May 3, 2013

Akai Ito [Chapter 8]

Cover page: “Don’t say unnecessary words. It is friendship between guys, okay..?” Holding up his kendo uniform, a guy complains about the rip and how troublesome it is, to sew it. Holding up her calloused hands, dark Chihiro tells him to give it to her and she’ll help him sew it. Narration: “It has already been 5 days since entering the kendo club.. Also today, vigor is thoroughly restored. (temporarily)” The guy tensely says that he’ll leave it up to her then. As Chihiro walks away with the uniform, the guy turns around and tells his teammates that new manager is quite scary. Curly guy says that she is obviously a bishoujo [beautiful girl] and it is such a waste. Someone says that it would be better if she has a cute expression and he was anticipating it when he heard that they have a female manager. Another guy says that an ice beauty isn’t bad at all and he wanted to be chided by her. A guy laughs if that is for real, and he’s such a M[asochist]. Chihiro pouts and thinks that those things don’t matter. The guys were startled when someone shouts for them not to gossip there and if they aren’t enthusiastic, they go out. The guys shout that it is Captain Kagamido, and they apologize. Chihiro thinks that even if the captain is very frightening but he isn’t like those two brothers, [because] he seems decent. Captain Kagamido tells Chihiro that he thinks that the kendo club doesn’t need a manager although there are people in the club who thinks that it is needed.. “If you want to continue on being a manager, then don’t give more trouble to the club, you hear?” [<- meaning that she is distracting the members due to the gossips earlier] Thinking that love can be considered as more troublesome, Chihiro just says yes. Ren glances at Chihiro. While carrying the laundry, Chihiro is called out by the Kagamido brothers. Black brother says that it is their turn to mop the dojo floor after kendo practice so she is going to do it for them instead, please~~ White brother tells her not to ask help from others nor goof off. He also tells her to also wipe their defensive gear. Chihiro says that she thinks that they should be the ones doing that. White brother threatens her by saying that if she say it that way, then it is alright for them to cause trouble to THAT GUY. Flustered Chihiro sighs. Later on, Sho is walking towards the dojo again. He laments over coming over here again and he really still hasn’t learned his lesson. He is surprised to see Chihiro, with the laundry, going in the dojo. He wonders what she is doing and why in the kendo dojo.
Soon, it is getting dark, Chihiro ties up her hair and prepares to start mopping the floor since everyone has gone home. She goes in the dojo to find water spilled all over the place. She mutters that this is too much. She recalls those two brothers. She just bends down and starts wiping the floor. She tries to make herself think that this is no big deal. Then, she notices that one of her nails had a crack. She wonders when this happened. Her hands had become quite rough and it is because of those guys who recklessly ordered her around. She wonders if it is very strange for her to do this kind of thing for even if she does this, it is possible that there’s meaning to it. She tells herself that no, this is fine and it is nothing at all, it is fine just for Hinase to be okay. And, fundamentally, she is doing this to satisfy her ego. Then, she becomes depressed again. Outside, Sho looks at his cellphone and it is already 6:45pm. He thinks that she’s quite late when obviously, club activity is already over. He wonder what she is doing inside and unexpectedly, what’s up with him to still waiting for her there until now.. Then, the door opens. Sho notices Chihiro coming out. Someone calls out and says that it must be very tiring and she is left behind again. Chihiro is surprised to see her stalker. Wondering why he is there, she calls out to Katou-senpai [加藤]. Katou asks her if she isn’t finished mopping and does she want him to help her. Surprised Chihiro tells that there’s no need..for there is only a bit left and she’ll be fine by herself. Katou tells her that there’s no need to be shy[/polite] towards him and he is very happy that Tachibana-chan can become their manager. “I’m always thinking that in the end, you joined the club for me..” Cannot believe that he called her Tachibana-chan, aghast Chihiro exclaims, what. To her surprise, Katou puts his hand on her shoulder and says to give him the bucket. Just when angry Sou is about to come out and shout at Katou, Rino is already there to ask Chihiro if club activity is already over. “I’m waiting impatiently.” Katou immediately let go of Chihiro who is surprised to see Rino. Katou quickly retreats by saying that he’s going ahead and good luck with the clean up. Sou sighs in relief and mutters that Rino did a good job. Rino asks Chihiro if she is alright. “Geez.” Rino pouts at flustered Chihiro. While walking home, Rino complains about Chihiro not telling her anything for without her knowledge, Chihiro had joined the kendo club. Chihiro apologizes for she feared that if she told Rino the reason, Rino would get herself involved with this too so she doesn’t want to tell her.. Rino asks Chihiro if she knew how long they had been together and if something is up with her, she would immediately notice it. Chihiro says that’s true. Rino says that she’s hurt that Chihiro unexpectedly didn’t go and discuss this with her. Flustered Chihiro apologizes to her again and that she’ll reflect on this. Rino says that Chihiro obviously hated joining the club so in the end, it is because of Sho. Chihiro tries to deny it but Rino urges her to tell her about it, what happened with Sho. Pouting Chihiro thinks that Rino is obviously very slow-witted in things regarding herself but regarding hers [Chihiro], Rino is exceptionally sharp. Smiling Rino says, “Yes?” Chihiro reluctantly tells her.
