June 12, 2013

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 42]

[Free Talk: To appreciate this arc, we luckily have a brief summary by baidu’s Fern_leaf for chapters 40-41. Reishou’s [paternal] aunt [younger than his parent, I presume] who was married off to some other country came for a visit. Yuulin was told to avoid meeting her as much as possible and do not let her find out of His Majesty’s true nature. But, soft-hearted Yuulin had promised to meet with her again because Reishou’s aunt who managed to convince her and Yuulin didn’t see any malice in her. Upon meeting again, his aunt is asking why the cold hearted king only has Yuulin. She thinks that Yuulin definitely has some sort of charm. She also asked Yuulin what she likes about Reishou. When Yuulin is going to sincerely tell her what she thinks, Reishou comes to take her away. Yuulin seems to have lost her head out of fear. After the aunt left, Reishou continues to tease Yuulin. In the last scene, Reishou actually knows that his aunt should not be taken lightly. In chapter 41, Reishou’s aunt came to visit just when Han Kouju is visiting. They are idling chatting about the conjugal love between Yuulin and Reishou and how touching it is. They talked about a lot of imagination between the couple that made[?] Yuulin blush and her heart beat fast. Aunt also always queries about what Yuulin and Reishou’s kind of relationship is, like their terms of endearment. During this time, Reishou is quite busy with political affairs so Yuulin has to fend off aunt’s offense by herself. Finding out that Reishou doesn’t have time to deal with Yuulin, aunt suddenly thought of causing a bit of trouble for Reishou. She made Yuulin dress up in a sexy outfit and brought her to Reishou’s bedroom. (Usually, it is Reishou who goes to Yuulin’s place so it seems that Yuulin hasn’t gone to Reishou’s) Of course, Reishou was shock. In the bedroom, Reishou tells Yuulin that actually she must not do things up to this degree. After hearing this, Yuulin felt very embarrassed that she rushes out of the bedroom. Reishou chases after her. He wants her to stay there for a while before returning to her place because his aunt is still nearby. If she goes right now, his aunt will be suspicious. Then, Yuulin’s hairpin got hooked on Reishou’s sleeve. While he’s trying to unhook the pin, Yuulin starts to panic since Reishou is too close to her. Then, she loses her footing and falls. Reishou tries to catch her. She also grabs him and he also falls down. And, they accidentally had a ‘touching of lips’ =P]
Cover page: “Until now, it remains, that UNEXPECTED aftertaste..” Narration: “I’m a [parttime] worker. And, that man is an unattainable person. I must not cross over this line. It is obviously like that.” As Reishou looks surprised at Yuulin, blushing Yuulin covers her mouth and thinks that just now, their lips touched. To Reishou’s aghast, Yuulin starts to cry and starts to tell him that she didn’t deliberately do it. Reishou calls her name to wait [a minute] but Yuulin is still crying and thinking no way, why this-- Yuulin is surprised when Reishou suddenly hugs her and tells her to calm down. This freaks Yuulin out even more. She wonders how can she possibly calm down and why is he hugging her. Reishou hears a sound so he suddenly asks what it is. A waiting lady apologizes to him and informs him that Li Jun asks him to come back to the palace earlier. Reishou says okay. He lets go off Yuulin and tells her that they’ll talk about this incident just now, later on. After Reishou leaves, Yuulin steadies herself on the railing. She couldn’t believe that he still wants to talk about it later on. The blushing lady-in-waiting says that her appearance is a bit untidy. Blushing Yuulin freaks out, and thinks, “no way--” On the second day, His Majesty didn’t return after last night. Having a meal with Yuulin, Aunt Haku Ruka [guesswork from 珀瑠霞] asks if His Majesty likes her clothes last night. Yuulin blushes and struggles to find words to tell her. Ruka happily laughs and says that is okay, there’s no need for her to say anything. “And compared to that, I came this time around to invite Your Highness to have a picnic together with you.” While struggling to smile like a queen, blushing Yuulin thinks that before Reishou comes back, she must do her best to normally talk with him. At the royal court, Shisei asks Reishou if he is very tired for holding successive daily minister meeting. Reishou tells him that it is unnecessary for him to worry and compared to that, quickly tell him the report regarding the country of Sogyoku [蒼玉]. Shisei reports to him that Sogyoku’s yearly loss of income has already been resolved and the current situation is quite stable so the trade between their countries would-- Later on, Reishou asks him what is the situation of the visitor? Shisei replies, “If it is about Her Highness Ruka, she is the same as before, passing the days very pleasantly at her homeland. Won’t you directly meet up with her? And perhaps, Your Majesty can hear about things that [you] do not know about, regarding your esteemed father, or perhaps your mother’s--” Reishou darkly interrupts, “—Minister Han, I’ve only said you are only to report. Didn’t you hear that?” Shisei apologizes for talking too much. At Han residence, Touka comments that her master is in a good mood and would they still be entertaining [the visitor]. Shisei smiles and says that it is because he got this work from His Majesty himself so he’s quite enthusiastic. “But, I hope that His Majesty could open his heart more. I also got glared at today.”
