May 6, 2013

Kyou no Kira-kun [Chapter 20]

Cover page: “Comfortably warm♪ Light as a feather☼ Every second together with you is comparatively quite blissful!” Page 20 – Crazy Moon. Narration: “What do those words, ‘serves you right’ unexpectedly mean?” At their house, Kira tells Nino that he’s going to sleep early so he won’t be going to her house. Nino says okay. “See you tomorrow.” Kira goes in his house and inside, his smile disappears. He recalls how Yabe was looking at him. While Nino hangs up her coat, Sensei says that she didn’t tell Kira about encountering that hoodlum. Taking off her sweater, Nino says that she didn’t because it appears that Kira isn’t feeling well and she didn’t want him to worry. Sensei says that if it were possible, he would also want to play hero and save the beautiful maiden but sorry, he is only a bird. Rubbing him on her cheek, Nino says that it is alright, she is already very satisfied that he is always at her side. She tells Sensei that she has to sincerely thank Yabe for saving her some time although she is a bit concerned about his strange words and actions before he left. Sensei seems surprised then he thinks that actually, even if she didn’t say it, Natural Perm had also seen it from start to end. Lost in thought Yabe is playing with the kitten when he perks up upon hearing a scream. Someone is shouting about an unexpected cancellation so what about the shooting tomorrow. It turns out that the studio has already been reserved so they have to temporarily find a female high schooler.. Puzzled Yabe thinks that his sister is really going wild. He is surprised when she goes to his room and darkly tells him that there is a teeny-tiny favor that she wants to ask of him. In school, while Rei is eating chocolate covered stick biscuits, Nino is surprised over what Yabe said regarding an interview. Yabe tells her that his older sister is working as an editor at a magazine. She is responsible for the layout and every month, she introduces an ordinary girl who can be considered as full of individuality. Surprised Nino asks why her. Yabe says that she is already full of individuality <- referring to the bird [Sensei] always perched on her shoulder. While Sensei is happy that he will be on a magazine, Nino still tries to protest until Yabe reminds her that he saved her yesterday. He assures her that it is just a small magazine that wasn’t read by many people and since it is work, she’ll be paid for it. After some hesitation, Nino accepts. She says that this small thing which might not be enough compensation if he had scars. Yabe holds her hand and says if that is so, then, to take responsibility, she’ll marry him. Nino, Sensei and Rei look surprised.
While leaving, Yabe tells her that if she is shy, she can bring someone to accompany her. Blushing Nino is still puzzled over what Yabe just said. Kira has returned to class. He tells Nino that the teacher Old Timer called him over something not that important and strangely, it turned into a love consultation. Nino tells him that she has something to tell him for Yabe just said.. Kira looks surprised, and then he looks serious. He tells her that he’s also going. At studio 2, Yabe’s sister introduces herself as Yuki [guesswork from ], the sister of Yabe, and she is the magazine editor. Accompanied by Kira, Nino introduces herself. Yuki exclaims that it is true that a bird is perched on her shoulder and this specimen looks so lifelike. She comments that the one with her looks familiar. Kira greets her that it has been a long time. Yuki screams in surprise for it is Kira and he became manlier. Yabe watches by the wall and tensely glances at Rei who is standing beside him. She is eating a melon bread. He thinks that this eating girl also came and she is even standing beside him. While Nino and Kira wonder when Rei also came here, Yuki darkly calls out to her younger brother to stop staring around and go to work which is why she called him here. While Yuki tells Nino to fill up some questionnaire, Kira says that he will stay by the stairs over there. After sitting down, Kira removes his coat and thinks that Yuki is still quite energetic. Then, he glances at Yabe who is helping fix the lights. Yabe is complaining why it is always him. Kira thinks that the way the siblings interact is still the same in the past. He recalls Yabe removing his glasses and saying that he can also do bad type things so please be his friend. Kira looks thoughtful. Below the stairs, Yuki interviews her, what her favorite drink is. She tells her, Cola. Yuki tells her that she also likes that during high school and she would always order Yabe to buy it for her but he would always seize the opportunity to do some mischief. When Nino asks about this, Yuki says that Yabe would always use a black marker pen to write on the plastic bottle to scold her and she only realized it when she drank it all up. Yuki changes the topic to go to the last question, what is her plan for the future or she hasn’t thought of it yet. Kira overhears this and thinks that he hasn’t heard Nino talk about that. Nino says that she hasn’t thoroughly decided on it but if it is possible, she wants to do something that is related to birds, maybe a veterinarian. Yuki comments that she really likes birds. Nino tells her that because of this, she has decided to first go to college. Kira glances at her and clenches his fist. He thinks that she had seriously thought of it, the future without him.
