May 8, 2013

Miseinen Dakedo Kodomo Janai [Chapter 9]

Cover page: “Sleeping in one bed together with Nao-senpai.. Has Karin prepared..herself?” Nao holds Karin down on the bed. Surprised Karin asks what he is doing. Nao asks, “Why.. you obviously know it would become like this yet you even called me to sleep with you, right?” Blushing Karin replies, “I..I didn’t call you to be together [like this].. Karin, only felt that we should sleep together like a married couple-..” To her surprise, Nao holds up her chin and licks her neck. Karin tells him to wait, and it’s ticklish. He is already licking the back of her ear. Karin wonders if this is the start of the ‘married couple’s thing’ and tonight would really be become the real first night!? While Nao is going towards her chest, Karin thinks that even if she properly paid attention when bathing and chose a very eye-catching designed underwear. “But, Nao-senpai, he always has that somewhat very fearful expression. Generally, the first union should be more like this.”  She imagines the two of them looking happy while doing it. Nao starts to unbutton her pajamas. Karin tells him to wait a moment. Nao tells her that it is too late to tell him to wait when it is already starting right now. Karin says, “No.. It’s Karin who is still not prepared.. *Nao looks surprised* Although we are married, and this thing.. for this to happen is very natural’s only.. senpai.. do you like Karin..? If you like [me], it is okay.. for Karin.. to do.. this..” Nao looks flustered upon seeing Karin’s trembling hand on her chest. Nao pulls up the blanket to her and says that about this thing, one can do it even if one doesn’t like the guy, as long as one doesn’t hate, it is very easy to do. Karin looks surprised. Nao stands up from the bed and says, “I’m..really very grateful to you, Karin. Because you agreed to marry me, my wish of ‘always wanting to move out of that house’ has come true. So, I’ve separated the rooms in the new house. Doing this, I won’t lay a hand on you against your wishes. Because, I don’t want to hurt you.. In the end, it would be better to do this kind of thing with someone you like. *sits down on the sofa* If it’s you, sooner or later, you’ll have that kind of person. *Karin holds the blanket tight* So, I’m saying that it is fine that you’re already married to me, freely date [with someone else], and afterwards, find that kind of partner..” He stops upon seeing Karin looking very happy that she is trembling. Karin happily says, “It turns out that Nao-senpai doesn’t hate Karin.. After I was told, ‘hate the most’, but after a week, I’m no longer hated! If this keeps up, it will only take a wink of effort for senpai to say ‘likes Karin the most’!! *happily lies down on the bed* It is also okay for you not to sleep on the bed together with me tonight! Good night.”
Karin keeps on giggling and immediately falls asleep. This surprises Nao. Nao goes to look at her and mutters that she is really asleep. “I thought that I’ve hurt her.. how should I say it, she’s optimistic, right..” He notices Karin’s exposed chest. Blushing, he looks away and covers her with the blanket. He thinks that she should properly button it up. And, he goes to sleep on the sofa. And, he cannot quite sleep since he remebers Karin’s chest. He shakes his head and urges himself to sleep. Karin is still sound asleep. And, Nao wakes up from the bright sunlight. Sitting up, he rubs his eyes and thinks that it is already morning, he didn’t realize that he has fallen asleep. He is startled to see Karin sleeping at the corner of the sofa with the blanket around her. He quickly backs away. He wonders why she is sleeping like that on the floor and she still hasn’t buttoned that up [he can see her cleavage]..even if he was the one who unbuttoned it. Looking away, Nao buttons her pajamas up. Karin giggles in her sleep. He looks at her and recalls her telling him that she hasn’t thought that this marriage is a failure. Patting her head, Nao mutters, “..after marrying me, it seems that Karin always encounter some cruel things.. [= living in a run-down apartment, he was mean to her, she took a cold shower and walked to school even if she doesn’t know where it is] Actually..whether it is going back to your [own] house or wanting a divorce, not even once, did you mention those words..” He looks at her lips and leans to kiss her. Ding Dong. Blushing Nao immediately pushes Karin away. Ding dong Ding Dong DING DONG While Nao is sitting at the sofa trying to calm himself, Karin wakes up after hitting her head on the floor. She wonders why she is on the floor. She pulls away the curtain and looks outside the window. She exclaims who is the one who kept ringing the door bell and is it some sort of mischief. She looks surprised upon seeing a woman quickly walking towards the house while the maid tries to stop her. Karin says that isn’t that Nao’s mother. Nao is surprised. The couple goes out their room to hear Nao’s mother calling for Katsunori [guesswork from 和紀] at the living room. Grabbing his collar, Nao’s mother angrily tells Katsunori, Karin’s father, to listen to her, that useless [/incapable] guy had unexpectedly become unfaithful to her again and he even send over a 20 year old girl. “I cannot forgive that~~” Katsunori says, “Miss..miss Renka [guesswork from 蓮華], calm down.. there are guests sleeping..” To Katsunori’s surprise, tearful Renka hugs him and says, “Help me out, Katsunori.. I only have you..!!” Nao looks somewhat surprised but Karin is shock, thinking that her father has an extramarital affair.
Comment: turns out that the parents will have a bigger role in this series. From Renka’s complaints before, it seems that she has someone in mind about the person whom she would have married if she didn’t get pregnant. She seems to have this idea that marrying that person would make her happy. It might actually be Katsunori. I don’t think it is an extramarital affair like what Karin thinks since he called Renka in a polite way with suffix rather than just the first name but it does seem that they had a past..romance in college? Since they were all friends in college, my theory is: Renka is probably a popular, demanding type of girl. Katsunori and Nao’s father are probably her admirers/suitors. I think she chose or had a fling with Nao’s father and ended up pregnant. Since she thought that he wasn’t bad, compared to penniless nerdy Katsunori, she married Nao’s father but it turns out that he was a womanizer and isn’t successful at business like Katsunori turned out to be in the future. Of course, the womanizing could be from Renka’s nagging and shouting that he seeks some other woman’s affection. It seems that Katsunori is Renka’s confidant who would help her as a friend. Since she mentioned ‘unfaithful again’, I think Katsunori had advised her before to stay with her husband. Hm..I wonder if Renka timed her visit when Katsunori’s wife isn’t around, or it is just a coincidence. Renka seems to be clingy on Katsunori to help her out with her problems though it doesn’t seem like Katsunori has romantic feelings for her..maybe more on ‘since we’re friends’. Well, it reminds to be seen if Renka is just using Katsunori like a spare tire when things are rocky with her husband. As I’ve mentioned before, why didn’t she just divorce her husband. Now that I think of it, Katsunori knew Nao’s situation in that family since Renka is telling him about her problems. Ah, so many speculations for now. I guess their parents’ marriage will somehow affect the couple on how they view/deal with theirs..or at least, they do not want it to be like that of Nao’s parents in the future. As for the couple, Karin is indeed winning Nao’s heart. He is still denying it and tries to act that he wasn’t falling for her, though he would have kissed her if the doorbell didn’t interrupted him. =P I think he would only really act if there is some other guy who is quite close to Karin, like a rival..maybe her childhood friend? Scans by allwink汉化组

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