July 12, 2013

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 81]

At the ramen store, Ryu’s father is surprised to see Chizuru who had washed all the bowls and cleaned the floor even if she isn’t on work duty today. He praises her for being hardworking and for always being a great help. Ryu’s father asks where Ryu is. She tells him that he must be jogging. Just as she is about to bid him goodbye, she asks if she says that she doesn’t want to a part timer and she wants him to hire her, is that okay. Ryu’s father asks if she isn’t going to high school anymore, did something happen, just tell him about it. Chizuru nervously tells him that it isn’t that but rather, she is talking about future job[/prospects]. She apologizes for saying such strange things. She asks him to forget about it. He happily tells her that if it is her, they absolutely welcome her. Surprised by this, she asks him not to force himself but he says that he isn’t. He praises her for being the equivalent of three people. She asks if she comes in handy. He says of course, and a great help. He tells her that he’s becoming old and feels a bit lonely. Chizuru tells him that he still has Ryuu so it is alright. He laughs and says that is true. Looking slightly sad, he says forget it, in short, she can come whenever she wishes to. Upon opening the door, Chizuru is startled to see Ryu. After some greetings, he asks why she is working lately. Chizuru struggles to say something but in the end, she says that it has nothing to do..no, is it related to him…ah, no..he also.. While Ryu is puzzled, Chizuru just tells him that lately, he has been running quite diligently than before. Ryu says yes, for after reaching third year high school, he won’t be able to help at the store because he is the team captain of the club. Then, he thanks her. As he goes in, Chizuru thinks of third year, and everything will end, Ryu’s high school baseball career, or rather, it is about to end. At school, Sawako tells her friends that she wants to be a teacher. They ask if it is for elementary teacher. Sawako hasn’t thought of it that deeply yet but seeing Pin, she would want to be a high school teacher. The others overhear this and start to imagine Sawako as a gloomy teacher whom the scared students call as ‘Sadako’. The somewhat delinquent ones would tease her. Suddenly, one of the guys had a stomachache. She tries to give herbs for his constipation but the guys already ran off thinking that she had cursed the guy. Then, rumors spread that anyone who goes close to her will be cursed. End imagination.
Their classmates exclaim that they can imagine it and should they worry. Sawako tells her friends that perhaps, for her to become a teacher won’t be the normal way or it is like what everyone says, but upon coming into high school, she met Ayane and Chizuru and even if it isn’t fast but in the end, they gradually understood each other so even if it isn’t easy, in the end, it wasn’t easy to find what she wanted to do. She smiles and tells them that she still wants to try doing her best and see. Ayane became thoughtful over Sawako’s words. Sawako says that it is Chizuru and Ayane’s three-way[with parent] interview today. Chizuru comments if she also has decided on her aspiration just like Sawako and Ayane did.. Just as Sawako is wondering what is Ayane’s mother like, they mention that Sawako’s mother mentioned about Valentine’s day. They were interrupted and surprised by acting cute Kent who asks what Ayane’s mother is like. Ayane says that she’s ordinary. Chizuru asks if he is eating at the canteen, and not together with Ayane. Kent says no, for he thinks that best friends’ conversation is a necessity. After Kent bids them goodbye and left, the girls are thinking over Valentine’s day again. Then, Chizuru wants to ask them something that is bothering her, what do they think is her special charm. Sawako exclaims she’s very happy and her smile is very cute. Chizuru brightly smiles. Ayane says that if she doesn’t open her mouth, she’s a bishoujo [beautiful girl]. Chizuru smiles with her mouth closed. Ayane tells her that is quite fake. Just when Shouta arrives back with some guys, Chizuru goes to him and asks what he thinks is her special charm. Shouta becomes dizzy and nervous that he turns around and says he doesn’t know so ask the person himself. Just when she is asking who he is referring to, Chizuru blushes and calls Shouta an idiot. Then, she freaks out more when they ask if she is going to give Ryu something this Valentine’s Day that is why she started working. Chizuru quickly sh-sh quiet them and they went to the stairs where no one passes by [/no trespassing]. Chizuru tells them that she gave Ryu onigiri as his birthday gift last year and it was quite chaotic last time so she wanted to give him a suitable gift. Ayane bluntly says that isn’t that like working at Ryu’s store and using the wages from Ryu’s family to pay for Ryu’s gift. Chizuru freaks out over this until Sawako says that it is reward for her hardwork.
While Sawako wonders if it is ‘like/love’ since Chizuru is going to give something on Valentine’s day, Chizuru asks if they are also giving something to those idiots = boyfriends. Sawako wonders what to give since she didn’t give him the chocolates last year. Ayane plans to look around the store and she says that Sawako would probably give something handmade. Sawako tells them that she plans to make a cake. Chizuru wants to have some. Ayane tells Chizuru that before, she gave Tirole chocolates so what about this year. She nervously says 5 then 10 to which Ayane exclaims that it isn’t about the number. To the other’s surprise, Ayane suggests that they all make a cake with Sawako teaching them. Sawako is happy and anticipates it. Just when Chizuru says about homemade choco, Ayane tells Chizuru that her charm is she looks like she is thinking[/considering] of something difficult but actually, she’s totally not thinking of it at all. Chizuru goes from surprised, happy and shock. She starts crying for that means, she’s stupid. Then, at the shoe lockers, Sawako sees that Shouta is waiting for her. They hold hands while walking home that Sawako says that people are watching. Shouta says that