May 10, 2013

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 17]

While Mego had met with Aoi and their date is currently progressing, on the other side of Tokyo, some people are wondering if that is Tokugawa Azusa, that Eighteen model, she’s so cute. Some think that she is waiting for a date but some think it is a shooting because no one would go on a date wearing that kind of gorgeous clothes. Blushing Azusa starts to wonder if what she is wearing aren’t suitable for a date. These are her Gothic Lolita clothes during a photo shoot. She hasn’t gone on a date before so she doesn’t know. Looking at her clothes, she wonders if Mitsuru likes this style more. She starts to laugh that she doesn’t care what Mitsuru likes. She recalls telling him that on this Sunday, he is going to accompany her for the whole day. She wonders if she actually likes him that is why she said those words. She doesn’t know and she hasn’t been in love before but because she doesn’t know that is why she wanted to confirm it upon seeing Mitsuru. She starts to wonder what he is wearing for it would be the first time for her to see him in casual clothes. Someone calls out to her so she turns around to see Mitsuru in full kendo gear. While Azusa is shock to see him, Mitsuru says that he had kept her waiting. Azusa asks if he is Mitsuru. Mitsuru asks if she is alone for she definitely had brought along 100 underlings and he will beat them all up. He informs aghast Azusa that after she issued that challenge, he has always been practicing for this duel. Azusa wonders if Mitsuru actually thought her invitation for a date is a duel. She angrily scolds him for being stupid and what’s up with that awful outfit. Mitsuru angrily answers back why is she wearing that fluffy outfit, is she serious, and this is his dueling outfit. Grabbing his head gear, Azusa angrily shouts that he’s infuriating, and remove that ridiculous helmet. Azusa blushes upon seeing his face. She freaks out when the bystanders are asking if it is a shooting since it is a Gothic Lolita and a kendo guy. Grabbing Mitsuru’s hand, Azusa says that they are getting too much attention so they should go somewhere else. While pulling Mitsuru, Azusa thinks that she couldn’t believe he is wearing that awful outfit when she is wearing splendid clothes. Their outfits are a total mismatch and what’s with that kendo outfit. She glances at him and felt frustrated and angry for he looks handsome in it, he’s so moe.
Meanwhile, while walking, Aoi glances at Mego who also glances at him. After their eyes met, they suddenly turns away blushing. Aoi starts to mention that it is a nice weather. Mego agrees with him. And, there’s silence again. Mego wonders what to do when obviously this is a rare first date but ever since just now, she is always very nervous that she cannot properly talk. When she was wearing boys clothes, they’ve obviously can talk naturally. She thinks that it could be because he thought that she is a guy that he can go near her but right now, she is a ‘girl’ and she felt embarrassed in letting him see the REAL HER. Aoi looks at feminine Mego and thinks that he had lost to her for actually, he isn’t used to seeing her, dressed up like a girl. Compared to when she is dressed up like a boy, he is now more conscious of her and he is at a loss over what to do. He sighs which surprised Mego. Aoi points at the stoplight and tells her that it is green. He walks ahead and he notices that Mego is keeping a 50cm distance between them. Aoi thinks that even if he has a phobia with girls and she cannot be near him within 50 cm, but it is okay with her and she still chose him. Then, he notices a couple ahead of them, holding hands. Aoi starts to reach for Mego’s hand but he quickly pulls it away when Mego turns to ask him if it is this way. Aoi says yes. His heart is beating fast. He wonders what he was thinking of doing. Is it WANTING TO TOUCH HER? Mego suddenly shouts that this is bad for there is a Sendai exhibit at that department store. Puzzled Aoi asks what’s bad about it. Going into rekijo [history otaku] mode, Mego tells him that it is northeast Sendai, the holy ground of Date Masamune’s fans. In that place, they are selling specialty products that are related to Masamune-sama. She screams that it is said that zundamochi [mochi with mashed green soybeans] are made in accordance to Masamune-sama’s idea. And there are also miso and natto. There are also limited edition wooden doll keychains of Masamune and Megohime. “Ah..without going out of Tokyo, I can see so many famous specialty products..” Aoi is sweatdropping. Mego calls out to the store keeper and asks for two boxes of zundamochi and those keychains. She happily gives one box to Aoi as souvenir. Staring at the box of zundamochi, Aoi mutters that Mego had unexpectedly become quite lively.
