June 21, 2013

Kyou no Kira-kun [Chapter 22]

Cover page: “I feel the smell of summer. A premonition of love wave.” Page 22: GO FOR IT!! Narration: “December 15th. Since that time, I didn’t get to meet with Kira.” In class, the teacher tells everyone to sit down for classes is about to start. He informs the class that Kira is absent today because of a cold. While Nino reads her cellphone, Yabe is surprised that Kira had a cold. The teacher tells the class that exams start this Monday so they should take care of their health. While someone complains about wanting to be absent, Nino thinks that is contrary to what Kira emailed to her this morning. She reads his email telling her that he wants to be alone temporarily and he apologizes to Nino for saying it so suddenly. “I recall that I have told you before that I felt happy to the point of being a bit scared. *Nino goes to Tokyo Tower and thinks that she obviously knew that he isn’t there* Right now, I’m really a bit scared. Even if our hearts connected but I cannot be like Nino, who can create one’s future. The more I like you, the more I would feel that no matter what I do, I cannot overcome this gap. I obviously feel very happy but there is also the same degree of pain and frustration. So, right now, even if we are together, it is possible that I also have no way of smiling sincerely. So, I’m sorry.” On the blackboard, the the schedule of term exams is written. Hyakuta says that hellish three days has started. Nino says that they do their best together. Ikigoma comments that she is quite happy [free from worry]. Nino happily says that it is because her brain is already filled up to the full. Yabe quietly watches her. Sensei wonders what’s up with that attitude, she also always studied in Saturday and she also never mentioned about Kira. Then, Rei calls out to Nino to come with her for a while. Yabe quickly thinks that it is about Kira. At the library, Rei asks if Kira contacted her. “Since the time he disappeared, it has already been five days. Are you still okay, Nino-chan?” Nino smiles and says yes, she is okay. “But, in the end, I’m worried where he is, so for today, I thought of going to ask his father. And by the way, it seems that he got a flu.” Rei looks worried about Nino then she notices someone behind the shelves, eavesdropping. It is Yabe who looks worried for Kira isn’t sick but rather, his whereabouts is unknown.
At the [night] club, Tiara apologizes to Nino for she rarely came by but Kira made him keep it a secret. “Ever since then, he would occasionally want to be alone and then, he would disappear like this. Upon encountering something, he would immediately resolve it. He has that kind of ability so relax, okay! So, please wait for him.” Nino smiles and says, that’s right, she understands. Sensei worriedly looks at Nino and looks thoughtful. While walking in the streets, Nino mutters that it is also inevitable because after receiving that email, she couldn’t contact his phone. Sensei says, “Let me say, Nino.” Nino smiles and asks, what it is. This angers Sensei that he flies and shouts at her, “Can you stop smiling!!” Seeing that the people are surprised over the talking parrot, Nino quickly grabs him and hides at the side. Nino asks what’s up with him. Sensei shouts that is what he wanted to ask. “You’re quite sad that Natural Perm isn’t around, right!? Why are you still smiling!? Don’t force yourself!!” Nino looks surprised. Then, she overhears a couple of lovers wherein the girl says not to be lovey-dovey on the road and the guy says that he cannot help himself. She recalls Kira saying that even if liked [/fallen in love], there is also an increase of emptiness. Suppressing her tears, Nino tells him that it is because she has no right to cry.. “Basically, I thought that I understood. ..I’m the one who is too naïve. I totally didn’t notice Kira-kun’s pained feeling. (So, I couldn’t cry)” Understanding her, Sensei flies and pats her head. After class dismissal, Yabe’s friend tells him that he’ll go straight home today because he has to study. Keeping his books in his bag, Yabe says okay. Then, he sees Nino and friends. Ikigoma tells them that they will be free by tomorrow. When the classroom is empty, Yabe looks at Kira’s desk. Recalling that he wrote to Kira that he [Kira] ought to be aware that he is an obstacle to her future, Yabe nervously thinks that he fundamentally wanted to break them up so he mentioned that but this is not at all the outcome he wanted. Going towards him, Rei puts her lollipop on his cheek and asks what he is doing. Touching his cheek, Yabe shouts that it is her again. Rei asks if he wants her to guess what he’s thinking. Yabe shouts what’s up with her that she always stare and look at him. “If there’s something up, then say it bluntly!!”
