May 7, 2013

Suki-tte Ii na yo [Chapter 43]

Mei’s mother calls her to wake up and eat. Mei says yes. While she hurries, she thinks that in a moment, the season had changed and this kind of scenery won’t happen the second time. They are now in third year, the last year of high school life. Her mother helps her fix her tie and tells her hair is messed up at the back. She asks if Mei’ll be alright since she is already in third year. Mei thinks that she cannot be always like before. As Mei walks to school with Yamato, Asami hugs Mei and greets her a good morning. Yamato asks why she is so energetic. She tells him that it is because they are in the same class this year but unfortunately, that doesn’t included Masashi and Kenji. Then, they start talking about what they plan to do in the future. The guys want to go to college. Asami laments about not being able to marry Kenji. [<- because he’s going to college?] Masashi says that it seems that Aiko is leaning more on beauty or clothes type of work. Asami says that it suits Aiko since she knows a lot about it. She asks about Mei but Mei says that she still isn’t sure. They ask Yamato. He tells them that he is planning to go to a vocational school. Mei thinks that he has decided on it while she wasn’t around [/aware of it], and just like the season, surroundings gradually change. Meanwhile, Ren calls out to Rin not to walk too fast. Rin says that she is walking normally and it is because her legs are longer. Then, she taunts Ren for being short because he doesn’t drink milk. She says that their likes and dislikes aren’t the same even if they were born on the same day. Upon arriving in their class 1-A, everyone pays attention to Rin. Ren got irritated when they asked who is, that shortie behind her. A girl befriends Rin and they exchanged email addresses. Soon, many others want to exchange emails, too. Then, a couple of guys start to talk with Ren because he is Rin’s twin. They say that he lives with Rin so what does their house look like and can they go hang out in his house. “Let’s be friends!!” Knowing that they are doing this because of Rin and they are not at all interested in him, Ren says that he doesn’t want to know [about] them, sorry. The two guys are surprised and wonder if Ren is the ‘dark type’. While Mei and Yamato are walking at the hallway, she freaks out upon seeing Ren. She shouts why he is here. Yamato asks her what’s going on. Ren says that didn’t he say that they’ll meet again, senpai, 155 cm *beep* kg. As Ren walks away, puzzled Yamato tries to get Mei snap out of it since she was shock that Ren mentioned her weight. Mei manages to tell him that it is the worker at the gym.
And soon, the opening ceremony is being held. Ren quietly listens. Surrounded by friends, Rin is walking upstairs when she loses her footing. While falling, Rin freezes since her face will be hit. Kai, who is walking behind her, quickly catches her to stop her from falling. Her friends say that it is good that she isn’t hurt. Rin blushes a bit when Kai tells her to be careful, new student. Then, Yamato walks past Megumi at the hallway. Megumi is looking out the window. She recalls a picture of Rin. She was told that she isn’t tall enough. She thinks that from negative number, make it to zero and from zero, make it a positive number. Holding a plastic bag which contains her lunch, Mei asks Yamato if it is okay here. Smiling Yamato says yes. Sitting under a tree, Yamato glances at Mei who is munching her sandwich. She comments about not being aware about him deciding his future prospective and she still hasn’t decided on it yet. After looking surprised, Yamato says he hasn’t really totally decided yet. She asks what he is going to take at the vocational school. He tells her photography because he was quite happy when she praised him before about the pictures he took. He looked at all sorts of magazine pictures and everything is very beautiful. He thinks that it is a world that requires talent and taste and he wants to take pictures of people. He wants photography as his goal but in reality, it is [a] very unstable [job] so he is worried about that aspect. He doesn’t want to worry about that with Mei so he didn’t mention it. He asks if she is concerned about that. Mei shakes her head and says that she thinks that it is very good. She doesn’t quite understand it since she hasn’t decided on this future prospect thing yet, but her mother said to do what she likes to do so she’s envious of him. She also wants to quickly find what she wants to do. Yamato starts ruffling her hair and says that she’ll find it and they are still young. After Mei got angry over how he played around with her hair, Yamato tells her that he didn’t know about that she met that first year student at the gym. She apologizes. This made Yamato ask why she is apologizing for it seems that something happened between them, and if there was, he won’t allow it. Blushing Mei tells him that there was nothing and he just taught her how to use the gym equipment. Yamato tells her that he is just kidding for he knows that she won’t do that kind of thing but he won’t allow her to have that kind of expression [her current expression] in front of some other guy. And, they seem to kiss.
Some place in school, Kenji tells Yamato that he unexpectedly has a strong desire to monopolize when he is obviously very popular that a pile of girls wanted to go near him. At first, he wondered if there’s something broken in Yamato’s brain, since he only likes Mei. Yamato felt aghast when Kenji mentions that he had kissed a lot of girls before. Yamato tells him that before, he thought that kissing is no big deal so if the girl wanted to kiss, if it makes her happy, he would do it. He thought that girls were like that but with Mei, he approached her with this kind of feeling and kissed her, and he was really startled [over her reaction]. When she cried, it was quite a shock that he doesn’t know what to do. When he thought of it, why did he have this kind of feeling and he thinks that it is definitely because before, he didn’t know what love is. Kenji comments that after everything, what is he saying. Yamato tells him that he is saying this only now and when it comes to love, Kenji is the senpai. Kenji is quite happy that he finally won against Yamato. Yamato says that even if it is reaping what one sows, he has seen so many of Mei’s first, and even if he wasn’t able to give her anything, but he doesn’t want to give her pain and he really wants to cherish [her]. Kenji bluntly tells Yamato that he is just a fool, a real idiot. Yamato is stunned. He angrily asks if he is pretending not to hear. Kenji tries to pacify him but it was too late and there is a scream that can be heard. At the sports gym, Rin blushes upon seeing Kai running on the treadmill. Rin grabs Ren and asks why is that guy here, her beloved. Ren says if it is Kai, he is here everyday. Rin happily raves that he managed to pull the big her up with just one hand. Ren says that he won’t understand if she talks so fast, and whatever. Rin scolds him for being shallow and that is why he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Ren says that he doesn’t want one if it is a girl like Rin. He advises her not to get too close to Kai for it seems that he is a repeater [repeat a year in school]. Rin asks how he knew. Ren says that year and age, also perhaps a guy with a problem. Someone interrupts them and asks about there’s no folder[/file] there and she wants to confirm if there is a.. Sparkling Rin points at her and asks, “Kitagawa Megumi?” Megumi looks at her and smiles. She cutely says, yes, she is Kitagawa Megumi. Blurb: “Series goes on a break [most probably one month]. Rin and Ren had appeared and start to change Mei and others..”
Comment: Well, apparently, Rin is interested in Kai. Aside from Mei wondering what she wants to do in the future, I wonder if the next chapters would be more on the models. Since I have not read some of the chapters, I don’t know if Megumi is interested in Kai to make that a love triangle. As for Ren, it seems that he is some loner type but he seems to be a bit interested in Mei. Scans by 离境

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