June 26, 2013

Short Summaries: Hibi Chouchou 32, Hirunaka No Ryuusei 44 and Last Game 21

Hibi Chouchou 32: At school, together with their respective friends, Suiren and Kawasumi meet. They bow to each other and left. While Yuri is quite delighted that their feelings are mutual, Suiren wants to go steady with him. Yuri asks if they would formally go steady on Christmas. Suiren shakes her head. Aya comments that it is Yuri’s birthday on Christmas Eve and she’ll make a cake. Then, they notice Suiren looks feverish. At the clinic, Yuri is lying on the bed, so Suiren tries to go to the other one but the curtains are suddenly pulled closed. They realize that someone else is there. The doctor comes in so they tell her Suiren’s name, homeroom teacher, and that it seems that Suiren has a fever. Upon confirming it to be a high fever, the doctor would inform her homeroom teacher. Before Suiren rests, Aya texts her if she is okay and their class is boring. The doctor comes in again and tells Suiren that her mother would come to fetch her soon. Then, she wakes up upon hearing some voices of a couple of guys. Ryosuke urges Kawasumi to go to the bed at the right side since he’s worried about Suiren. Kawasumi doesn’t want to disturb Suiren and they should go. In the end, Kawasumi just stands by the curtain and tells Suiren to properly rest up. After they left, Suiren is quite happy. Coughing Koharu with a mask opens the other curtain and complains how come it is her when Suiren can only nod nonstop while she strived hard [to get Kawasumi]. After the doctor tells her to keep it down, Koharu says forget it, she won’t do anything again and she had totally forgotten about wanting to go steady with him. She closes the curtain and asks if they are going steady. Thinking that Koharu still likes Kawasumi, Suiren starts to tell her that about going steady.. Koharu opens the curtains and tells her not to say it. She closes her eyes when Suiren says they aren’t. Then, Koharu starts to sarcastically say that Suiren actually can talk so did the fever broke her head, no, fixed it. Suiren snubs her and closes the curtain. Suiren thinks that in terms of striving hard, she cannot be compared to Koharu but she would strive harder. Two days after Suiren was absent, her friends greet her in school. Then, they see Kawasumi walking ahead. He nods at her and walks away with Ryosuke. While the others are commenting that it is great that cute Suiren is well, she goes towards Kawasumi and greets him a good morning. That surprises everyone. Comment: Somewhat thanks to Koharu and Suiren’s own initiative, Suiren is making more moves on Kawasumi to make him want to go steady with her. The first start is to talk which was Koharu’s criticism about her. Since he’s slow and everything that Suiren has to be always the one taking the initiative, I hope that Kawasumi would be the one to initiate on wanting to go steady with her. Apparently, it is hinted that it might happen on Christmas. It will be romantic if that happens ^^ As for Koharu, did she really give up or upon learning that they aren’t going steady, she would continue to do something? Scans by allwink
Hirunaka No Ryuusei 44: After the bus station, the couple was informed that the buses are grounded because of the snow storm. At the taxi station, the man says the cabs had already left and it would be quite expensive to go back to Tokyo. Shishio asks where the café is. The man regrets to tell them that there is no café because this is a rural area though there is a small inn nearby. While the two are thinking of ‘inn’, the man says that he doesn’t think the traffic [/transportation] will resume today. Shishio suggests that they wait for the snow to stop. After one hour, Susume sneezes out loud. He asks her if she is alright. She apologizes for it. She thinks that it has been one hour and half, the snow isn’t stopping. Shishio suggests that they go to the inn. Since she is looking at him, he explains that if they keep this up, they’ll freeze to death and don’t worry, he’ll get two rooms. Susume wonders if he is saying that they will be spending the night there. At the inn, the woman apologizes that there is only one room left since they are all full. Susume says that they won’t be staying. Shishio tells her that if they don’t stay, she’ll.. Susume insists that she is alright and it has definitely stopped snowing outside. She opens the door and it is still snowing heavily in the ‘silver colored world’. While Shishio is speechless, the woman asks if they actually have two choices. Soon, they are led into their room. She narrates the items inside and Shishio just mutters in agreement. Sticking out his tongue, he tells her that this side is his territory and it is forbidden for her to trespass. Then, he tells her that she went pass it. She backs away and apologizes. He says that he is going to take a bath and she should quickly go, too or else, she’ll catch a cold. He tells her that they’ll leave early tomorrow morning. There is an incoming call so Shishio goes out of the room. Susume feels quite nervous for both of them will be in a single room. She thinks that he is definitely apprehensive about her and even if a lot of things happened today, this is more natural than when they are at the shrine. She plans to apologize to him here as an opportunity to make up with him. She starts sending her uncle an email that she’ll be staying at Yuyuka’s house. Outside, Yukichi called Shishio to talk about Susume. She told him that she’ll go out with a friend but she isn’t home yet and it is snowing hard. He is wondering if Shishio knows where she is. Shishio apologizes and says that he doesn’t know but even if she didn’t contact him, Susume should be alright. He suggests that he asks Susume’s classmates. After hanging up the phone, Shishio looks a bit flustered. Soon, it is already 9:30pm. Waiting by the table, Susume thinks that Shishio is quite slow and is he like Sizuka [character from Doraemon implying that Shishio quite