July 23, 2013

Kyou no Kira-kun [Chapter 23]

Page 23: Labyrinth Love Song. Narration: “I earnestly request you to make those two come back together.” At the cemetery, Kira is praying at his family grave. Then, he looks up and wonders what Nino is doing right now. He takes out his cellphone and looks at a picture of Nino sleeping and drooling with half of her body on the floor and the other half on the bed. Sensei is sleeping on the pillow that is on the floor. Kira smiles and thinks that it is a stolen picture that he got before. He recalls embarrassed Nino saying that it is a misunderstanding for usually, it is a bit more elegant. Kira smiles and thinks that she’s so moe. Then he feels like crying when he recalls Yabe asking how can a person who is going to die give her happiness. He bows down and hears some running footsteps. He looks at the side to see Yabe. Breathing hard, Yabe says that he found him. Kira’s eyes widen in surprise. He stands up and exclaims in surprise Yabe’s name. Kira asks why he is there and this is Ishikawa. Yabe imagines telling Kira that he came to bring him back, let’s go back to where Nino is. While Kira is puzzled, Yabe looks away and wonders if he is going to say that for he is someone who’ll do what he’ll say. Deciding to be straightforward, Yabe pouts and says that for him to ask him why, he went to his grandmother’s place and afterwards, he was told that Kira went to the cemetery so..that grandmother is quite lively. Kira goes ‘ha?’ over what Yabe is saying though his grandmother is indeed lively. Yabe sweatdrops and thinks that being sudden like that [/just blurting it out] is IMPOSSIBLE. Then, he shivers and sneezes out loud. Yabe wonders why he suddenly feels cold. Kira touches his forehead. Then, he calls Yabe stupid, to come along. At the house, Kira tells him to go in. At the living room, Yabe checks his temperature and it is 37.8C. He wonders if it is because he has been out in the cold for a long time, looking for Kira and how come he is suddenly invited in the house. Kira comes in and gives him a change of clothes and warmer[/hot pack]. He also gives him some medicine to drink before he goes to sleep. Kira says that before that, how about eating something first. Going to the kitchen, Kira asks if whatever he makes is okay because his grandmother went out to buy something. Yabe wonders what kind of situation is this, for right now, he monopolizing Kira all for himself. In his mind, he is rolling around blushing and puking blood. <-fanboying? ^^; Kira serves him some rice, pickles and tofu. Yabe thanks him and wants to take a picture of it. With tears in his eyes, Yabe eats and thinks that it is delicious. Kira quietly watches him.
Recalling Yabe’s message and what he told him earlier that he’s a hindrance to Nino’s future and he cannot give Nino happiness, Kira asks why he came. “Is it so important that you have to leave in the middle of exams?” Yabe becomes nervous and says that there’s something he wants to tell him. Kira asks what it is. Yabe tries to say it but he couldn’t because he’s too nervous. He changed the topic instead by asking whose grave he went to clean. Kira looks surprised and asks if he wants to know that. Yabe says yes, because at that time, his face looks solemn. Kira lies down and turns away. He says that it is his mother’s. “Because I didn’t have the opportunity to come here so this time, it is the last farewell. *smiles* Even if I were to say that but one could say that afterwards, we’ll meet each other again anyway.” Yabe sits up and says, wait, he totally doesn’t know that. Kira asks isn’t this nonsense talk and he also didn’t tell them about it. Yabe felt like tearing up but he immediately composed himself. He asks Kira why he didn’t say and why did he hide such an important thing. Kira says that Yabe is saying ‘hide’, his circle isn’t the type of people that one can say these kind of things for it is only concerned with status rank. “Didn’t you also join in there because you don’t want the people around you to think that you’re an idiot?” Yabe looks surprised that Kira is puzzled. Yabe stands up and thinks that it turns out that Kira always thought that way. He suddenly pushes Kira down and shouts, “How can that be. It isn’t like that.. *Kira looks surprised* Although you say that you wanted to properly pass the days so you break away from us but looking at it like this, you absolutely haven’t considered our thoughts. In the end, you don’t understand why I said such mean things to you, right!? That is because you never regarded me as a friend!! The others would ridicule me but you’re the only one who said that I’m very amazing. I’m