June 8, 2013

The One [Chapter 102]

Together with Taylor, Leo cannot believe that Eros is just going to leave like that. He tells him not to mind what Andre said. Eros sadly says that what Andre said is right for everything is his fault for he shouldn’t have put Lele into that kind of danger. Angus’ problems had accumulated for a long time but he always didn’t seriously deal with it for he didn’t think that it was that serious. It is because of his neglect that this had happened and he has no right to stay at her side. Leo calls out to leaving Eros if he thinks of leaving Lele. Eros says that right now, he doesn’t know what he should do so temporarily, he’ll leave it up to them to take care of her. Andre watches over sleeping Lele. And, Ulysses watches over sleeping Angus. Eros goes in the room and asks what’s up with Angus. At the living room, Eros says that Angus has been staying with him so didn’t he think anything is wrong. Ulysses says that he knows that he really cares about Eros but he didn’t think that it is up to.. and no wonder lately, he wanted his freedom. Eros asks about this freedom that Ulysses tries to dismiss it. Eros says that their going steady is doing well so how come he has to control his freedom. Nervous that Eros didn’t know about his and Angus agreement, Ulysses lies by saying that he is quite possessive so he doesn’t like Angus going outside and meeting some dubious people. Ulysses becomes more nervous when Eros asks if it includes him and now that he thinks of it, he wasn’t able to see Angus since he returned from Sweden to New York and it is because of Ulysses but then, he [Eros] owes him thanks for without his help, he cannot get out of the duke’s grasp. He asks if Ulysses is also..really likes Angus that he is willing to sacrifice and even help him [Eros]. Ulysses says that their plight is tragic and he hates Gustav for a long time. Ulysses thinks that he isn’t that great for he only used Angus’ feelings to blackmail [him] and if Eros knew the truth, he won’t be grateful to him. Ulysses tells him that he truly likes Angus but because of what happened today, he thoroughly knows that he forever cannot go in Angus’ heart for his heart is bonded by the nightmare of the past and it is only Eros who can save and redeem him. And, even if he doesn’t know what Angus is thinking, but his attachment to Eros has already reached an abnormal state and if this goes on, it would be very dangerous but of course, he absolutely won’t leave him at this time. His feelings for Angus haven’t changed and on contrary, he loves him more dearly but compared to both of them, he thinks that Angus needs a psychiatrist.
Angus comes in and asks who needs a psychiatrist and who made him love dearly. He didn’t do anything wrong for he just made a person who doesn’t truly love his brother, show her true colors. Angus asks why Ulysses is here for didn’t he say that he gave him freedom to move so is he stalking him. While Angus is shouting for Ulysses, Eros tells him to calm down for he was the one who called Ulysses to take care of him. With a crazed smile, Angus asks why, does Eros also think that he’s sick. He tells Eros not to listen to what that woman is recklessly saying and he knows that Eros would have definitely beaten her out of anger but it serves her right, for who told her to two-time [Eros]. Angus urges Eros to leave Lele and do not be soft-hearted because she is injure. She’ll betray him but he won’t since fundamentally, they are one body who came out to the world at the same time, having the same looks, and they belong to each other in order for them to have true happiness. He asks Eros to wait for him for half a year then he can leave Ulysses, then, they can live together in New York. He tells Eros that he just had a beautiful dream of them not separating and growing up together, staying at that small apartment. Their mother cooking their favorite snack and some grandpa bringing stew. Everything hasn’t changed at all. Eros hugs his crying twin and wonders why things became like this. Eros blames himself for not being vigilant enough and he should have forced Angus to go to the doctor when he tried to commit suicide. Eros tells him that he’s really sick and it is his fault for not paying attention so they should confront it together. Angus pushes him away and shouts why he kept on saying sick, and the one who is sick is that coldblooded father of theirs and those rich perverts who used him as a toy, and why did God made that bastard choose him, why me!? Three days after, Lele wakes up. This delights Fei Hong and Shang. Lele asks why they are there. They ask if her head hurts. Leo explains that Eros made Nick call her family since he is worried about her serious injury. She asks where Eros is. Andre says that he won’t let Eros come nor go near her because he’ll bring danger with him unless he settles things with his mentally ill younger brother. Fei Hong says that Andre is right for she almost exploded on the phone for those brothers harm her like this and if Andre wasn’t there, she would have been a floating corpse right now. Lele tells her not to blame Eros for he warned her that Angus won’t easily accept her and they didn’t know that Angus’ illness is that serious, and he is definitely worried..
While Shang holds her back, Fei Hong shouts that Lele would even mention him and no matter what, it is his fault for not taking care of her and she absolutely cannot forgive him. Also, how come Lele didn’t let her know about her love life, is this her revenge. Lele apologizes that a lot of things happened that she didn’t have an opportunity to tell her. Her aunt tearfully asks if she knows how worried she is for if something really happened to her, how can she face her parents and also grandma? Fei Hong has decided that when Lele is discharged from the hospital, she is going to bring her back to Taiwan to recuperate, and take this opportunity to sever her relationship with the brothers. Shang opposes it for this is Lele’s feelings so she cannot just say sever it, and how about respecting her wish. Also, how does she know that the situation won’t be settled for that Eros might be able to settle things. Fei Hong doesn’t think so because the brothers’ situation is very complicated. And of course, her first priority is Lele’s safety and she doesn’t want Lele to become the sinner[/bad guy?] between the brothers. And for Shang to say settle things, isn’t that making Eros choose between his younger brother and Lele. For him, it must have been a cruel choice and there would definitely be regret, and it cannot be guaranteed that one day, he won’t look back and blame Lele for it. Also, Lele doesn’t want to make things difficult for Eros. Andre agrees with Fei Hong for it is for the best that Lele leave first since Angus is a time bomb and it won’t be easy for Eros to resolve what’s preoccupying Angus. If Angus knows that Lele disappeared, he would think that the danger has been eliminated and perhaps, he would temporarily calm down. Holding her head, Lele tearfully tells them to let her think and if she cannot think of a way, she’ll go with her aunt. Lele wants to see Eros and hear his voice. At some hotel[?], Eros is deep in thought when Taylor holds his shoulder. Touching Taylor’s hand, Eros tells him that he doesn’t want to lose either Angus and Lele but what should he do. Next chapter will be out on July 5th in Taiwan. Blurb for the next chapter: “In order not to provoke Angus again, Lele has been unyieldingly asked by her aunt to think of temporarily leaving Eros. Her aunt wants her to go back to Taiwan and recuperate for some time. Lele has decided to slip out the hospital and have a last goodbye with Eros..”
Comment: From the looks of things and how they argue, it seems that the best thing to do right now is to separate for a while. Knowing Lele, she would probably wait for Eros to fix Angus’ issue. And, seeing Angus like that, it won’t be easy. He is really fixated on the past and is very attached to Eros. He still believes that he didn’t do anything wrong and obviously, he doesn’t think that he’s sick. I don’t know how long Ulysses can keep his ‘agreement’ with Angus a secret from Eros and if he will really stay with Angus during this time. While Angus is saying that ‘why choose me, why me’, I wondered if it is possible that unconsciously, Angus doesn’t want Eros to be happy because of what happened to him. With that ‘why choose me’, it made me think that it might be like saying why me and not Eros. Anyway, if Lele did manage to meet with Eros again, hopefully, it won’t be found out by Angus. Scans by Icy_Chrisy for baidu, who has been a bit busy at work lately so...

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