June 27, 2013

Himitsu no Ai-chan [Chapter 39]

At the airport, Aiko happily exclaims that it is great, they are in Okinawa. Menso-Re-!! [<-welcome in Okinawa; seems to be based on some Okinawa wrestler] Looking at an aquarium, Aiko calls out to Hiroko to quickly come and look at this really ugly fish. Hiroko goes to her and tells her that this isn’t the time to relax for look at that side. It is Reo who is surrounded by girls even from different schools. They flirt with him by saying he’s handsome, which high school he is from and what’s his name. Their female schoolmates tell the girls to back off and not flirt with someone from a different school. The other girls ask what about it, and how about a picture together. Reo darkly asks if she would let go of his arm if he took a picture with her. Aiko darkly thinks that they are fast that one cannot just be easygoing. Then, some girls call out to Aiko and wants to take a picture with her. Aiko happily gives them a thumbs up and says sure. Hiroko comments that she changed so fast. Soon, they have a picture together. After the girls thank for the picture, Aiko remembers that this isn’t the time for picture-taking since Reo is.. Then, someone calls out to her and tells her to smile. It is Takumi who holds up the camera to have a picture together with Aiko. Aiko notices that his hand is on her shoulder. Takumi comments that the picture is quite good. She quickly hits his hand off her and tells him not to casually hold her shoulder and take pictures. Takumi comments about her temper when it is alright, it is only a remembrance picture. Aiko nervously tells him not do to it in the airport. Takumi retorts back that wasn’t she also taking pictures. While the girls are bugging Reo to smile for the picture, Reo has seen Aiko and Takumi together. He looks quite furious that he cannot help be concerned about it. The girl scolds Reo not to have that kind of scary expression for that isn’t Reo. While Aiko glances back at Reo, some girls are already dragging her away. Aiko thinks that in this kind of situation, she really cannot protect him from those she-devils and she has no way of getting close to him. “I don’t know whether there will be an opportunity for me to be with Reo alone.” Soon, they are in Shurijo Castle Park. Aiko happily exclaims that it is castle and it is so red. “Hiroko, look! That dragon is so cool--!!” Breathing hard, Hiroko tells her to wait. “What’s with that feeling that you would unexpectedly run..straight towards..are you an idiot..?..I’m gasping to death..” Patting her head, Aiko apologizes and says okay, let’s go back. Hiroko is shock in disbelief. Aiko tells her that the exit is there so let’s go. Hiroko calls out to her that it wasn’t easy to climb up there and isn’t she going inside to look around. Aiko says that she isn’t good in history.
On the way down, Hiroko asks why did she go up anyway and what about the report. Happily walking down, Aiko says that if one surpasses one’s pain, there will be a carefree feeling. Hiroko says that’s quite baffling. Then, Aiko sees Ikumi bending down by the stairs and looks unwell. Aiko goes to her and asks if she isn’t feeling well. Ikumi calls out to Reo. Hiroko suggests that she go call the teacher. Aiko tries to protest when she spots Reo, Renji and two fangirls. Aiko calls out to Reo and tells him that Ikumi seems to be not feeling well. She asks Reo to carry her back to the resting area since she cannot carry Ikumi. After a pause, Reo agrees to it. The fangirls complain why it has to be Reo. Helping Ikumi on Reo’s back, Aiko asks them what they are saying at this time. Renji asks if Ikumi is alright and he can carry her. Mentally apologizing to Renji, Reo tells Ikumi to hold tight. After carrying Ikumi up, Reo tells Aiko that he’ll head off first. Then, Ikumi holds on Reo tightly and thanks him. Serious Reo just says ya. Looking flustered and worried, Aiko thinks that Ikumi obviously wanted to get Reo and she unexpectedly got them alone together. “I’m really an idiot.. --..but.. I also cannot just look on and don’t do anything..” She is surprised when Renji calls out to her that he’s also going since he is worried about Ikumi. Aiko is relieved for if Renji goes, they won’t be alone together. While Aiko is telling herself not to feel ease like this, she is startled when Takumi asks if that is okay to let them be like that. Aiko says that this isn’t the time to be jealous. Takumi says that she obviously could have called him to carry her since they are twins and she is his older sister. Aiko angrily thinks that he should have said that earlier. Running back upstairs, Aiko shouts that it’s okay for Ikumi to have Reo. [<- probably refers to Reo taking care of Ikumi] Takumi thinks that she ran away again. He mutters about what to do to create an opportunity. Soon, they are at Ryukyu Mura. Aiko happily poses with a huge sake[?] bottle to which Hiroko thinks really suits her. Soon, Reo, Takumi, Aiko and Hiroko dressed up as some villagers. Fangirls go crazy over Reo who groans over this. There are also some fangirl wanting to have a picture with Takumi. Looking aghast, Aiko thinks that here it goes again. She forgot all about it when her fangirls also want to take pictures of her. Hiroko thinks that Aiko is wagging up her tail. While happily posing with the others, Aiko thinks that she totally couldn’t talk with Reo. “It hurts.. that it makes me recklessly think of a lot of things, I really cannot bear it--.. It seems like I’m quickly losing strength.” Reo is glancing at Aiko.
