May 17, 2013

Akai Ito [Chapter 9]

Cover page: “In front of the one I like most, but I cannot express my cute side. Why.” Watching the kendo practice, Chihiro thinks that she has failed for she had unexpectedly cried in front of Sho, and surely, he thought that she’s strange. After they parted ways from the clinic, they’ve met afterwards but he didn’t say anything. But now that she has calmed down, it is very strange for her to suddenly cry at that place. “Even if that is so, I absolutely cannot tell him that it is because I was so happy to talk with him. But then, for me to be like that, just by talking with him.. And I didn’t think that Hinase would do that.. *recalls Sho touching her face* There’s definitely no deep meaning to it. *slightly touches her face* It is only a slight touch. Up to that degree, I’ve wavered. At that time, it must have been my imagination that the mood is quite good. Yes, it is definitely my imagination. What to do. It will be more problematic if I start anticipating... *a couple of kendo guys nervously wonder if they did something wrong for Chihiro lookS scarier-strict this morning practice* No, no, so I’m saying or rather, I should say that guy is basically an expert in dealing with girls! *looks dark* I absolutely shouldn’t think too much.” In the classroom, Sho tells his seatmate, Chihiro that she is also very cute when she’s crying. Chihiro looks aghast. Sho smiles and Chihiro thinks that she knows that expression, he is making fun of her. Scowling, flustered Chihiro is sure of it. Looking away, Sho thinks that for her to be like that, it is that. While the teacher is teaching, Chihiro glances at Sho and thinks that even if Sho doesn’t quite mind about what happened yesterday but what does he think about her crying. “If he knew the reason for my crying, what kind of expression will be shown.. I obviously cannot tell him.. If he truly knows, would he think that it is troublesome..” She is surprised when Sho suddenly looks at her. She looks tense for he is staring at her but if she suddenly turns away it would seem that she is bothered by it... “No, even if I’m actually bothered by it, this is making a mountain out of molehill[/there’s nothing wrong about it]. But I don’t want him to notice it.. what.. what should I do..” Sho is surprised when Chihiro slightly yawns and closes her eyes. She is pretending to sleep. Sho wonders if she is really sleeping. Chihiro thinks that even if it is fake, but he shouldn’t have noticed it and it should be quite natural. Chihiro mentally tells Sho that she is just exhausted and tired so this happened. Sho thinks that it is so fake[/deliberate]. Still closing her eyes, Chihiro thinks that this is bad for she starts to feel really tired after club activity. Sho tears some of his eraser and tosses it at Chihiro. He did this repeatedly and got no reaction from Chihiro. He wonders if what Rino told him is true. Looking in front, he thinks that even if he actually couldn’t see through her but for her to join the club for him, that will be.. Chihiro has fallen sleep that she drops her pen. Sho picks up her pen. He looks at her closed eyes then, looks at her lips. Sho is surprised over what he is looking at.
Then, the teacher calls out to Chihiro to read page 52. While the teacher calls out to Chihiroagain , Sho slightly kicks her chair and calls out to her. There is no response. ‘Chihiro’ starts reading out loud. Soon, everyone is surprised by ‘her’ somewhat oneesan[older sister/effeminate man] voice and was her voice like that. Rino sweatdrops. The teacher calls out to Sho and asks when he became Sho-chan. Sho stands up and giggles like a girl that he has been found out. While the others snicker over what Sho is doing, Chihiro wakes up from the noise. She wonders what’s going on. Darkly glaring at her, Sho calls her an idiot, and she owes him a favor. Chihiro is puzzled over what he meant. Having lunch at the canteen, Chihiro is surprised to learn that Hinase helped her a while ago. While eating, Rino says that is right, he pretend to be Chihiro and it wasn’t done well but nevertheless, no one noticed that Chihiro was sleeping. Chihiro realizes that is the reason why he said that ‘she owed him a favor’. While Rino asks Chihiro if she isn’t going to eat, Chihiro is in deep thought over how she should thank him and it is for the best that she ought to thank him for it. “But, even if I would thank him, when is the best opportunity to do so. It has already been such a long time and standing in front of him, it has always been a problem for me to say things out smoothly. No..I’ll absolutely mess it up! By the way, how come, in my brain, it is always only quarrelling scenarios! During this kind of time, what do other girls do?” Thinking and thinking, and the bell rings. Chihiro is shock for she hasn’t eaten yet. After kendo club activity, everyone says their ‘good work/yoroshiku’ greetings to the senpai. Chihiro is really hungry. Later on, outside, Chihiro tells Rino that the doors inside are locked. Rino says that she is going to return the dojo key so Chihiro can go ahead and change her clothes first. Chihiro wants to accompany her. Rino notices something and suddenly happily tells Chihiro that it is alright, she is fine by herself and it is also okay for Chihiro not to wait for her. Chihiro is puzzled. Rino urges her to go ahead. While Chihiro tries to ask Rino what is this all of a sudden, Sho calls out to her and says that he’ll walk her home. Chihiro finally realizes that this is Rino’s.. She tries to tell Sho that she can go home by herself when suddenly her stomach growls loudly. Holding up a 30% discount coupon at Nikoniko donburi restaurant, Sho says that if they go home together, they can also pass by this place. Walking towards the shoe lockers, Rino gloomily wonders if Chihiro is alright. She slaps her face and thinks that even if she is very happy that those two can progress smoothly but she feels like she is committing a crime against Ren. She exclaims in surprise when someone taps her shoulder. It is Ren who apologizes for startling her. Ren asks if she is going home. Rino says yes, and asks if he is also.. She recalls how Ren pulled his arm away from her when she offers to help him with the laundry. Just when Ren is about to say something, Rino quickly apologizes for the incident before, doing such an impudent thing.. Ren is surprise when Rino quickly turns away and bids him goodbye, see you tomorrow. Ren grabs her arm and tells her to wait.. “I also want to apologize to you..” Rino looks surprised.
