May 20, 2013

Reimei no Arcana [Chapter 50]

Nakaba is surprised when Loki told her to give Senan to him. Caesar looks a bit tense. In disbelief, Nakaba asks what he is saying. “Lo..” She stops upon seeing how serious Loki looked. She backs away and Caesar holds her steady. Nakaba is trembling. Caesar asks Loki if he is serious and what’s up with him. Loki tells him that now that the Belquat king is dead, he is now king. “Princess Nakaba is Senan’s.. Then, make the two countries into one. You plan to create a country wherein both humans and Ajins live together equally, right?” Nakaba stammers that is right, and it is because of this that they.. Loki asks her if she actually thinks that can happen in reality. Nakaba looks flustered. Loki repeats for her to give Senan to him. “Afterwards, the humans currently living in Senan would migrate to Belquat. And the Ajin-s living in Belquat would migrate to Senan. So, that will make only humans living in Belquat and Senan only has Ajin-s.” Caesar and Nakaba look tense. Still trembling Nakaba asks how can he thought of it that way, for can’t humans and Ajin-s be equal. Loki laughs and looks serious. He asks, “Always until now being maltreated by humans, then suddenly, becoming friends and getting along with those who maltreated them? Don’t joke around. *draws his dagger and points it at the couple* I don’t wish to be amicable with humans and live together with them.” Nakaba shouts, “Loki..! *Loki looks at her and she looks flustered* Loki..” Loki says, “Please stop that seemingly pleading look. *this jolts Nakaba* There’s only one choice, Princess Nakaba. In this kind of kind of situation, could it be that there is still someone who wants to hinder me? Then, duel with me, okay?” After looking aghast and surprised by this, Caesar shouts at Loki and charges him with his sword. Loki blocks it. Caesar looks flustered and Loki looks calm. After breaking it off, Loki evades Caesar’s swing. Loki says, “Please stop, Belquat king. You should know earlier that that you are no match for me. If you were to fall here, Princess Nakaba will become all alone by herself.” Preparing to swing his sword again, Caesar shouts, “For you to do this kind of thing! Could it be that you don’t know that she’ll be deeply hurt!?”
Loki replies, “..for the thing that one wants, it is a necessity to sacrifice.” Swing his sword at Loki again, Caesar shouts, “You.. you plan to sacrifice her feelings!!!” Loki jumps up and gives Caesar a kick on the face. Caesar falls down. As Caesar sits up, Loki says, “-that pain, I’ll just leave it up to you to heal it.” Caesar looks somewhat surprised. He looks flustered and mutters, “You..”  Caesar thinks, “I’m always jealous of you who just protects her by yourself, no matter what happens, no matter what is sacrificed... but--..” Loki slightly walks away. He smiles and asks if it is Nakaba who’s next. Flustered Nakaba takes out her knife. She trembles as she faces calm Loki. Since he coldly looks at her, Nakaba charges at him and shouts. She recalls the times she shared with Loki. She ends up dropping the knife. Nakaba kept on crying and she kneels down. She sobs that it is impossible, she cannot do it. She thinks that it is because of him that she is able to live up to now. “Everything, is for this moment? No, it isn’t so. But, when? When did it start? Always until where? No. No, Loki. My heart will die.” Loki turns around and says, “-Then, I’ll take over Senan. *heads out the door* ..goodbye, Princess Nakaba.” Nakaba keeps on crying. Caesar shouts for Loki to wait and don’t go. “..Do not go!! (I’ll be healing this pain?) ..I beg of you..! (Don’t) Don’t go! (How is that possible.) Loki!! *stretches out hand* (This pain, I cannot heal it!!) *starts to cry.* (You’re really cruel.)” Loki turns around and gives them a sad smile look. As the couple cry, Loki goes out of the room. ‘Goodbye’. Blurb: “Loki left. Afterwards--”
Comment: There is some sense in Loki’s reasoning that Ajins cannot live equally together with humans after being maltreated for years. Humans might not easily want to treat Ajin-s as equals and I’m not too sure if Ajins would continue on being submissive. For the Ajin-s, even if equal, they would still be ruled by human leaders. It could be possible in the long term but it takes a longer time compared to immediate segregation. There would be fewer skirmishes between the races and there would be immediate ‘peace’ if they live separately. From the looks of things, Loki is leaving Nakaba in Caesar’s hand. So, he probably doesn’t want to just stand there and watch them go lovey-dovey in front of him. It does make one wonder when Loki thought of this. Was it from the start or after Nakaba fell in love with Caesar? Nakaba seems to be very confused on what to feel here. Part of it I guess is more on Loki’s ‘rejection’ of her idea, and for him to ‘not to do her whims’. For that, it seems like a betrayal for ‘turning back against what she and Ceasar wanted to do’. It does seem that all three did some sort of ‘betrayal’ to achieve their own goals. Nakaba betrayed Adele to get Senan. Caesar betrayed his family to get Belquat. And, Loki betrayed both to get Senan. That is indeed how things are in ‘politics’. Nevertheless, it was kind of clever of Loki to wait out and kind of help the two in achieving their goals. Then, when the couple becomes the head of their respective countries, he makes his demand..fully knowing that they are no match for him and there will be less violence compared to doing it himself since the couple are technically heirs of their countries. I’m not sure if Nakaba knows that Loki is leaving permanently[?] but Caesar seems to know given what he told him and how he asked Loki to not go. It is amusing that it is Caesar who has to verbally tell Loki not to go. ^^; It is his pleas that made Loki soften his expression. ^^;; Scans by 深雪

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