June 6, 2013

Akai Ito [Chapter 10]

Cover page: “If one can know who is at the other side of the red string, it would have been a lot better..” To Chihiro’s shock, Sho suddenly kisses her. She breaks away and tells him, no.. But, he holds up her head and kisses her again. Chihiro pushes him away and shouts, “No..!” After looking away, Sho looks at flustered Chihiro. Chihiro shouts why, why did he do that. Sho shouts, “Of course, it is because I like you.” The two look stunned. Sho mutters, “..is that so ..it turns out that I.. that’s right.. that is indeed so.. Ah.. *looks at stunned stiff Chihiro* Shichimi? Hello-” Chihiro’s brain is still processing what Sho just told her. Sho kept on waving his hand in front of her face and calling out hello but there is no reaction from Chihiro. So, he kisses her again. That snaps her out of it that she exclaims in surprise. Sho comments that she’s back. Chihiro recalls that is right, he just told her that he likes her. Scratching his head, Sho says, “About- that, ah, that’s how it is. Understand it now?! *waves goodbye and walks away* See you.” Chihiro tries to tell him to wait but he already left. She wonders what he meant by understand it..understand what. Then, she becomes surprised. She covers her mouth and thinks, “No way!?” From behind her, she didn’t notice that Nanjou is watching. While walking, Sho berates himself for that is quite bad, he carelessly made a move [on her]. Looking up, he sighs and mutters, “Who cares about Nanjou-whatever. It has nothing to do with me.” The next day, Chihiro is still in disbelief over Sho liking him for it is impossible, when he obviously hated her, is this a joke? “Why would he kiss me.. My first..” She snaps out of it when Rino is calling out to her. Chihiro asks where she is. Rino says that she is in home economics [sewing] class. Rino reprimands her for being lost in thought from the start and hasn’t she slept. As embarrassed Chihiro says, ya, she thinks that rather than hasn’t slept, she couldn’t sleep. Holding Chihiro’s hand, Rino asks how her hands are, are they better now. Chihiro says yes, and thanks for the hand cream that she gave her, it is quite effective. Chihiro thinks that she has always been avoiding Sho since this morning. She wonders if what he told her about ‘not happy if she do this kind of thing for him’ is because he likes her and about this ‘like’ wasn’t he just teasing her. He would always say that he’s kidding so she has no way of easily believing him. The teacher starts to distribute photocopies for their homework due after two weeks so ask if they have any questions. Also, don’t talk among themselves, and listen to the lecture. The students say, yes. Chihiro softly tells Rino, “Ah, Rino.. what would you do if a guy who always teases you would suddenly confess?” Rino looks surprised and exclaims if Sho had confessed to her. Embarrassed Chihiro exclaims that her voice is too loud. The teacher glares so the girls become timid and quiet. Chihiro is grateful that there are only girls in this class. Rino asks Chihiro if he confessed on the way home yesterday. Chihiro affirms it. Rino is really glad for this way, it is mutual feelings for both. Chihiro says that it isn’t good. Rino asks why, since it is mutual, they should go ahead and go steady.
Chihiro tells her that she couldn’t differentiate if he’s serious or not. Rino asks why. Chihiro says that guy unexpectedly blurted that out, and earlier, she doesn’t know why he is annoyed and angry (then, that kiss, too which happened many times), it seems like he is venting his anger on her. Holding the cloth tight, Chihiro tries to convince herself that it is definitely that, it isn’t ‘seems like’ but he is venting his anger and after all, he always views Nanjou as a rival. “Do not have anticipation. [Or else,] Afterwards, I’m the one who’s going to cry.” Rino asks if that is so, she doesn’t think that Sho is the type of person who likes to lie. “But, speaking of that, if Kiritani-kun were to confess to me, I would also be very hesitant. I don’t want him to see the scar on my body.. Heh, but that should be the worry during H[/sex] right and it is a bit too early for me to talk about that.” Just when Chihiro is about reply, a phone rings. The teacher asks whose is it, and didn’t she say to turn off the cellphone during class. Chihiro is surprised for it is hers and she forgot to turn it off. She apologizes to the teacher and looks at her cellphone. It is an iMessage from Nikoniko Donburi. She wonders what’s up with the name, is it a prank. She clicks the message which writes, ‘Let’s eat lunch together! Hinase’. Chihiro is shock. Then, she wonders why he would send a message to her when she didn’t even tell him her email address. She looks at Rino who quickly looks away. Chihiro realizes that it was Rino who told him. She wonders how to reply and what is he up to for lunch. Chihiro apologizes to Sho that she always eats with Rino during lunch so she doesn’t want to leave Rino alone. Chihiro decides that will do because she cannot do