Rei looks at him and smiles. She grabs his collar and asks, “There’s something you want more than Nino-chan, right? Even if it is a fact that you like her but can you stop using her in this beating around the bush thing?” Yabe nervously asks what she is talking about. Rei calls out to Yabe and suddenly kisses him on the lips. Blushing Yabe exclaims in surprise and asks what she is doing. Rei says that it is good that he can show that kind of expression. Grabbing his collar, Rei tells him to use his love and go compete with Kira. “It’s fine to just make him speechless! *Yabe looks surprised* I’m standing at Nino-chan’s side. *shoves lollipop in his mouth* This is your fault so you properly fix it. *goes toward the door and looks back at Yabe* Gambatte[/good luck].” Yabe quietly looks down. At home, Nino says that she’s finished eating. Her father asks if she’s already finished. Her mother says that she only ate half. Standing up, Nino says that she isn’t that hungry and just make the leftovers her breakfast. Her father comments that Nino is always like that lately. Sensei wonders if it depends only on him to give her a lending hand. After looking serious, Nino’s mother tells Sensei that he can go accompany her husband in drinking a bit of wine. Surprised Sensei asks if he can. While studying in her room, someone knocks on her door. Nino says come in. She is surprised to see her mother in a nurse outfit that she asks what happened. Winking, her mother says that she has come to protect Nino’s wounded heart. “I wonder whether or not you had a quarrel with your boyfriend, Kira-kun.” This surprises Nino. Nino blushes and asks how she knew that they are going steady. Nino’s mother tells her that it is because Kira himself told her. “It was December 1st, he came over to ask permission to go steady with you. Mama was quite startled because mama thought that he is prepared to make a marriage proposal.” Flashback: Kira is dressed up formally when Nino’s mother came out of the house. Nino’s mother commented that it is like marrying her daughter. Embarrassed Kira said that it is because he fixed his hair. “Please let Nino to allow me to accompany her in this lifetime.” End flashback. Starting to cry, Nino couldn’t believe it. Her mother tells her, “Let me say, even if this is only mama’s thoughts [but] mama feels that it would be better for you to tell Yuiji-kun what you are thinking without any ill-feeling. You only have to have a firm determination and there would be no problem. Because that is love.” On the bed, Nino looks determined.
The next morning, Sensei wakes up and asks what’s up for her to wake up so early in the morning. Putting on her formal suit, Nino says that she’s going to Kira’s house. Sensei looks happy. At the door, Nino calls out to Tiara and asks him to please tell her where Kira is. Surprised Tiara asks why she is wearing that. Holding up her right hand, Nino says that she’s going to make a vow. “-I, Nino, will cherish and love Kira-kun always until the last moment of his life! (I want to see you, Kira-kun. Really want to see you.)” Tiara looks surprised and lets out a laugh. He says that this time, Kira loses and she unexpectedly came over to propose. “No wonder you’re the girl he had an eye on. Thank you. Wait for a moment and I’ll write the address on the paper.” Nino is quite happy. She thinks that “Because, being all alone in a place, it is definitely lonelier.” At school, Nino looks aghast. Eating a banana, Rei says that afterwards, even if it is good that you were told of the place but it is quite far away. Nino says that’s right, it is at his grandmother’s house that is outside the prefecture. “I actually wanted to go today after the exam ends but I have no way of coming back on the same day from that place..” Looking at the paper, she thinks that tomorrow is the closing ceremony so she has to endure it for the earliest time she can go is the day after tomorrow. Rei asks about the transportation fee. Nino says that she’ll borrow money. Surprised Yabe realizes that they had already found Kira. He looks slightly flustered. And the exam starts. Yabe tries to convince himself that it totally has nothing to do with him. Flashback: Younger Kira asked if Yabe wanted to be his friend. Removing his glasses, Yabe said yes. Kira laughed and said that’s good, this ‘straight ball’[/frankness] feeling. End flashback. Then, he recalls Rei wishing him ‘gambatte’. Then, Yabe suddenly stands up which surprises everyone. He starts walking from his desk that the teacher shouts that they are still having an exam. Standing in front of surprised Nino, Yabe asks for the paper where the address is written. Puzzled Nino calls out his name. Yabe urges her to quickly give it to him. She gives him the paper. Yabe pats her head and says, “Before tomorrow, I’ll bring him back.” And, everyone is surprised when Yabe runs towards the door. Blushing Nino thinks, “Kira-kun, apparently, it is not only I who feel that you are an indispensible person.” And the last scene is Kira who seems to be crying in the snowy day at the pedestrian bridge. Blurb: “Yabe runs to Kira’s side! Can a friendship that has reached the dead end be redeemed!?” 
Comment: Thankfully, the mangaka didn’t drag things and make things too depressing ^^ The ‘proposal-type promises’ to the other person’s parents is really nice and moving ^^ Apparently, Kira really wavered there because of the things Yabe has been telling him. Thanks to Rei, Yabe is now going to fix the mess he caused and hopefully, fix his friendship with Kira again which as Rei hinted is more important to him than just getting Nino. I wonder if Rei is interested in him because of that stolen kiss or it is her way of ‘bullying’ him. ^^; She really knows how to handle him. =P It’s also nice that the couple has very supportive parents. Anyway, it seems that things are going to be okay in time for Christmas day ^^

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