June 13, 2013

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 80]

After punching Shouta, his father tells him to temporarily not go home until he cleared off his head and wake up. He tells Pin to fiercely lecture Shouta. As he goes out the door, Sawako greets him. Shouta’s father greets her back and tells her that idiot is quite impulsive so listen up, don’t let that arrogant idiot be complacent. If this kind of situation continues, the marriage would fizzle out but he’ll take responsibility and introduce her to a better guy. While Sawako nervously that it would be hard for her, Shouta angrily shouts at his father for saying strange things to Sawako. While Shouta’s father shouts for him to shut up, Pin asks Shouta when did they get engaged. After his father left, Sawako wants to treat his injured face but Shouta tells her that it is okay. Seeing Sawako tense, Shouta reassures him that he is okay. Pin tells him to talk more with his family but Shouta asks with that kind of father? Pin says yes. Pin wants to call it a day. Since Shouta couldn’t go home, Sawako invites him to go to her house instead. While Shouta is asking if that is okay, Pin comments that he is actually happy about that. In her room, Shouta apologizes but Sawako tells him that actually, she wants to ask about the situation in detail for she is bothered by it. She wants to go prepare some tea but he holds her hand and tells her not to go. As they both sit down, Sawako recalls him telling her that he got punch after saying that he wanted to inherit the business. After Shouta apologizes for shocking her because of what happened, he tells her that it is because he thought of it by himself and decided on it by himself so he had guessed that this will happen. Sawako asks if he wants to inherit the store. After a pause, Shouta says that actually, it is possible that he thought that his father will be pleased and until now, everything he did never made him pleased[/satisfied]. Since Sawako is doubtful about it, Shouta tells her that because he is the eldest son, doing things of good intention would only make him furious like on Father’s Day, he wanted to give his father a gift when he was in grade 3. He gave his father his favorite snack and crudely made massage shoulder tickets which he made a lot but his father ended up shouting at him to do his homework rather than that kind of thing. His father didn’t use the tickets and he didn’t see him eating the snack. He is always controlled by his father and the last time he got angry at him was when he gave up baseball. Flashback: His father had punched him and scolded him for always doing things half-heartedly[/amateurish]. Shouta’s mother asked what happened. His father shouted for her not to mind it and go back to sleep. His father shouted at him to do what he wants. End flashback.
Shouta tells Sawako that he would always tell him ‘do what you want’ as his last word. His mother’s health isn’t good that she is always hospitalized during junior high and his younger brother is still young so if he joins the baseball club in high school, he would have to devote himself to it so in order to conveniently help out when something happens, he wants to stay at home as much as possible. Sawako asks if that is the reason he chose this high school. Shouta says, yes. He laughs and says that strictly speaking, he didn’t give up baseball for he still participate in the Pin’s morning baseball team’s.. Sawako asks if he actually doesn’t want to give up on baseball. This somewhat surprises Shouta that he insists that it isn’t so, and he feels that if he continues on being lectured about all sorts of things regarding baseball by his father, he will start to hate baseball. Shouta admits that is the primary reason and it is the first time he mentioned it, he actually doesn’t want to take his father’s advice [/take his word]. So, he has decided that this time, he’ll say ‘I will continue the family business’ and personally tell him about it. He recalls his father shouting that no matter what Shouta does, it is quite half-hearted[/amateurish] and he ‘isn’t good enough for high post but too proud to take a low one’, he isn’t this nor that. Shouta lets out a loud sigh. Covering his embarrassed face, Shouta says that his father has totally seen him through and he even got punched that he feels really ashamed. Shouta asks if it is funny. Sawako says that she won’t laugh, for just now, everything he said is all of his real thoughts. And, she thinks that whether it is him or his father, they are sincerely watching each other attentively. Shouta doesn’t seem to believe it. Sawako asks him that didn’t his father say, ‘do what you want’ and it is definitely that Shouta is the current Shouta. Before, he told her that ‘he is very headstrong’ and that refers to thinking ‘it should be like this’ and he would keep on persist on it. Shouta tells her that his father never..*pause*didn’t think that way. Shouta laments that it is totally no good when it comes to his own issue and his foresight regarding himself is this ‘little bit’. Excited Sawako says that it isn’t so and did she say too much again. Shouta laughs and says that he wants to stand equally with his father, wanting to be struggle free from the restrictions, and in the end, he actually hasn’t struggled free. He tells Sawako that he always wanted to be a person who’ll depend on one’s own strength in doing everything. He says that he’ll re-think about it again just like what Sawako said, think what he really wanted to do. Sawako happily says, yes. He asks her if she has found out what she wants to do. She says yes, she wants to become a teacher.
