May 13, 2013

Koi dano Ai dano [Chapter 21]

Kanoko recalls having to introduce herself in school every time since she has been transferring schools for 108 times. So, upon entering high school, she decided to have a life wherein she doesn’t have to transfer schools. At that time, she never thought that life can encounter unexpected situations. Yup, something, very unexpected. At school, Kanoko is shock to see her poster that says that she is running for secretary. She didn’t recall joining the election. She goes to her classroom and angrily asks Tsubaki to explain for according to the teacher, he was the one who nominated her without permission. Tsubaki tells her that it is because it’s interesting. Kanoko is shock. Tsubaki happily tells her that seeing how people around them are so committed to the election that he suddenly wanted to join. The quota for the secretary positions are two so he would be more at ease if he is with Kanoko. He asks if she also saw his poster. Kanoko says that the deadline for putting the poster should be over. Tsubaki says that he asks them to extend it. Kanoko finds it suspicious, for it should be very difficult for Tsubaki to convince the election committee, only by himself. Hitomi arrives and gives her total support for Kanoko and Tsubaki. Kanoko tries to tell Hitomi if they can talk next time. Tsubaki tells Hitomi to spread it around that they are running. Hitomi is more than happy to do that. Kanoko goes into shock when Tsubaki tells her to prepare for this afternoon’s broadcast. Kanoko wonders what Tsubaki’s motive is. Soon, at noon, Ouji hosts the election school broadcast. Glasses nerdy guy [his name is Daisuke, I think] is chatting with Hijiri over why Tsubaki would suddenly join the election. Pretending to be nervous, Kanoko introduces herself and tells her that she wants to overcome her weakness so she joined the election and it is because she felt that she can have a drastic change when she’s in the student council. Sayuri thinks that Kanoko is trying to project that she is uneasy and useless. After Kanoko asks for a vote, she mentally smiles and thinks that her acting is perfect. She darkly chuckles as she passes by Tsubaki who is going to be the next one to campaign. To her shock, Tsubaki smiles as he introduces himself. Fangirls go crazy and take pictures of him on the television. Tsubaki specifically points out to everyone that he and Kanoko are classmates since junior high and they are very good friends ≠ lovers. He mentions that Kanoko wasn’t able to properly express herself just now. And, it is because he praises her viewpoint that is why he is joining the election. He isn’t replicating her in wanting to make the school become better but because she isn’t eloquent. So, if elected, he will convey all sorts of things to everyone. The fangirls realize that implies that Tsubaki will be on the television regularly. To Kanoko’s aghast, smiling Tsubaki tells everyone that he is only her assistant so if Kanoko loses in the election, he will also withdraw, so give us your vote. Kanoko thinks that she never thought of wanting to improve the school. She doesn’t know why but Tsubaki is serious. Mizukami tells Yabuki that was done quite beautiful so why don’t Yabuki try Tsubaki’s business type of smile. Yabuki refuses to do so. Mizukami asks him if he heard anything. Yabuki asks what he is referring to. Mizukami tells him something about some idol’s love life to which Yabuki isn’t interested in. Mizukami realizes that Kanoko didn’t tell Yabuki about yesterday’s incident. He thinks that Kanoko joining the election is problematic for Otabe will make a move.
