedoko Kanoko’. This made her more uneasy. She tries to run off and tell him that from today on, please call her as ‘the other secretary besides Tsubaki’. She is surprised when Yabuki holds her arm. Yabuki coldly tells her not to run at the hallway. Soon, it is night. Gloomy Tsubaki goes out of the computer club and he’s tired to death. Sayuri sees him and asks if he only finished now. Tsubaki tells him that until Otabe left, they couldn’t talk and the meeting actually lasted for only 10 minutes. Sayuri gloomily tells him ‘good job’. Then, she asks for his phone number. Tsubaki refuses at first even if Sayuri says that it is just in case, at least, she has his number. To convince him, Sayuri tells him that Yabuki went out with Kanoko. Furious Tsubaki asks why she didn’t immediately tell him. Sayuri repeats that she doesn’t know his phone number. Going back to class, Tsubaki calls out to Kanoko to find her drained while resting her head on the table. He asks what happened. She tells him to make a long story short, she got lectured by Yabuki for running the hallway. This relieves Tsubaki for it turns out that she was just lectured. He happily says that they go home and his HP level is fully charged. Kanoko thinks that Tsubaki didn’t know that she is tired because she said a lot with Yabuki since she shouted back at him not to preach her. Kanoko laments over her ‘trouble issues from [her] mouth’ and she shouldn’t have said unnecessary things. At the train, Yabuki thinks that using money to resolve it can be considered an excellent plan and everyone got their anticipated ending and this is really amazing. Recalling telling Mizukami about that arrogant person, smiling Yabuki muses that arrogant person is actually him and a female freshman unexpectedly taught this principle to him. So, Kanoko didn’t know that Yabuki has come to have an interest on her. And lastly, she doesn’t know that she has a new nickname. The nerds are thinking of a good nickname for her like her Meteor Eye Kanoko or Big Pick Girl Kanoko.
Comment: There are some interesting relationship observations mentioned in this chapter. The first one is being overly modest when being praised which leads to keep on saying things that one doesn’t mean which lead one into trouble. Actually, it is seems to have ended up like trying to best each other over who is the most modest one. ^^; Kanoko realizes that even if one knows this principle of not talking too much, but when the situation is there, and then add to that one’s emotions, perceptions, etc., everything is out the window. It is only after the damage is done when one regrets it. It is a case of knowing but didn’t do. Still, is it possible that it turned out that way because the other person turns out to be Yabuki? I can understand why she would rather keep her peace and not be confrontational towards people who cause minor injury/insult to her. To make a fuss is indeed quite a hassle, so time and energy is saved if she just does what she can do herself. Also, even if she raised a fuss, it is highly doubtful that they will cooperate given her ‘status’ in school and how they belittle her. Tsubaki also has a point for if she kept on being lenient, people would just keep on doing those things to her so where do one draw the line? Amusingly, after all that, it is possible that she might ‘blow up’ at someone else..hm..Yabuki in this case? The talk about the ‘status’ is interesting. It is indeed true that if one is good at something which gives one have a higher position, one has a high tendency to consciously or not, belittle the others who don’t have it – beauty, athletics, capability, intelligence, etc. But of course, even if one isn’t at a high position, there are those who still belittle people based on their own perceived superiority. ^^; Anyway, it’s really nice that Kanoko showed Yabuki what she is capable of. She handled it quite well by herself. It is also nice that Yabuki can actually apologize for it. And, as president, it is good not to be easily swayed by praises and beautiful crying ‘representatives’. Hm..though Kanoko might not like the aftermath since she really wanted to keep a low profile. So, if Yabuki starts liking her, Tsubaki would be in more stress and Kanoko will kind of have a harem =P Scans by 红莲汉

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