June 15, 2013

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Side Story focusing on Shun]

At the recording studio, Aki is tapping his pencil on the table that has some scattered candies. On the sofa behind Aki, Crude Play members are busy with their own thing. Shun is strumming his guitar. Shinya is reading a book. And, the other two are playing their game consoles. Aki suddenly shouts at Shun that he’s interrupting his train of thought. Holding up his hand, Shun says okay, he’s sorry. Aki says no, he’s sorry. He stands up and says that he’s going out. The manager calls out for Aki not to do that for he will be hard up since they already don’t have much time. If they didn’t record the CM [/commercial] today, it cannot go on LIVE broadcast. Aki shouts that he’ll come back right away. With that, he left. Shinya closes his book and asks if he can go to the other recording room because Mush&Co. are also recording there. The manager says no because Aki said that he will come back right away. Shinya says that from the looks of it, Aki ran away and he’s afraid that Aki don’t come back until after three hours. Since there is no music, they don’t have anything to do. The manager finally relents to let him go. Just when Shinya is taking his leave, Shun happily says that he wants to go, too. At Studio 1, Soichiro complains that Riko’s singing is too ordinary. It is very boring if she doesn’t make the people a bit excited. This irks Riko that she shouts for him not to say her singing is very ordinary, you vile ojisan. This made Soichiro laugh and her friends aghast over her reaction. Miwako shouts for them to quit playing around and please be serious. The recording isn’t free and Mush&Co isn’t at the level yet wherein they can spend a long time using the studio as much as they wanted. Just then, Shun and Shinya comes in. Shun says, ‘good job’ [<- polite greeting] to everyone. Yuu and Souta greet them back. Soichiro asks them if Aki ran away. The two nods and mutters that he is right. Soichiro laughs and says it cannot be helped. To Miwako’s irritation, Soichiro tells Riko to rest for a while. Miwako scolds Shun that he’s a hindrance so quickly leave. Shun says that she’s quite scary. To her surprise, Shun sits beside her. After she shouted what he is doing, Shun says that there’s no need for her to have that kind of attitude towards their company’s bestselling artist. Pushing up her glasses, Miwako says that didn’t he said earlier that before there is a layer of relationship between the artist of A&R Record Company and the manager, they are first of all, high school classmates.
Riko joins them and asks why the two CP guys are there. Shinya tells her that Aki ran off. Riko is puzzled. Shun tells her that her boyfriend is always like this. Every time, he would run away once but it doesn’t matter because around at most 2-3 hours, he will come back with a good song. “Compared to that.. *puts mushroom hat on Riko* Very nice.” Shinya comments that it can really be worn and it quite suits her. Puzzled Riko asks if it is a hat. Riko asks him if it for the modeling of their new CM. Shun says that’s right, for docomo’s student plan. Shun tells her that this one is specially custom made. Riko says is that so. Shinya tells her that Shun’s head is too small and the others couldn’t wear it and of course, he couldn’t wear it. Shun says that he didn’t know if Mushroom can wear it or not so everyone made a bet on it. Miwako says that it is because the female hand and head is a lot slimmer. Smiling Shun asks if that is so, then, if it’s her, can she also wear it. Miwako asks if he wants her to try it on. While Shun intently watches her, Miwako holds the mushroom hat and tries it on her head but before she puts it on, she takes it off and says to forget it. Shun asks if it won’t fit. Miwako says that she doesn’t like wearing hats. While Mush&Co are nervously watching the two argue, Shun asks again that she couldn’t put it on. Miwako says that it is because her hair is thick. Shun insists that she couldn’t put it on. Furious Miwako shouts that is right, she couldn’t put it on because she is an ordinary glasses ugly girl! “How is it possible that I could be compared to you artists who has compact[/small] heads!!” Later on, during an interview, a woman asks Shun one last question. “Can you tell us..what is the type of girl you like?” Shun replies, “Sure.. but what I like is somewhat a bit unusual.” The woman is puzzled. Shun slightly smiles and says, “I like a girl whose head is bigger than mine.” Crossing the streets, Miwako looks at the huge billboard advertisement of CP’s docomo. Looking at Shun’s face, Miwako comments that a beautiful looking guy is really loathsome[/annoying].
Comment: What a nice side story ^^ It turns out that Shun likes Miwako who unfortunately doesn’t like him and likes Aki instead. Based on their previous encounters, it does seem that Shun likes to tease Miwako. Teasing/bullying can be a guy’s way of getting the attention of the girl they like but then, Shun has always been kind of playful. I wonder if he never confessed because he knew that Miwako likes Aki. Shun is such a likeable character and his boyish charm charisma is quite evident here. ^^ It also seems that Aki tends to be a bit childish – tantrum and running away, but that’s how eccentric he is and of course, it is okay since he always delivers in the end. And no wonder Shinya is kind of worried[?] about the other two CP members because they are more interested in playing around. Scans by 红莲&wink炖蘑菇汉化组 and 深雪for the colored pages PS. According to their spokesperson, chapter 45 will quickly be out soon and chapter 46 will definitely be out in the distant future.

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