July 10, 2013

The One [Chapter 103]

[Free Talk: Sorry for the slight delay because I’m not feeling too well since last night. Orz. Going back to rest now..]

Recalling what Angus told his twin, Ulysses thinks that Angus is really itching to leave him. After taking a bath, Angus looks at the mirror. Touching the image and kissing it, he says that it will be soon when they can be together forever. “Good night, my most beloved Yin.” Somewhere else, brimming with killer chi, Fei Hong is going to where Eros is to ‘chat’. Worried over what she’ll do, Shang went with her. In his hotel apartment, Eros gives ‘auntie’ a drink that Fei Hong angrily asks if he’s calling her auntie. Eros apologizes and asks how he should call her. They sweatdrop when Fei Hong insist on ‘Hong-sis’. Fei Hong is frustrated for no wonder Lele has fallen for him because he has good looks and calm temperament. She asks him how long they have been going steady. Eros says that officially, it is about a year. Fei Hong is shock that Lele managed to hide it from her for a year. She tries to calm herself down that Lele is already grown up and she’s pure/innocent so she won’t do any foolish thing. Fei Hong tries to ask if their relationship isn’t that deep for a year isn’t too long. To her shock, Eros tells her that they already know each other that there are no secrets and they love each other. She asks if that means her foolish Lele has already given him everything and they had.. Fei Hong goes berserk and wants to kill him that Shang has to hold her back and tell Eros to quickly escape. Fei Hong starts crying over Eros possessing her Lele whom she watched grow up. She also cries that Lele didn’t tell her this important thing. Eros tells her that it isn’t so for he believes that Lele really cares for her because she is her one and only relative in this world. Lele is still looking for the opportunity to mention it because his situation is quite complicated and she might not be that secured over this feeling. Eros assures her that he is absolutely serious and he isn’t playing around with Lele so Fei Hong can be at ease about that. He says that he tried his best to leave her but in the end, he has no way of leaving her. Fei Hong tells him that she has heard about him and Lele a few days ago and they are totally [from?] two worlds and what would a person like him get from Lele. Eros says that he only needs to stay at her side for she can calm down his inner heart’s restlessness and uneasiness. He tells her that it has been a long time he didn’t felt this calm. His violent past won’t stop re-surfacing that he cannot properly eat nor sleep.
He became a bum in hopes to escape but it was of little effect until he met Lele who accepted all of him, even the parts that he cannot face. She made him believe again that he can have happiness. With her at his side, his nightmares don’t trouble him until dawn. “She is my angel!” After a pause, Fei Hong says that is quite moving and it doesn’t change her decision to take her away. Eros is puzzled. Fei Hong tells him that this is her goal for coming here today and she hopes that he can sever this relationship because she is worried that Lele couldn’t do it. So from today on, she hopes that he won’t see her nor call her. And, even if she looks for him, he should avoid seeing her. She asks for Eros to understand that she isn’t making them break up forever but the situation about Angus is worrisome and he also ought not to want Lele be hurt in anyway, right? Eros agrees and Fei Hong is glad with his response. At the hospital, Lele wants to see Eros. She wonders why he didn’t come to see her nor call her when it is already three days. She believes that if he wanted to, Andre cannot deter him. She wonders if it is the issue with Angus that’s troubling him. Even if there has to be another way but she has no clue at all. Since Angus totally treated her with hostility, he won’t listen to her. She wonders that perhaps, if she leaves, everything will temporarily calm down. Fei Hong calls out to her and informs her that the doctor said that she can be discharged tomorrow. She had already booked the tickets so when they get out of the hospital, she’s going to fly back to Taiwan. She tells Lele not to mind that thing about Angus because it isn’t up to her to resolve that. Just leave it to the brothers to do that and she must go with her. Lele thinks that it is too fast and she isn’t prepared. She wanted to see Eros so she tried calling him but he won’t take her calls. She wonders if he isn’t worried about her. After Lele goes out of the toilet, Andre wakes up and asks how her head is. She tells him that she’s okay and she’s hungry for she isn’t used to hospital food. After telling him that she wants some hot rice meal, Andre prepares to go and get it. She thanks him for always taking care of her and sorry for making him sacrifice his beauty sleep. Andre is glad that she knows his hard work. He says that after she gets discharged, he wants her to repay him with one official date (as guy and girl). After Andre left, Lele apologizes for she must see Eros so that she can at least have a proper goodbye.
Meanwhile, while having a meal, Ulysses asks where the next stop is. Angus says whatever since he had already decided. To Angus’ surprise, Ulysses says that they are going back to New York, to the place where he really wanted to go. Ulysses says that he thinks that Eros and others would be heading back soon. He tells Angus that he will still be staying with him but he won’t limit his actions anymore. He can see Eros but only let him know about it. Angus asks why. Ulysses says that is because as long as Angus can be happy, he can give in to anything. Later on, Eros is surprised to see Lele in his hotel apartment. Just when he is saying that it is midnight, Lele quickly rushes in and says that he’s quite disappointing not to let the guest inside, and she even had a head injury. She quickly jumps into the sofa. Eros tells her to quickly go back to the hospital but she claims that her head hurts. He grabs her to get up but she holds on to him and says that she’s hungry so at least, let her eat something. Soon, he made some ‘porridge ala Lele’ for her. While eating, she happily asks for a sunny-side egg and he quickly brings it out. She gushes that it would be perfect with some veggies, tofu and dried fish. Eros angrily shouts that they are in Spain and where he is going to get those. Deciding to be pampered as much as she wanted tonight for she doesn’t know when.., Lele eats and feeds Eros some. She asks if it is delicious and he says of course, he made it. She lies on his leg when he is reading a book. Then, she makes him massage her for she lied on the bed for 4 days and she is all stiff. Lele says that it seems that he really cannot serve girls so she can be at ease. He suddenly carries her and says that whether he cannot ‘serve’ girls or not, she ought to know of it better than anyone else. She exclaims what he is doing. He says going to bed. He throws her on the bed and she calls him a lewd wolf. He bends down to her and tells her to lie over there and don’t monopolize his place[/position]. After lying on one side of the bed, Eros tells her to quickly sleep and he’ll bring her back to the hospital in the morning because there are no taxis at night. Lele is flustered that he is facing away from her. She hugs him from behind and wonders why when she really wants to hug him tight, he.. She is surprised when Eros tells her to be good and go back to Taiwan with her auntie. “No matter how long it takes..I will definitely go back to your side!” Lele starts crying for it turns out that he knew. Next chapter will be out on August 5th in Taiwan. Blurb for the next chapter: “Eros and Lele officially decided to break up temporarily. But, upon leaving the hotel, Angus accidentally met the two together. It provoked Angus’ emotional state to go out of control..”
Comment: So, Fei Hong gets to know more about Eros’ intention towards Lele. She is really quite overprotective of Lele and the part when she found out that Lele lost her virginity is a bit funny. Eros is indeed quite understanding to agree because after all, Lele’s safety is most important. Their lovey-dovey here is cute but I guess Eros tries to distance a bit or else, he would find it harder to part from her. Apparently, just like I feared, Angus would see them together. If the outcome is bad, Lele might regret this. Hm..maybe something major will happen and they won’t separate temporarily after all? As for Andre, I wonder if they would actually have a date. From that scene, Lele seems to kind of reject him again, and choose Eros regarding the hot meal. ^^ Scans by Icy_Chrisy for baidu.

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