At the hotel, they still have an hour left before dinner. Hiroko’s roommates complain about being hungry and ask where Aiko is. Someone calls out that she’s quite energetic that she is exploring the hotel. Hiroko just kept quiet. At the hallway, Aiko holds her cellphone and thinks that it is only this time when she can meet up with Reo. She is startled when the phone rings since she forgot to put it in silent mode. She couldn’t believe that it is Reo. Reo asks if it is convenient. Aiko exclaims yes, and she also wanted to call him. Reo laughs and asks if that is true, he’s quite happy [about that]. Reo tells her if she knows of the stairs at the side of the elevator by the beach. Aiko says that she knows. He tells her that he’ll go at the third floor and can she come. “Right now..I really want to immediately hug you.” This made Aiko blush and reply, “Yes! I also want to see you..” Aiko thinks that this is bad for the moment she heard his voice, she felt that she’ll quickly start crying.. “—it turns out that I really like Reo.” At the staircase, the two hug each other. Reo says that it is quite hard for them to be alone together. Aiko says that is right but because she is hugged by him, she has cheered up. She thinks that she obviously feel uneasy and right now, she is quite at peace.. Reo looks at her and says that she’s quite honest. Blushing Aiko says that th..this is special treatment..because..[they] only now..got to meet.. Touching her lips, Reo smiles and says, “Ya, I also cheered up! Aiko..” Since he leans to her, she closes her eyes for they are going to kiss. They hear a sound and they become extremely nervous. A cleaning lady giggles and apologizes. Facing the wall, Aiko is exclaiming over how good it is to stretch on this wall. Reo is pretending to call on the phone but there is no signal. After the woman left, the two sweatdrop and look at each other before bursting into laughter. They say that it is quite dangerous and tease each other over what they are doing. Pointing at the elevator, Aiko says that it will be bad if they don’t go back so she’ll take the elevator and go back straight. Reo says okay, and kisses her on the cheek. He pinches her cheek and says, “Don’t always endure and smile when you couldn’t smile. I’m always paying attention to you.. *waves goodbye* See you! I’ll send you mail!” Riding on the elevator, Aiko blushes and thinks that Reo has noticed it. Touching her cheek, she thinks that it is okay since she has already cheered up. While walking, she notices the twins together and finds it strange. Ikumi tearfully says that this graduation trip is the last opportunity. “Takumi, you also want to have some memories with Ai-chan, right!?” Aiko quickly hides and wonders about this ‘last’ and ‘memory’. While Takumi comforts his twin, Ikumi says that before transferring school, no matter what, she wants to have some memories with Reo. Aiko is surprised that the twins are transferring school.
Comment: It is really hard to have a popular boyfriend and Aiko cannot shoo those fangirls away because their relationship is a secret. It seems that Reo couldn’t exactly shoo them away either, since some just kept on hanging around him, and some are aggressive enough to physically cling on him. I’m not exactly sure why since I’ve skipped the earlier chapters but I guess Reo is a bit of a ‘gentleman’ type = cannot be rude to girls. Apparently, the two are easy to be taken advantage of, since they are so nice. Aiko let Ikumi be alone with Reo when she could have asked someone else to do it. Reo could have declined Aiko’s request. But nevertheless, even if these things happen, they still connect and reassure of each other’s love and affection ^^ Reo is quite supportive and patient with Aiko that Aiko is showing more affection to him. ^^ Anyway, since Aiko knows that the twins are leaving, this might once again make her ‘too nice’ with them though she might want to give them the ‘memories’ they want but not exactly romantic ones with the persons they like. =P Scans by DayDreamy. Those who read this series, do you prefer Leo or Reo? I kept on making typos for Reo. ^^;;

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