May 10, 2013

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapters 38-39]

Originally posted on November 17, 2014
Chapter 38: Sizzling hot summer has arrived. While listening to a musical performance, Reishou informs Yuulin about the star festival. They will be doing some ‘give offering’ activities at the summer imperial villa which is far away from the royal capital. Kouren was the one who suggested that Reishou go on a summer vacation while there. Blushing Yuulin says that makes one anticipate it and she finds it romantic. [<- Star festival is the tanabata, which celebrates the meeting of the deities Orihime and Hikoboshi (represented by the stars Vega and Altair respectively). According to legend, the Milky Way separates these lovers, and they are allowed to meet only once a year on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month of the lunisolar calendar. Source: wiki] She dismisses that thought for she has to think of work. Jun reminds her that this isn’t for some sightseeing but rather, it is the king’s official business. Yuulin timidly agrees. He tells her that it is a small scale important offering as they pray to the heavenly stars for the country to become prosperous. So, she better not think of it turning into some happy summer trip. Yuulin says yes. Smiling Reishou tells her that it is because it is an imperial villa located deep in the mountains, their acting would be more relaxed.
So, the fake couple departed from the royal capital and arrives at the ‘star imperial villa’. Gloomy-looking ladies-in-waiting formally greet and welcome Reishou and Yuulin. Yuulin seems tense over the aura that the ladies are emitting. The ladies say that before that day... Yuulin is stunned when she notices that she is sitting in front of a table filled with books. Three ladies-in-waiting tell her that the star festival is an important offering over the years and as the ones in charge, they do not want Yuulin who has just arrived to mess things up. They must give her a deep knowledge and understanding of the star festival. So, Yuulin’s studies have started about astronomy, the names of the stars and legends about them. Later on, Reishou asks confused Yuulin if she is alright. She mutters that it seems that stars are moving around her head. Reishou admits that it is also his first time to come to this place and he didn’t think that the people in the villa would be so passionate about the festival. She asks if he also has teaching materials which isn’t similar with hers. Reishou says no, before at the imperial palace, he would only listen to scholars and experts telling him the general idea about it, and this time, they only clearly explain to him about offering stuff.
Carrying some books, Yuulin gloomy says that she will self-study from here on, and also tomorrow, starting in the morning.. She feels sad that she came to this trip to study. She tells him to go to his own room and relax as much as he likes. With a timid look, Reishou asks if he cannot stay here, and it is a rare trip, he’ll be very bored staying alone by himself. Thinking that it is puppy Reishou, she says that it is okay, but what about his work. Reading a book, Reishou says that this is a short rare trip, and he doesn’t want to bring them along so, he smoothly finished all of the work. Going to her desk facing the window, Yuulin starts to study. She thinks that it felt strange that she is surrounded with books while he is at leisure but then, this is good for he is always quite tired. Reishou grumpily watches Yuulin study. Later on, Yuulin rushes to Jun and asks for his help. Jun reprimands her to please be a bit quiet especially since they are in the quiet mountain area. Teary-eyed and flustered Yuulin says that this is very serious. “His Majesty..he..His seducing me!!” Jun goes into shock over this.
Sweatdropping, Reishou tells her that it isn’t a pleasant thing when others hear that. Yuulin exclaims that she is in her room doing her best to study then he would happily tell her about there is a nice river nearby, and precious rare birds. “He kept on telling me about wanting to go sightseeing--!!! I totally cannot work on the task, isn’t this that [so-called] scary seduction--?” Jun asks Reishou why he is doing that. Reishou tells Yuulin that it is just for a while, but is that taking up her time than he imagined. Yuulin asks him to let her alone at one side. Reishou asks what is the point of going to this trip if he just put her at one side. She calls him selfish and willful. While Jun is speechless over this, Reishou continues to charm Yuulin. She is freaking out for Reishou is in his puppy mode and her brain can no longer remember the things she has studied. Since she is at her limit, she tells him that this is interfering with her task so until her studies are over, she cannot see him. This shocks Reishou that he asks if she meant just some several minutes today. Yuulin exclaims no, until the star festival is over, and she has resolved on this.
Jun says that is not bad, in order for Yuulin to concentrate, Reishou is forbidden to enter her room, and basically, there is no need to show off to others that they have a good relationship here. Reishou is shock that Yuulin rejoices over this and exclaims that’s great!! Reishou tells Jun to wait a minute, he is really very idle and he is also finished with his work. Jun says that he understands, he’ll accompany him to go see the river and the birds. Reishou asks what’s the fun in going there with him. Yuulin bites her lips for she is envious of Jun but then, this is also work, after all, she must thoroughly delve into the star festival. At some room while having a drink with Reishou, Dai is laughing his head off about how amazing Yuulin is to have driven away Reishou. Since Reishou didn’t react, Dai asks if he wasn’t worried about doing that keep distance thing with Yuulin upon arriving back from the city. Reishou says that it is the same now, but then, Yuulin’s perplexed face is very interesting. Dai says that he’s really mean. He tells Reishou that it is strange for him to say those things during the trip, but isn’t it good to occasionally be at a standstill. Dai says that the queen is doing her best even if she’s not good with studies. Reishou says is that so. Dai is surprised that he didn’t recklessly say anything willful things, so he’s accepting it.