it doesn’t matter but if she doesn’t like it, then he’ll just bear with it. She shakes her head and they hold their hands tighter. And, they happily walk. In class, Chizuru asks Pin what is her charm. Pin says that it is about not being embarrassed asking that question. Chizuru’s mother is freaking out over Chizuru’s idiotic future aspiration card. Pin asks if she hasn’t thought of it. Chizuru bangs the table and says that it isn’t that. Then, she starts saying ramen. Pin seriously tells her that he has a suggestion. After going over the subjects that she is good and bad with, Pin says that he thinks that she can study at a business specialty school. She asks isn’t it far. He tells her that it takes around 2 hours through subway. She complains that it is too far. Her mother asks why she wants to stay here. Chizuru stutters and says that she likes this town[/city] that her mother says that the way she says it seems like a lie. Pin says that since she likes this town, if she manages to be qualified, she can find work in all kinds of places like the treasury, the bank or even her own business and if not, she can be a tax adviser. Chizuru is thrilled with this idea.
Later on, Kent meets with Ayane’s mother who asks if he’s quite flirty. Kent says that he doesn’t think that’s too serious. While they talk about that, Ayane looks aghast. Kent comments that she’s tsukkomi[/the straight guy in a comedy act] that no wonder she is Ayane’s mother. Ayane’s mother asks if he won’t come by to the house. Kent exclaims if he can. Just as Ayane tells them not to be like that, her mother tells Kent that he can as long as there is a family member inside. Chizuru comes out and calls Ayane inside. Just as the mothers exchange greetings, Ayane tells Kent to go home first. Kent says okay for he only wanted to see her mother. On the way inside, Ayane’s mother mentions to Ayane that it is the first time she saw her boyfriend since she doesn’t bring him home and even her friends she rarely brings them. Ayane didn’t reply and recalls Pin telling her that she is just starting. Pin tells Ayane’s mother that with Ayane’s grades he thinks that there’s totally no problem but does Ayane really want to go there. Pin says that lowering [standard?] is one way and it isn’t a bad thing at all. A person with good grades has a wider leeway [of choices] and could it be that she’s narrowing her own choices. While her mother looks at her, Ayane recalls Pin asking her if she has ever did something that she put all her effort in whether in studies, sports or love. Pin asks Ayane if she is limiting herself into a very narrow range. Just when Ayane is embarrassed that he is lecturing her with her mother beside her, Pin says that even if it is what he thinks but he considers her as a child who has various importance with [growing] potential. While walking home, Ayane thinks that he actually say things like a teacher. Her mother asks her if she has other places that she wants to go for regarding what the teacher said, Ayane has always been like that when she was young. She’s very cautious and won’t do difficult things. She won’t do dangerous things and from that line of thought, she is a very worry-free child. Her mother says that she [mother] is a person who only does what she wants to do so everyday, she would quarrel with her parents. Ayane comments that she’s rebellious. Her mother tells her that in doing what she wants to do, her family told her that she cannot pass the university exam but she still went ahead and in the end, she passed so right now, she is doing the work she wants to do. She married the person she likes and of course, it made people furious. Ayane says that kind of life makes her a bit envious. Her mother says that she’s very happy that even if there are a lot of difficulties, and brought them burden but she’s very happy. After her mother bids her goodbye since she still has work, Ayane recalls how happy Sawako is in wanting to try what she wanted to do and Pin telling her that she has potential. At home, Sawako is reading a college catalogue. She thinks that in a different college, one can study different specialties[/field of study], that is college education but it’s at Sapporo.
Comment: Well, Chizuru is already dropping hints to Ryu’s father =P Not only that, she also gets money to buy Ryu’s Vday gift from her work..well, it seems that it will be cake for all girls. I guess Chizuru still doesn’t know of Ryu’s plans and perhaps, the other reason than being team captain as to why he is training hard. I guess Chizuru is asking them of her charm so that she can use that to know what she wants to do in the future. And, with that talk with Pin, I guess Chizuru has already made up what she wanted to study after graduating. Their imagination about Sawako being a teacher is amusing but then, she has already changed so I guess first impression really got stuck in their brain. ^^; It is nice to see that things are going quite well now with her and Shouta compared to before. ^^ Since things aren’t decided yet with Shouta, I cannot say if they are separating or not since it seems that Sawako does have to go study at Sapporo. With Sawako’s talk, it seems that Ayane is jealous of her in wanting to try hard things as long as it is what she wants to do. It is pretty much like how her mother is. I think what Ayane is doing isn’t really a bad thing though it is more like a ‘playing safe’ thing which can lead to an ordinary life. But then, is that what she really like – doing something more and does she know what it is? They are all hinting that Ayane must have something that she really wanted to do that is not within her limited scope of choices but I don’t seem to recall anything that mentioned that before..maybe except for her romance ^^; After all, Kent is a ‘safe choice’ though she seems to go beyond what she usually do when she suggested that they all make cakes, rather than just buying something. Anyway, everyone got their three-way interview with Pin. So far, only Shouta and Ayane kind of not yet truly decided on their future careers. So, would it focus on Vday next or more of that aspiration thing? Scans by 工作室

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