Soon, at the restaurant, they are going to eat a Sendai specialty set meal. Mego happily tells Aoi over how amazing it is that she gets to eat this here. She informs him that Sendai is her hometown so when she goes there, she would definitely eat this: gyutan [grilled beef tongue], [mugi gohan - steamed rice with barley], totoro-jiru [grated yam soup] and oxtail soup. As a rekijo, she is in a moe high since she is with Aoi in a place that is related to Masamune-sama. Then, she realizes something. That totoro-jiru, it is one of the S-type difficult things to eat on the first date since she has to make loud slurping sounds. The S-type difficult foods to be avoided while eating in front of one’s boyfriend are: squid [ink] pasta since it makes the teeth become black, chicken wings since it is sticky on the hands, and desserts that have grapes and watermelon seeds wherein one has to spit out the seeds. Even if she likes totoro-jiru but she cannot eat it in front of Aoi. She calls herself stupid for she should have ordered something cute like salad. She wonders how Aoi is doing with this kind of food. To her surprise, Aoi manages to expertly eat the sticky and slippery totoro-jiru. Mego finds him quite cool to be able to eat it like that. The way he holds the chopsticks are also very beautiful that one would totally not think that he is the strongest guy of a bad school. While Aoi thinks that it is delicious, the other customers also admire Aoi for it. Mego wonders what to do for she cannot eat the totoro-jiru gracefully like Aoi did. It would be a waste if she just leave it but then, in front of Aoi.. Aoi asks her what’s the matter, since she isn’t eating, and does she hate that totoro-jiru. Mego says, no, it is her favorite but eating it in front of him, it is so embarrassing. Aoi looks tense over her reaction that even the other customers are watching them. The other customers are asking if those are young lovers and that girl’s face is so red so what does she meant by very embarrassing. Thinking that the other people are misunderstanding things, Aoi whispers to Mego not to mind it too much and just eat it. Blushing Mego exclaims that she cannot do it, it’s sticky and slippery, that it would stick on her lips and leave a mark, so embarrassing. “It’s obviously the first date and I would make you see me like that..”
The other customers are thinking of some other things regarding that first time sticky and slippery thing, high schoolers these days.. This made Aoi embarrassed that he tells Mego that he knows already, and quickly calm down. Aoi didn’t know that girls mind these small things. He looks away and tells her stupid, she doesn’t have to endure not eating her favorite because of him. He says that he’ll just look at the opposite direction so she can properly eat that. The customers wonder what’s up with those lovers since Aoi is facing away from Mego. Mego tearfully cries out over how wide Aoi’s heart, to let a girl thoroughly enjoy totoro-jiru. The other customers realize that they were talking about the totoro-jiru. Blushing Aoi says, okay already, just eat. Mego timidly says okay, she’ll do as he says. Then, Aoi notices that he is facing the mirror and he can see Mego. Drooling Mego happily pulls the totoro-jiru with her chopsticks and it looks delicious. Aoi blushes for what she thinks is very obvious on her facial expression. She happily eats it and is in total bliss. Aoi lets out a laugh and trembles from trying to suppress his laughter. Mego is startled and notices that he can see her through the mirror. She exclaims in surprise about this and says that didn’t Aoi say that he won’t look. She blushes upon seeing Aoi laughing. Aoi apologizes and says that he wasn’t careful that he got to see it.. Then, he starts laughing again and says that he cannot stop himself. Mego watches him and thinks that this is the first time she saw laughing like that as if his whole body is very happy. After Aoi stops laughing, he asks if she isn’t going to continue eating. He asks her not to be angry and he won’t laugh again. While resting her head on the table, blushing Mego pouts and says, “..Senpai, it’s truly great that you’re afraid to touch girls. If they were to see your beautiful smiling face, the girls in this whole world would have fallen for you.” This made Aoi blush and his heart beat loudly. Mego thinks that she always see Aoi quite mature looking but unexpectedly, he has this childish real side, which made her, love him even more. “The first date. No matter how much time passes by, later on, I’ll definitely remember it. Aoi-kun’s unrivalled sparkling smile.”
Comment: It is amusing that Mitsuru who is really good with girls had misinterpreted Azusa’s intention. But then, he probably couldn’t imagine that she would have fallen for him. And, Azusa is in somewhat denial about it. Their date is something I cannot guess, as to what is going to happen next. Would they both find out about Azusa’s feelings for him by the end of the date? As for the other couple, it is interesting how nice and everything Aoi is, that he wasn’t turned off by Mego’s rekijo mode. =P He seems to unconsciously willing to break down the 50cm be apart thing. Hehe, the research on the Sendai food stuff took some time especially the totoro-jiru which at first I thought was the mugi gohan. ^^; It is because the set menu usually has that and not totoro-jiru. I wonder if the mangaka got the idea about the customers thinking of other things because totoro-jiru/the nagaimo yam is believed to be a Viagra during the Edo period. Even if it is her first date, Mego is conscious enough about the things she shouldn’t eat on a date that she makes a bit of a fuss about it. =P It makes me wonder if Aoi just knows how to eat totoro-jiru properly or it is because of his upbringing. I get the impression that he can also eat expertly those other don’t eat foods during a date. I like Mego’s jealous statement, and it also moved Aoi. It makes me wonder if that is the first time or after a long time, Aoi had laughed like that. Scans by 莺工作

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