June 14, 2013

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 43]

Cover page: “Beautiful stormy rain playing around with the bride--!” Narration: “Cyan sky. White clouds. Clean wind. In the courtyard, at the corner of Hakuyou, a sparkling picnic <- dubbed by Yuulin, is currently underway.” Yuulin covers her eyes from the sparkling ladies around her. Narration: “There are some who rides the horse driven carriage to go see the hill. There are those who take strolls among the flower shrubs. There are also those who spread out the woven mat and started a tea party to chat with others.. What everyone does is quite graceful. –And, at their opposite side, I..and Haku Ruka, together with Han Kouju, enjoy at the same time. The noble ladies would come in twos and threes to our side to give their greetings. ..And, they would quickly run through a glance at me from up to down. There are those that show a very queer expression. There are those who lightly sneer at me. And, there are those who had this arrogant [/looking down at me] look. I feel really uncomfortable.. ..everyone, your hearts, saying out, ‘THIS is the doted queen consort of the Wolf Majesty!?’ is leaking out..!! *The ladies are muttering in disbelief and is that how it is* even if they didn’t straight-forwardly tell me... Although when I go to the government affairs room, I am already used to being given this kind of look. *the officials who saw her for the first time would have a ‘huh?’ expression* In order for His Majesty to evade marriage, he had exaggerated my beautiful appearance so everyone thought that I’m an absolutely beautiful person.. *dark* ..although in truth, I’m only just a working queen consort who got kissed by His Majesty and it got treated that it was nothing at all..! How lamentable. *tsk* What!! Obviously, his nature is only that of a smiling harmless Puppy Majesty. *gloomy and thinking* That person, towards this thing, because he is acting as Wolf Majesty, so he wants to say that he is already used to it!? *fuming* I’m just doing my role with such integrity that I was able to live up to now!! I don’t have experience, so what about it!! *teary-eyed* Although, although it is only an accident, I also hasn’t been fired, so it is quite good. ..it is good. *blushes* And it is still no good!” The other ladies wonder what’s going on with Yuulin. At the royal court, Reishou darkly asks Ryu Gikou what had happened with the east side canal’s dike. Gikou tells him that the material isn’t enough but Shukushu[宿州/Shuku province] has already guaranteed to level it— After some more discussions, Gikou ends his report. Reishou says good work and continue to give him [information] later on. Just as Gikou is about to leave, he calls out to Reishou. Reishou asks what it is. Gikou replies, “Regarding increasing the members of the harem, when you are interested, *smiles* please come and get in touch with me at any time.”
Later on, Reishou gloomily asks Jun what was that just now, the topic suddenly became about introducing some girl. Jun sighs and says that Gikou thinks that for His Majesty to be in a bad mood for no reason at all, it is possible that he quarreled with the queen. Reishou comments that Gikou is quite meddlesome. Reishou recalls Yuulin glaring at him this morning with that suspicious look. Reishou says that the more he wants to cherish, the more he cannot do it. Jun asks again what had happened. At Reishou’s office, Kouren arrives and tells him that he brought today’s letters. Reishou tells him to leave it at that side. Kouren informs him that according to the diplomat of Sogyoku, Haku Ruka’s husband would be arriving in a few days. Reishou comments that he really wants her husband to quickly leave with that willful, rash, having fun guest. Seeing Kouren looking at him, Reishou asks him if he has any objections. Kouren says no, he only thinks that from the start, Ruka..even if she seems like freely undisciplined but actually, she is always observing other people’s reactions..she’s a very reasonable[/intelligent] princess. Reishou looks thoughtful. Back at Hakukaen, Yuulin is sitting under a parasol with Kouju. Seeing the other ladies looking at her, Yuulin sweatdrops and thinks that even from faraway, she is being watched as if she is some rare beast. She is glad Kouju is at her side or else, it would be quite hard to stay at this kind of place. She looks at dazzling Kouju and thinks that she’s really cute. Taking out her brush [pen] and paper, starry-eyed Kouju asks her what was His Majesty like when he went out today – nice, lonely or crude? Yuulin thinks that even if she cannot quite understand this side of Kouju. Ruka arrives and tells Kouju that those ladies at the side wanted to discuss with her regarding her new work. [fyi, Kouju is a writer of love novels, usually/mostly about Yuulin and Reishou] Kouju excuses herself. Then, sparkling Ruka invites her to go boating with her at that side. Yuulin says okay. Yuulin thinks that no matter which side she is seen, she is quite strange [/out of place] here.. On the boat, Ruka says that the banquet before is always being held like this for so many times. “My [older] brother, that is His Majesty’s father, was king at that time. At the harem, the concubines would everyday contend for beauty and glamor in order for the moment of capturing the king’s attention.” Recalling that Chou would always tell her about it, Yuulin says that it is definitely a very magnificent sight. Ruka asks if Yuulin cannot imagine what it is like because the king deeply loves, only her. Yuulin says that it isn’t so.