it, eating a meal together. Then, she gets another message, ‘Then, four of us together’. And, Chihiro is surprised that the teacher is already glaring at her. During lunch break by the benches of the sports field, Chihiro scolds Sho for casually sending messages to her and what’s up with that joke-kind of name. Sho asks if he asked, would she tell him her email. Chihiro timidly says that she won’t. Sho replies, and so. Chihiro thinks he isn’t her boyfriend and not even a friend. “You also didn’t ask me whether you’ll go steady [with me] or not... but, how come we are divided into two and seated like this. *Chihiro sitting with Sho, and shy Ren and Rino are sitting together* it is like lovers’ pair.” Looking at Rino who is concentrating on eating, Chihiro thinks that Rino is also very nervous. She looks at Sho and thinks that she also cannot calm down for she is more nervous than yesterday because today’s Sho has this expression - as if it is inevitable that he stay beside her. Preparing to eat her onigiri, Chihiro finds it hard to swallow and hopes that she doesn’t do anything silly. Then, she hears the sound of a plastic bag tearing. She looks at Sho to see him opening a bag of potato chips. Chihiro asks him if that is his lunch. Sho tells her that he wants to eat a snack today. Chihiro exclaims in disbelief for doesn’t he always seriously practice at the sports center, and like this, his strength isn’t enough. Sho whines what about it, is she his mother. Chihiro says that isn’t the point but rather, it is just common sense.. Sho slyly asks if she’s worried about him. Chihiro blushes that Sho asks if he got it right. Chihiro denies it and shares half of her bento with him.
Looking at it, Sho compliments that he’s lucky and it looks amazing. Holding up a ham wrapped food on a toothpick, Sho asks if she made this. Chihiro says that she occasionally makes them. After eating, Sho happily says that it is very delicious. This made Chihiro quite happy. She wonders if she goes steady with him, would everyday be more or less like this and it turns out that there are times when her heart would beat quite fast. Eating a nugget, Sho says that she’s amazing for not only can she sew, she can also cook. Chihiro’s expression freezes. She mutters that what he ate just now is a frozen food. Sho says that’s right, upon eating it, he knows. Thinking that Sho is just like before, Chihiro exclaims that he doesn’t have to be so blunt. Sho casually tells her that he’ll also walk her home today so wait for him. Chihiro blushes and just mutters, hm. Then, she sees a couple of fangirls looking at them and saying, look, is it that..[again]. After school dismissal, Chihiro looks around and sighs that he isn’t here. She is startled when Sho stands behind her and says that she cannot escape. And, while walking home, Chihiro thinks that just like this, it seems like he is truly her boyfriend but then, Sho didn’t mention about yesterday so how is she going to straightforwardly ask him. “Ah.. we’ll reach my house soon. Bu..but, if we don’t separate here, we might meet my family at this time.. This is bad! Things are not assuring.” Chihiro starts to timidly ask Sho about yesterday’s ‘that’s how it is’, what is he referring.. Then, Souta shouts, “AH, A GUY! SIS, SHE CAME HOME TOGETHER WITH A GUY..” Chihiro quickly covers Souta’s mouth then sees Sho smiling to say, ‘how amazing’. Narration: “And, it’s very strange.. it became an approximately strange situation..” Chihiro couldn’t believe that Sho is unexpectedly eating at her house. Embarrassed Chihiro couldn’t believe that he is thick-faced enough to freely eat[/freeload] and even have a super big bowl [of rice]. Stuffing himself, Sho says that it is delicious. Chihiro’s mother says that his appetite is quite good, and guys should be like that. “Hinase, don’t be shy, eat a lot more. Here’s another bowl [of rice].” Sho thanks her. Chihiro nervously thinks that her mother is in high spirits and thankfully, her father hasn’t come home yet. Sparkling Sho says, “How amazing- this is quite luxurious and very delicious. I really like the hamburger [beef patties]. By the way, today, I was able to taste a part of CHIHIRO-CHAN’s homemade bento. In the end, such workmanship is inherited. That’s definitely so.” Her mother happily says that he really knows how to talk[/flatter]. Chihiro spits out her food in shock. Souta shouts at her that’s disgusting. Yuuto tells her not to spit it out. Chihiro tells Sho not to say strange things. Sho just sly looks at her and says, ah. Holding a tray, her mother tells Chihiro that she’s quite shock that Chihiro unexpectedly had such a handsome boyfriend. Embarrassed Chihiro tries to protest that he isn’t her boyfriend. Her mother tells Sho that Chihiro totally doesn’t have those feelings that she thought Chihiro isn’t interested about this type of thing. Chihiro exclaims at her mother. Addressing her mother, Sho just says, is that so, so that’s how it is. Chihiro couldn’t believe that they are ignoring her and stop, don’t talk about her anymore.
