June 9, 2013

Short Summaries: Hibi Chouchou 31, Nakanmon! 15, True Love 9 and Waltz no Ojikan 5

Hibi Chouchou 31: Suiren’s parents are surprised to see her pouting and trembling in what seems to be from anger. They try to pacify her that they just really wanted to know what kind of person would go home together with her. Kawasumi bows and introduces himself. The parents return the bow and invite him inside. Kawasumi declines because Suiren doesn’t seem to quite agree to it. Suiren timidly says that it is because she doesn’t want to give him more bad memories. The parents are moved that Suiren can talk with a guy, she has grown up, even if she’s angry, they are quite happy to see this. Just when Suiren is bidding him goodbye, Kawasumi says that if it is okay with her for him to go in, he will then be intruding [<- being polite]. Soon, they are eating dinner. Suiren asks how is her mother’s cooking. He says that it is very delicious. The parents just watch and before they know it, they have finished eating. The parents are a bit surprised since they didn’t talk much. Her father asks him where he studied in junior high and what club activity he is doing. After Kawasumi answered, there is silence again. Then, Kawasumi sees a picture of baby Suiren. Her father says that when she was born, she is sparkling and very cute, but she turns out to be so cute that it caused some problems with Aya. Her father also feels apologetic that he wasn’t around for a long time so it must have been a lot more burden for his wife. So, as the father, he asks Kawasumi if he truly likes Suiren. Kawasumi says yes. Then, they all blush. Her father asks if he would go steady with her. Kawasumi didn’t immediately reply that her father becomes nervous. Kawasumi admits to them that this so-called going steady, he doesn’t know about it. This made her mother giggle and say that there are so many forms of going steady. The parents start to reminiscence how they exchanged diaries since there was no cellphone then, and both of them hasn’t changed since then. Her father asks for Kawasumi’s cellphone number but he tells him that he doesn’t have one. Thinking that he was refused, her father just comments that it is rare that someone doesn’t have it. Kawasumi tells them that he is busy with his club activity so he can’t work, and he doesn’t want to ask his parents to buy it for him. The father comments that’s amazing. Seeing that it is already 7pm, the father thanks him for coming today. As they see Kawasumi off, the parents think that he isn’t a frivolous[playboy-type] guy and compared to what they think, he’s a very good kid. As the parents go back in, Suiren goes after Kawasumi and bows [her thanks] to him that he tells her that it is okay. Kawasumi tells her that today, he still has no way of answering and even if he is asked regarding going steady, he totally has no clue. Suiren nods. Kawasumi says that he’s quite unpresentable. Suiren shakes her head and says that he’s very cool. He tells her that he did think of wanting to go steady with her, he-- Suiren thinks that even if it isn’t enough for them to [formally] become boyfriend and girlfriend, this awkward Kawasumi-kun, in the end, she still really likes. And, he tells her that they’ll see each other on Wednesday. Comment: Everything is cute here from how cute Suiren is when she’s angry, her cute lovey-dovey parents and how Kawasumi still managed to impress her parents with little talk. It seems that what Kawasumi said at the end is kind of cut off so, maybe they will keep on doing what they are doing for now, until things kind of naturally progress to that point. Scans by allwink
Nakanmon! 15: Tsukasa is surprised that Youichi had admitted that he likes her. She wonders if it is for this real because of the place and mood..and she is whisk away by Nozomi. Nozomi stops running off with her when she reminds him that she’s still wearing the school indoor shoes. She wonders why he would suddenly do this. She decides the best thing to do is to properly reject him. While she is telling him this, Nozomi asks her to go steady with him. He tells her that his physical features will improve later on, he knows what girls like, and he’ll be a boyfriend who’ll satisfy her. Just when she is about to say something, her cellphone is ringing. Thinking that it is Youichi, she wants to answer it but he stops her by cornering her to the wall. He begs her to be moved by him again and this time, he won’t hurt her again and he’ll properly cherish her. Tsukasa thinks that things won’t progress for all three of them if she doesn’t say things clearly. She apologizes and says that in the end, she..[likes] Himeno.. Nozomi tells her not to tell her the reply right now, please just think about him, even if it is only for a day, think only about him and not thinking nor talk with any other guy then, he’ll listen to what she has to say. At home, Tsukasa’s mother is cleaning a picture when her husband arrives. They talk about work and how coming to this place is good for both Tsukasa and her [mother]. They plan to go to Hiroshima next month for Chihiro’s death anniversary. They plan to spend a night there. Just when they are asking Tsukasa about it, Tsukasa refuses to talk to her father. She has decided to keep that deal with Nozomi which includes her father being a guy. She gets an email from Yoichi about waiting for her so she replied that she has to deal with something first tomorrow then, she’ll properly talk with him. She wonders what to do regarding not talking with him for the whole day. The next day, she wears a facial mask. She won’t return Chisai’s greeting and calls Youichi, Kimura [guesswork from 木村]. So, Tsukasa tries her best not to talk with any teachers who are talking about what happened yesterday, nor with her male classmates. While Nozomi is watching, she tries to keep on thinking of Nozomi. A teacher calls out to her to quit being lost in thought. She blurts out that she is thinking of Nozomi. This made Youichi break his pencil. While everyone is wondering about it out loud, the teacher tells her that she knows about yesterday so can’t Tsukasa think of it after class.