Holding a tray of tea, Touka laughs and says that obviously in his heart he was hated by [His Majesty] and yet, he is quite happy, his character is truly bad. Shisei says that in short, it is good if Ruka’s visit is a good sign for us, the Han family. At Ryu residence, Keitaku is making a fuss over how unhappy he is that the Han family is the one receiving the guest. “Why, why is the Ryu family ignored..! How infuriating” His advisers say, “Keitaku-sama.. It is because Minister Han is fundamentally from Sogyoku and he has a lot of experience at diplomacy[/foreign affairs]. Whereas, right now, Minister Ryu is busy with internal policy.. So this is quite appropriate..” Keitaku whines that is such an ordinary and normal reason, he doesn’t want to hear it. “And, I heard that the guest unexpectedly likes that stupid queen..! ~~~geez, it isn’t a bit interesting! In short, quickly think of a way!! Gather the subordinates to think of a way to make everything would be brought down at my feet!!” The advisers think that it is the start again of the ‘battle meeting to make it seem like that it is Keitaku-sama big victory’. Narration: “While the visiting ‘storm’ is quietly rippling--..” At the harem wherein people are forbidden to enter, Yuulin is busy with her cleaning job. Watching her, Chou Gen and Kou Dai are snacking on some tea and buns. The two guys chat about Ruka’s vitality being good and just like before, she’s a gorgeous princess. Blushing Yuulin tries to calm herself by keeping her busy with her cleaning. “That is an accident! An accident!!” Then, Gen asks what it is really, for he has gotten information that the two are flirting at the corridor. Dai tells him that there’s a problem with the angle so he wasn’t able to see it clearly but looking at them, there’s definitely something fishy going on. The sparkling guys watch Yuulin who goes into a more frantic pace of cleaning. Gen laughs and says it is only a matter of time before she meets with Reishou and she can pretend that she totally doesn’t hear them talking. Dai says that she’s so amusing in her super busy wavering mode. Yuulin is thinking that it is only a slight touch of lips-to-lips so she has to act normal and calm down. At some room, Ruka reads a letter and says, “Ah, --so it is like that. The king really treasures the beloved Queen. ..only one person at the harem. Cold-hearted ruthless ‘Wolf Majesty’... –it is almost time, I be serious in playing around, right?” Somewhere else at the palace, Jun tells Reishou that the discussion of problems for today is all arranged so please quickly rest-- Jun sees Reishou darkly sighing that he calls out to him. Reishou asks him if he ever experienced being hated by a girl and making her cry. Puzzled Jun says that he isn’t reckless enough to encounter that kind of incident but he heard that it is quite a hassle. “—By the way, what are you referring to?” Reishou imagines crying Yuulin saying that she hates him the most. Reishou becomes gloomier and says that he’ll be going to the harem for a while. Jun shouts what he is referring to!!
Narration: “On that day, there had never been such an unprecedented nervous feeling diffused around the harem, in the history between the acting married couple.” Looking stiff, Yuulin welcomes nervous Reishou inside. The waiting ladies quietly withdraw. Thinking that she is already fine and she has totally calmed down, Yuulin says, “—Your Majesty, I.. *kneels down on the floor* am already prepared to be fired.” Shocked Reishou shouts, why!? Tearfuly Yuulin exclaims, “It’s because I’m only working.. And yet, I unexpectedly tripped and stolen away.. the king’s kiss, and now matter what, it is such a serious offense..! The whole day I was always cleaning and cleaning, then thinking and continue on cleaning, cleaning and cleaning and start thinking again.” Trying to pacify her, Reishou exclaims that she’s thinking of it too seriously and what’s up with all the cleaning. Reishou asks if she minds that kind of thing when that is just an accident between an acting married couple and at that time, it is quite close.. He also kneels on the floor and tells her that it is an unavoidable thing. “—the one who should be troubled is you, Yuulin. Because you are a girl. ..I’m sorry.” Muttering Your Majesty, Yuulin thinks that it is His Puppy Majesty, how nice and his heart is quite wide.. Yuulin says that she is alright and fundamentally, it’s her fault.. Reishou tells her that it isn’t her fault and is she alright. Yuulin says yes. Reishou happily says, “Then, that thing is already over! Like this, we had made up and are like before, even if we didn’t quarrel!” Blushing Yuulin says yes. She apologizes for she really wavered and created this uproar. Standing up, Reishou says not at all, she’s just startled, right? “That kind of thing, I totally don’t mind it so there’s no need for you, Yuulin, to worry--” Relieved