Rino is surprised over Chihiro’s agreement with those two. She tries to tell Chihiro that like that, she’ll.. Chihiro says that it is alright for this is just to satisfy her ego and it has nothing to do with Sho. Rino tries to protest but Chihiro requests her not to tell this to Sho. Rino sighs and says okay but in order to help her in decreasing her workload, she will help her out with the manager work. Surprised Chihiro says, huh..manager.. Smiling Rino says that while looking for her, she already hand out her application to enter the club. Chihiro tries to protest that no, aside from her, Rino will also those guys. Rino tells her that she isn’t entering the club for her, but because the person she is interested in, is also there. She is pretty much like chasing after him into the club and Chihiro doesn’t have to think too much about this. “Okay?” Touched by her words, Chihiro looks at Rino’s smiling face. Chihiro holds Rino’s hands and says, “I’ll definitely protect you! I won’t let those guys bully you!” Smiling Rino replies, “Geez- you’re fussing too much about nothing.” Chihiro thinks, “Thank you, Rino..” At the dojo the next day, the Kogamido brothers sheepishly asks Rino to please help them out in washing these.. Holding up her hand to take the uniform, smiling Rino says okay. Chihiro is speechless for it turns out that there’s no need for her to worry and this is not bad at all. Ren is glancing at Rino. During PE class, a girl tells everyone to go to the gym because there will be a basketball competition. Chihiro is worried that her nails would crack further because of basketball. She is surprised when Sho’s fangirl suddenly hold her hand and shouts that Chihiro’s hands are so rough and her nails are cracked. Chihiro tries to stop her from doing that since they are in front of Sho. Embarrassed Chihiro covers her nails. She is surprised when Sho looks away. Showing her manicured nails, fangirl tells Sho to look at her cute ones and she got the help of an expert. Sho says that those are amazing and long nails, and it would be bad if he got sneak attacked by those. Fangirl says that he’s such a meanie. Flustered Chihiro holds damaged nails tightly to herself. At the gym, Sho manages to shoot the ball in the basket. Fangirls happily cheer. Chihiro looks depressed for not only they don’t talk with each other, they also don’t look at each other either. “It has already been such a long time that I myself no longer know [since when].. What am I anticipating.. Hinase who is always secretly watching the dojo had definitely found out about it early on, that I’ve joined the club.. He also didn’t say anything about it. I should feel like rejoicing [over that] yet unexpectedly, I hope that he would be somewhat concerned about me. So stupid..” While running, Sho glances at depressed Chihiro. Then, someone calls out to him. The ball slips from his hand and goes out of bounds..heading straight at Chihiro who didn’t see it coming. Just as someone is shouting ‘watch out’, bang, the ball hit Chihiro straight on the face. Ouch. Rino goes to Chihiro and calls out her name. Sho worriedly asks if she is alright. Holding her nose, Chihiro says that it hurts. Rino asks where, did she got hit in the face. Chihiro says, ya. She is surprised when Sho bends down to her and asks if she is alright. She quickly turns away from him and says that she is alright.
