May 18, 2013

From Five to Nine [Chapter 33 - Torch Song Trilogy part 2 of 3]

Cover page: “No matter who, would want to have mutual feelings with the person one likes  ..but in so-called romantic love that might possibly be plain sailing[/go smoothly]...” Takane is surprised that Junko is starting to dress up. Junko tells him that because of the time, her younger sister will be coming home soon.

She also thinks that if she doesn’t tidy up the bed, she would be embarrassing Nene that she couldn’t face her. Takane says that she obviously said that they are going to the guest room. Blushing Junko tells him that what they did at the bathroom it is quite a lot already and isn’t he already dressed up. She is surprised when Takane leans to her and says that he is dressed up to the point of being able to go to the guest room.

He asks her if she is already satisfied by that because for him, it isn’t enough. Junko says that didn’t she tell him the reason is her younger sister. Takane asks if that true. Then, he kisses her. He asks her if she’s satisfied. He kisses her again. Holding on to him tight, Junko tells him that she also wants to continue but her younger sister..had lend her room without condition and she [Junko] even made her see that kind of scenario a while ago. 

Junko realizes that she had carelessly mentioned it. Takane is puzzled over this lending room. He asks her if she doesn’t have a room in this house and why is that. Junko tells him that she is currently living by herself but the apartment building has to be renovated so she has to move away. And, afterwards, she doesn’t have money to move and she owed her grandmother some money.

She ordered her to stay at the monastery so it cannot be helped is quite dreadful for in the end, she is also driven away from the monastery so for the meantime, she doesn’t have any place to say. She is surprised when Takane says that she’s really stupid. Pushing him away, Junko apologizes for being stupid and it is like that in front of someone who is rich like him. 

Takane says that isn’t what he meant but rather, he is rebuking her for not telling this to him early on. Going out the bathroom, Junko says that there is no need to because she absolutely would not lend money from a guy. Takane says that is right, that is exactly what it is. Junko asks him if he has been listening to what she is saying. 

Takane smiles and says that of course, he’s listening so lend him a phone for he’s going to call home to confirm some things. Shock Junko wonders if he meant the monastery. Junko tells him to stop, it is enough, he doesn’t have to call for indeed the monastery is huge – wherein there are a lot of closets or that tea house where he imprisoned her before, there’s no need for him to hide her again.
At a restaurant, Nene’s phone is ringing so she apologizes to Yuki and gets her cellphone in her bag. It is a message from Junko saying that things are quite in a flurry today and she apologizes for tiring her. She informs Nene that she and her guest will go out together so she might come home late. As the waiter clears their plates, Nene tells Yuki that her sister said that the ‘guest’ had already left so she can now, more or less, go home now.

Wondering if it is okay for her not to say unnecessary things, Nene apologizes for the trouble for making him accompany her in eating dinner. Yuki tells her that it is okay for it is his bad for dragging her somewhere else. Yuki tearfully thinks that those two would definitely do some hot stuff that would reach the sky. He curses to himself.

Putting some money on the table, Nene says that this is the payment for her food, sorry for making him pay [<- being polite], so thank you and goodbye. Yuki tells her that there’s no need to.., but Nene quickly leaves. Yuki thinks that it would be better if he walks her home but making her feel good would only trouble him. [<- make her fall for him more by acting nice towards her]

He doesn’t want to think too much about this because this isn’t the time for him to think about other things when he is currently in pain. While walking at the sidewalk, Nene doesn’t want to see Yuki’s sad expression. She felt like a bad person for being happy for herself that Yuki can be with her. She is surprised when Yuki goes out of the restaurant and calls out to her to wait. 

Yuki says that he is also going home and it is quite scary being alone so they go home together. Yuki returns Nene’s money and tells her that there’s no need for that since strictly speaking, she is actually accompanying her to eat. Yuki says that they should go. Nene looks at Yuki’s clenched fist. While walking ahead, Yuki glances back to see if Nene is following. 

Nene is walking behind him. Nene thinks that she would want to hold his hand but she couldn’t say that shameless thing but from the bottom of heart, she hopes that she can be properly touched by Yuki. She wonders if she is weird for wanting him to touch her, and how can she be touched by him. And wanting to touch his feelings, causes her experience torment and after all, what is this kind of feeling.

At some luxurious spacious apartment room, Junko is shock for it is huge and this place belongs to him. Takane says that even if she says it belongs to him, but technically, it is one of the many real estates that his family clan had invested in, and currently administering [/probably renting it out]. They occasionally let their guests use it.
Junko is shock for there are many others. Takane tells her to please stay here. Freaking out, Junko asks if he is crazy for how can she stay there, and how much is the rent here. Checking the papers, Takane says that it is 1.85 million yen per month. Starting to laugh like crazy, Junko exclaims if that isn’t per year, she has to pay that much every month, what does he think she is, a celebrity.

It’s totally unreasonable. Takane is quite grateful that this place is being rented. [<- not sure] On her knees, Junko asks if this is why they say that the world’s monks are a total success. Takane tells her that it isn’t like that, this is from his mother’s side who got them as inherited property assets so it has nothing to do with the temple. 

Takane grabs her arm and pulls her with him to some other room. He tells her that there’s no need for her to pay rent so please stay here since what’s his is hers. This made Junko feel dizzy. Opening a room, Takane says that he doesn’t know if it is here, according to the map, is indeed here. It is the bedroom. He hugs her and says that it is good here and they don’t have to mind her younger sister. 

