May 11, 2013

Mei-chan no Shitsuji [Chapter 139]

In her bed, Mei looks at the sheep keychain that Kento gave her. She thinks that it is the first birthday gift she received from him. She angrily wonders why he would give it to her now when he obviously always never gives her a gift. But then, she also doesn’t give him anything either. When they were in elementary, Kento obviously said that how can he talk with that ugly girl. But during junior high, he confessed that he likes her. And some time before, he told her that he absolutely do not want her to suddenly marry that kind of person..and he had kissed her while they are on the rescue mission from Shinnosuke’s attack of the school. While recuperating at the hospital, Kento had told her that it truly hurts too much and he couldn’t repress[/endure] it. Mei thinks, “ isn’t so, Shibata.. Shibata, he.. isn’t the same as [my] other friends.. Shibata, he.. Shibata, he is my.. what?” Then, the bedroom door opens. Someone goes in and finds Mei fast asleep. The man quietly strokes her hair from her face. Then, he quietly leaves the room. The next day, Mei bids her grandfather goodbye for she is heading back to school today. Shibata parents greet her to be careful on her way. Kintarou tells Mei that she should be aware of this early on, that he won’t make her inherit the Hongo family estate. Shibata parents are surprised and Rihito just looks at Kintarou. Kintarou says that it is because she broke the agreement of ‘bring your husband[/my son-in-law] on your birthday’ and she should have no objections to that. Mei says, yes, and before she had that kind of thinking, the Hongo family’s properties and companies are all single-handedly brought about by Kintarou. Even if she is his granddaughter, she definitely cannot perfectly handle all of these. “So, I will use my own hands to create and building something.” Kintarou says that’s good, she answered well but then, just by herself, she’s quite unreliable that he fears this prolonged life would be shorten. Mei is shock to hear that. Rihito politely apologizes for bluntly saying it but even if Kintarou would unluckily demise, aside from the Shibata clan, the personnel of the Hongo controlled financial corporations should follow Mei-ojousama. Mei is moved by what he said. Kintarou says that is right. Taizou asks his wife where Kento is. Maria angrily mutters that idiot would dare be late on the day when Mei is going to depart.
Kento arrives and asks if they can drop him off at the Narita airport. Kento is dressed up in his casual clothes. Mei asks him why he is dressed up like that, and why Narita.. Mei is surprised when he tells her that he is going back to England. Kento tells her that the reason he stayed here before is because he wants to prevent Mei from marrying someone that she doesn’t like and right now, that goal is no longer there so at this time, he should also leave. He also tells Mei that he still has a lot of things to learn and he has no way of learning while looking after her. And perhaps, this is like when he wanted to run away to Shikoku. Mei is stunned speechless. She says, ya, that is right.. Teary-eyed, Mei wishes him good luck[/gambatte]. She apologies when she obviously shouldn’t cry right now. “..I’m sorry..” Kento looks sad about this. Kento calls out to tanuki old geezer [Kintarou], not to force Mei into a dead end just like this time. “Mei’s life should progress in accordance to her own pace..!!” Mei looks surprised and thinks, “Shibata.. Shitabata is.. He is my..” Rihito asks Kento if he is that concerned about Mei-ojousama’s future. Then, right now, he is going to tell him the death blow. Kento is puzzled. Rihito calls out to Mei. He kneels down to Mei and says that he wholeheartedly congratulate Mei’s 18th birthday. “Henceforth, Mei-ojousama is an outstanding lady. So you must..choose yours truly, as your companion [/partner] throughout your life. I will [effectively] serve you whether it is day.. or night.” With hearts in her eyes, Mei blushes in delight. Kento angrily jumps between them and says that while he [Kento] is still at her side, he won’t allow that kind of thing. He scolds what Mei is doing, going gaga like that. Mei asks what he meant by ‘still at her side’, isn’t he going to England. Kento sweatdrops. Standing up, Rihito darkly smiles and tells Kento that even if he plans to feel relaxed by escaping to England, that is also impossible so, why don’t they both bear this depression together at Mei-ojousama’s side. Flustered Kento sweatdrops and mutters something. And, the school bell is ringing. Miruku looks out the window and wonders when Mei would come back. Fujiko says that’s right. Everyone looks knowingly as if they all miss Mei. Someone says that surely, she’ll come back soon. And, on the last page, Mei has come back, together with her two butlers.
Comment: This series is the last chapter of the ‘search for the son-in-law’ arc. Currently, the series is on a hiatus and the mangaka is writing a new series in Margaret so I don’t know when she is going to continue this series or if the Chinese scanlation group will continue this. Anyway, up to this chapter, it seems that she is going to keep us guessing as to whom Mei would end up with. I would really want to know what is going on Rihito’s mind because what he did here seems like he wants to keep Kento at Mei’s side. Could it be that he knows who is Kento for Mei? Of course, it could also be part of Rihito’s S[adistic]-side. I guess Kento would continue to stay around until Mei decides with finality as to whom she wants to be her husband. Her decision to create things her own is nice but based on Kintarou’s reaction and what Rihito said, it does seem that she is not really capable of doing it so in the end, she will somehow take over her grandfather’s companies. And, it would be more like she would prove her worth to make the others want to follow her. But with Rihito beside her, I think that will go smoothly. Overall, this arc has its good and low points. I enjoy the mini-arcs that involve Kento. In the next main arc, I hope that Shinobu would have a bigger role in it because he is the only antagonist who is at par with Rihito. And, hopefully, more interesting adventures as Mei becomes[?] more mature and be the best ojousama in the world. Of course, it would be nice to resolve the love triangle. =P So, for those who has been reading this very long arc, thank you ^-^ Scans by Scans by 深雪汉化组

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