May 11, 2013

Sugar*Soldier [Chapter 22]

Makoto is shock to see everyone looking at her. The host of the popularity contest asks her what’s her name and section. Then, a girl shouts that it is a stamp badge Alice. Everyone with the stamping cards go to her since they want theirs stamped. Makoto is at a loss over what to do. Then, Rabbit Iriya arrives and calls her to come to him. While the others are surprised by his appearance, Iriya grabs Makoto’s hand and runs off. While running, Iriya tells her that her outfit really suits her. Just when Uki is about to sing her next song, she spots the running couple. Uki announces on the microphone to those who are participating the stamping badge activity, Alice and the Rabbit are running away at the school’s outside stage. Soon, everyone is talking with Makoto and Iriya. Makoto felt that everything is shiny today. Soon, the teacher is announcing the top three activities during the festival. Third place goes to Sugar Dogs, Uki’s band group. Second place goes to Makoto’s class. Some 2-A guy won the photo shoot with Rika. First place goes to 2-F science class’ secret room escape. Then, the night festival starts. While everyone is enjoying the bonfire, Makoto happily watches from the roof. Iriya goes to see her and says that everyone is looking for her. Makoto says that she just wants to cool down a bit. Iriya comments that it is too bad that they’ve lost and if it is about being lively, they would have won it. Makoto thinks that was good enough and because of everyone’s hard work, they got second place. She happily says that even if it is hard to be a committee member but it is great that she did it, though she doesn’t want to do it again next year. Iriya tells her that after the festival, he plans to tell her.. “..Kisaragi, I..” And, they were interrupted by Uki and others who were looking for them. Ponytail girl urges to them hurry down and celebrate with the others since they are the ‘leads’.
Ponytail girl tells them that in the popularity contest, a certain Alice won third place for popular girl and a certain Rabbit won the first place for popular guy. Makoto is surprised by this. Iriya winks and gives her an okay sign. Makoto is really happy that she hopes she can be like this next year with everyone, smiling until it hurts. Soon, it is back to school and Uki is dead tired after the festival. Yusa happily gives Makoto a CD copy of his performance. Before going to the faculty office, Iriya tells Makoto if she has time after school. Makoto says yes, and they agreed to meet. As Iriya goes out with Yusa who is pestering him about it, Uki teases Makoto that today will become an anniversary day. Then, Makoto recalls that it is her birthday today on October 4. Her friends scold her for forgetting about this. Uki comments that her birthday would be the anniversary day of the confession. Makoto says that it is still not definite. Uki is sure that this will happen and suggests to Makoto that she must tell Iriya that it is her birthday for she might get a gift from him..of this and that. Makoto blushes really red. It makes Nanami wonder what Uki told Makoto. Soon, Makoto is waiting by the shoe lockers. She blames Uki for making her super nervous. She checks her looks on the mirror if she looks okay. She starts to wonder if she is expecting too much and what if it isn’t about that. She prays to God that she would be at her best for today. Just then, some guys are passing by. They are from another school who are going there for some club activity. A guy bumps into Makoto. The guy turns around to apologize. Then, they look surprised at each other. The surprised guy mutters, “..Kisaragi.” Makoto recalls him during her junior high. Just when Iriya is heading downstairs, Makoto mutters, “..Watase-kun..”
Comment: So, the ex-crush is back and Iriya hasn’t confessed yet. Iriya has a bad case of ‘bad timing’ = ‘the mangaka is dragging things’, so I think he might not be able to confess this time around. But then, given what happened before, Iriya tend to act quickly, more or less, if there is a threat. For now, Iriya has the advantage. I just hope that Makoto doesn’t get confused and suddenly become indecisive over which guys she like. ^^; That is the typical thing in love triangles..unless, that is what the mangaka is going for. Scans by allwink

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