June 18, 2013

Short Summaries: Hachimitsu ni Hatsukoi 26, Hirunaka No Ryuusei 43 and Kedamono Kareshi 12

Hachimitsu ni Hatsukoi 26: Koharu called Natsuki and asked for help. She tells him that there are some guys, then the line got cut off. Nishina tells Natsuki to stay there and let him handle it if there’s a problem. Natsuki exclaims that he doesn’t care if there’s a problem or not, he won’t give his important girl to some other guy or else, he’ll regret it to death. Nishina is surprised by that. At a villa, it turns out that the one of the two guys is nursing a broken heart and he wanted to bring his [ex-]girlfriend there. His friend tries to cheer him up. Since there is no signal, Koharu asks if they can go but it made the dumped guy cry again. Since Koharu is quite nice, they ended up cooking some meals to cheer up the guy. Sumire Aki tells her that Natsuki would definitely come because he is a hero. Koharu tells her that Nishina will also come. Aki just says yes. Koharu notices this change in Aki and asks her about it. Aki says that it is because of the magic that Koharu gave her – shopping and being made-up to become a ‘new her’, and continue to work towards this love. Koharu thinks that it is the same with her, her friends helping her out to be with her prince, and she must have gotten that magic from them. Soon, the guys are happily eating Koharu’s delicious feast. Koharu tells dumped guy that even if it hurts, cheer up. As the friend and Aki goes out to throw the trash, the dumped guy has fallen in love with Koharu and wanted to go steady with her even if she has a boyfriend. Natsuki stops the guy and tells Koharu that he heard from a store owner that they are here. He grabs the dumped guy’s collar and threatens to kill him. Koharu shouts that it is a misunderstanding. Then, Nishina sees Aki with the other guy. Aki apologizes to him and says that they are not in danger. The guy backs her up and says that they are just having fun. The other guy says that he’ll take responsibility in bringing her back. Recalling what Natsuki told him, Nishina grabs Aki’s hand and runs off with her. While Koharu and Natsuki watch the two in the car, Nishina is telling Aki that it is better to break up with her for it would be quite lonely for her, a crybaby, not to be able to tell others about this. Aki tells him that she is okay if they don’t meet and she cannot tell it to others because it is lonelier if she isn’t at his side. She’ll become stronger so that he doesn’t have to worry about her so please make her become his lover again. Then, Nishina comments about being moved by her outfit and it suits her rather than forcing herself to wear mature clothes. He says that she really got a great friend. Going out of the car, Nishina says that as long as she is his student, they cannot go steady. He holds her hand and says that he hopes that she is willing to wait for him until she graduates. “I like you, Aki.” Aki tearfully cries and says that she likes him, too. Koharu and Natsuki come out of their hiding place and rejoice with Aki. Comment: Nishina’s alibi for breaking up is a bit lame since it is over a perceived ‘loneliness’ and making Aki suffer when she obviously don’t care about that at all. The latter reason for not going steady with her because being possibly caught on having a relationship and it is a no-no kind of thing since he is a teacher is much better and understandable. Also, in a way, it is like not making her committed to him since she’s still young and everything. And, if after graduation, she still likes him, then that’s that. It is amusing though that those two guys are hitting on them because one of the guys has just been dumped and they ended up cheering the guy up. As usual, Natsuki is the hero/prince who ‘saves’ her. Oh ya, hopefully that other guy isn’t related to their school or anything since he might start saying something about Aki and Nishina which might cost him his job. Scans by 工作室
Hirunaka No Ryuusei 43: [Ah, this is a browse series so I didn’t intently read the past chapters. Since it seems to be going to the ‘fun’ part, I thought of summarizing this especially since the scanlation group is getting more active in their updates for this.] Uncle Yukichi prepares to go out for a New Year meeting and tells Susume that he left the New Year card at the stove. Susume tells him to take care. It is a letter from her mother who greeted her a New Year and belated happy birthday. Her mother would be coming back to the country to do some things and she will bring a gift to Susume so she anticipates their meeting each other again. Susume is glad that her parents are doing well. She recalls the so many things that had happened since she arrived in Tokyo which she wants to tell her mother. Then, she wonders what Shishio is doing. At the bar, Shishio got a long email from Susume asking what he did during New Year, did he eat soba, etc, and did he go to the hatsumode [first shrine visit]. Shishio replies back with answers to her questions and mentions that he hasn’t gone hatsumode yet. So, Susume invites him that they go together. Shishio agrees. Susume is quite happy about this and informs Yuyuka about it. After learning that it is with Shishio, Yuyuka suggests that they go to a different temple rather than the one they went before or else, they might be seen by people from school or bumping into Mamura. Realizing that she shouldn’t be too happy and forgot the important thing, Susume takes her advice and informs Shishio that they go to some far away shrine. At the station, Susume had disguised herself though she wonders if Shishio would recognize her. It turns out that he easily did. Susume tells him that the disguise is because of hay fever. When they are boarding the train, she changed it into flu so in order for him not to get infected, they have to ride the train separately. She tells him that they just meet at the place. Shishio