July 13, 2013

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 21]

Mego has arrived home and she is still in quite a good mood for her first date has been truly amazing♡“And, Aoi-kun even used hand language to carry out [his] confession” Then, she is puzzled that there is something on the stairs. It is zombie-like Mitsuru. Mego shouts to her mother that there is a monster in kimono sitting on the stairs. “Ah..? Now that I look at it in detail, it’s Mitsuru?” Mitsuru gloomily says that he wants to ask a favor from her. Soon, in her room, Mego shouts in shock that he wants another week of identity switch. Bending down to her with hands together for a favor, he begs her to say yes because he wants to meet with Shino again and that’s it. While Mego tries to protest, she thinks that this conversation feels quite déjà vu. Angrily shouting that guy unexpectedly kissed Shino, Mitsuru curses over who that guy is and he wants to go and directly confirm this fact from Shino. In order to convince Mego, Mitsuru says, “Mego, this week, the Akechi Academy is going to have a sports meet. Could it be that you don’t want to see Sa-chan’s valiant appearance.” Trembling Mego imagines sporty, perspiring Aoi with a must win hachimaki [/head band]. The negotiation has come into an agreement when it was Mego who wanted to exchange with him or rather, she would beg him to do the switch. Clasping each other’s hand, Mitsuru exclaims that’s great. On the second day, blushing Asuza is looking out the window. She wonders if Mitsuru is okay because yesterday, he was just quiet and went straight home. She tells herself that it isn’t like she wants to mock and ridicule him that he got dumped by Shino but rather, she doesn’t want to see him depressed.. Then, she is surprised to see female Mitsuru greeting Shino a good morning. Asuza couldn’t believe that he even had a strong[/thick] face to appear as a girl. Somewhat nervous, Mitsuru tells himself to calm down for he must act as natural as possible and know from Shino what’s going on. ‘She’ tells Shino that yesterday, ‘she’ went shopping at Shibuya[?] and wasn’t she together with a guy. Mitsuru felt like crying upon seeing Shino blushing really red. Mitsuru hesitantly asks if the guy is her boyfriend. Shino shakes her head. Mitsuru is surprised that he isn’t.
After writing on a pad, Shino shows it to him. She ‘tells’ him that he is from her former school, a college student who gave them lessons. For practicum, he came to their school. Mitsuru is surprised for the guy looked young but it turns out that he is older. Shino says, “During solo tutoring, he would enthusiastically teach me the lesson[/homework]. He is very popular among the students and also the female teachers. I thought that he definitely has no impression of me at all. A few days ago, I met him at the station by chance. He invited me if I would want to watch movies together.” Trembling, Mitusur shouts that they met after a long time and then on that day, he would directly kiss her. “That jerk moves really fast!!” This surprises the bystanders and embarrasses Shino. Thinking that ‘she’ has seen it, Shino gestures to ‘her’ that no, he only supported her when she is about to trip. “Afterwards, carelessly, lips..” Shino blushes and Mitsuru is shock. He nervously asks if the ‘person she likes’ is that guy. Blushing Shino nods. That was the blow for Mitsuru for his first love has just been declared to be over. Clenching his fist, Mitsuru thinks, “What kind of joke is this--!! I’ll absolutely not let Shino-chan be given to that kind of guy who looks to be quite flirty[/playboy]!!” <- his prejudice. Mitsuru asks Shino where that guy studies and what his name is. Shino writes it for him. He is Ishida Kouji [guesswork from 石田光司], a third year student of M University. Then, Mitsuru runs off with thoughts of ‘just you wait, Ishida Kouji!!’ Shino is puzzled. Asuzu wonders what that guy is doing. Meanwhile at Akechi Academy, male Mego timidly tells Aoi that she had once again temporarily switched identities with Mitsuru so yoroshiku [/I’m under your care] during this time. Aoi is speechless. He angrily turns around and tells her to go back. This shocks Mego that she tearfully asks why when during yesterday’s date, the distance between them had become a step closer. “We are even talking about kisses, right!? Could it be that I’m the only one who is very happy!?” Blushing Aoi calls her stupid and tells her how he can possibly be at ease and let his most important girl stay in a place where there are a lot of guys. Mego is moved into tears for he is worried about her.
