June 17, 2013

Miseinen Dakedo Kodomo Janai [Chapter 11]

Cover page: “Hey, senpai, why is it that you don’t want to let go of this hand that you hold on tightly..?” Karin looks at her hand and thinks that it seems that Nao doesn’t plan on letting go of her hand even if what is worrying him had already passed. It is like that situation [of almost having sex], that he can do it as long as he doesn’t hate [the other person] so that means, that actually, towards her..? Her classmates stare at Karin who is giggling all by herself. Then, a crumpled ball of paper hits her on the head. She sits up and shouts who it is. She shouts, what’s up, Zuzu. Telling her not to call him Zuzu, Isuzu says that it is disgusting to see her with that idiotic smile while looking at her hand. Karin angrily shouts what he just said. Isuzu tells her that by the way, since from the start, the teacher has always been calling her so she better thank the great him for being good hearted enough to wake her up. While Isuzu continues to play with his game console, Karin looks surprised at the irked teacher. The teacher darkly calls out to Karin and [Ebina 海老] Isuzu to go to his office after class. At the office, the teacher gives them a piece of paper each. He says that Karin got four and Isuzu got three. Those are the number of failed subjects during the midterm exam. Karin says that during this exam, it is definitely because her feelings with it [exams/subjects] didn’t quite hit off. [<-something like good at guessing the answers] Isuzu tells Karin that he wins. The teacher tells them that if they depend on that kind of feeling in answering next week’s term exams, then they will lose their summer vacation due to extra lessons and make-up exams. Karin exclaims that like that, she cannot watch the soccer team’s practice. Isuzu asks her if she wants to watch it during summer vacation. The teacher says that it is not only the problem regarding summer vacation, for if they continue on being like that, the worst case scenario is they would be retained for a year. Karin is surprised by that. Isuzu says that is no problem at all, for until now he was just barely able to pass. The teacher nervously says that even if it is possible that they won’t be retained but when they test for college, it would be very dangerous for their school’s affiliated college won’t just let anyone enter it. Karin asks Isuzu if it is true. Isuzu nods and says yes but because it is a private school, they just have to spend a bit of money and then, they would be able to enter. Karin happily says is that so. The poor defeated teacher ends up dismissing the two.
While walking downstairs, Karin says that in the next exam, she won’t lose. Isuzu tells her that she cannot defeat his feeling [for the exams] because he has a secret weapon. He takes out a small cluster of crystal. Karin says that it’s so beautiful. Isuzu tells her that if he has this rock crystal, his sixth sense would become good. Karin calls him a meanie for she also wants one. Isuzu says that if she really wants it, then go to his house today.. Karin interrupts by screaming that it is already this time. Running downstairs while bidding Isuzu goodbye, Karin says that soccer club’s training is almost over and she won’t be able to see senpai’s coolness. Isuzu mutters if she wants to also watch today and what’s so cool about kicking a ball back and forth..ah, but today, it seems like.. Sitting on her chair and looking through her binoculars, Karin is all alone in the empty soccer field. She wonders if she is wrong about the place of practice today. The coach calls out to her that because it is exams this week so starting today, all club activities are suspended. Karin falls down on her knees over what to do for until exams ended, she won’t be able to see Nao-senpai’s soccer form. Then, Karin happily thinks that if there’s no club activity then the time for them to be alone together at home would be longer, isn’t it. The coach mutters that she quickly go and study already. At home, Karin happily waits for Nao. She has unconsciously cooked a lot of food. She imagines Nao kissing her and says that it’s really delicious and she is such a good wife, he really likes her. Around 18:36, Karin happily giggles and says not really, senpai, quickly come home~~♡♡ Soon, Nao arrives home. After opening the door, he thinks that it is quite dark. He is startled to see Karin on the floor. She darkly calls out to her and tells him that there is obviously no club activity yet he came home late. She shows her cellphone and it is already 22:17 and should she believe him that he didn’t had an extramarital affair. Nao goes huh. He opens the light and says that he has always been staying at the self-study room to review for the exams. Perking up, Karin says is that so, and since it is like that, it is also okay for him to contact her, and by the way.. She starts shouting why he is reviewing for the exam and is it that important. Nao asks why she is so shock, of course it is because the exams are coming.