sighs over this. While riding, Susume is worried about bumping into someone. She recalls that even if they went to the aquarium before and their feeling are not connected but now, she has something that she wants to cherish. She recalls Mamura telling her that it is a bit unlike her. She bumps her head on the train and tells herself not to mind that. At the shrine, Shishio comments that it is so cold, would it snow. He looks back to see Susume hiding behind the tree. He asks her what’s with this distance as if she’s some stalker. She says not to mind it. He takes her hand and walks together with her. She tries to protest but he tells her that thing which is a bit unlike her, it is alright for her not to do that. He asks her if he is the reason for her to do the things that is unlikely of her. He lets go of her hand and says that it is nothing, they should go ahead. Susume wonders about this ‘unlike her’, and what is [more] ‘like her’. After saying their prayers, Susume asks him what they would do next like some other shrine activities. Shishio says no, they should go home because the weather is bad and there would be a lot of people on the train back. He asks if it is okay that they ride in separate trains. She says okay. As he walks ahead and says that they should go, Susume thinks that he is angry and even if she is slow-witted, but she knows this kind of thing. She felt like crying and wonders what to do. She had thought of it properly but this is the only thing[/way] she thought of, and even if she carried it out, there is something a bit wrong. His back seems far away and could it be that she’s the only one who thought that the distance has been cut down[/became short]. She looks up and is surprised that it is snowing. She says that it is the first snow. Also looking up, Shishio says that no wonder it is so cold. This somewhat cheers Susume up as she thinks that perhaps not everything today is going badly. Fifteen minutes later, the two couldn’t believe that the trains are suspended because of the sudden blizzard. Comment: Hehe, so they are stranded ^^ Being alone in some far place and probably overnight..something ought to happen. ^^ I guess this is a bit of problem regarding ‘changing/adapting oneself’ for the person she loves since for both guys, they view it negatively because Susume is no longer supposedly acting like herself. Now, it does make one wonder if this ‘changing/adapting’ is changing their view about her and it seems that Shishio is feeling guilty about it. Anyway, hopefully, they talk and somewhat fix this issue in the upcoming chapters. Scans by allwink
Kedamono Kareshi 12: While Himari is dizzy over being found out, Reimi asks her what she likes about Keita that she started going steady with him. Himari tries to think but she cannot think of anything but him bullying her. Since Keita is darkly staring at her, Himari tells her that he protected her from the crowd at the train and other times he is nice. Keita smiles over this and starts laughing. Flustered Reimi says that from the start of seeing them together and how Himari answers the questions, she doesn’t feel at all that Himari likes Keita. Himari becomes nervous again. To prove that they are sincerely going steady, Keita kisses Himari. Reimi and others are shock. Himari pushes him away but Keita puts his arm around her. Keita tells Reimi that his heart only has this girl so please don’t contact him again. Reimi quickly leaves. Just when Keita is saying how annoying Reimi is, he was shock to see Himari crying. Taking off his arm from her, he asks why she is crying when it is simply just a kiss. Himari tearfully says that it is because for him it is ‘simply’ like that but it isn’t for her because it is her dream. Keita says that it is no big deal and wasn’t she supposed to listen to everything what he wants for the whole day. Himari cries even more for it was already the second kiss. Flustered Keita hesitantly wipes her tears and apologizes so don’t cry anymore. Himari sobs that she obviously wants to be kissed by the person she likes. Keita asks if she is referring to Ryou. Keita harshly reminds her that she is already been dumped by Ryou even if Ryou kind of beat around the bush in order not to hurt her but Ryou simply doesn’t like her so why don’t she wake up already. In disbelief, Himari says that Ryou didn’t say that. Keita shouts if she still does’t get it and he is being good-hearted in waking her up. This made Himari quickly run off and leave him. And, while she is walking in the train station, she passes by Ryou who looks back and wonders if it was Himari. At school, Ryou greets Himari but she is quite bothered by what Keita told her so she couldn’t greet back. Ryou asks her if she was at the train station yesterday around mid-noon for there was someone who looks like her even if it isn’t the same how she usually is, so he could be mistaken. Himari apologizes and left saying that she has to go to a friend. This surprises Ryou. Watching this, Keita looks flustered. Ryou continues to try to talk with Himari but she kept on avoiding him. She has grown to fear talking with Ryou after hearing what Keita said yesterday. Suddenly, Ryou grabs her arm and says that she has been avoiding him today so could it be that she has done something bad to her. Himari shakes her head. Ryou asks then why, or did something happen, and can she tell him about it. In the meantime, Reimi has arrived at their school. Comment: Reimi is indeed very sharp and persistent. If she does cause trouble in the next chapter, I hope it is only towards Keita. Himari has a lot of hardships already and being ‘pushed around’ from most of the characters in this series that I hope the mangaka gives her a break. As for the Ryou thing, I’m really not sure if something will happen between Himari and him since Keita is the lead guy. Scans by allwink

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