May 9, 2013

Kedamono Kareshi [Chapter 9] + Side Story

Cover page: “Causing me trouble seems to be his.. pleasure..” Everyone is school are talking about Keita and Himari being legal siblings. Some girls are envious that they are in the same school year and stay in the same house, that they want to exchange places with Himari. Some guys think that all sorts of things definitely had happened between them. Standing outside the classroom door, Himari realizes that what Keita exposed yesterday has spread all over the school, and it is quite difficult for her to go in the classroom. Aside from that, she also has to face Ryou. Soon, the guys inside exclaims that speaking of the devil, the two are already here and their relationship must be good since they came to school together. Himari is puzzled, then she realizes that Keita is standing behind her. She couldn’t believe it for she purposefully went to school early so that she won’t bump into him. Keita tells her that it’s quite annoying so early in the morning. Ryou greets the two a good morning and says that it’s quite noisy so early in the morning. Himari is quite happy that Ryou greeted her normally like before and it’s great that he doesn’t hate her. Later on, some guy says that since it is out in the open, can they all go to Keita’s house to hang out after school. This shocks Himari and hopes that Keita won’t agree. To her dismay, Keita agrees to it by saying that it is okay. At the corner of the living room, Himari counts them around 12 who came to their house and Ryou is also there. She couldn’t believe that Keita decided on this on his own when it isn’t his own house. Everyone is saying that they are quite surprised for Keita and Himari are really living under one roof and their bedrooms are beside each other. Keita tells them that didn’t he tell them so. A couple of guys say that with this kind of set-up, they would be able to do things that they aren’t allowed to do. A couple of fangirls angrily scold them that Keita is everyone’s and that thing won’t happen. Watching them from the refrigerator, Himari gets a drink and tries to quietly sneak away. But, she was noticed by a couple of guys who invite her to go talk with them. They go to Himari and ask her if anything happened between her and Keita because even if they are family, or legally siblings, Keita is still a guy. Himari nervously tells them that nothing happened. To her shock, one of the guys says that someone saw her confess yesterday to Ryou. Soon, everyone is cornering Himari about the confession. Himari felt uneasy especially since Ryou is also there. Keita holds Himari’s head and tells the others that is enough, they cannot do that for ever since the start, the only one who can bully her is him. Himari looks at him in surprise. Keita pushes her out of the living room and tells her to quickly buy some food to eat for the guests. Outside, Himari overhears Keita telling the others that they go watch this new DVD movie. Himari thinks that Keita had changed the topic and could it be that was his way of helping her out.
When it is dark, everyone bids them goodbye and left. While Keita lies on the sofa, Himari complains about being tired with so many people hanging around the house. She pretty much freaked out a lot since there are people going to rooms that they shouldn’t go in and opening drawers. Standing up, Himari decides to tidy things up before their parents return. She glances at Keita and got angry that he is sound asleep. She angrily thinks that it is because of this guy that she got in a difficult situation and here he is, sleeping. She decides to let it go since after what he said earlier, the others didn’t mention about the confession anymore. She goes to get a blanket. She thanks him for today and prepares to put the blanket on him. To her surprise, Keita suddenly grabs her and hugs her. Blushing Himari wonders why he would suddenly do that, could it be that he is awake. Keita talks in his sleep, telling Maryu [guesswork from 馬龍], the dog to be good. She is shock that she was thought to be a dog. She tries to pull away from him since it will be problematic if their parents come in and see them like that. Keita still talks in his sleep that it hurts, Maryu, okay... Then, to Himari’s surprise, Keita pulls her down and kisses her. This freaks out Himari that she quickly pushes him away with all her strength. Keita falls on the sofa. Awake, he sees Himari rushing out. He complains that it hurts but she already slams the door. Keita is puzzled over what happened. Himari goes to her room and becomes depressed-shock for their lips touched and her first kiss is like that. Then, she recalls what the couple of guys said that even if they are family or legal siblings, Keita is still a guy. Himari is determined to always be vigilant since they live together. The next morning, Keita yawns and Himari is covering her lips with her school bag. While hiding her face with the bag, Keita asks her what does that mean. Himari tells him not to go near her and he isn’t allowed within 1 meter radius around her. Keita got angry for she is like that again. He grabs her bag and shouts what up with that attitude, idiot. Pulling the bag aside, he tells her to stop that for she’s going too far. Himari sees his lips and recalls the kiss. She blushes and quickly hits him with the school bag. She shouts for him to quickly give it [bag] back, stupid. Furious Keita shouts for her to stand still, idiot. Himari bids her mother goodbye as she runs out the house. She tells herself that it is just an accident so she should quickly forget about it, they are only siblings and she absolutely shouldn’t let him find out about this accident.