After school dismissal, a female classmate asks Tsukasa if she wants to join the ‘cheer up’ party for a male classmate who got dumped. Tsukasa wants to quickly go home so that there will be no more mishaps but the classmate already drags her away. In the restaurant, Nozomi quietly watches Tsukasa using cold [sickness] as an alibi not to talk with any guys. Misa approaches Nozomi and asks if he isn’t joining the others. He asks what’s up. She tells him that it is nothing and Tsukasa is acting weird today. Nozomi says that he didn’t do anything and they have agreed that he won’t do anything until she likes him. Misa comments that he looks frivolous but it turns out that he isn’t. Nozomi says that Tsukasa really cannot grasp essentials when her brain isn’t that bad because honestly she doesn’t have to pay attention to him but he is very happy. He laughs and asks why he feels like a fool and why he has this feeling when he’s with her. I think Misa just says, ya. At the opposite store where they are cheering up their dumped classmate, Youichi is wondering why he is there but then Tsukasa said that she’ll tell him the answer, when..but he told her he’ll wait and she has things to think of, and what could be the reason. While he’s thinking, the others are talking about how weird Tsukasa is acting today and could it be she’s going steady with Nozomi. Youichi couldn’t stand it so he decides to go out just to hear someone saying that some girl chatting about those two kissing. This shocks Youichi. Going out of the toilet, Tsukasa thinks that she’ll have to bear with it a bit longer then she’ll reject Nozomi then give her answer to Youichi. Then, after she removed her mask, she is surprised to see Youichi there. After he said that he wanted to tell her something, Tsukasa is nervous because she wanted to reject Nozomi first. When someone else is going to the toilet, Youichi quickly pulls Tsukasa to the corner wherein they can hear the others voices inside. Tsukasa kept on thinking of him as Kimura. Youichi asks her up to when she is going to make him wait about that thing he asked her earlier. He asks for her answer. Tsukasa thinks that this is no good for her mind is now filled with Youichi. Comment: Honestly, it is indeed quite silly for her to agree to this request but I guess Tsukasa is really such a nice girl. I view this as the ‘other guy’s last hurrah’, desperate attempt to score with the girl. From how things are shown, it seems that Misa might be paired up with Nozomi later on. Anyway, what I’m a bit worried about is for this request to cause some sort of misunderstanding and complicate things for the would-be couple. Up to what degree would Tsukasa keep that request? Anyway, since the blurb for the next chapter is ‘climax’, so something important should happen by then. Scans by 离境
True Love 9: There will be a 3 day 2 night study camp by the lake tomorrow. While Ai and Nanayo [guesswork from 七代] complain over the busy study schedule, Asahina [guesswork from 朝比奈] tells them about a lot of people become lovers during that time. He also mentions about some legend wherein they got a rock from a cave and write one’s name and the person they like, throw it in the camp fire..and if it didn’t completely burn up, it is a test of love. Asahina says that he has his eye on Ai. Ai thinks it is a joke but he asks what if he is serious. Just then, Yuzuru throws the soccer ball at Asahina’s head and tells him not to hit on his younger sister. Asahina whines over the many invitations that Yuzuru got from the girls to ‘secretly go out of the dorm and go to the lake side’. Yuzuru says that he rejected those and he won’t let any guy go steady with Ai if he doesn’t approve of that guy which is his right as the older brother and Asahina has 100% zero chance. Just as the guys are leaving, Ai tosses his soccer back to her and calls out, ‘brother’ for no reason except she wants to. Asahina quickly notices something. By the stairs, Nanayo is jealous of Ai because it doesn’t seem like they are siblings, but lovers. After some talk, Nanayo decides to confess to Yuzuru during the camp. This made Ai somewhat lost in thought and depressed. After school dismissal, Yuzuru comes to get her. Since they only one umbrella and it is raining hard, Yuzuru decides to go to their apartment first. [Iirc, Yuzuru doesn’t live together with his family] So, after a shower, Yuzuru is half naked. They fuss about him being a pervert and stops when the kiss was mentioned. They casually talk about when their parents are coming home and packing things for tomorrow. Ai starts talking about Yuzuru having a lot of confessions and being popular so give her a bit of that. Covering himself with the blanket, Yuzuru quickly goes into the bed saying that it is cold. Ai doesn’t want him on her bed so they had a tug-of-war with the blanket. Yuzuru refuses to wear his father’s clothes because of the ‘old man’ smell. Then, he ends up on top of Ai. They blush. He touches her face and asks when did she become honest, and is she interested in this. She says yes. This somewhat surprises Yuzuru that Ai takes the opportunity to hit him with an alarm