Meanwhile, the ladies-in-waiting found something broken and think that it is some sort of ominous premonition on the day before the festival. In her room, Yuulin hears a strange sound. She wonders if she’s overly sensitive for actually, this is an imperial villa so there should be no unimaginable phenomenon. Yet, she feels as if something is going to come out. She dismisses it and tells herself that she’s just overly sensitive, and do not think of scary things. Flipping the pages of the book, she tells herself to concentrate since only a bit of studying is left. She feels that this situation isn’t quite the same..the star festival and summer trip..quite different from romantic. She wonders if this is a punishment for being happy to go on a trip while working. Then, she hears a loud sound by the window. She freaks out over what it is. She exclaims who it is. It is Reishou who says that he wanted to give her a pleasant surprise but apparently, it wasn’t for her, sorry. After looking shocked, Yuulin tells him that didn’t she tell him that they are not to see each other today. Pouting Reishou says that she did, but he wants to apologize, it is a rare trip, and it isn’t happy [/fun] if it is making her suffer..(it is okay not to do it). Yuulin wonders what he wanted to say in the end, [after making her suffer] but he gave up saying it.
Thinking that he’s a king who is very nice to the queen that he doesn’t order her around, Yuulin smiles and says that seeing it for the first time is quite interesting, and she strive her best a bit on the ‘queen’s work’ so please wait a while. He tells her that she is right about saying not wanting to see each other. He says that she go and do what she wants for if she’s in front of him, no matter what, he wants to seduce her. He holds a strand of her hair and kisses it. Before leaving, Reishou says that it is too bad that they cannot go sightseeing but then, it is inevitable so, he’ll see her on the star festival day itself. Stunned Yuulin thinks that he’s quite mean for he made her forget all that she memorized, her brain went completely blank. So, as struggling Yuulin tries to concentrate on studying, the ladies-in-waiting are muttering about something ominous and scary thing happening. At Reishou’s room, Dai tells Jun, who came to see Reishou, to calm down, for in the end, Reishou is a guy whose actions and words won’t match. Jun grumbles about him not living up to his expectation.
Chapter 39: The next day, the ladies-in-waiting continue to teach Yuulin about the origin of the star festival based on the ‘The Weaver Girl and the Cowherd’ story. Then, one of the ladies asks Yuulin if she finds something strange around her since she arrived there. Since Yuulin is puzzled, the three ladies ask her if she felt a strange aura or heard some strange noises. Scared Yuulin asks what they want to tell her. She becomes tense as they tell her about something is actually happening.. Later on, stern Jun asks a ghost appeared? Yuulin tells him about things getting destroyed [/broken] for no reason, and there are some strange noises. She mutters that she isn’t good with stuff like that. Jun tells her that is thoroughly preposterous, if she has extra energy to get distracted, why doesn’t she use that time to study. He asks her to please concentrate and don’t think of other things. While saying okay, aghast Yuulin thinks that this boss is ruthless but then, it is as he said, right now isn’t the time for her to be scared of some ghost for a professional bride is forever calm.
Jun worriedly looks at her as she resumes her studies with the ladies-in-waiting. He thinks that there ought to be no problem with her, the problem is.. Picking up a piece of paper on the floor, Jun scolds Reishou to be more careful in handling documents and how some he looks listless. Sitting up, Reishou says that he’s resting. Jun informs him that Yuulin’s morning lesson has just ended. Reishou angrily says that he cannot accept that he and Yuulin cannot see each other but strangely enough, he [Jun] can see her. Irked Jun tells him that he cannot understand nor accept the reason over why Reishou is angry at him and is he being difficult with him. Reishou grumbles that it is really boring, this is such a ridiculous thing, and why did they come here. Jun tells him that it is official business. Reishou takes his sword and starts to head out. Jun asks where he is doing. Reishou tells him that whether it is ‘official business’ or resting, just report to him if there’s something up. Jun just sighs.
