June 7, 2013

Stardust Wink Side Story: Don’t Really Like You (Part 2 of 2)

Cover page: “Will these two ‘hearts’ be together, look, it becomes ‘two hearts beat as one’ Narration: “This girl is Saeki Nanoka (16). Born on April 7th. What is her horoscope? Blood type, if I recall, it is AB, I think? Her likes and dislikes are both extremes. She abnormally pampers Ayane, her childhood friend. Even if I, Kazami Hinata, is also her childhood friend, but from Nanoka’s own words, she doesn’t like nor hate me, just that I’m an existence who is attached to Ayane. ..This is what I thought, always until now.” Hinata looks dark when his editor tells him that s/he has seen the storyboard and the female character still has no charm. “Kazami-kun, do you feel this character is cute while you’re drawing it?” Hinata tells him/her that actually, he doesn’t understand quite well. His editor tells him not to think too much and make it complicated since he only has to draw a character his own way wherein he thinks is she is cute, and that’s it. “Since you’re already in high school, as a mangaka, there ought to be a lot of girls in your class, right? Properly observe them a bit.” Hinata darkly thinks that he actually don’t understand girls. “What’s up with Nanoka? *recalls Nanoka saying that she likes him* Is that for real? Is it some sort of penalty game or ‘mess up with you’ game? I totally don’t get what you’re thinking..” At the lockers, Hinata’s friend asks if it is some Gal Game that his childhood friend playfully confessed to him. Hinata tells him that it isn’t a Gal Game, it is reality. His friend asks if he is planning to do, go steady with her? Hinata tells him that he won’t go steady with her and if she is serious about the confession, he would rather draw manga rather than have a romance. His friend says that he knows the feeling for he finds real girls boring [<- 2D girls in Gal Game are more interesting]. Hinata darkly tells him not to lump him together with him. His friend tells him that his manga romance drawings is always stiff [/forced] and for someone who hasn’t properly been in love, is it okay for him to draw this kind of manga. Hinata is stunned that his friend has to tell him that his cellphone is ringing. It is from Nanoka who wants to continue their conversation this morning so can they go home together? Hinata thinks that this isn’t related because the [romantic] love depicted in shounen manga is a guy’s romance and longing that doesn’t have to be like in real life so even if one doesn’t have experience in love... While walking home, Nanoka tells Hinata that even if she doesn’t really want to hear his reply but continuing this ambiguous situation doesn’t make her feel good. Hinata nervously thinks that this isn’t some sort of penalty game or some ‘mess with you’ game.. He asks what reply is she referring to..does it refer to going steady or not. Nanoka says that simply saying, that is what it means. Hinata mentally apologizes to Nanoka that right now, he hasn’t fallen in love with her but hewould rather concentrate on manga, draw a more interesting manga, in short, everything for manga.. He recalls his friend asking if it is alright for a guy who hasn’t experienced love to write this kind of manga. Hinata ends up telling Nanoka that if he’s okay with her then, yoroshiku[/take care of me]. Nanoka is delighted. Hinata couldn’t believe that he is a guy who can be wavered by someone’s opinion.
