June 22, 2013

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 20]

Near a movie theater, Shino looks around. A guy calls out to her and apologizes for being late. He asks if she has been waiting for a long time. Blushing Shino smiles and shakes her head. At the park, Aoi gives Mego back her eye-patched penguin cellphone strap. Mego is quite happy for she always looked for it and yet, she couldn’t find it. She thanks Aoi. Aoi tells her that it got dropped in his room and sorry that he didn’t get a chance to give it back to her. “Actually, ON THAT DAY, I fundamentally plan to give it to you..” Mego asks what day.. Then, she blushes. She laughs and asks if ‘that day’, he is referring is that <- day of using hand language for her warm confession. Blushing Aoi says yes, ‘that day’. Then, he gestures to her by putting his index finger and thumb together. He tells her that this is the hand gesture of ‘like’. “At that time, what you are actually gesturing towards me is ‘I love you’..” This made Mego become beet red in embarrassment upon recalling that she did it so many times, too. [In Japan, ‘like’ is like loving as a crush or dating but ‘love’ has the intention of getting married.] Mego apologizes to him when it was obvious the first time she carried out a serious confession. Aoi says that it is okay, he’s fine. Then, Mego says, “..But, perhaps, actually I wasn’t mistaken.. Be..because this ‘like’ of mine is already infinitely close to ‘LOVE’..” The blushing two look at each other. And, they were interrupted upon realizing they are already surrounded by dogs. A woman apologizes that her dogs.. While the bulldog is licking Aoi’s face, Mego thinks that not only cats, dogs are also.. The woman is puzzled for her dogs are usually afraid of strangers. Mego giggles and thinks that this is definitely because the animals also know that Aoi is such a nice and outstanding person. At a café, Azusa is slurping her drink. Mitsuru asks her if her foot is okay. Blushing, Azusa says yes. Her heart is beating fast since she is unexpectedly drinking together with him. [<- she calls him Kobayashi] and this is like a perfect date.
She overhears a couple of guys asking if that is model Azusa and is the one with her, her boyfriend. Asuza is quite happy over that because in the end, they both look like boy-girlfriend. To the relief of the two guys, Mitsuru tells them that they were mistaken for they are ONLY AQUAINTANCES. Azusa is stunned by his reply that Mitsuru asks her what the matter is. She angrily exclaims that it is nothing and he really has no brain, such a slow-witted guy. Then, she realizes something. She tells him that she still doesn’t know his name. Winking and sticking out his tongue, Mitsuru tells her his name and asks isn’t it quite cool. Asuza thinks, ‘Kobayashi Mitsuru’, for the first time she heard those words, her heart unconsciously fluttered as if it is a special kind of name. Outside the train station, Mitsuru says that they had fun [/hang out] quite late and in any case she better be careful in going home since she is a girl. Azusa angrily asks what’s with the ‘in any case’ and it is okay since she is going to ride a taxi to go home. Wondering when they’ll meet again next time, Asuza looks away and starts asking whether he would dress up as a girl and come to their school again. Mitsuru happens to glance at the opposite street and he sees Shino walking. She is with a guy whose hand is around her shoulder. Shino blushes at the slightly smiling guy. Mitsuru is shock. He exclaims who that guy is. Still looking away, blushing Azusa kept on talking by herself that it isn’t at all that she wanted to see him everyday and if she doesn’t have a rival, it would be insufficient so he also should occasionally dress up as a girl and come to their school, Mimi.. ‘Mitsuru’. She cannot believe that she called out his name but there is no answer. Flustered and embarrassed, Azusa calls out to him and asks if he wasn’t listening to what she said. She wonders what he is [quietly] looking at. Mitsuru and Azusa sees Shino and the guy kissing. After the kiss, Shino smiles and blushes. Azusa is surprised by that, and then, she looks at Mitsuru.
Soon, it is raining. When Mego is already inside the train. Aoi comments that it suddenly rained. Mego says yes, and it’s great that it happened just when they are going home. She thanks him for today. Mego looks a bit flustered. Then, she says, “About that.. Actually, I always haven’t mentioned it.. before we met at Akeichi Academy, senpai you had helped out a girl at the pedestrian bridge. About that.. it was me.” Blushing red, Aoi points to her and asks if that [kiss] was her. Mego apologizes and says even if she always wanted to apologize and thank him for it. Blushing Aoi says, “..no way.. Honestly, I wasn’t able to see the face of that girl and THAT THING happened. I felt quite guilty towards you before--  It’s great that the other party of that first kiss is you..” This surprises Mego for that means, THAT is also his first kiss. She blushes and is quite happy about this. Soon, it is announced that the train door is closing. Aoi apologizes for today since he wasn’t able to hold her while they are walking nor do even one kind of lovers’ type of stuff. Just when she is telling him that it is okay, Aoi says, “But, I want that one day we would definitely be able to touch each other. I hope that you’ll wait for me..!!” Mego looks surprised and blushes. The train door closes. Then, she sees him seriously gesturing to her, ‘I like you’. The train speeds away. Recalling what he said including the gestured ‘I like you’, Mego thinks that even if they don’t touch each other, it is also alright because she thinks that it is fine by her to just be able to stay at his side. “But, if THAT can come true. *Mego bends down and starts crying* Yes, I will wait. *slight smile* I also really want for us to touch each other.” Narration: “I’m still a child who is completely ignorant. I had failed to notice the uneasiness and pain that you have.”  In his house, Aoi says that he is really drenched wet. He takes off his coat, and his eye patch. Then, he takes off his shirt revealing a large burnt[?] scar on his right shoulder. Narration: “Hey, Aoi-kun. If I was able to notice it earlier on, I want to tell you, ‘No matter what happens, I will protect you’. Blurb: “Shino’s kiss, Aoi’s injury..Miraculous love will be swept by a storm!!”
Comment: So, it is confirmed that the one with Shino is the one she likes and he seems to be her lover. Mitsuru let his guard down because he thought that the guy she likes and the one who reminds her of the lavender is one and the same so this is quite a shock for him. I guess we’ll know his reaction in the next chapter. This will give Azusa a chance with him. I wonder though if because of this, Mitsuru would pretend to be a girl again to know more about this guy from Shino. Basically, I wonder what Mitsuru will do after this – still confess or withdraw. Azusa is such a tsundere and her high pride won’t let her admit that she likes him. This is probably why Mitsuru who is good with these things cannot quite figure out that she actually likes him. Maybe the first impression really got stuck in his head. =P Hm..I wonder if this will hurt their agreement on making him her target instead of Shino. As for Mego and Aoi, they are really doing great with their lovey-dovey even if it is only words. It’s really nice ^^ Alas, the date is over. And, from the blurb, it seems that there is some trouble ahead. So, aside from an eye injury, Aoi got a shoulder injury. If it is all caused by the same woman, is it some sort of physical abuse? That scar makes me think that it is caused by some hot liquid thrown at him. It can’t be that he saved Shino twice so he got those. Would there be more injuries? This might prevent him from having any swimming/beach scenes with Aoi unless he is okay with showing them to her. Scans by 工作室

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