May 28, 2013

Kyou no Kira-kun [Chapter 21]

Page 21: Love Sick. Cover page: “The one who is most loved by Nino is unexpected not Kira nor Yabe, but this famous guy!?” In bed, Kira looks at the clock which is at 6:55am. Narration: “I hate the sound of the moving clock. I feel that it is the sound which kind of reminding me of how much time I have left. *recalls Yabe telling him that he cannot give Nino happiness since he is heading to the grave* ..Annoying to death. I feel that something is going to happen today.” Already dressed up in her uniform, Nino looks at the empty bottle of coke with Yabe’s ‘I like you’ note. She recalls him telling her to properly think about it. Her mother calls out to her to eat breakfast. Sensei looks at Nino and thinks that even if Nino’s feelings are already determined but it would be better if strange things don’t happen. At the shoe lockers, Kira tells Nino that he watched a zombie movie at CS. Nino asks if it is a sequel to the one he mentioned before. Kira says that is right, and it is really amazing. Nino says that’s great, then. Glancing at him, Nino thinks that it is good that Kira is more energetic and even if this is good, should she tell him about Yabe. She notices Yabe coming in the school. Yabe notices her. He blushes really red and looks away. Nino looks a bit tense. Then, Yabe notices that Rei is staring at him. Munching on her chocolate bar, she walks away thinking that he had confessed. A bit nervous Yabe thinks that it is that girl again. Rei goes to the two and greet them a good morning. Nino decides to talk with Yabe first. At the back of the school building, Nino apologizes to Yabe for calling him out to this place because she thinks that it is more convenient if there are no people around. Blushing Yabe waits with crossed arms. Nino thanks for his message and it is like a dream, she’s very happy. “But, I like Kira-kun. So, even if I’m thankful for your feelings..” Yabe walks towards her and shouts that he knows that and from his side, he also understands the situation. “I plan on doing a long term brave fight, idiot.” Nino protests that he still hasn’t totally heard her reply. Yabe tells her that no one predict the future. Nino looks surprised at flustered Yabe. Holding his arm that is trying to cover her mouth earlier, determined Nino exclaims, “I will like Kira-kun for a long time!! *walking away* No matter what is said, I have clearly said [my piece].” Yabe just glances at her. Still walking, Nino thinks that she didn’t expect things will turn out like that for it turns out that he still has some other things to say. She looks somewhat flustered. Yabe quietly hangs his head down. Narration: “December 13th. –Yabe-kun, how does he view this thing about Kira’s illness?”
At Kira’s room, he gives a cup of hot drink to Nino. Nino asks if it is okay for her to be there when the movie is about to start. Kira says that didn’t she say that she has something to tell him so he is very curious about it. Nino apologizes and says that she was waiting for the opportunity when Sensei is taking a bath since she wants to tell him about it when they are all alone. Somewhat surprised, Kira asks if this has something to do with Yabe. Nino admits that it is true. While wondering how come he knows, Nino tells him that Yabe had confessed to her. Kira looks surprised. Nino says that of course, she likes only Kira so, in order to avoid some future misunderstanding, she wants to tell him about this ahead of time. Nino happily says that even if she has this ‘why me’ feeling.. Kira just slightly clenches his fist. Because of some screaming on the television, Nino says that the movie is starting. She sees a zombie that suddenly appeared. In shock, she screams and spills the hot drink on Kira’s shirt. Startled Nino apologizes and says that she’ll go get something to clean it. Kira says that it is alright, he’ll just take it off. Nino is surprised when Kira starts to remove his shirt. She covers her face with her hands and closes her eyes. Kira glances at her and suddenly holds her hands. Kira says that for her to ask ‘why me’ that is of course because she’s super cute. “I usually have a lot of patience on not touching you. Do you want me to tell you? *puzzled Nino blushes and calls out his name.* Thinking that you might be moved towards Yabe infuriates me.” He suddenly kisses her. With intertwined hands, Kira starts to give her a French kiss. After breaking it off, Nino is catching her breath and bends down on the floor. They look at each other. Then, they are surprised when Sensei is calling out to Nino if she is at Natural Perm’s. Nino quickly goes to the balcony and shouts back for him to wait since she’ll be going over already. Kira somewhat sweatdrops over this. The next morning, Sensei is very suspicious for the two aren’t talking and looks kind of embarrassed. Nino suddenly calls out Kira’s name. Kira stiffly exclaims what it is. Nino mentions about that Christmas thing before, has he thought of what to do. Kira says no, and it seems that it will be coming soon. Nino says yes, and she anticipates it. Nino thinks that before that, there is still the exams. Kira tells her that there’s something dirty on her hair. Just when he is about to remove it, Nino suddenly holds up her hand to stop him. This surprises Kira. Nino quickly apologizes and explains that it is only because she was startled. Kira says okay, sorry about that.
