May 4, 2013

The One [Chapter 101]

Angus had threatened Lele to leave Eros and go to him. Lele holds up her hand to touch Angus’ face. She asks him to not to be like this for the Angus she knows, even if he likes to tease her, had never truly hurt her and she really believed this. She asks him not to make her afraid of him and she also wants him to be her cherished person. Angus loosens his grip. To his surprise, she quickly hugs him. She tells her not to be angry at her like that for she doesn’t like him like that. And about that connection she mentioned, it is true for she hasn’t forgotten that their hearts connected since they were both sad in that snowy cemetery. She still remembers his lonely and helpless eyes. She regrets that she wasn’t able to do anything for him since their time together is quite few. Touching his eyes, she tells him that she wants to drive away that loneliness and pain. She wants to remove that mask and he would have that pure smile. She kisses him. Angus wonders if those tears are for him. Angus hugs her back. While kissing, Lele opens her eyes and looks at the side. She sees the oar. She tries to reach for it but Angus grabs her hand. Angus asks her if she really thinks of him as a fool. He grabs the oar from her. Angus tells her that since 13 years old, he knew that women cannot be trusted and he thought that that it is possible that the one whom Eros had an eye on isn’t the same but this is the proof. There’s no difference between her and those high society hypocrite whores. Lying and acting, someone like her doesn’t have the right to be with Eros. With that, Angus hits Lele’s head with the oar. Andre drops his binoculars and shouts for Lele. As blood flows from her forehead, unconsciously Lele falls down into the water. Andre quickly runs and jumps into the water. He swims and sees Angus darkly glaring at him. Andre dives in, grabs Lele and surfaces up with her. He notices that Angus is already rowing away from them. Andre angrily shouts if he isn’t human, don’t run away, murderer. As Andre swims with unconscious Lele, he tells her to hold on, he’ll immediately bring her to the hospital. Angus has already gotten off the boat. He looks at Andre with Lele, swimming. He sits down and watches. He turns around to see Eros and the other arriving. He smiles and says that they’ve come. Eros angrily grabs his collar and shouts what he did and where is Lele. Angus points at the side. While Taylor and Leo hold on to unconscious Lele, Andre catches his breath and tells them to quickly rush her to the hospital for she lost a lot of blood. Eros looks aghast. Angus coldly smiles and tells him that he only taught her a lesson. He holds Eros’ brother hand and tells him that she’s not worthy of his worry and he is only testing her a bit.
Angus tells him that Lele had admitted that she also has desire for him [Angus] and said something about their hearts connected and would help him drive away his sadness and loneliness. “Do not be deceived by her! In this whole world, except for our mother, do not trust any of them! Leave her! It is enough for you to only have me! *Eros aghast over what Angus is saying* Let’s go back to New York! And move to that house where we used to live when we were young. Just the two of us, and also, together with a picture of mother.. she’ll definitely be very happy! *slightly crazed smiling childish expression* Afterwards.. we’ll return to the time when we can live in carefree without worries! What do you say?” At the hospital, while Taylor and Leo wait anxiously, Eros arrives and asks how the situation is, and is she awake. Leo says that she woke up a bit but her head hurts a lot so they gave her medicine to sleep. The doctor says that it is a head concussion and they are worried that it might lead to a blood clot so she has to stay in the hospital for a few days for observation. Leo asks what happened to Angus. Eros says that he made him drink some wine and watched him go to sleep. He used Angus’ cellphone to call Ulysses to come to the hotel and watch over Angus for him. He’ll properly talk with Angus when he goes back tonight. Andre angrily asks what’s to properly talk with a mentally ill person and he should be immediately brought to the hospital for treatment, no, he should be brought to the police for premeditated murder. After looking shock over that, Eros thanks Andre for saving Lele but regarding his younger brother, an outsider like him shouldn’t make absurd comments. Andre angrily says that is right, for what kind of younger brother he has, doesn’t have anything to do with him but his precious younger brother hurt the person he loves and he cannot just sit there and do nothing. Thinking that this is another headache, Eros tells Andre to move, he is going to see Lele. Andre goes in front of the door and shouts, no, for everything that has happened today is all his fault since he didn’t resolve the problem with his younger brother first before going steady with Lele. And that put her in a risky situation. He had thought that Eros would be better than him in protecting Lele so he temporarily backed off but right now, he realized that compared to him, Eros has no right to be at Lele’s side because at least, he absolutely won’t let her encounter this kind of danger. He has seen through it that Eros basically doesn’t know how to deal with his twisted younger brother. Angus shouts that Eros has to choose to guarantee that Lele won’t be threatened again, or else, he absolutely won’t let him near Lele. Eros bites his lip and looks tense. Next chapter will be out in Taiwan on June 5th. Blurb for next chapter: “Andre has resolved to make Lele leave Eros’ side. The news of Lele’s injury had reached Taiwan. Fei Hong and Shang immediately flew to Spain to visit her. Eros’ plight will become more difficult..”
Comment: From the looks of things, the couple’s new predicament would be kind of like ‘Romeo and Juliet’ wherein the people around them would not approve of the other. It does seem that Angus is really ill that he is somewhat wants to return to his happier childhood days because he doesn’t want to face the present/future anymore. Eros needs to do something about him asap because he might end up like his mother. The things that he did makes him a serious threat to Lele’s safety and life. He didn’t seem remorseful over it and I get a feeling that he vented his anger on all the women who tricked him before on Lele. I guess trying to strangle her to death is his way of testing her = do you love Eros more than your life? Since I got used to people getting away with serious things in shoujo/manga, I was actually surprised when Andre proposed that they get Angus arrested. ^^; Eros and others would probably not want that to happen especially since they know Angus. I don’t know about Lele’s aunt not pressing charges about it especially if Andre tells her what happened. It will be very messy if the media finds out about this so I’m not sure if the mangaka would go that far. But then, Angus has Ulysses so he can probably do something to contain it. I wonder though how much Eros knows of Ulysses and Angus’ relationship but Eros must be hard pressed that he rely on Ulysses. If they do try to get Angus arrested or something, it does make me wonder what Eros would do. Choose to be with Angus, or leave Lele? I think Lele should have continued her acting a bit longer until they are safely on shore rather than try to get the oar and provoke Angus. Of course, she almost got strangled to death and one cannot really think clearly in that kind of situation especially if it is one’s first encounter and she didn’t know that Andre is there. Maybe next time, she ought to learn to swim. Well, this incident will make it harder for Angus to accept her. About swimming, it also took too long for Andre to move into action. I guess he must have thought that everything is okay when Lele starts hugging ‘Eros’ and kissing after the strangling. From the looks of things, because of what happened, it is really bad for Eros. Because of what someone mentioned in baidu, I really hope that the mangaka doesn’t do any ‘amnesia scenario’ thing. Scans by Icy_Chrisy

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