Side story: Young Keita overhears his parents shouting at each other. His father has found a text message in his wife’s phone from some other man and he wants to know if she is two-timing him again. His wife scolds him for looking at her phone without permission and it has nothing to do with him. Young Keita covers his ears and thinks that they are noisy and lately, they kept on quarrelling. He finds doing nonsense things in school more fun than at home, and because this girl is here. Keita pulls Himari’s ponytail and tells her that it is her fault for having ponytails. He finds it mystifying that by bulling this idiot, that troublesome thing at home is totally gone [from his head]. As Himari cries, her friend scolds Keita for making Himari cry again. He treats Himari as his toy who fears him and would easily cry. Then, it is parents’ observation day. Keita didn’t care about it since his parents won’t come anyway. On the way home, he is planning to hang out in someone’s place when he sees Himari with her parents. Himari says that she recited twice today. Her mother tells her that they saw it. Keita got angry for Himari is obviously his toy and yet she is happier than him. Soon, his parents got a divorce and he wasn’t classmates with Himari during grade 5. And they are classmates again during grade 6. Keita feels that it isn’t boring with her around. He calls out to stupid Himari and asks what she is writing. Himari quickly hides it. Keita wants to see it but Ryou tells him not to be like that. He really didn’t reflect on his deeds and kept on bullying Himari to tears. Keita proudly says what does he mean reflection, and this girl might actually like him because she is his toy. To his shock, Himari snubs him and thanks Ryou for helping her out. He couldn’t believe that without him knowing, Himari has already fallen in love with Ryou when she is obviously idiot Himari. He decides to give her a lesson by taking her pen. Later on, Himari freaks out for her important pen is gone. Keita is quite happy for that idiot won’t find it because it is with him. He takes it out from his pocket and notices that it is broken in half. He realizes that it broke when he suddenly sat on the chair. Soon, Himari discovers the broken pen on her table. Her friends exclaim that this is quite cruel and it is definitely a boy who did that. Keita nervously thinks that he also didn’t know that it will break. He only wants to bully her a little bit and he didn’t know that it will end up like this. He looks at Himari and thinks that she would definitely cry. To his surprise, Himari just smiles and says that it is alright, she carelessly left it so she’s the one at fault. A glasses boy nudges Keita and asks if he was the one who did it. Keita denies it. The glasses boy tells Keita that is a gift from Himari’s deceased father so for her, it is a very important thing. Keita is surprised that her father had passed away. Glasses boy asks if he didn’t know, his mother told him that Himari’s father got into an accident at work last year. Keita thinks that obviously, Himari used to easily cry when he makes her cry. And, after a few months, Himari moved away. That made him realize that trembling and crying Himari, isn’t his toy. And he never imagined that after four years, they would meet again that way, and the elementary him wouldn’t have thought of it.

Comment: So, Himari’s first kiss got taken that way. It can be quite horrifying for a naïve innocent girl since it was with the guy who bullied her during her younger years. Even if they will obviously end up together, I do hope Keita does something that would make me think that he deserves her. That side story made me feel sorry for Himari and almost hope that she end up with Ryou instead. ^^; Nevertheless, things had somewhat changed now. He is there to help her out in difficult times even if there is some sort of ulterior/other motives for it like, he’s the only one who can make her life miserable, he has to be superior than her, she’s just an idiot, etc. ^^; But then, Ryou is just there and not doing much so, I cannot really say I root for him either. ^^; Scans by allwink汉化组

Quote of the day:
The common mistake that bullies make is assuming that because someone is nice that he or she is weak. Those traits have nothing to do with each other. In fact, it takes considerable strength and character to be a good person. ~ Mary Elizabeth Williams