Ruka replies, “The love story between the king and queen consort really makes people envious. Fufu, but, I’m also very interested on the other side of the story regarding the ‘Wolf Majesty’s Queen Consort’ *Yuulin is puzzled* ‘Playing around with the king to enjoy favors from him and would mess up with the imperial palace’ There’s unexpectedly that kind of rumor, saying something about ‘the Harem’s Akujo[wicked woman]’. The day before yesterday, I have received a letter that has this kind of contents which was mailed to me. *That is the handiwork of Keitaku and his men, and Yuulin looks aghast* Honestly speaking, while at my country’s side, I had more or less had heard of this kind of rumor..” Yuulin is shock for what the heck was that. She nervously swears to Ruka that there is absolutely no such thing. Ruka says that’s right, of course she also knows that it is just some nonsense slander. “But..you, should ought to know right? Outside the harem, no matter who, thinks, ‘As the king, who is above people, should marry a woman who is in accordance to his own status to become the imperial concubine’, ‘As early as possible, reorganize the order of the harem’ that type of thing. And, regardless of status and upbringing, those who can be called as ladies who are suitable to be at the king’s side can immediately be prepared to enter the harem. ..you, too. It is for the best that you also prepare your heart for no one also knows until when the king’s love would continue.” Yuulin gloomily thinks that this is spear of the husband (His Majesty)’s blood relatives towards the disapproved wife (me). “Yes, as the aunt of His Majesty, she also considers the need of a more proper queen consort. *pain in her heart* Ah, but, like this, I should properly do my work (acting).” Yuulin replies, “(That person is an unattainable person) Thank you for your worry, Haku Ruka. But, I fundamentally know that I’m not someone who has suitable status. (But, I want to be the person beside him) Always until now, until the future and forever, it won’t change. This heart that will support His Excellency. *Ruka looks surprised at Yuulin* (Lie. Perhaps it is acting but I fundamentally am not an expert in that).” Then, they hear some noise at the shore. The ladies are blushing in disbelief for His Majesty has arrived. They wonder if the rumor that the purpose of this gathering is to choose a consort. They hope to capture the king’s glance here because after all, against THAT KIND OF GIRL, they can.. Riding on a horse, Reishou asks the waiting ladies where Yuulin is. They tell him that she is boating at the pond with Ruka. They wanted to show him the way but Reishou already left.
At the shore, Yuulin calls out to Reishou and says that she didn’t hear that he is coming there. Reishou tells his aunt that how come he wasn’t first informed about this. Ruka says that it is just a relaxing gathering between ladies. “I think that a change of mood is good for Her Highness. *Reishou dismounts the horse* Also, please, Your Majesty, you must.. together with us, have a look at the outside view. If you have time, it is a kind of pleasure, right?” [Wolf] Reishou darkly says, “..really?” Ruka and everyone look nervous and stiff. Yuulin thinks that the ambiance had become abnormal. Walking towards Yuulin, Reishou tells her to prepare to go back to the harem. Yuulin tells him that the picnic is not yet over and it isn’t easy for her to be invited so how can she just leave midway.. Yuulin thinks that if she leaves right now, it would seem like she is running away. Then, she glances at Reishou’s lips. She remembers it so she blushes. She looks away and says, “Why don’t you also just enjoy yourself to your heart’s content? (since you always have this kind of thing..)” Timid Reishou glances at Yuulin’s rebelling look. Pouting Reishou says that it turns out that she is still bothered by that incident [accident]. Blushing Yuulin denies it and says that topic is already over earlier on. The other noble ladies wonder what those two are talking about, are they quarreling, a tragedy in the making, and is this their opportunity. Wondering what’s up with that glare, Yuulin insists that she doesn’t mind it at all. Reishou asks her why she is having that look. “Even if you said that the topic is already over but if you are angry then there’s no meaning to that resolution.” Yuulin says that is why she’s saying that this topic and right now has no relation so don’t bring up the past. Reishou says, “But, you obviously..” Yuulin interrupts by saying, “-for me, what happened a few days ago, is NOT AT ALL A BIG ISSUE so I already forgot about it! *looks away and ignores him* Right now, I’m being taught by Consort Ruka regarding the harem. So please let me finish my responsibility up to the end.” Scowling, Reishou mutters, “..finish responsibility..huh..” Realizing that he used a low tone of voice, Yuulin becomes nervous for it is over because he is totally angry. Reishou suddenly grabs her and kisses her on the lips. “Do as you wish. ..use this (kiss) for me to let you off[/forgive you].” Turning to Ruka, Reishou says, “I had finished speaking with my flower. ..continue on with your chat, aunt-sama.” Ruka and all the ladies are blushing, staring and mouth-open in surprise. Ruka thinks, “Ahhhh..geez. The stage that I’ve intentionally prepared has gone to waste in just a second! He won’t even give a look at the other girls. ..geez, such a troublesome nephew.” Feeling dizzy, Yuulin blushes in shock. Narration: “While the working queen consort is doing her best to stand up and not swoon[/faint], from a far place, Han Kouju is immensely moved.” Holding her brush and paper, blushing and teary-eyed Kouju shouts, “Just now! Just now, I! [I] saw love..!” Narration: “And, a nearby spy is currently exploding in laughter.” Dai laughs, “Bwahaha (Your Majesty, it is really quite too much, [being] like that--!!!) Bwahahaha”  
Comment: Hehe, and Yuulin got another kiss and this is no ‘accident’..a stolen one =P Good job, Reishou ^^ It does seem like an unintentional reward for her devotion to him in how she answered Ruka earlier. It was really good and sincere that I think somewhat moved Ruka. It is also kind of a reward for bearing with those other ladies belittling her. In the end, it isn’t about suitable, compatible or whatever, it is because she is the one he loves ^^ Though, they don’t know each other’s real feelings for each other. ^^;; It does seem that among the ministers, Kouren has a deeper relation with Reishou that he can give insightful comments/subtle advice. Of course, it helps that Kouren isn’t interested in his own interest and rivalries with the others. From the looks of it, it seems that Ruka wants to expand Reishou’s harem without his consent especially since like what Yuulin thinks, she doesn’t quite approve of Yuulin. It does seem that gossips are an important factor in this series. Of course, the ending scenes of Kouju and Dai is quite funny ^^ Scans by 狼陛下汉化组

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