Yuki stands up and says that for the main event, it will be a photo shoot segment wherein they will take her pictures - one in school uniform and another in formal wear. And about the formal wear, it is just a simple hairstyle and wearing feminine clothes. Nino is shock. Yuki says that it seems that the hair stylist went to the other studio. Nino wonders what to do for she isn’t prepared at all. Overhearing this, Yabe offers to do it. This surprises Kira. Yuki agrees for Yabe is better at this than her. While Yabe folds up his sleeves, Yuki tells him to comb it into a ponytail and leave the choosing of the clothes to her. While Yabe brushes her hair, Nino says that he is amazing for he is obviously a guy and yet he can fix a hairstyle. Yabe says that it is because he was ordered to brush his sister’s hair every morning when she was in high school. Nino looks sad and says that in the end, she doesn’t have the ability to help. Yabe says that is true, she is useless. This shocks Nino. While brushing her hair, Yabe asks that didn’t he tell her before. “, this kind of route really suits you.” Nino is stunned to hear that comment and Yabe blushing really red. Sensei sweatdrops and wonders if that shouldn’t be.. Yabe is surprised when Nino says that if it is Kira, he would generally say that. Turning her head, red-faced Yabe says wrong, it has nothing to do with Kira and keep her wits with her, slow-witted girl. Holding up her head to him, Yabe says, “You look at me clearly, I’m a man.” Nino is speechless. Kira looks surprised. And, Yuki arrives with the clothes that she has chosen. She starts to reprimand Yabe that it is already a long time and yet he hasn’t quickly done it yet. [<- Nino’s hair] Inside the dressing room, Yuki says that Nino looks very cute and the outfit really suits her. Nino thanks her and asks if she can go show it to Kira. Yuki tells her to go. Wearing a cute dress with a ribbon on her hair, Nino goes to see Kira. Sensei is also wearing eyeglasses and bow. Kira blushes and looks at her in surprise. Nino says that it is rare for her to meticulously dress up so she wants him to see her. Kira says that she looks super cute. Nino happily smiles and says that’s great. Kira looks at her and also chuckles. This puzzles Nino. Kira stands up and tells her to get her ear close to him for he’ll whisper something to her. Then, he lightly bites Nino’s ear. As Kira laughs, embarrassed Nino holds her ear and asks, why. Kira says that he made a mark. Nino and Sensei are puzzled. Soon, Yuki calls out to Nino so Nino tells Kira that she’s going. As Nino goes to the photo shoot, Kira glances at Yabe who was ordered by his sister to buy drinks for everyone.
While buying drinks from the vending machine, Yabe looks up and thinks that the first snow is truly cold. Kira puts his hand on the machine and asks Yabe what the heck he is doing. “Don’t make a move on my girl, je-rk.” Yabe takes the drinks from the vending machine and says that he isn’t planning on making a move. After standing up, smiling Yabe says, “By the way, who do you think you are? *gives a can of coffee to Kira* In the end, it is obviously that you who are the one who is going to her cry. *Kira looks surprised* You cannot do it. *lightly pats Kira’s shoulder* You’re already heading to the grave so how can you give Okamura happiness. *Kira is stunned* But I can do that.” As Yabe walks away, Kira drops the can of coffee. While heading in the studio, Yabe looks down and is surprised to see Rei. Munching Rei looks straight at him. This made Yabe nervous that he wonders if she has been stalking him and could it be that she heard what he just said. Passing by Rei, Yabe thinks that she is such a weird girl and she doesn’t talk. Rei thinks that the expression earlier [and now] is totally different. It turns out that when Yabe left Kira in the clinic and passes by Rei, he was crying. Rei is frustrated for she planned to toy with Yabe as much as she likes but the gods are quite fickle. While putting the drinks on the table, Yabe glances at Nino who is exchanging greetings with the staff after the shoot. Yabe takes the cola bottle. While Nino walks around looking for Kira [and Rei], Yabe calls out to her and gives her the cola drink. He tells her that it is from his sister. Nino accepts it and thanks him. Looking away, Yabe tells her, “I’m serious. Properly think about it.” This puzzles Nino. At home, Sensei is very happy over his picture which made him look good. Toweling her hair dry, Nino says that is great and she thinks that it is a good remembrance to be able to have a picture together with him. Sensei happily says that they keep this as a forever collection. Nino glances out the dark window of Kira’s bedroom. She worriedly thinks that when going home, Kira looks pale, so is he alright, and it seems that he is already asleep. She thinks that Yabe is also acting strange today and what does he mean by properly thinking about it. She takes the 1/4 drank cola and finishes it straight. She exclaims that after a bath, a carbonated drink is the best [thirst] quencher. Then, she looks surprised. Just when Sensei is happily asking if the picture can be made into a poster, he notices that Nino is surprised-blushing. He calls out her name but Nino is recalling Yabe telling her to keep her wits, slow-witted girl and clearly look at him, he is a man. Below the the empty plastic cola bottle, Yabe has written, ‘I like you’. Blurb: “Yabe’s inner suppressed feelings finally explodes! Going to snatch Nino away from Kira!?”
Comment: The writing message on the cola is a nice idea of leaving a message to someone who likes drinking cola. ^^ About Yabe, I don’t quite get his intention. At first, it does seem that he is really going to get Nino from Kira and everything but it turns out that after Kira confirmed that he is dying, Yabe was crying. It is indeed a different reaction. It couldn’t be some sort of test again since Rei already did that..unless, this is for Kira. Yabe doesn’t seem the type who is cold-hearted enough to try to steal the girlfriend of a dying ex?-friend. Though, he is currently doing that. ^^; What Yabe told Kira really hit him hard. I wonder if that will affect Kira negatively just when Kira is living happily per day with Nino. I guess it is inevitable especially since his illness is worsening. Nino would most probably reject Yabe. I wonder though if this photo shoot would make her popular which can possibly drift her apart from Kira. Well, there is still Rei so I wonder if she would continue on being the silent observer/stalker or she’ll do something later on. It was mentioned that she likes to bully the ones she like and since she decides not to do it to Yabe so things might not be so good. Actually, the major problem isn’t exactly Yabe but death. So, the question now is not about Nino wanting to be with a dying person, but Kira..would he stop now since he cannot give Nino future happiness. Would he be ‘selfish’ in making himself happy but after he’s gone, she will be heartbroken? Would he spare her from that? I guess that is what Yabe is implying. Anyway, I hope the mangaka doesn’t make this series too depressing. Scans by 離境漢化組.

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