She assures him that it is alright for the one who would take a fancy on her and who admires her as a male[?] is only him. Aoi tries to tell her that she should think more of herself.. But, upon seeing her looking quite feminine, he blushes and says that it is nothing. At M University’s gate, Mitsuru looks around and spots Kouji. Some girls call out to Kouji that the discussion meeting is over so how about they go have a drink. Kouji apologizes for he has work today. The girls say, too bad. Mitsuru is furious that Kouji looks popular. He believes that Kouji is a flirty guy and he will expose his true nature. Mitsuru fakes a trip and poses in a subtle seductive pose. In a cutie way, ‘she’ says that ‘she’ trips again and ‘she’s so embarrassed. Kouji looks surprised. The other guys behind him are all ♡_♡ Mitsuru thinks, “Ishida Kouji!! Using the great me’s charm, I’m going to make you so crazy over me that you’ll go dizzy!!” To Mitsuru’s surprise, Kouji suddenly carries ‘her’ on his back and asks if ‘she’ is alright, he’ll bring ‘her’ to the hospital now. Freaking out, Mitsuru says that there’s no need, and ‘she’ is already alright. Kouji says is that so, then that’s good. Mitsuru is somewhat speechless. After putting ‘her’ down, Kouji gives ‘her’ an adhesive bandage and tells ‘her’ to be careful on her way home. Somewhat flustered, Mitsuru apologizes and asks if ‘she’ can have some of his time. ‘She’ introduces ‘herself’ as Shino’s close friend. At a restaurant, Kouji says that he’s quite surprised that ‘she’ is Shino’s friend. He apologizes for not noticing that they are wearing the same uniform. Just as Kouji is drinking his coffee, Mitsuru goes direct to the point by mentioning that ‘she’ saw him kissing Shino before. “Your circumstance is quite good and you’re also very popular, right? If you only think of playing around with Shino-chan, I absolutely won’t allow...” Mitsuru is interrupted when Kouji starts choking on his coffee.
Blushing really red, Kouji says that he didn’t think that anyone saw that. “I myself is thinking over what I’m doing towards a girl who is five years younger than me.. Even if she cannot hear, but she won’t let others feel that she’s weak[/vulnerable] and she strives really hard. I really respect her being that way. And, during some unknown time, I also have this thought of wanting to protect her. I like her. Even if I also know that the five years older me cannot be within her scope of [potential] love partner.. *Mitsuru looks surprised* About kissing her, I apologize for that. Even if she would think that it is only an accident.. I won’t do that kind of thing again but, I hope that you’ll empathize with these feelings of mine..” Slightly trembling, Mitsuru stands up and leaves. This puzzles Kouji. After school dismissal, Mitsuru is sitting by the courtyard. He gloomily curses for Kouji is sincere about Shino and Shino also likes him. “It is only that the two has not noticed their like for each other. Can’t I do anything but just stay at the side and watch?” Shino touches his shoulder and ‘asks’ what’s up with him. Smiling, she gestures that she heard that it seems that ‘she’ didn’t go to class so she’s very worried.” Mitsuru thinks, no, he doesn’t want to give up. He holds her arm and gestures towards himself and a thumbs up. Just then, Azusa sees Shino with Mitsuru together. Holding on Shino’s shoulders, Mitsuru says, “I have something that I always haven’t told you. *Asuza looks surprised* I’m actually a guy. *both girls look tense and Mitsuru hugs Shino* (I want to tell her. I won’t want to give you to any other person.) I’m going to say something that I wanted to tell you but haven’t told you. *pulling from the hug and holding on Shino’s shoulders* I’m a guy. Since the time that I’ve met you, I really like you, Shino-chan..!!” Blurb: “Mitsuru’s determined confession! How will Shino respond..?! At the same time, Mego and Aoi’s school life will also encounter twists and turns..!!”
Comment: Mitsuru’s reaction is amusing. He was really shock upon seeing the kiss and amazingly, he managed to stay calm enough before looking like that upon reaching his house. He is also very clever to get Mego to agree to switch with him again. Somewhat unfortunately, Mego didn’t tell Aoi what’s the purpose of Mitsuru’s want to switch identities. I’m curious about Aoi’s reaction when he learns about Kouji. =P Poor Mitsuru, it turns out that Shino and Kouji mutually like each other and Kouji is a good guy. Since Mitsuru is a ‘good guy’, he would most unlikely do something bad to separate them so his ‘better late than never’ confession is his last ditch effort of getting Shino. Even if I do wonder if he’ll easily give up or keep on having an unrequited love with her. Since Asuza is there, I guess she’ll be there to comfort Mitsuru if he got rejected. Also, he already confirmed what he needs to be confirmed within a day so why did he ask for a week switch with Mego? Anyway, things ought to happen at Mego and Aoi’s side. It would be amusing if they start thinking of BL and also, there is Mogami who is interested in Mego. =P Lastly, I guess the only girl in the cast who hasn’t gotten her first stolen kiss is Asuza and that would most probably be reserved for Mitsuru =P Scans by 工作室

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