In class, the teacher hands out the results of their short quiz. Nino is shock that she got a grade of 52. Sensei thinks that it is quite awful. The teacher tells them that exams will start next week so they should pay attention. As the teacher dismisses the class, Kira looks at his exam that has the result of 29. He is okay with it since he wasn’t enthusiastically studying, and actually, it also has no meaning. Kira glances at Nino who is looking at her exam paper. He thinks that suddenly making a move had bothered Nino a bit. Then, he overhears Hyakuta and Ikigoma asking Nino about her grade. Nino says that it is totally bad. Hyakuta says that it is the same with them for it is totally no good that they are having fun with their boyfriend and they didn’t study. “It seems that we have to think of the future and properly live or else, it would be quite bad.” Kira looks surprised and recalls that Nino wants to study in college. The girls ask Nino if it is okay, they can study together today. Nino exclaims of course, and they must call her [to join them]. Someone mentions that they should also get someone who has a good grade [for their study group]. At the other side, Yabe’s friend exclaims in surprise that Yabe got a grade of 98. Yabe is glancing at Kira [kind of yearning look]. Kira sees him then he quickly looks away. Yabe looks slightly flustered. Kira gets a text message from Yabe: “It seems that you are aware that you are a hindrance to her future.” Nino looks behind her wondering if Kira and Rin would also want to go with them. To her surprise, Kira is no longer on his seat. As it starts to snow, Kira is at the train station around 4:27pm. Kira thinks that even if the feelings are mutual, but it is quite far off, and actually, he doesn’t have the courage to cross over that line together with Nino. “Because I don’t have that kind of right [to do so].” He is surprised when Nino calls out to him and shouts why he didn’t say anything and just left. Kira tells Nino that it isn’t school dismissal yet. Nino says that there is only homeroom left. Kira sweatdrops and asks that isn’t she still going to study. Nino says what he is saying, of course, he is more important and she was worried to death since she thought he isn’t feeling well. Kira apologizes. Nino says that’s good enough. After a pause, it is announced that the train is coming. Nino tells him that she’s lying, for actually, she thought that he is still bothered about that thing this morning. “That is truly only because I’m too nervous. Because I like Kira-kun. *holds surprised Kira’s hand* Trying out the first time of everything, if it isn’t with you, Kira-kun, I don’t want [it].” Kira looks surprised over teary-eyed blushing Nino. Nino exclaims that the train is here so no matter what, let’s get in first. Just when the train door is closing, Nino looks back and is surprised that Kira didn’t go in the train with her. Sensei seems to also look surprised. As the train leaves, Kira leans on the post and thinks, “It’s not very easy for me to prepare to give up, stupid Nino. *cries and kneels down* I like you. Like you. Like you. *sob* Like you. Like you. Staying at your side, hurts so much.”
Comment: From the way they are hinting things, I think that they are going to do it on Christmas. Apparently, Nino is somewhat ready but Kira kind of chickened out. He seems to be thinking that he has no right to take Nino’s first especially since he won’t be around anymore. What Yabe has been telling him lately has gotten into Kira that he couldn’t be selfish and think of only himself and Nino ‘for now’. He has to also think of Nino’s future when he’s no longer around. She might pay the price if he continues being selfish. In this case, it is Nino’s failing grades which might had made him a bit guilty. Nino’s assurance didn’t work so I guess a third party is needed to patch things up. Hm..maybe tell him that things will work out and let Nino handle the future-whatever, for what’s really important is ‘now with you’. Just like what Greice mentioned, it seems that aside from wooing Nino for any possible future with him, Yabe is trying to get Kira’s attention. That is basing on his reaction when Kira immediately looks away from him in class. Since Yabe is the one with the good grades, I guess he’ll be the one tutoring Nino later on. Scans by 离境

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