meticulous in taking a bath = slow] Then, she wonders if the futons are too close to each other. While she is over-thinking about the split territory and the futons, Shishio comes in and says that she isn’t sleeping yet when it is already late. Susume thinks that he just came out of the bath and she feels nervous about it. While berating herself for being too pure, she realizes that this isn’t the time for this. While Shishio is wondering where to smoke, Susume calls out to him and apologizes for the disguise, going to a far away place, and riding on separate trains for she is only thinking that it is quite bad if they were seen by someone but she didn’t plan on making him angry. Standing up, Shishio says that it is alright, he isn’t angry at her, he never did, and there’s nothing bad about her. This surprises Susume. He says that it is time to sleep. Susume wonders why she isn’t relieved even if he said such kind words. He tells her that he’ll be closing the lights. She says okay. She notices that he is pulling his futon away from hers. While he closes the lights and greets her good night, Susume thinks that he was holding her hand tight but he also let go and he won’t properly look into her eyes. She concludes that he isn’t acting normal. She stands behind him and lightly pulls the hem of his sleeve. Feels like crying, she asks him to please, at least, properly look into her eyes and talk with her. To her surprise, he suddenly pulls her to him. Comment: So, they are stranded and now has to stay overnight at the inn together in one room. I guess Shishio cannot look into her eyes because he felt guilty over lying to her uncle about her whereabouts. Other than that, he is obviously trying to make her go to sleep already and keep a bit of distance so that he won’t do anything rash. It failed since it makes her feel that he has a problem with her and make her ‘move closer’ to him. I don’t think anything much would happen next..maybe he’ll snap out of it and they’ll talk or something. I wonder if the others, aside from Yuyuka, would know about this. Scans by allwink
Last Game 21: Just when Souma is about to touch Kujou’s face, he snaps out of it and slaps her cheek. Yanagi is surprised and Tachibana is disappointed. Souma claims that there is a mosquito. Believing him, Kujou thanks him. Souma is surprised when President calls out to Yanagi about the drinks. Souma pushes Kujou to Yanagi and says that her prince has arrived. Yanagi asks if he incited Kujou. Souma replied that he didn’t and Yanagi should quickly take her away since he [Souma] wants to avoid any relationship with them stupid little married couple. Surprised Yanagi asks that he obviously come to look for trouble. Souma teases him if he wants someone to cause trouble and is he an M[asochist]. While Yanagi shouts that he doesn’t want and he isn’t a M, Souma takes his drink and left. Souma passes by Tachibana and tells her that he isn’t going to fulfill her wish. Tachibana offers to help him out that Souma calls her meddlesome and he doesn’t want have anything to do with a girl like her. While the two angrily smiles and trade barbs at each other, Fujimoto calls out to them that it is time to eat lunch. During lunch, Kujou made Japanese style bento while Tachibana made Western style bento. When Fujimoto asks if she is more into Japanese cuisine, Kujou tells them that she is okay with Western but thinking of balance diet, she leans more on Japanese. Tachibana tries to get their attention by hinting that ‘poor her’, she only knows Western food and hasn’t thought of balance diet. The intention is make them praise her by saying ‘not really’ just like the President’s reaction but instead, Kujou sincerely suggests that she adds more vegetables for fiber. This made Tachibana just timidly says yes for Kujou unconsciously thwart her intention. Shiori thinks that these two girls are complete opposites. Then, Yanagi’s phone is ringing. After being asked why he isn’t answering, Yanagi complains about that his sister just wants him to accompany her in seeing some new ARKINN [economy type wine shop] product which is annoying. Kujou asks if it is some brand new potato [May Queen potato that sounds like Arkinn]. Yanagi is surprised that she suddenly talked about potatoes. Tachibana starts praising him over this invitation but Yanagi thinks it is a waste of time with his sister. After talking with Tachibana, Yanagi notices that Kujou is nibbling on her onigiri. He wonders if she always eats quite few like that and if she isn’t feeling well. Next, the president wants them to go to the arcade. After showing off his skills, he wants to play a shooting game with Souma who declines for he doesn’t want to do something where he won’t win. It turns out that president just wants to show off to Tachibana. Since it is Kujou’s first time in an arcade, Yanagi teaches her to play whack-a-mole and got 99 points. To Yanagi’s shock, Kujou won by 100 points. Not wanting to lose, Yanagi wants to do it again. As the two argue over who’ll play, Tachibana is scowling. In the end, Yanagi lost. Just as Fujimoto says that they go somewhere else, Kujou sees Tachibana giving some tea to Yanagi. Kujou is watching them when a girl accidentally bumps into her. Kujou manages to save the three scoops of ice cream cone from falling on the ground for the girl. Kujou thinks that she is a bit absent-minded lately. Then, she realizes that the others are gone. Yanagi asks the others where Kujou is. He and Fujimoto realize that she is lost. While Fujimoto panics, Yanagi calls Kujou on her cellphone. Kujou says that she is at the Ferris Wheel. Looking at the map, Fujimoto says that is quite far away. Yanagi tells Kujou to wait there and he’ll fetch her. Kujou tells him that there’s no need to specially come and get her, they just meet up again later on so they can go ahead and have fun. Yanagi tells the others that Kujou said that she’ll come to them later on so they shouldn’t mind her and just meet at the central plaza.