At Nikoniko restaurant, Sho is looking at the menu. Sitting beside him, timid Chihiro wonders why things turned out this way. She doesn’t deny that she cannot help but be baited by that discount coupon but what does that, ‘I walk you home’ mean.. “..could it be that he has something to tell me? *shock-aghast* Tell me something.. cou..could it be.. *blush really red* No, no that is impossible. What is that possible! *fans self with hands to cool herself off* It is definitely making me ‘repay the favor’ earlier so I’ll be the one who’ll treat him! That’s right, it is that! *Sho watches her* Okay, I have to properly think over this, this is donburi. *tense* Fundamentally, that is like, not treating me like a girl. [maybe because this kind of restaurant is not for dates but for hangouts and the big servings of food is not feminine?] Hinase shout not want to [/not good in] confront me.. *sad* During third year junior high, we met each other here for the first time and that encounter has been really awful..” Sho comments that she is quite busy. Chihiro is puzzled. Sho says her face. Chihiro is puzzled over what he is saying. Sho says that normally, she looks like a very cool person but she unexpectedly can continuously change her expressions. Chihiro touches her cheeks in surprise. She tells him that this is the first time someone said that for she is always said to be scary-type. He asks if that is so, for contrary, he thinks that it is easily seen through. Chihiro blushes for she didn’t think that he is still paying attention to her and even if she is happy about that, but does that mean that her expressions are quite obvious. “Is that what it is?” Just when she is about call his attention, Sho asks her if she has already decided on what to order. She says no. She looks at the menu and sweatdrops over it. The one she is looking at is katsudon [rice + pork chop with egg and vegetables] with prawn tempura. She wanted to eat something cute but looking at is quite manly. [<- because it is quite a lot?] “This one seems to be very troublesome to eat. That would drip on the mouth. This one seems to be high in calories. I can also be easily seduced by this dessert..” Sho tells her not to choose some expensive food just because he is treating her. Chihiro exclaims in surprise and asks if that is for real, that he’ll treat her. Sho says of course, he is the one who invited her. Chihiro blushes over this. And, to her surprise, Sho says okay, since she is quite indecisive, he’ll help her decide and anyway, he’s the one treating her. Chihiro gloomily looks at her first choice luxurious katsudon with prawn tempura. Sho tells her not to be shy and go ahead for it is on a discount. Chihiro dreamily says that is right, in the end, it is impossible for he doesn’t treat her like a girl, and what was she anticipating. She lamely says, ‘itadakimasu’. Slightly irked Sho asks her if that is the way to thank him, Hinase-sama, with gratitude. To his irritation, she lamely thanks his hospitality. While Sho eats his gyudon [beef with onion rice], Chihiro thinks that given Sho’s temper, even if Sho truly noticed that she likes him, she fears that things will still end up like what happened with Nanjou. Since she is looking at him, Sho asks her if she really wants to eat his food, then go ahead and say it. Embarrassed Chihiro says no. Holding a spoonful of his food, Sho says, ah. Surprised Chihiro wonders if that means wanting her to eat that and how can she do that.. “That is.. indirect.. Ah, that expression.. it is the same one when he teases me.. Anyway, he also definitely thinks that I cannot do it. Geez, forget it!”