Yuulin thinks, “It’s great that after that happened, His Majesty is treating me normally. Normally, just like the usual.. just like the usual.. *touches her lips* ‘That kind of thing’..” Yuulin mutters, “--..that means, for His Majesty, it means that lips touching lips is not such a big issue, right?” Reishou nervously says, ..huh? While blushing Yuulin stares at Reishou, she says, “It also means that for His Majesty, this is a something that frequently happens.. is that so..” Reishou goes into shock. He shouts, “Yuulin, just now, did you have some sort of misunderstanding!?” Yuulin exclaims, “No! It’s alright, I don’t mind it! Tomorrow, I’ll continue on doing my best at work!!” Touching her lips, Yuulin turns away. Reishou nervously wonders if it should be resolved but how come he.. Narration: “I’m a worker and His Majesty is an unattainable person. My ‘first’ has been treated by him as negligible. What.. so it is like that. For me, it is a big issue but for His Majesty, it is only one of so many others. So, it’s like that--”
Then, gloomy and puzzled Reishou goes to Jun and says, “--? Li Jun.. Just now, what is the right thing I should have done. The bride gave me a supercilious look.” Dark Jun tells him that first of all, clearly tell him what had happened. Yuulin thinks that obviously, she should be at ease and it should be like that but how come she feels that it is still bad. The next day at a garden, Ruka happily says that the breeze is quite nice. “Don’t you think so, Your Highness?” Yuulin says that is right, it’s very nice. Ruka laughs and says that it is actually great that the Queen Consort can go out. Yuulin says, yes. She thinks that because she has been invited to the picnic, it is good that she was able to go to the corner of the royal capital’s Hakukaen [白華園; Haku garden] but.. She notices that there are many beautiful [sparkling] ladies around. Puzzled Yuulin thinks that she thought that it would be just like before wherein there is only the three of them, her, Ruka and Kouju, but there are a lot of unknown ladies around so what’s up with that. A couple of ladies thank Ruka for her invitation today and it is their honor. Ruka tells them to please enjoy the picnic. Ruka informs Yuulin that she mentioned it to a friend and the number of people increased. “They are all the ojousama-s of the famous nobility in Hakuyou.” Yuulin is amazed that just from hearing it, it had already spread, and there are unexpectedly a lot of.. and they are beautiful people, wearing grand outfits. Then, Kouji arrives and says that the weather today suits the picnic and on this kind of day, she is very happy to join Her Highness. Blinded by the brightness, Yuulin thinks that among them, Kouju is particularly dazzling and no wonder she is the ojousama whom the Han family are intensely proud of. Ruka asks if Her Highness is always alone by herself in the deepest part of the harem. “I think that occasionally joining in this kind of occasion is quite good.” Yuulin covers her eyes and thinks that Ruka is so beautiful. At the palace, Kouren asks Shisei if Yuulin is with Ruka at Hakukaen. Smiling Shisei says yes, and from the start, Ruka is very adept at social interactions that the person with her would be friendly with her. “—afterwards, she is unwittingly very good at causing everyone around her to be caught up in a disturbance[/uproar].” Kouren says is that so. “..—I hope that Her Highness won’t prostrate down.” Shisei replies that he is like before, likes to say unlucky things. Narration: “Because I’m wavered by that thing regarding His Majesty, I’m unwittingly standing in the middle of the storm.” Yuulin thinks that it is so bright that she feels dizzy. <- already dizzy. Meanwhile, recalling at how Yuulin stared at him, Reishou tells Jun, “Even if I don’t want her to see her cry, but using that kind of unclear look is also quite a shock to me..” Trembling in anger, Jun shouts, “So I’ve said, what the heck happened!”
Comment: Hehe, this is such a cute and funny chapter. ^^ Apparently, Yuulin is more worried about her being fired for the accidental kiss than her first kiss be taken away. And, because she misunderstood him, Reishou gave her the impression that a kiss is nothing to him..something very common..he’s a playboy. =P Poor Reishou, as if he doesn’t have a lot of problems already. ^^ And much to Jun’s irritation, he won’t tell him what happened. The two rival families are also trying to best each other with Ruka’s visit. Of course, the ones having fun here are Chou and Dai. =P I really like it that the mangaka can still make most of her characters relevant in the series with their different roles intact. ^^ Lastly, it does seem that Reishou isn’t too fond of talking about his parents. His past is one of the mysteries in this series which is only hinted here and there. Scans by 狼陛下汉化

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