Later on, the ladies-in-waiting think that it is a ghost that broke the altar’s mirror. They wonder if the Heavens are giving them some warning in this star festival. They wonder if the king will stop this important offering, [if he knew], so what are they to do.. While telling herself not to be scared, Yuulin continues with her self-studies. She has no clue on the suspicious things that are happening all around her. Soon, it is the time for the star festival. At some small body of water, the ladies-in-waiting tell Yuulin that before the offering, she must cleanse [/purify] her body [with water], then they will go to the altar. In the water while wearing a loose robe, Yuulin says okay. She asks them if they are recovering from illness because their face.. The aghast ladies bows and says no, it is just the illumination [so they look pale], and they will wait there at the side for her. While cleansing her body, Yuulin reviews the things that she has to do during the festival, then, she heard a scream. She quickly goes to the ladies-in-waiting and asks what had happened. The ladies exclaim that the offerings that they are going to use are all messed up.
They start screaming that it is a mischief [by a ghost], and it is a sign from the Heavens that they should stop the offering this time around, the Heaves are angry--!!! While processing in her brain what the ladies are implying, Yuulin starts to also freak out. They hear some sound in the forest area. Yuulin asks if there was a sound there. One of the ladies says yes, but then, it might just be the wind. Yuulin tells them to don’t move and wait there, she’ll check it out. They worriedly tell her not to go there. But, smiling Yuulin smiles tells them to relax, it’s nothing, she is only just going to confirm it, that’s all. Trembling Yuulin holds a long candlestick and wonders if she can use it to hit the ghost, although she doesn’t know if it is an evil spirit’s mischief. She thinks that this time, she wasn’t able to go sightseeing during this trip but she’ll be able to quickly see the person she wants to see so she’ll do her best. She calls out if there’s someone there. She thinks that if that evil spirit hindering the star festival comes out, she’ll use all her vigor and willpower to beat it up. Holding the stick, she shouts if there is someone there, come out—
Then, someone calls out her name and tells her to stay there and do not move. She is surprised when something flies past her and something fell from the tree. She wonders if it is a person. After falling down the tree, the masked person quickly runs off. Reishou tells Dai not to let that guy escape. Dai says okay and hurries off towards the fleeing person. Reishou calls out to Yuulin and asks why she is there. Yuulin asks what is going on.. Looking at her in surprise, Reishou quickly hugs her. While Yuulin is all puzzled, Reishou whispers that he’ll explain things later, first, wear her clothes properly before Dai comes back. Yuulin realizes that she is still wearing the clothes for bathing. She screams and Reishou assures her that he didn’t see anything. So, later on, Reishou explained to her that, ‘imagined ominous thing’ is just a superstition in the star imperial villa. This time around, the one causing mischief is an assassin who wanted to attack and harm her as the Wolf King’s bride. Jun says that earlier on, everything is prepared to capture that assassin and after a lot of troublesome things, it dragged on..up to now. So, she has been forced into this work, to be a bait. Even if at one side, it is to capture that guy..that night the star festival is cautiously carried out. Dressed nicely for the festival, Yuulin is relieved that she was able to finish her assigned task without any incident.
Later on, Reishou calls out to Yuulin to be quick, they are about to arrive at the place which has the best scenery. As Yuulin tries to catch up with Reishou who is already at the top of the stairs, Yuulin says that he’s quite vigorous. Wagging his imaginary tail, puppy Reishou says of course, he finally get to see his bride so seduce him as much as she wants, come and let’s have fun. Yuulin wonders if this guy really wants to have fun, though she is already extremely tired, and she didn’t imagine that this trip can be quite exhausting..but it cannot be helped, this is work. Reishou holds her hand and says that it is because he can watch the stars together with her so it is a very happy[/fun] thing. Blushing yet frowning Yuulin thinks forget it, for him to say that, it is because she is always—How can he say such words to a worker[/servant]..even if she is extremely tired, she won’t care about everything, finally to be able to see the stars with him is after all, a beautiful thing. Before they head back to the capital, the ladies-in-waiting give her a lot of books. They tell her to come back, no matter what, and these are profound stories about the stars. Yuulin thinks that those are their souvenirs.
Comment: These two chapters seem like a filler arc. ^^; It is a change for them to reverse roles wherein Yuulin is the one studying and he’s the one who isn’t doing anything. Hehe, he must be really bored to death that rather than bait the assassin, he went with Dai for ‘assassin hunting’. ^^; It is amusing how Yuulin’s sudden outbursts due to what she perceive can really make everyone have that stunned look. Earlier it was Reishou about firing her, now, it is Jun by accusing Reishou of seducing her. ^^; If that is seduction for her, I wonder what her reaction towards a real seduction. =P Well, even if she’s scared and everything, she still went to face the ‘ghost’. Reckless or brave? I guess Yuulin is quite conflicted about doing her work and being lovey-dovey with him. It doesn’t help that both think that it is acting and she has to keep it a secret or else, she might get fired^^; Anyway, she did manage to have some nice time stargazing with him ^^ PS Sorry for the dark scans. They are originally like that and I decided to use the time for more summaries rather than editing them to become 'brighter'. Scans by BaRaMei私人

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