Holding a book, Souta asks Sho if he wants to see Chihiro’s album. Chihiro spits out her food again. Sho happily says that he wants to see it. Souta happily says, “It’s really amazing. During elementary, sis’s hairstyle is so old-fashioned that it is uniformly cut like a kappa-head bangs- And it just pass the eyebrows..” Chihiro grabs Souta’s head and squeezes it. She angrily tells him not to actually expose someone’s past. Sho already peeks into the album and giggles over it – so that’s how it is, a valley-- Chihiro shouts for him to stop. She tries to get the album from him. Sho says that isn’t it very cute. Chihiro shouts that it isn’t a bit cute. As they argue about that, her mother, who is putting away the dishes, says that their relationship is quite good. Chihiro manages to get the album when Sho offers to help her mother. Sho takes the tray with the empty dishes. Her mother apologizes for the trouble and he can just rest at the side. Sho tells her that it is okay for this is just a piece of cake. Chihiro is quite surprised by that. A white and a black cat meow near Chihiro. She bends and pats them. While Chihiro is lost in thought, Sho approaches her and says, isn’t that a cat. Carrying the cats, he says that they have 2, what are their names. Chihiro lamely says, Whitey and Blackie [/White-chan and Black-chan]. Sho comments that it is quite plain and simple. Putting the cats on the floor, Sho points to them and says, “Okay! From today on, you guys will be called, Dark Black Fairy Paradise and Pure White Immortal Knight.” Chihiro shouts for him not to casually give them strange names. Sho protests that it is a rare attribute and it is from a god-attribute rare card name that has a very strong power. Chihiro exclaims who cares about that. Souta asks if that is ‘Abyss Fighting Legend’, does he know about it. Sho says that he knows, it is a card game. Hugging Sho, Souta asks to play with him because playing with his brother is so boring since he doesn’t have [any] reaction. Yuuto sarcastically apologizes for that. Chihiro says no, for it is quite late. Sho says that it is okay, if he isn’t disturbing them, then it is alright to play for a little bit. Souta happily says that he isn’t disturbing, and it’s really great. Soon, Souta is playing cards with Sho, and got a penalty game = make an octopus mouth with Souta’s face. Chihiro quietly watches them have fun. Her mother approaches her and tells her that child is quite nice. He’s bright, clever and also handsome so if it is that kind of boyfriend, she really approves [of him]. Embarrassed Chihiro tells her that she is saying that it isn’t like that. She thinks that he obviously didn’t say about going steady with her. Carrying sleeping Souta, Sho calls out to Chihiro and says that her younger brother has fallen asleep, so should he put him on the sofa. Chihiro says yes, and apologizes. After Sho puts him on the sofa, Chihiro thanks him for playing with her younger brother and also about yesterday. Sho is puzzled about yesterday so she tells him that it is about covering up that she’s sleeping and for treating her out. Sho exclaims in surprise and says that she’s quite late. Chihiro is embarrassed. She thinks that she should have told him sooner. Sho pats her head and says that she really observes etiquette. She blushes and wonders if she can trust him. “Even if I’m still a bit afraid but I want to know.. this thing about you saying that you like me.. and also the meaning of that kiss. I want to confirm it once again with you..” Chihiro looks at Sho and says, “..Hinase, about that..” Blurb: “Next chapter, finally..!”
Comment: The sudden kiss, confession part, and ‘you have to say let’s go steady’ part is a bit similar with the mangaka’s previous series. From the way Sho is acting, he already assumes that Chihiro knows that he likes her and so currently, he is kind of ‘courting’ her. And, Chihiro still wants to make sure that it isn’t just a spur of the moment thing even if Sho is acting otherwise. As mentioned in a different series, one has to be careful with ‘teasing a girl’ for the girl might think that the guy hates her instead of liking her if that was the intention. So, Chihiro is a bit confused about it. But from the blurb, it seems that they would be a couple by the next chapter ^^ I wonder if Sho has some money issues. Is it really just because he wants to eat a snack or he doesn’t have money for a proper meal. The ‘meet the family’ minus the father scenario is fun. Souta and Chihiro’s mother already like Sho and Sho really knows how to give them a good impression. ^^ Souta showing Chihiro’s album to Sho is quite funny. As for the other couple, it seems that, both are still quite timid and shy with each other. They probably walk home like that, too. Apparently, even if Ren confesses, there is a big possibility that Rino would turn him down. Hm..I wonder if she already knows that the one Ren likes is her or she is just mentioning a possibility. It does seem that for Rino, this scar is the cause of her lack of self-confidence on getting a boyfriend. And, Chihiro kept on getting interrupted when she is going to console her for that. Lastly, for Nanjou to stay and watch them, is he interested in Chihiro now? Scans by 深雪

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