To Sho’s surprise, Chihiro holds his hand and swallows up the food from the soup spoon. They look at each other. Chihiro blushes and starts to choke on the food. Holding a glass of water, Sho asks if she is alright. She stiffens up and says that she is okay and this is no big deal. Blushing, she looks away and thinks that she is digging her own grave for the mood had become strange. Sho looks slightly flustered. With her head down, Chihiro is glad that she is sitting beside Sho for if they are facing each other, she cannot hold up her head now and look straight at him. It is as if, she won’t hesitate and convey her feelings to him and this scares her. She wonders what is the best thing to do for being together with him, she will like him even more. After eating, Sho points at the side and asks if that the direction of her house. Chihiro says yes. While they walk, Sho suddenly stops. Covering his face, Sho says that in the end, he has no way of beating around the bush. “Is it true that you joined the kendo club because of me?” Sho looks at her. Chihiro is a bit flustered for how did he know. Holding her calloused hands, Sho tells her that if she joined because of him, then stop it. “For you to do this kind of thing, I won’t be a bit happy about it.” Flustered Chihiro calls out his name when they were interrupted by someone calling out, “Tachibana? Is it you, Tachibana?” To Chihiro’s shock, it is Nanjou. Chihiro calls his name and she is a bit at a loss over what to say. Sho looks displeased. Nanjou tells Chihiro that it has been a long time and they weren’t able to see each other again after graduation. “So, are you doing well lately?” Chihiro stammers that yes [she is okay]. Glancing at Sho, Nanjou asks if she is going home now, and based on this she going at Shijo [formerly Murasakinoue] Academy. While saying yes, flustered Chihiro thinks that she had unexpectedly met up with Nanjou and she felt quite awkward being look at by Sho because right now, she doesn’t want to be seen by him like that. Nanjou asks if Chihiro had joined the kendo club. Looking up, Chihiro says that she did and she is currently the manager. Nanjou seems to frown. Noticing him carrying a shinai bag behind his back, Chihiro asks if Nanjou is also continuing practicing kendo. Nanjou says that basically, he was prepared to give up on it during high school but in the end, he joined. “Since you continue on being a manager at Shijo Academy, then one day, I would be able to meet you in the tournament. I really anticipate that.” Chihiro looks flustered and tense. No emotion from Sho. After Nanjou waves her goodbye and left, Sho says that it is really great that she got to meet with Nanjou. Chihiro looks at Sho who seems to have a somewhat sad expression. Chihiro tries to say something but Sho says that is right, even if they aren’t in the same school, she only has to continue on being manager at their school and she will meet with Nanjou. “Our school’s kendo club is very strong.. *Chihiro tries to interrupt but Sho looks away* --tsk, what am I saying like an idiot.. acting a bit arrogant.” Chihiro looks flustered upon seeing flustered Sho slightly biting his lip. She tries to tell him something again but to her surprise, he corners her on the wall. Looking serious, he says, “Are you joking..” To Chihiro’s surprise, Sho kisses her on the lips. Blurb: “Sudden kiss..! The intertwined feelings between these two will--!?”
Comment: Sho pretending to be Chihiro so that she won’t be found out sleeping is nice. Hehe, just like in Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai, it is about being picky over food on a ‘date’. =P And, here, we got a bit of ‘feeding’ which we usually see in ‘got sick and s/he’s taking care of me’ scenarios. ^^ Of course, thanks to being jealous, we got our first kiss scene. I wonder if this will make them realize each other’s feelings or it will cause some quarrel between them again. It does seem that what hamper this couple are overthinking, pride, misunderstanding and inability to express properly. Chihiro does seem to be a bit indecisive about whether she wants Sho to know her feelings to treat her in a special way or keeping it hidden because he might be a playboy and the feelings aren’t mutual. I wonder how things will turn out if Nanjou didn’t appear there. Sho seems to be calm about confronting her about her reason for joining the club. Of course, that is all moot since Sho is now thinking that she is doing it to meet with Nanjou again. I get a feeling that this might be the reason that will make Sho want to join the kendo club and get a chance to duel against Nanjou again. And, it seems that from that encounter, Nanjou is showing some interest towards Chihiro. I wonder if he deliberately said those things to provoke Sho. As for the other couple, hopefully, Ren can somehow make clueless Rino realize that she’s the one whom he’s interested in, and it isn’t Chihiro. Scans by 深雪.

Quote of the day:
Love can sometimes be a hidden feeling and one may not want to express it. Love should not be kept as a secret or else your true feelings will not be expressed and you would not feel your heart to be light. ~ Author Unknown