As Fujimoto decides what to do next, Yanagi feels that Kujou is acting a bit strange. He tells Tachibana to tell the others that he’s going to Kujou. Tachibana shouts for him to wait, why he is nice to Kujou up to this extent when they are not at all in one [same] world. Even if one is to talk about her living condition, it isn’t quite good so in short, they aren’t well-matched, doesn’t he think so? Yanagi smiles and replies that ever since 10 years ago, he always wanted to chase after her as if his life depended on it. He apologizes and left. Tachibana grinds her teeth and says that she fundamentally doesn’t understand what he meant. Kujou is sitting on a bench since she is a bit tired after some walking. Looking at the happy people around her, she finds it weird for what is this feeling and she wonders if it is because she wandered off from the others. She recalls Yanagi with Tachibana and feels quite lonely. She is surprised when Yanagi lightly knocks on her head and calls out to her. As she tries to tell him that this isn’t the meeting place, Yanagi says that is right but he always see her quite listless so he is a bit bothered by it. She stares at him that Yanagi thinks that there is something strange. He suggests that they ride the Ferris Wheel. In the Ferris Wheel, Yanagi couldn’t believe that his greatest goal for today actually came true – the two of them alone in the Ferris Wheel. Yanagi asks if she isn’t feeling well. Noticing that fretful uneasy feeling is gone, Kujou tells him that she is okay, and she feels a bit happy. Yanagi says is that so. He starts to wonder if he was mistaken about it. She tells him that it feels as if it has been a long time since the two of them are together like this. He touches her hand. They look at each other. And, to his dismay, she asks if he is scared of heights. While Yanagi tries to protest, she tells him that it is alright, she isn’t afraid of heights and he shouldn’t mind since he also held her hand at the roller coaster. Holding his hand tight, she says, “I’ll stay by your side.” Yanagi is quite speechless and lets her be. She thinks that this thought of wanting to be with him could perhaps just be just her willfulness. Yanagi is quite happy that he somehow had fallen into a lure where they can hold hands without any misgivings. Kujou wonders if this is okay and is it indecent. After meeting up with the others, Kujou excuses herself to go to the toilet. Inside, after Kujou exchange greetings with Tachibana, Tachibana looks at Kujou and recalls Yanagi’s comment of always chasing after Kujou. Tachibana mutters that it makes no sense to her. Kujou asks, huh so surprised Tachibana says that it is nothing. And, the contents of Tachibana’s bag accidentally spilled down. Kujou helps her pick the things up and she notices a picture. It is a picture of a girl and a fat girl. The words on the picture say 3rd year Junior High, highest record of 78 kg, never forget this shame, and concentrate in going back into shape. Horrified Tachibana grabs the picture back and threatens Kujou not to tell anyone about it or else, she’ll beat her to death. She runs out and exclaims she couldn’t believe it. Kujou looks puzzled and wonders if that was just a hallucination. Comment: Kujou is still getting acquainted with these feelings of ‘love’ and ‘jealousy’. And, Yanagi is satisfied with whatever he can get away with her ^^ Apparently Souma has backed away again and stopped himself before he gets himself too involved. Tachibana doesn’t seem to want to give up yet but now that Kujou had unwittingly know her ‘secret’, I wonder if this makes Tachibana back off a bit. She might be scared of the others knowing it since Kujou can innocently do things contrary to what is expected. From that scene, it does seem that Yanagi has already rejected Tachibana. Scans by 红莲汉
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Life is all about taking chances, appreciating the memories, learning from the past and finding happiness. ~ Sushan Sharma