Then, blood is dripping on the floor. Rino tells her that her nose is bleeding so she should go to the clinic. Chihiro is shocked for she felt embarrassed that this is happening in front of Sho. Turning away, Chihiro insists that she is alright. Sho grabs her arm and offers to go with her. “Can you stand up?” He holds her wrist and walks with her. Chihiro couldn’t believe it, why.. At the clinic, Sho says that the teacher isn’t around so he’ll register first. He looks at Chihiro whose nose is plugged with rolled up tissue[?]. He lets out a laugh and says, “Not bad, it really suits you, Shichimi!” Embarrassed Chihiro exclaims who does he think caused this. Sho apologizes but Chihiro exclaims if he is really sorry. Still laughing, Sho continues to apologize. Chihiro looks surprised. She softens up and thinks that it has been a long time since she talked with him. She decides to remove the plugs from her nose since it is embarrassing. Sho seriously asks her why she joined the kendo club. “Why did you join? That second year is also there..” Chihiro sheepishly says, “That is because.. (In the end, he knew that I joined.. Ah.. could it be that he is always paying attention to me? *blushes* What am I to do? Obviously, our relationship wasn’t harmonious for such a long time..) also knew.. (right now, it seems as if nothing had happened and we’re naturally chatting) I’m also a manager while in junior high.. (laughing happily.. sincerely.. looking straight at me..) I.. just basically really like kendo.. (this is bad.. my voice is shaking.) That kind of quiet ambiance yet there’s that intense feeling.. Making my heart beat fast.. (I obviously do not want you to notice my feelings) I.. (I cannot contain my happiness--..)” Chihiro is trembling and becomes silent. Sho calls out to her. As tears starts to well up in her eyes, Chihiro thinks, “Hinase’s voice--” She looks up at him and thinks, “Hinase’s..” Sho touches her face. He looks at her and wipes her tears. Just when he is holding her hair, the teacher comes in and apologizes that she just went out for a while. The two look surprised at her. Sho says that is great. He tells the teacher that Chihiro had a bleeding nose so check up on her. “Then, I’m going ahead, okay? I’ll go and inform Sakuragi. I’m truly sorry for getting you hitting just now.” Chihiro tries to say something but Sho immediately left the room. He looks slightly flustered. He looks at his hand and mutters, “That girl... she unexpectedly didn’t avoid it..” Then, Rino calls out to him and asks if they can talk for a while. Outside the school building, Sho asks her what this is about, Chihiro joining the club because of him. Rino tells him that in order for those two not to hinder him in joining the club in the future, Chihiro agreed to be the manager. “Although Chihiro told me not to tell you but that child even if she’s hard up, she is only enduring.. so, I felt that it would be better to let you know..” Sho asks how come she would do it up to this extent. Then, he recalls Chihiro calling him an idiot since for him, it might just be dealing with that guy’s pretension but it isn’t so with her..and for her it isn’t the same..  Slightly flustered, Sho holds his head and mutters, “Is this for real.. really idiotic. That girl..” Blurb: “Because [she] likes Hinase.. Next, rapid development!!”
Comment: I like how Rino step up and help out Chihiro even if she is planning to keep Rino from getting involved. As best friends, they both know of each other’s crushes. In short, ‘you cannot hide anything from me’. In a way, they complement each other in helping each other’s love life since they cannot handle it on their own. And that helps progress the story a bit rather than a long stalemate. ^^ Luckily, because of Rino’s personality, the brothers lower their guard towards her. As for telling Sho about it, I guess it is a good decision rather than to keep Chihiro suffering, without the one benefiting from it, knowing what’s going on. Well, at least Chihiro’s burden will now be lightened. We have to also thank the basketball which was the way for Chihiro and Sho to talk to each other again. Chihiro must have really missed Sho that she cried. It can also be a moment weakness especially since she is at her lowest mood especially since the fangirl publicly compared their hands to Sho. seems that Katou will always be stalking Chihiro..always waiting for his opportunity. That means, she would always have to have an escort on her way home. As for the two brothers, it seems that if their elder brother knew what they are doing, they will really be in big trouble. Their brother seems very responsible and do not want to spoil his teammates with a manager. Scans by 深雪组.

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