July 30, 2013

Himitsu no Ai-chan [Chapter 40]

While the students gather at the hotel lounge, the teacher tells them that on the second day, it is free day[/time] so everyone be careful on how they behave in order not to embarrass the school. Aiko glances at Takumi who is chatting with friends, and wonders why that guy-- Flashback: While Aiko eavesdropped on the twins, Ikumi tearfully told Takumi that this trip is the last opportunity and doesn’t he also want to have memories with Aiko-chan. Ikumi said that before they transfer schools, she hopes that she can have memories with Reo. “It’s the last so I want to strive hard one more time.. Takumi, you also think that way, right? Let us do our best together, okay?” Takumi replied, ..ya. End flashback. Aiko wonders why he didn’t mention about transferring schools and that’s right, for the twins to transfer schools has nothing to do with her and on contrary, she can heave a sigh of relief. Smiling Ikumi calls out to Aiko. As Aiko asks what it is, she thinks that it is unexpected that Ikumi would take the initiative to talk with her since this is quite rare. Ikumi thanks Aiko for helping her call Reo and this is because she hasn’t properly thank her [earlier]. Aiko asks if she is alright. Ikumi says yes. Ikumi tells Aiko that it is because Aiko looks a bit like the person she hates so she doesn’t like her..but..she doesn’t hate Aiko at all. “I only want to thank you and bye-bye.” Aiko looks flustered for it seems that she lost to Ikumi because Ikumi told her that and it made her more confused [/don’t know what to do] on how to make it okay. As Aiko’s group are going to ride the taxi, someone says that the girls sit in front while the guys at the back. Then, a girl apologizes to Aiko for actually, she is officially going steady with one of their group mates so she wants to have free time for themselves. Aiko and Reo are surprised though Takumi is expressionless. The couple rides a different taxi and shouts for everyone to have fun. This pretty much shocks Aiko in disbelief for she doesn’t know what to do while she’s with these two guys. Reo sighs for Aiko. The taxi driver asks Takumi how many are they and Takumi says three. In the taxi, Reo tells Takumi that the two of them are going to stroll around so Takumi can go spend the time by himself. Takumi asks if he’s joking for how can he stroll around with his girlfriend dressed like that and is it alright for everyone to find out about it. Sitting in between them, Aiko tells them to please not talk while she’s in the middle. Putting his arm around Aiko and pulling her to him, Reo tells her that she is sitting the wrong place for she should be sitting here. Takumi grabs Aiko’s arm and tells her not to do that for he doesn’t want to stick too close to Reo. Reo imagines himself and Takumi rubbing shoulders to which Takumi would say that he’s too close move aside and he would tell Takumi to move back a bit. Putting his hand around Aiko’s waist and pulls her to him, Reo says that it cannot be helped then, Aiko come over here. Blushing Aiko shouts that he’s an idiot, let go for they cannot be like that in this place and where is he putting his hand. Takumi smiles which irks Reo. Aiko is panicking and frustrated for this is difficult and what should she do.
Soon, at Heiwa-Dori [a covered market], they walk around the stores to see smoked Irabu sea snakes which Aiko thought to be a cobra, and some pigs’ legs and, head with sunglasses and flower [<- sign for a pig store. It is said Okinawans love pork so much so that they eat every part of the pig except its squeal. Source: http://www.jpn-okinawa.com] Then, at some ice cream shop, Reo wants to taste embarrassed Aiko’s ice cream to which [I think] Takumi [or Aiko] says that if he wants one, he’ll buy him one. While Aiko is looking at a fish store, Takumi suggests that they go to some other place and Reo agrees with him. Then, three Reo’s fangirls exclaim that they found him. This made the couple nervous. While Aiko angrily huffs that here it goes again, the fangirls cling on irritated Reo and say that they didn’t think that they would meet there and it is definitely because of fate. Reo tells them that is impossible and let go of him. The fangrils say that this is quite a baffling group for he is having fun together with his arch-enemy. While Reo is calling them stupid for if they say that.., he tells them that they don’t need to mind that. Aiko is nervous for they said it that way. One of the fangirls tells Reo that it will be more interesting if he goes with them. Takumi says that if it is like that, Aiko will be going with him. He puts his arm around Aiko and tells the others that like this, then there’s no problem at all. As Aiko clenches her skirt, she thinks that at this time, she cannot say that she wants to go with Reo. So, Aiko tells them that it is right, for it would be better for Reo to be surrounded by girls. This made Reo aghast in surprise for she would unexpectedly abandon him in such a straightforward way. Takumi grabs Aiko’s hand and says that it is settled. As Aiko nervously looks back at Reo, Takumi tells Reo that before going back to the hotel, go find a place where he can wait for them and they will contact him. Reo tries to go after them but the fangirls cling on him [like leeches] and tell him that he’s going with them and how is it possible that he’ll want to be together with Aiko. One of the fangirls asks if it is possible that it is Takumi whom he... Reo angrily shouts that is impossible. Aiko kept on looking back at Reo as Takumi runs off with her. Aiko thinks that for her to say that, Reo has definitely blown his top and she obviously doesn’t want those girls to go with him but after hearing that Takumi is transferring school, she cannot just ignore Takumi and go alone with Reo. Takumi happily tells Aiko that there is a place where he wants to go with her so come with him. Aiko thinks that she really loses to Takumi since he used that kind of expression to look at her and she couldn’t pull her hand away his hold. Aiko says okay. Meanwhile, the fangirls are telling Reo that this cat is so cute so come and pet it.. To their shock, Reo is gone. Somewhere else, Reo is running around looking for Aiko.
Comment: As I’ve mentioned before, the couple are really so nice. Aiko is so nice that she cannot say no to Takumi upon knowing that he’ll be transferring school soon. Reo couldn’t just push those girls away and say no but then, he is in a pinch for he cannot say that he wants to go with Aiko since he is respecting Aiko’s wish not to reveal that they are going steady and he doesn’t want to be thought of going with Takumi. =P It is fun to see how the three interact together even though Takumi is really acting like a third wheel until the fangirls arrive which gave Takumi the opportunity to whisk Aiko away. I feel sorry for Reo and I wonder if he can find them, if they are still in that place. I’ve read that market place is a bit like a maze. And for Ikumi, I wonder if that is a sincere thank you and ‘don’t really hate you’ or it is just to lower Aiko’s guard. Well, there is still the beach part so maybe Ikumi will make her attack on Reo there. Scans by DayDreamy.

Quote of the day:
We didn't realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun. ~ Author Unknown