clock on the head. She pushes him out of her room as punishment for lying on her bed. After tossing a blanket to him, Yuzuru asks if he always won’t have a girlfriend. To her surprise, he says that he is actually thinking that isn’t bad. When she didn’t respond, Ai admits to him that she is a bit startled for she thought that he won’t belong to anyone else. Yuzuru laughs and asks what that is. Ai says she doesn’t know. She hopes that it keeps raining so that the camp would be canceled. Comment: It turns out that the siblings’ friends are quite sharp for they already notice that something is out of the ordinary with the two. For now, the siblings are keeping their ‘special like’ towards each other a secret. And since Yuzuru is entertaining thoughts of going steady, maybe it is to try to forget about Ai. Somehow I think that the siblings might agree to go steady with the friends which might end up badly = hurting themselves and their friends. Scans by Daydreamy
Waltz no Ojikan 5: In fairy tales, the princess is lucky for she only has to wait and her prince would come and get her but for Hime, she doesn’t have the luck of that happening even if she always waits so, she’ll just have to go to her prince. With that kind of thinking, Hime hopes that Tango watches her. While Tango wonders what Yuusei is up to that he brought Hime to this competition, his thoughts were interrupted by the audience who were anticipating to see Yuusei dance. Apparently, there are more people than usual because they want to see Yuusei dance with some other girl than Sumire. Hime is bewildered and amazed over the place when the competition is starting. That ends when Yuusei approaches her and they start to dance. Tango observes over how good they are that he starts to become jealous when Hime said that she wanted to be his partner. He asks Sumire if she’s fine with Yuusei dancing with someone else. Sumire gives him a picture of young Tango happily dancing. She tells him that Hime is doing this for him, so that he’ll dance [ballroom] again. Tango recalls that he did went through that before, always practicing until it is perfect. Sumire tells him that he should ‘answer’ Hime and she [Sumire] even had this little bit of hope that he’ll return to dancing. Tango crumples the picture and says that it isn’t that easy. Then, the people are shouting in amazement that the two looks back at the dance floor. It turns out that Yuusei changed his footsteps. Tango is shock for that is his special dance move that he tried to do when he was a kid but then the audience thought it is awkward and strange. Tango is frustrated over this and thinks that he might be able to do it now since he is older and had more practice now. Yuusei glances up at Tango and thinks that he has seen it. Yuusei hopes that after making Tango see him dance that move, and Hime happily dancing, it would remind him how fun dancing is. Since Yuusei was looking at Tango, he has lead Hime to another couple and they bumped into each other. Hime falls flat on the floor. She stands up and apologizes which surprises everyone.
Picking Hime up, Yuusei tells her that there’s no need to apologize. But it already affected Hime as Tango noted, because Hime is facing down over her guilt of interrupting someone’s dance when they’ve work so hard. Tango explains to Sumire that Hime is still the same before wherein she has like ‘air-like’ existence – not wanting to trouble others nor attract other people’s attention. She is okay if they are alone but with people watching. The audience starts to think that Hime is a bad dancer so they start to cheer for Yuusei. This lowers Hime’s confidence further which make it seem like she disappeared and Yuusei is dancing alone. Tango is frustrated to see Hime wasting all her effort like this that he suddenly shouted, ‘Makimura’. Tango decides to climb up the stairs to make Hime look up. He shouts to her to look up in order to dance well, like he told her, and if she’s going to dance with him, she shouldn’t forget that. This made Hime hold her head up and smile brightly. Everyone start to notice Hime’s dancing. Tango recalls Hime saying that he’s amazing for he made her like her name. He thinks that isn’t true for she’s the one who is amazing for unlike him, she is able to go forward to become her true self. He recalls what he likes about ballroom dance, and it is special and beautiful. After the dance, everyone starts to applause. Hime looks up. Yuusei praises her for doing well even if it is her first time. He asks what is feels being applaud by other people. Hime didn’t reply. Yuusei looks up and smiles. He comments that Hime doesn’t pay attention to other people’s applause [only Tango’s]. Hime is happy looking at Tango who is clapping. Sumire looks surprised and frowns while looking down. Comment: I guess that is enough for Tango to come back onstage and be Hime’s partner. In the end, Tango is still the one who is perfect for her because he really knows how to deal with Hime. From Sumire’s reaction at the end, I guess she could really be Tango’s former partner. Scans by allwink

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