Somewhere else, Otabe has already seen Kanoko’s election poster. In their classroom, the others are expressing their support for Tsubaki. Kanoko is wondering why Tsubaki is deeply committed to this and given his personality, he wouldn’t have simply wanted to join the student council. Otabe goes in their classroom for Kanoko. Tsubaki immediately goes in between and asks what he wants. Tsubaki is furious that Otabe snubs him and asks Kanoko what’s up with that poster, and joining the election behind his back. He exclaims that if it is him, he will show off her charm. He takes out his Kanoko poster wherein she is like some cutie cat girl. Tsubaki blushes over it and Kanoko felt like puking over it. Otabe says that he knows that it is disgusting but she must attract attention for her victory. Otabe starts blabbing about it took 2 hours to do it but it doesn’t show her neck, his favorite body part, and revising it will take some time so temporarily use this poster. Tsubaki’s shouts of protests fell into deaf ears. Kanoko couldn’t handle it anymore that she runs out screaming. Soon, Kanoko throws some burned up[?] paper. She complains over how Otabe wasted her precious after-school time. She had used a marker to deface the posters. Kanoko thinks that whenever she meets with Otabe, her magnetic field is all messed up as if she is put into a narrow space. She is startled when someone calls out to her. It turns out to be Mizukami, not Otabe but then, that voice.. Kanoko is puzzled when he says that he learned to imitate that introductory greeting. He asks Kanoko why she didn’t tell Yabuki about what happened yesterday. Kanoko says that she hasn’t thought of it yet, whether she should tell Yabuki. He asks why. She tells him that if she thinks of it in detail, Yabuki’s actions are a bit off. If it is forbidden for a boy and a girl to be all alone in the conference room, wouldn’t it be okay if they just go to a different location and Yabuki isn’t the type who would bring a friend there so why did he bring Mizukami there. This is just her guess but it is basically like Yabuki telling Mizukami that he trusts him. Kanoko thinks that it is possible that Yabuki already knew that there is something going on with Mizukami and Otabe. To her surprise, Mizukami laughs and says that she’s qualified. He is now at ease since this is resolved for if she answered that it is because he told her to keep it a secret, he would be very worried and won’t know what to do. Holding some glasses, Mizukami tells her to look. He puts on the glasses, fixes his hair and greets her. He is a lookalike of Otabe. Mizukami tells surprised Kanoko that he had earlier on noticed that his hair, hair color and voice is similar to Otabe’s so he learned to imitate his voice to the point that only people familiar with Otabe would notice it. Lately, he has been going to cram school in place of Otabe. After school, he has been helping Otabe with his homework. The condition for that is to make Otabe join the election. If he didn’t do that, Yabuki would definitely not join the election when he is obviously concerned about the president meeting. It is only regrettably that he is going to graduate and isn’t that pitiful? Mizukami asks Kanoko if she doesn’t believe him. Kanoko says that she doesn’t know why he is telling her his plan. He tells her that because it is the best way, ‘intelligent guy keeping a secret, intelligent girl exposed the secret’. Telling a girl a lie is not a sensible choice at all.
Walking at the hallway, Sayuri is furious for something is weird with Hijiri because he is bidding his time as if he doesn’t want to make her win. After it was spread around that Tsubaki and Yabuki are teaming up, Tsubaki suddenly joined the election so Tsubaki’s fans would definitely vote for Yabuki. She goes to the news club and meets up with Tsubaki. She tells him that she has a proposal but Tsubaki immediately refuses since it will just be something about ‘teaming up’. Smiling Sayuri says that is right and this isn’t a bad thing for him. She whispers that he would be at ease if the president is a girl [because if it is Yabuki, he would happily chat with Kanoko]. Tsubaki sighs and says that there’s no difference regarding the gender, and in what time period is she from, this is the 21st century. Sparkling, he tells her that he isn’t that kind of narrow-hearted guy. Sayuri looks at him in disbelief. Tsubaki tells her that Yabuki is the most suitable president since he has the power to assume the presidency and he is familiar with the things in the student council being the former president. Tsubaki thinks that Yabuki had also helped him a lot in getting him and Kanoko into the election after the deadline. Before going back in the room, Tsubaki says that if she wins, he might follow her so good luck. Sayuri wonders what’s up with Tsubaki’s makeover when just last week, he is displeased that Kanoko and Yabuki were talking. Later on, it is already dark. Tsubaki has fallen asleep on the desk. He wakes up and is surprised that Kanoko is already there. Kanoko is typing something on the laptop computer. Seeing him awake, Kanoko greets him a good morning, though technically, it is night. Tsubaki asks why she is here. Kanoko says that she went to check on her work and Tsubaki is about to finish it. Tsubaki apologizes. Kanoko asks him why he is apologizing when it is basically her work so she should be the one apologizing. While Tsubaki lovingly watches her, Kanoko tells him that she wanted to wake him up or else, he’ll catch a cold but he was sleeping soundly. Noticing him looking at her, Kanoko asks what it is. He tells her that he dreamt that during third year junior high, instead of her, he was the new transfer student. Kanoko is classmates with Momoka and the others. She invited her to join them and he hangs out with them everyday. He tells her that it is because of her, he is very happy and he definitely wants to repay her. Thinking that Tsubaki is in a good mood, Kanoko says that it is only a dream. He tells her that they did call him to eat together with them before. Soon, they are reminiscing of the past. While walking at the hallway, Kanoko says that it seems that she has learned the deep meaning of ‘Interpersonal relationships is like a mirror’ because seeing him smiling like that, she unconsciously also smiled. Even if it is very simple but she really treasures it. She says that it would be nice if he is always in a daze [from sleep] like that because he is cute like a child. Tsubaki isn’t happy about that comment. Kanoko thinks that she is always alone before because she constantly transfer schools and she didn’t know then, that she can still meet a friend whom she can happily chat with, regarding the past. “So, Tsubaki, I’m the one who should repay you. No matter what the reason is, since he wanted to join the student council, then, I should help him.”