Junko tells him to wait, she cannot live at such a luxurious place for free. Takane tells her that is enough, don’t say anymore. He kisses her. While he starts removing her clothes, Junko insists on paying for the rent even if she isn’t sure if she can pay 1/10 of it. Takane tells her that there’s no need. Junko tells him that for him to hide her like this, it seems like she is some secret lover.

Making her lie down on the bed, Takane says that there’s nothing bad about it, lover. “Lover, sweetheart, wife, for me, all of those people are only you.” They kiss. While making love, Junko thinks that this is too sweet and too blissful as if her body is melting. In front of the elevator, Junko is muttering to Momoe about saying melting but it’s not good for her to be continuously spoiled by him and she always feel that if she is careless, she’s be led away by him.

She laments that her brain must have short-circuited at that time. Momoe thinks finally, it is a H[sex] topic that she has to cleverly evade. Momoe nervously tells her that in the end, H WITH LOVE isn’t the same at all. To Momoe’s embarrassment, Junko apologizes and says that she isn’t talking about H but rather, conversation or action type that this intimacy makes one feel ashamed.

Entering the elevator, Junko says that she feels that she isn’t suited for the temple[/monastery] even if that scary grandmother is another problem. “But, forget it ..since I like him, I must be prepared to confront [this].” Momoe comments that looking at her right now, she looks very happy. This made Junko blush in surprise.

As they go out of the elevator to ELA, Momoe says that it is really great that she was able to be with Takane, and it is really great to have an ending of having a lover become a spouse. Momoe thinks that with this, she can go to the monastery again. [<- for her BL fantasies] Whispering to Momoe, Junko says that she is quite sharp a while ago. 

Momo is puzzled. Junko says that after doing it with Takane, she has this sort of fully electrified feeling and even if they have been doing this for many times until now and in only that aspect, she doesn’t have complains against Takane but this time around, it is quite incomparable.
To Momoe’s aghast, Junko asks her what is it like normally between her and Arthur. Momoe says that she swears that they didn’t do it. Coming out from class, Arthur asks what about him. Arthur greets the women and asks if they are talking about him. Momoe screams that it’s nothing, they are absolutely not saying anything, she swears. 

Junko is surprised to see Satoshi walking behind Arthur. Satoshi looks up and is surprised to see Junko. Satoshi casually greets Junko and asks how she is lately. Junko nervously greets him and says that it seems that he has changed his hairstyle. Satoshi says yes. While Arthur looks at Momoe who is worriedly looking at Junko, Satoshi asks isn’t this better for before, his forehead would easily become bald. [<- from all the gel?] 

Junko asks how he can say those astonishing words. Satoshi tells her that there is only few times left for them talk silly together like this and he forgive her for that malicious talk just now. Junko is puzzled. Satoshi informs her that he’ll end his classes with Arthur at the end of this month and next month, just like he told her, he is going to New York for half a month. With a somewhat stiff expression, Junko says is that so. 

Satoshi tells her ‘good job’ [<- greeting] and the staff members said that they want to give him a farewell party so come by if she’s free. Flustered Junko bows and says okay, then, goodbye. She mentally apologizes for she cannot go together with him and she is really thankful that he’s acting like before and was able to confront her. “I’m totally grateful.”

While Satoshi looks at Junko who is walking away, he looks somewhat flustered. Watching all this, Masako greets Satoshi. That snaps him out of it. Masako says that it turns out that he is in morning class today and she thought that she is going to see him much later on. Approaching smiling Masako, Satoshi says that it just so happen that he has free time today so he called for additional class. 

Masako says is that so, then good job [<- greeting]. He tells her that about that thing for this weekend, he’ll send her a message tonight. He has a meeting afterwards so it is possible that that he cannot see her again for today. Masako says that it is alright. Bowing her head, she asks him if it is really okay for her to go because in the end, it will make people think of that direction if she goes to meet with his parents. 

Satoshi tells her that if it isn’t so then, he wouldn’t have invited her in the first place. He pats her head and tells her that he’ll text her tonight again. Masako smiles and says, yes. After Satoshi turns to leave, Masako’s smile disappears. She thinks that even if Satoshi has that pained expression, that face is still quite handsome.

Sitting on the chair, Masako thinks that with her, Satoshi would act normal, and he is also quite handsome having that cool mature as if nothing happened. “Not only is he tall and straight, he is also admirable at work. And, he even got a job in New York that no matter what is said, that is quite perfect...

...If the other party is that person, everyone would definitely be envious of me. And I can manage to set up the marriage that I yearn for. *looking sad* Ah, is this how it is. *bends down and rubs her eyes* It is because I only want marriage and not want love at all.”
Comment: It does seem that there is some distance between Junko and Nene since Junko seems overly polite and cordial with her, as if they are some strangers, and not family. I guess in the end, Junko agrees to stay at that place though if they were caught, it might not go well with Takane’s grandmother.

I wonder if the grandmother would play the ‘disinherit’ card if Takane insists on getting married with Junko. Takane said some really nice stuff here to Junko. ^^ And, somehow, the two heartbroken ‘suitors’ are trying to cope with this development. Yuki seems to insist on trying to court her and isn’t quite willing to let go and move on..with someone who obviously likes him.

For Satoshi, he is trying to move on to the point of possibly getting engaged/married with someone he doesn’t love. Fortunately or not for him, depending on how you view it, it seems that Masako is now having doubts about what she’s doing since she only focuses on marriage and being envied over having an ideal partner, rather than love.

He might lose Masako but then, he might be able to have a chance again to find someone who would really love him back. As for Momoe’s comment, I think she is making a casual remark from what she reads in her BL manga =P Since she and Arthur made an appearance again, I hope there will be more of them later on. Scans by 深雪

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