Karin shouts that their school has an automatic acceleration [to the next grade] from kindergarten up to college so it isn’t necessary to painstakingly study. Nao says that he was able to study in this school is thanks to her father and even if he told him that there’s no need to worry about the tuition fees but their school has a system wherein if one has outstanding grade performance, the tuition fee is waived. So, if he can do that, he wants to finish it [/schooling] using his own strength and studying isn’t simply just because one wants to go to the next grade level because they would have to learn all sorts of things starting now before stepping out of society. He definitely wants to do well in her father’s work. He slightly bows to her and asks her to please give him a quiet studying environment before the exams. Flustered Karin says okay. As Nao goes inside his room, Karin is amazed that Nao has thought of the future and no wonder, he is her husband, so cool. As his wife.. She looks at her cellphone and reads about the 100,000 yen rock crystal that can power up one’s sixth sense. She closes the cellphone and looks determined. Later on, Nao comes out to drink some cold water. He is surprised to see Karin reading a textbook. He muses that it is miraculous to see her studying. Then, Karin asks him if Mathematics is actually English. Nao chokes on the water. Karin angrily exclaims how come there are English in Mathematics that she couldn’t understand it. Looking at her textbook, Nao tells her that it is just factorization and it isn’t that hard as she thinks for she should have a foundation on prime factorization from junior high. Karin asks, prime factorization? Nao says like 15 = 3 x 5. Karin hesitates and says is that so. Nao nervously asks her if she could memorize the multiplication table by heart. Karin looks sideways. He asks 7x6. Her answer is 48. Correct answer is 42. He asks her to write ‘Friday’ in English. She writes it as Goldday. [<- She translate the Japanese word 金曜 for Friday literally as ‘gold-weekday’.] He asks what that island below Japan is called. She exclaims that she knows that, it is Hawaii. Correct answer is Okinawa Prefecture. Nao angrily asks her what she learned all those nine years of compulsory education. Karin tearfully says that it is because even if she doesn’t review and only depends on her ‘feeling’, she can still barely pass. Tossing the textbook on the table, Nao apologizes to her for in this kind of situation, he doesn’t have extra time to teach her but since it is like this, she ought to still not know the things she doesn’t know. This made Karin clench her fist tightly.
Just when Nao is telling her to depend on her ‘feeling’ again this time around.., Karin stands up and says that even if it is like that, she also wants to seriously strive hard and do her best. She exclaims that after hearing what he said earlier, she felt quite ashamed. Taking her books with her, she tells him that even so, she doesn’t want to disturb his studying so she’ll do her best on her own. Nao tells her 10, in short, give him 10 textbooks that would be the scope of the exam. The things she doesn’t know, she can search the internet or dictionary, and solve everything on her own. And if after doing all that, there are still things that she cannot do, then, he’ll teach her but if she cannot do those things, then he won’t teach her, okay? Surprised Karin exclaims, yes..!! Soon, she stares and memories her textbooks. Reading a book, she is slightly dizzy as she goes to school with Nao. In class, while playing with his game console, Isuzu is quite surprised that Karin is intently staring at her world history textbook. Later on, there’s a knock in Nao’s room. When he opens it, Karin falls on him. Trembling, she tells him that she did it, she has gone through 10 textbooks so like this, would he now teach her. Nao says yes, he will..then starting with factorization.. And, Karin faints on his lap and becomes sound asleep. Nao thinks that she had obviously just started studying and right now, she gave it all her effort. Smiling, he touches her head and says that once Karin had decided to do strive hard, her brain would do its best as if her life depended on it. “Still such a straightforward girl..” Then, while Karin is sleeping, Nao continues to study. Nao scowls when he hears some sounds from the other apartment of ‘ah ah it feels good ah ah ah’. Nao thinks that it starts again today and don’t they even know that the walls are thin. He grabs his earphones and starts to wear them. Just then, Karin wakes up and asks him, “Sen..pai..? *Nao looks surprised* That sound.. Could it be that the neighbors are currently--..” Nao blushes a bit and looks tense.
Comment: Since this is Karin, would she actually know what the neighbors are doing or not? =P And, would this lead to something? Given Nao’s personality, it seems unlikely because they are going to have exams soon and he knows that the walls are thin. It does seem that these two are quite compatible. Because of Nao, she strives to improve herself for him. In Karin’s case, it is more about becoming more capable in the real world. And, because of her, Nao has become nicer and maybe learning to open his heart and love someone. Apparently, rich kids are portrayed as eccentric here. It is amazing that they can still barely pass without studying at all and just guessing the answers. Are the questions always multiple choices? ^^; Karin managed to be in high school without knowing multiplication tables..it is a miracle. Isuzu is somewhat an interesting character who kind of reminds me of the rich kids in Ouran High Host Club or Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun. The latter is because he mentioned how they can get into college with bad grades. I guess with that kind of attitude, Isuzu might be in trouble later on in the future unless of course, he’s super lucky. Also, I wonder if Isuzu inviting Karin to his house meant something else or just hanging out..like missing his friend who isn’t spending much time with him. The talk about studying here, it seems like a subtle lecture on why one must study hard in school. ^^; Scans by allwink

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