June 10, 2013

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 19]

Advertisement: “There are fan/s who said that they want to have the same fragrance as Aoi-kun. To answer the fan/s’ passion, the fragrance is now a commodity. Aoi’s Scent of Lavenders. [I think] it sells for 4000 yen a bottle with Aoi’s picture and star-shaped top cover chosen by the mangaka. Volume 3 will be out on July 26 and it appears to be bundled with an anime DVD.” Blushing Mego says, “Senpai..is it really okay?” Blushing Aoi replies, “It’s alright. Since you wanted it..” Mego points to the machine and says okay, let’s start!! 3-2-1-0 And, there’s a bright flash of light from the photo sticker booth. And soon, Mego is quite happy over their first photo sticker together. Aoi asks if that is okay even if they look strange[/like supernatural]. Mego tells him that she’s very happy to have a picture together with him and is he okay when he breached the 50cm safety zone. Aoi says that he’s okay since it is only for a second. Mego thinks that even if Aoi has to maintain a 50cm safety distance, but just with him at her side, she is very happy. She giggles and says that she’ll properly cherish this throughout her life. This made Aoi blush. He looks away and tells her not to be so happy over a strange picture. Mego insists that he looks handsome in the photo even if it is like that. Then, they notice that some people are troubled by some delinquents sitting around the stairs of the pedestrian bridge that they couldn’t cross it. It is rush hour so they are in a hurry but they don’t want to provoke the delinquents. Aoi tells Mego to wait for him for 3 minutes. Aoi goes to the delinquents and nicely asks them if they can move aside from there. Long haired delinquent asks what he is saying for there’s no problem if they just go on a detour. Glasses delinquent comments that it is rare for them to be ordered about. Aoi says that he isn’t ordering them, he is asking them. Long haired delinquent got angry at Aoi’s attitude and he shouts how about trying to prostrate down and asking him. Mego and the women are frightened when long haired delinquent punches Aoi but it turns out that Aoi has caught his punch. Aoi grabs the guy’s arm and tosses him down. The other delinquents are surprised that Aoi could do that to their boss. Long haired delinquent seems to want to retaliate but Aoi moves faster since he almost punches the guy’s head. Aoi smiles and asks him again if they can move aside, and this is not an order, it is a request.
Everyone including delinquents are moved by this. Glasses guy tells his boss that eye-patch guy could be Akechi’s Sanada. Long haired guy realizes that it is AKC’s number 1. Hitting glasses guy for not telling him earlier, long haired delinquent and others timidly tell Aoi that sure, please pass through and sorry for being rude a while ago. Mego is relieved. The women are thankful of Aoi. Long haired delinquent silently curses that glasses guy asks if he is hurt. Long haired guy says that it isn’t so, for Sanada was able to properly control his strength. He didn’t want to hurt them and was even lenient with them that he hasn’t even showed a part of his 100% strength. He isn’t someone that they can handle even with their number. Mego goes to Aoi and asks if he is okay. Aoi says ya. She blushes and thinks that he’s really amazing for even if he is really good with fighting, he is doing his best in not injuring the others so he’s a very strong and kind person. Soon, some beautiful women are thanking Aoi. The other women mutter that he is amazing and even if he looks vicious but he is actually kind-hearted so would he give them his email if they asked. They also wonder out loud if he has a girlfriend. Mego thinks that Aoi is quite popular and has fate with women especially since he is amazing and kind. She nervously thinks that if Aoi can touch girls and he is like any other guy wherein he can be around a lot of girls, would he still choose her? While Aoi keeps a distance of 50cm from them, the women ask if they can treat him to some tea as thanks. Aoi declines by saying that he has a companion. The woman looks at Mego and asks if she is his younger sister or the child of his relative since they don’t look similar. This was a blow to Mego for it didn’t even occur to them the possibility that she is the girlfriend. Mego thinks that for others, she and Aoi aren’t a match and this unexpectedly makes her lose face. Mego tells them that she is his ‘relative’. This surprises Aoi. He suddenly grabs Mego’s arm and pulls her to him. He apologizes to the women and says that he is currently on a date with his GIRLFRIEND. The women are surprised by this. While walking away fast, Mego tries to tell Aoi to wait and let go of her hand since he is starting to act up. Mego is worried that Aoi is looking paler. And, Aoi promptly collapse.
While Aoi sits on the bench, Mego tells him to rest up, is he okay, and here is some water. Aoi asks if she regrets going steady with him. Mego asks how can that be. Pouting Aoi asks how come she said that she’s his relative. Thinking that he’s cute when having a tantrum[/acting difficult], Mego explains that it isn’t so, because he is very popular among the beautiful women that she felt sorry [for him] if she says that she’s his ‘girlfriend’. She tearfully tells him that if his physique is the same with the others and he can ordinarily touch girls, he should be able to go steady with a more beautiful and outstanding girl. Aoi suddenly recalls the long haired woman telling him to stop, don’t come [near me]. Aoi says that he has already seen a lot of them, even if they look very beautiful, but [they] can say mean things to hurt others. “..obviously, I’m just a recently met stranger but you’re concerned about my health, that is a first time. *Flashback of male Mego offering her jacket to him* You know my secret and you even vowed to protect me. *Flashback of male Mego telling him that she’ll protect him and Aoi noticed that she has been caressing his back until he recovered* And you even got beaten on my behalf. Even if it is like that, you still worry about me and that is your warm kindness. Of all the people I know, you are the most beautiful girl..” Mego thinks that he praised her and he has such a beautiful heart. Aoi tosses his jacket on to Mego’s head and tells her to use it to wipe her tears. “Fundamentally, I ought to go ahead and help you wipe your tears. I’m sorry..” Mego feels his warmth and lavender scent on the jacket. Holding the jacket on to her, Mego happily says that it feels good for like this, it is like he is tightly hugging her. Mego thinks, “What to do, I also want to convey to senpai, ‘thank you’, ‘I like you’, this overwhelming feelings that I cannot control. ‘Super like’.” Mego hugs the jacket and kisses it. This made Aoi unconsciously somewhat touch his lips.  Looking at surprised Aoi, Mego giggles and asks, “Senpai, did you feel it?” After a pause, Aoi asks her to lend him a bit that ribbon she is wearing on her head. Mego gives it to him. Aoi kisses it. It made Mego blush and somewhat touch her lips. Trembling while blushing over what he just did, Aoi asks if she felt it. Blushing Mego says, yes. And, the blushing two touch their lips. Narration: “Obviously, it didn’t touch but [we] felt some sort of electricity passing through [our] lips. This is definitely, in this whole world, a special kiss that belongs only to the two of us. While going steady, the first, ‘lovers’ kiss.”
Comment: That’s a nice indirect kiss wherein even if they cannot touch each other, they both felt it. Their connection is already intense that it makes me wonder what it would be like if they can touch each other. ^^ Aoi is pretty much doing and saying everything that can make a girl deeply fall in love with him. Aside from the ‘cannot touch’ + trauma, I think his delinquent status might cause trouble later on especially since he is quite ‘infamous’. Scans by 工作室

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