The next morning, after waking up from the alarm, Hinata thinks that even if he doesn’t like Nanoka, and he also doesn’t hate her either, but is there meaning to this kind of going steady. His cellphone rings. He wonders who it is so early in the morning. It is a message from Nanoka greeting him a good morning and according to this morning’s horoscope, Pisces is number 1 [in luck]. Hinata wonders if this is the so-called going steady, wherein lovers in this world would mutual spread this kind of irrelevance and it is this childish email, amazing.. Nanoka waits for him downstairs. She asks if it is okay for her to occasionally go with him to school together. Hinata thinks that it is obvious that she’s waiting for her. While walking, Nanoka asks if he is busy this Saturday in drawing his manuscript. Hinata darkly laughs says that he wasn’t able to complete finish the storyboard so for the meantime, he plans to buy some drawing materials for a change of mood. Nanoka happily says that she’s going with him especially since he tends to buy a lot with his hands full which is quite dangerous so she’ll help him carry the things. Hinata says that he is fine by himself but Nanoka strongly insists that she’s going with him. So, Hinata finally relents. While Nanoka happily walks, Hinata wonders if she really wanted to go to the art store but it is doesn’t matter if it is only by himself or the two of them.. Then, he realizes something that if the two of them go together, that would be like a date, right? On Saturday, Nanoka emails Hinata a good morning and an apology that she overslept. While waiting at the street, Hinata is thinking that shopping for art materials couldn’t be a date and Nanoka would probably not think of it as a date so there’s no strange meaning to this-- And his thoughts are cut off when he sees how pretty Nanoka dressed up. Nanoka apologizes for being late. Hinata is stunned speechless that Nanoka has to ask him what it is. He says that it is nothing, let’s go. Blushing Hinata wonders if this is the style how Nanoka dresses up before, and he has no way of looking straight at her. So, perhaps, this can be considered as a date. Soon, after going out of the art store, Nanoka exclaims over the many things that Hinata bought. Hinata says that it is because he already got the manuscript data[?]. Hinata starts to feel a bit apologetic to Nanoka for he is only wearing ordinary clothes. Nanoka offers to help him carry half of the bags. Hinata refuses. Nanoka insists because she came along to help him. Hinata shouts that there’s no need for how can he make his girlfriend carry his own stuff. This made Nanoka surprise and timid. Hinata is shock by what he just said and that is too embarrassing. Hinata says that the thing he has to do [shopping] is finished so does she have any plans like going or doing something. Nanoka says that there is still time left for him to.. Hinata tells her that it is okay so she doesn’t have any-- Nanoka says that she wants to go to a photo sticker booth. In the arcade, stunned Hinata says that it is an unknown world. Nanoka asks if he hasn’t done this before. Hinata says no. He thinks that he knows that lovers would definitely have pictures of this. He is surprised over the sample pictures of the lovey-dovey pictures of couples. Soon, they have ‘plain’ pictures.
At the bus, Hinata thinks that it looks awful even if it is his first time. He is nervous that Nanoka would scold him for such awful-looking pictures and couldn’t it be better ones. To his surprise, Nanoka giggles over the pictures for Hinata has the same kind of expression. Hinata wonders why she is so happy when the pictures were ugly. Hinata suddenly tells Nanoka that next time, he will strive hard to have better pictures. This surprises Nanoka. She smiles and says okay. Later on, the editor tells Hinata that the storyboard is quite good and the girl role is also drawn quite well. It is the cutest he has done and he can continue drawing it up to the end. So pass it on the date they talked about before. Hinata is quite happy over this development. At the shoe lockers, Hinata happily tells his friend, Shima [guesswork from ] over how fast there is an effect on romance even if he isn’t quite sure but the storyboard is finished so it’s a good thing. Shima says is that so, and his girlfriend would help him draw the manuscript. Hinata happily says that she only helps him in erasing the pencil marks and inking but it has been a big help. Shima says that is nice, he got a convenient girlfriend for not only is she a help for his work, she also helps in drawing the manuscript so it is two birds in one stone. Hinata darkly tells him that statement would make him seem quite awful to death. Shima tells him that he is wrong, it is him, the one who is doing those things is Hinata. This shocks Hinata for he is right, for how could he pretend to be amazing and lecture someone, is he an idiot. At home, Nanoka happily tells him that she finished inking. Hinata thanks her. He looks at it and says that it is quite good. Nanoka is quite happy to hear this. Hinata says that she did it quite fast and the inking is quite even without leaving anything behind. Nanoka happily says that actually she practiced a bit and it is the result of her practice. Nanoka shouts that she didn’t do this because of him, it is only because she is motivated. Hinata lamely says ya which made Nanoka pout over his reaction. Hinata wonders what’s up, before she would say that she would help but in the end, she sleeps after reading the manga, and she still doesn’t know why he went steady with her. So, in the end this won’t do..he cannot go on. Hinata suddenly prostrate down to her that Nanoka exclaims what he is doing. He apologizes that he still cannot go steady with her. He admits that he decided to go steady with her is not because he likes her but rather, she can help him with his manga but now, he finally realizes that this is very weird so he’s very sorry. Nanoka looks glum and says that she knows that early on. She asks if he recalls his expression when she confessed to him. It’s like that ‘huh’ and she isn’t stupid to think that their feelings are mutual upon seeing him having that kind of expression. Nanoka comments that it is his style to use the manga as his reason for going steady. Hinata apologizes again. Nanoka declares that even if that is so, she thinks that it isn’t necessary to break up. Hinata goes huh. Nanoka says that it is because he wants manga which he as a consistent interest in, and she likes him so she wants to go steady with him so isn’t that like identical pros and cons.