While she is trying to tell him that it isn’t sudden, he says, yes because she always thinks of things and of everyone to ‘express herself and make everyone understand’ so it isn’t ‘sudden’, it is okay, he totally understands. This made Sawako cry in happiness. He wipes her tears and says that is what he really wants to say. Soon, Shouta is bidding her goodbye. She asks if it is alright. He asks if it is about ‘don’t come home’, and no matter what, it is his home and he won’t lose to his father. Shouta says that thanks to her for being here today or else, he won’t calm down and he would create a huge uproar. Sawako is surprised by that and how he will do it. He asks if she wants to see it. When she says that she wants to see it for a little bit, Shouta kisses her and says no. Turning to leave, Shouta says that he has cheered up [/become enthusiastic] and Sawako says, me too. She mentally wishes him ‘gambatte’[/strive hard]. Soon, Sawako informs her parents of her decision. Shouta returns home and his father asks him if his brain is wide awake. His father starts to lecture him for being arrogantly wanting to continue the family business and it is too beautiful for him to think that he can directly inherit it. While Shouta’s mother tries to interrupt them and tell them to start eating, his father tells him that he deliberately made him angry by saying that he would quit baseball. Shouta says yes so his father shouts that he is always being amateurish for his behavior has a skin-deep[/shallow] way of thinking and using the family as an excuse, and is that related to him..his mother and younger brother. Shouta replies that it is related to him. He admits that his way of thinking is skin-deep but he and these things are not unrelated. Just when his father is about to retort back, his mother angrily shouts at them to eat already. Soon, Shouta and his father continue to argue while asking for another bowl of rice from Shouta’s mother. At school, Sawako, together with his mother, meets with Pin. Sawako changes her ‘future prospects’ into studying college. She tells him that she wants to become a teacher like him. Pin says that she’s dreaming but it’s a wonder. He asks if she admires him and she says yes. Then, they meet up with Sawako’s friends. Sawako’s mother made a side remark that it will be Valentine’s Day soon. Then, Sawako introduces her mother to some students passing by, that made them give a good comment about Sawako. Sawako thinks that without everyone, she wouldn’t have this kind of goal. She meets up with Shouta who is waiting at the shoe lockers. Sawako’s mother decides to go ahead and leave the two alone..and this surprises the two. Sawako thinks that with Shouta at her side, this ‘gambatte’ thinking which she always have to herself, has now become ‘together, let’s do our best[/gambatte]’.
Comment: I think that the thing with Shouta’s father is a bit similar with what happened with Sawako earlier. Shouta tends to do things for ‘good intention’ but it isn’t really what he truly wants or feels. That seems to be the common problem for ‘good kids’ on whether doing what is expected of oneself or what one truly wants. It does seem that Shouta is a bit conflicted over himself because of being branded ‘good kid/son’ so with his very strict and rigid father, it is somewhat wanting to be either ‘a good son’ or ‘to rebel’. It maybe good to do everything on your own and don’t consult anyone about it but there are times when it becomes bad if it is too much. Somehow, the ‘doing everything on my own’ is a bit similar with his father which is why I think his father doesn’t want to accept any ‘help’ from Shouta regarding the family and thinks that it isn’t related to Shouta. It seems that Shouta has to speak out his mind more and be truthful rather than ‘keeping appearances’ especially because relationships tend to become more complicated by the ‘good intentions’. In a way, it is good that his father would rather he truly do what he wants rather than ‘what he thinks that he should do’. Without talking with Sawako, things would have turned out differently between Shouta and his father. I guess like what Shouta mentioned, he tends to have difficulty if it is his own issue. In the before-and-during dinner conversation, Shouta seems to be taking the step in expressing himself more truthfully. I’m not sure if that has made his father limit things to shouts rather than his fists..or it was because his mother kept on insisting that they eat dinner. As for Sawako, she is now going to be a teacher in the future. ^^ Anyway, it’s nice for the couple to cheer each other up in striving their best and they are becoming a bit more communicative with each other unlike before. Hehe, Shouta is also showing more affection. I guess this is the end of this arc, since V-day is already hinted. Scans by 工作室

Quote of the day:
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