May 21, 2013

Kedamono Kareshi [Chapter 10]

In the sofa, Keita tells Himari that even if they are siblings, but they don’t have blood relation so it should be alright. They kiss. Then, Keita pats her head and calls her Maryu, good boy, bark for me. Himari snaps out of that imagination and hits her head on the class table over what she is thinking. When Keita arrives, Himari hides her mouth with a book and thinks that Keita ought not to remember what happened yesterday so she should immediately forget about it. Then, the teacher says that they are going to change seats. Himari is happy over this good opportunity. To her surprise, Ryou is her seatmate [not sure if it is beside or at the back]. Both are happy over this coincidence and greet each other ‘I’ll be under your care’[/yoroshiku]. Keita is very displeased over the seating arrangement. Himari looks around and sees Keita seating far away so she plans to act normal just like before. During PE class, the girls will have PE exam practice so they should go to the exercise places that they aren’t good at. While Himari wonders if she ought to go to the 50m run. Keita hits her back with a soccer ball. Keita grumbles over how happy Himari is with the seating arrangement. Himari turns away since she cannot directly face him. She tells him that it is none of his business. Keita looks dark over this. Then, Himari recalls something that she asks Keita if he used to have a pet called ‘Maryu’. Keita darkly says, ‘ha’ that Himari wonders why Keita’s mood became worse. Keita asks why she is asking that. Himari couldn’t tell him or else, she would have to tell him about the kiss. Keita turns away and denies knowing what she is saying. Ryou comments to Himari about them quarreling even during class. Himari asks Ryou if Keita used to have a pet named Maryu. Ryou says that he remembers a Chihuahua which his mother took away with her when she left. Himari realizes that the reason Keita was in a foul mood was because he remembered about what happened with his mother.
Then, some girls tell Himari that they are envious of her. Puzzled Himari ask why. They say that it is about that thing at the train station and that they are living together. One of them asks if things progressed between them. Recalling the kiss, Himari is mum about it. Himari asks them what the big deal is, about living together with that guy. They say that her words infuriate them. They tell her to look at that side. They tell her that among the first years today, he is absolutely popular and handsome, lively like sunshine, and during this time, if there is an idol selection, Keita would have been chosen. They want a boyfriend like him and they are already quite happy to be classmates with him. Himari darkly thinks that everyone has been easily deceived for what’s good about that guy. Then, she notices another couple of girls happily greeting her. Himari darkly thinks if it is those girls from before. Cornering scared Himari is some place, Keita’s fangirls sweetly tells ‘sister’ not to be so scared and they just want to ask a favor. They want pictures of Keita’s private life and of course, it has to be taken while Keita is unaware of it. Himari tries to refuse but they accuse her of monopolizing Keita. So, in the end, Himari did as told. Holding a camera, she doesn’t want to do this but sorry, Keita, she prioritizes her safety so please forgive her. Himari starts taking candid pictures of Keita. While he is brushing his teeth, Himari takes a picture secretly. While she checks the picture on the camera, Himari is pleased over how well they are taken and those girls would be happy. To her surprise, Keita grabs her camera and asks what she is doing. Looking at the pictures, Keita comments that she has been acting sneakily since yesterday so it turns out she has been taking pictures. Himari tries to explain but Keita says that he didn’t know that his older sister has an interest in taking pictures secretly. Embarrassed Himari exclaims that he misunderstands for the others asked this of her and if she didn’t do it, her personal safety would be in danger. Keita angrily recalls over how happy Himari and Ryou were. To her delight, Keita returns the camera to her but he deleted all the pictures. Keita sticks his tongue and asks if she believes that he’ll return it with the pictures intact. Trembling in shock, Himari thinks that she obviously knew that Keita is that kind of person but she got into this mess because of him. Seeing her troubled, Keita thought of some thing and asks her if she thinks that he’ll just easily let her off after this. He wants her to apologize for taking pictures of him since she sacrificed him in order to guarantee her safety. Himari says that she’ll immediately apologize but Keita rejects it. He threatens to tell Ryou or her mother about it. Himari asks him what she should do for him to forgive her. Keita smiles. He bends down to her and tells her that for one whole day, she is to listen to whatever he says, and she has to obey whatever it is. She also doesn’t have the right to refuse. Looking scared, Himari has a bad feeling about this.
Comment: It seems that the mangaka has a tendency to replace one problem, resolve it in the next chapter, and present another problem for Himari. ^^; Before it was Keita declaring that they are lovers, then, he was lying about it, then Ryou seems interested but no follow up, the first kiss then now, has to obey what Keita wants for the day. It seems that the mangaka is putting in all the possible cliché shoujo situations and easily resolve them. The flow of the story seems a bit jerky. I begin to think that there is no follow up with Ryou seemingly interest with Himari is because the mangaka still wants to build things up between Himari and Keita. Unless, she doesn’t want us to think Ryou is going for Himari just because he is on a rebound. I know Keita is jealous and tends to do things to get Himari’s attention but my patience is wearing thin on him..I’m a bit irked over that throwing ball at her. Jerk bully characters don’t go well with me. And, no matter what, he will get the girl. It turns out that Himari is a bit of a pushover, overly nice girl. It’s one thing for her to do what the fangirls want but to be easily caught like that. ^^; Thankfully, Himari is not yet gaga over Keita like his fangirls are. Since this seems to be a plot-driven manga, I don’t think they will change at all. Well, whatever Keita is thinking of doing..if it’s bad again, I hope it somehow backfires on him again. =P I think that is the only feel good thing I get from this series. ^^; Scans by allwink汉化组

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