During the speech rally, Kanoko seriously announce her intention to run for secretary. She commends their school for its freedom stance but they must pay attention to not letting freedom become a way to escape responsibility. Tsubaki and Sayuri are surprised by this that Sayuri commented that it is like the one on the television and the current Kanoko are two different persons. Sayuri asks Tsubaki if this is really alright for if Kanoko joins the student council, she will meet more colorful people. Tsubaki says that without Kanoko, he wouldn’t have known so many people and at school, he would only talk with others if he has to be notified about something and he actually thinks that friends are troublesome. He thinks that he is basically like that so.. Tsubaki tells her that this is his way of paying Kanoko back. Since Kanoko thanked him for making her join the news club, he wanted to help her meet a lot more people. Sayuri sarcastically praises him for being such a nice guy but if it were her, she would definitely lock up the person she likes and not let that person meet with anyone. Tsubaki says that he’s the same but not only does he like Kanoko as a man, the problem is she is also his best friend. Then, it is time for the presidential candidates’ speech. Ouji is nervous for Sayuri might make a mistake. Hijiri tells him not to worry for Sayuri’s memory is extraordinary. He assures Ouji that Sayuri will win. He thinks that after the declaration, Otabe isn’t serious about the election so it will be Sayuri against Yabuki. Even if it is a slim victory, Sayuri will win. He had used their club budget to win over the weaker clubs so don’t belittle the power of the broadcasting club. He believes that Sayuri will win the presidency today. Sayuri introduces herself and tells everyone that she wants to run for presidency but there has been a change in the position she wants to run in. She joined the election because there was no third year student joining but upon learning that Yabuki is running, she--.. Ouji asks Hijiri if this is part of the script. Hijiri exclaims how is that possible. The students are asking if one can suddenly change positions but the others welcome the idea since they want a beautiful girl in the student council. Kanoko is surprised by this and thinks that in life, one really encounters things one wouldn’t have imagined would happen. So, the long election has ended and their school has a new student council. President: Yabuki. Vice-president: Mizukami. Accountant/treasurer: Sayuri. Secretaries: Tsubaki and Kanoko.
Comment: It is quite nice that Kanoko had finally agreed to seriously join the election for Tsubaki. And, it turns out that it is all for her to expand her horizons. Since they are now in the student council, their world would indeed be bigger than before. It is indeed a bit of a safeguard that he will be with her..perhaps to ward off potential suitors? Even if there isn't much lovey-dovey or they are not officially a couple, I like the deep bonds between them to make them do this kind of thing for each other. It does seem that the students here would tend to vote for looks and popularity as in the case of Tsubaki and Sayuri. I wonder if the broadcasting club would be in trouble since Hijiri used the budget though maybe Sayuri knew about it..unless, it is a coincidence that she chose the treasurer position. Actually, I wonder if how much of a chance would Sayuri win given Hijiri’s confidence that she will win it. But, I guess Sayuri thinks that Tsubaki is more popular than her, and this is bad for her. It turns out that Mizukami is a bit like Kanoko who does behind-the-scenes maneuvering to get the outcome he wanted. Maybe later on, Kanoko would have an immunity against the people she is weak against like Otabe. It makes me wonder if later on, she will somehow end up as president or at least, vice president since she seems more inclined to be ‘behind the scenes’ type of strategist. Scans by 红莲汉.

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