Hinata nervously says no..that is. Nanoka calls him stupid for there’s nothing for him to feel guilty about for she totally doesn’t mind it. If she can help him draw his manga, she will be quite happy and it is okay even if he doesn’t like her. “Nanoka totally doesn’t mind.. *starts to cry.* ..Nanoka won’t break up with you. Absolutely not.” Hinata tries to call out to Nanoka who is going out of the room. Nanoka shouts for him that’s enough, quickly finish drawing the manuscript, you manga otaku, manga idiot. Recalling her confession, Hinata wonders what the heck he is doing. At school, Hinata looks at his cellphone and there is no message from Nanoka. He thinks that even if she said that, she doesn’t want to break up, but after that time, she also didn’t send an email, so is that a break up. He doesn’t understand.. Just then, Ayane calls out to him and says that she bought the magazine that has his latest work. Hinata has forgotten that it would be released today. Ayane reprimands him about it but Hinata sheepishly says that it is because lately, he is always thinking of something.. Hinata becomes nervous when Ayane asks if it is about Nanoka for how could she not notice the change in Nanoka that she even made Nanoka spit out what’s up. Hinata darkly mutters that she’s really such a scary girl. Turning the magazine, Ayane comments that the lead girl in his new work is the cutest one he made. Hinata happily asks if that is true for even the editor praised the girl he drew this time around. Ayane says that the girl is really cute, a carbon copy of Nanoka. This made Hinata speechless. Ayane is surprised that she asks if he wasn’t conscious of it. He recalls the editor telling him not to think of something complicated, it is fine for him to just draw a girl he thinks is cute. The scene changes to Nanoka getting ready to go to school. She gets an email from Hinata, ‘Good Morning’. She is surprised that Hinata is waiting for her at the building’s gate. He gives her the magazine which carries the manga he drew before. While Nanoka holds the magazine, Hinata tells her that Ayane said that it is the cutest girl that he has drawn and she is a carbon copy of Nanoka. This surprises Nanoka. She looks at the manga and asks if it is like her. Hinata says that he doesn’t know for it seems like her and yet it doesn’t seem like her. Nanoka asks in the end, which one is it. “Forget it, I give this back to you. *shoves the magazine to him* I don’t want it because Nanoka already bought it.” Hinata looks surprised. His cellphone rings and it is an email from Nanoka telling him that he’ll forever regret for dumping her. Hinata smiles and mutters that’s not definite[/maybe]. While walking with her, Nanoka asks what he is smiling for. Narration: “In the end, whether it is similar to her or not, I feel that some more time is needed for me to know it. For now, I temporarily first start by sending email in the morning.” The End.
Comment: Well, this is a side story wherein the unrequited love is going to be returned soon..unlike the other side stories. Obviously, Hinata isn’t ready yet or perhaps not conscious of his feelings so indeed time is needed. During the ‘date’, he is somewhat acting like a boyfriend already. It is nice that he is willing to take the initiative in the end. Anyway, they are a cute couple ^^ Thanks for reading ^-^

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