truly very happy. It is possible, that for you it is a very easy thing, but for me, that is my light. It is my hope.” While Kira looks surprised, his grandmother arrives and asks if Kira has met his friend. That night, Kira goes in the room and checks on sleeping Yabe. Kira thinks that he thought that Yabe came to make him leave Nino. The next morning, it is 6:05am. Kira wonders if Yabe no longer has a fever and what about his closing ceremony. Then, he notices Yabe going out of the house. Kira wonders if he is going home, no, he isn’t bringing his luggage so where he is going. Kira follows him and is surprised to see Yabe kneeling at his family grave. Yabe cries, “I’m such an idiot~~ How come I can only say those kind of words.”
Kira wonders what Yabe is doing in front of his family’s grave. Yabe continues to say that it is inevitable for Kira to think that way for he [Yabe] is reaping what he sow. Kira is surprised by this. Yabe tearfully says that he really wants everything to start all over again. “Earlier on, I wanted to become his friend and it started from stealing something. *Yabe shoplifted from a convenient store and gave the chocolate to Kira* And I gradually got carried away. *They pass by a nerdy girl whom Yabe laughed at* Always heading in the wrong direction. Kira..will he truly die..? I don’t want.. It’s a lie. I don’t what that. I don’t want.. Kira’s mother, this time around, I’ll definitely properly express it so, I beg of you, *holds up head* please don’t take Kira with you early. I want to become true friends with Kira.” Kira hears everything. He goes to Yabe who freaks out and asks if he overheard it. Kira slightly smiles and says that in the end, Yabe’s really amazing. Shocked Yabe tells him not to laugh for he is serious.. Yabe is surprised to see Kira crying. Kira hugs him and puts his head on Yabe’s shoulder. Kira says, “Sorry, Yabe. I’m the one at fault. I’m sorry.” Yabe starts to cry again and hugs Kira back. Yabe says, “Kira, quickly go back to where Okamura is. Even if I don’t understand what you’re thinking but I only want to say this! Okamura, she only has to have you at her side, she would be very happy! *pulls Kira off* You want the girl you like to show a smile, right!? *holds out his hand* So say, [You’ll] go back!” Recalling Nino’s smile, Kira holds Yabe’s hand tightly and says, “Yes, I will go back.” This made Yabe blush and pukes blood <- got shot. While walking with Kira, Yabe wonders when Kira became this cute. Narration: “December 22nd. Kira-kun. If I were to meet you, I have something that I wanted to tell you.” Back in school, the closing ceremony is officially over. It is finally winter vacation. In the classroom, Rei looks over Nino who looks sad. At the train station, Rei tells Nino that it is alright for Yabe didn’t say that he’ll bring him back to school. Surprised Nino says that’s right and she hasn’t given up because today isn’t over yet. Then, after the announcement of the incoming train, Rei says that Nino’s train is coming so she’s going. Nino says okay, thank you. While Rei looks glum, she is surprised when someone stands beside her. It is Yabe who seriously says that he did his best. [/strived hard <- probably in response to her ‘gambatte’ earlier.] Just as the train door is closing, someone comes behind Nino. Everyone is surprised when Kira hugs Nino tightly. As Nino felt like crying, Kira calls her name. Blurb: “There’s no chapter next month.”
Comment: This is quite moving especially the climax where Yabe expresses out his true feelings at the grave. There are some BL hints which the mangaka is using for comedy effects. Hehe, the baidu poster is joking around that Yabe got to ‘live under one roof with Kira’ and ‘asking Kira’s mother for Kira’ so Yabe really likes Kira the most =P And, I almost anticipated how his grandmother would react if she saw them in that position. ^^;; This is a case of I don’t mind much if the guys are emo. =P There are indeed mistakes on both sides. Yabe was too eager to please and tried to blend in with Kira’s crowd but unfortunately, Kira isn’t really like them and it made Kira think that Yabe is just like those guys. I guess Kira now considers him a true friend that he let down his guard and cried in front of him. Of course, it is really nice that the mangaka made the couple meet again at the train station. He left her by not riding the train, and now, he came back inside the train with her this time around ^-^ There are a few days left before Christmas so hopefully, when the series resumes, the mangaka has a really romantic Christmas chapter ^^ Scans by 离境

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