May 27, 2013

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun [Chapter 47]

Cover page: “Just thinking[/felt] that the you, who seated next to me[/tonari] exists, everyday becomes warm.” Title: Third Year Student/s. At her house, Shizuku looks at Takaya who is wearing his junior high school uniform. She is really hyped over this. Their father gets a camera and takes a picture of them both together. It is spring and time to go back to school for their third year. Still reading, Shizuku goes to school with struggling Nagoya under her arm. Looking at the school board, Natsume is shock for she isn’t classmates with Shizuku, Chizuru and some of Sasayan’s friends in 3D but she is with Sasayan and others in 3E. At the fastfood, Iyo is ranting at Chizuru, [I presume] who is surrounded by Mabo and Tomio. Shizuku and Yamaken are both studying. Then, Shizuku looks at lifeless Asako. Carrying their food, Sasayan seemed to ask what the matter is. Holding a paper, Asako cries that during their Kyoto graduation field trip, they are strictly made to move around by their own class section. Yamaken and Sasayan made a side comment which infuriates Asako and made her leave the group. Soon, at Nara Park to feed the deers, Asako gets in the picture taking with Shizuku’s group. She wants to join 3D but Sasayan pulls her away. At night, Asako even slept on the floor to be with Shizuku and Chiruzu. Sasayan and others had a pillow fight. Then, it is summer. Shizuku and others watch Sasayan’s baseball game. Chizuru sees Takaya heading out of his house. After Chizuru rings the door bell, she comments that Takaya has grown taller. Takaya looks smitten. And, it is hiking time at the mountains together with everyone including Yamaken’s group. And, another close encounter between Sasayan and Asako. Holding hands, Sasayan walks her home and apparently, one of her geta [sandals] broke. During summer review, Shizuku finishes ahead of time so she bids Yamaken farewell. Yamaken notices that she left her pen. He takes it and puts in his shirt’s pocket. [souvenir? =P] Then, Yuuzan, together with Andou, crashes in with Mitsuyoshi. He brought a lot of wine, doughnuts, pizza and a box of chocolates. After Mitsuyoshi took a bath, drunk Yuuzan rants over a picture of his drunk father with women. He is angry over this scandal and punches the magazine. Then, he laughs with Mitsuyoshi.
It is time to prepare for the school festival again. At the library, Sasayan is having trouble with his studies. Shizuku helps him out with it. Chizuru asks Asako about her future prospective. She holds out her card: 1. Owner of a flower shop. 2. The miss at the dolphin performance show 3. (>~~<)  A note from the teacher tells her to re-propose/write that. To Asako’s shock, the others stare at her and continue studying. On the day of the festival, Iyo is performing some ‘Miss Queen’ with the usual fanfare and the poor guys have to carry her. [I think it is Cleopatra]. Shizuku’s class is doing some Japanese ghost exhibit. I don’t know what Shizuku is dressed up as [seems like a huge rock], but Asako is a witch and Sasayan is a black cat. It is the start of winter. Shizuku has successfully trained Nagoya to fly to her arm upon whistling for him. [Cool] Then, there are more studying and exams. At the game center, Yamaken’s friends glomp on Santa Asako which surprises everyone. Shizuku continues to study with only two months left for the exam. And, on the New Year, they all watch the sunrise by the shrine. Finally, it is the day to take the college exam. It is snowing heavily on that day. After Shizuku finishes, she walks out of the university and looks up the snowy sky. Soon, she is holding up her umbrella, probably rejoicing when she notices someone behind her. It is her smiling mother. Later on, Asako put some make-up on Shizuku and brings her to the game center. It is Shizuku’s birthday and ‘good work’ on the exam party. Everyone pops their party popper and Yamaken spits his drink over how beautiful Shizuku looks. Everyone is amazed by how nice Shizuku looks and Asako is very proud of herself. Asako tries to tease Yamaken. Yamaken tries to make a side remark to which Shizuku rebuts him. Soon, everyone is having a great laugh except for Iyo who seems to be teased. Then, it is a toast. Back at home, Shizuku’s father is asking her where his socks are. Airing the futon, Shizuku tells him that it is at the rightmost drawer and start looking at the upper layer. He thanks her for that. Shizuku scolds him to start remembering things because she will be very busy this spring when she goes to college. Scratching his head, he says okay, he knows already. To Shizuku’s surprise, her father holds up a letter telling her that a letter came for her, written with lively words. On the envelope, Haru’s name is written in huge bold words. Shizuku quickly runs to her room with the letter.
It reads: “Dear Miss Shizuku, How are you? It has already been a year since then. *Shizuku angrily mutters what’s up with that nonchalantly way [/as if nothing happened way of writing] when there was obviously no news for a year.* I’m not quite familiar with the surroundings here. Even if I’m there are times when I’m at a complete loss, but there are some kind-hearted people at my side and right now, I’m quite happy. How’s the situation at your side? Did Natsume give you some problems? Are Sasayan and Ooshima and the others doing well? I’m very worried whether or not that idiot Yamaken would steal you away. By the way, how come I didn’t lay my hand on you before I left. *Shizuku’s ponytails go up* I really felt regretful about that. But then, that is also inevitable. Because for me, you are a special person. Lately, I had been thinking of something. *A man asks Haru what he is doing [at the corner]. Somewhat long-haired Haru smiles and says that he’s writing a letter to his lover.* Among researchers, there is in a word, ‘observing a substance would make it exist’. With that, interpersonal relationships are most probably also like that. After encountering you for the first time, I was able to be look at my human self. *Shizuku recalls past memories* How are you getting by now, Shizuku? Because it’s you, so I think that you ought to have gone towards your goal and advancing though it every single day. I’ll write to you again.” Shizuku reads, “..I end it here for now. ..Haru.” Then, she notices a picture. She looks at it in surprise and smiles. She puts it on her bookcase along with some other pictures before heading out of the room. Narration: “-PS. Speaking of that, the first time I’ve met you, I’ve said, ‘My feelings of liking you, Shizuku has not changed.” But right now, this has changed. Shizuku, I like you the most.” And, along with the field trip and school festival picture, it is the picture of Haru flashing a v-sign with a huge tuna. And, it is spring again. Blurb: “Finally, ushering in the finale. Will Haru come back or not..!?”
Comment: That is one way of compressing a year events into one chapter. Even without Haru, school life still goes on. Aside from studying, Shizuku is spending time with the others. It is nice that Shizuku’s mother came to see her..and it was a surprise. I’m not too sure if in real life, a couple would be okay with a one year no communication like what happened here with Shizuku and Haru. Is it because they are quite secure with each other or too busy with their own thing or both? It has been observed that they tend to do things on their own. I would think of this like even after some separation with no communication and everything while pursuing their own goals, if they still mutually like each other, then good, we are meant for each other..if not, move on. Apparently, it’s good since Haru had realized that not only he likes her, he likes her the most. ^^ That part of his letter is quite romantic. His regret on not hitting on her before he left is funny. Hopefully, the finale would be great and after all, it is haru/spring season again. ^-^ It is also his birthday. Would there be get a time skip over what they would be like when they’re older? Of course, I think Shizuku would be very beautiful like her mother. ^^ Scans by 离境

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