May 22, 2013

Miseinen Dakedo Kodomo Janai [Chapter 10]

[Free talk: Ah, they written Katsunori in English as Kasua but based on the kanji 和紀, it wasn’t like that but I’ll just go with Kasua. Edit:  Asahi tagged that the name of Karin's father is Kazuki, not Katsunori. They also changed Renka’s name of 蓮華 into Reika 怜華. ^^; I’m not too sure about Nao’s father’s name because there are many ways to call him based on the kanji. ^^;; I’ll just revise when I know it for sure or if someone who has Shocomi can tag me about it. Thanks for the help, Asahi~ ^^]

Cover page: “I wouldn’t have thought that within my heart, this kind of feeling would unexpectedly sprout out--..” Hugging flustered Kazuki, Reika that she cannot forgive that  Shouji Takumi [guesswork name from ] that because of Nao’s wedding, they slightly have money and he would immediately look for pleasure with some young girl. “Hey, Kazuki, it would be better if we re-marry, right? [We] would definitely be very happy!” Kazuki asks her what she is talking about. He is startled upon seeing furious Karin saying that her father is really disappointing. Having a tantrum, Karin exclaims over how her father could bring some other woman at their house while her mother is on a trip during her free time. “And, it is unexpectedly, the mother of Karin’s husband!! I never thought that papa is unexpectedly that kind of person..!? Un..expectedly..have an extramarital affair.. I hate you the most!!!” Kazuki tries to explain that he and Reika are only.. Running off, Karin shouts that she doesn’t want to hear his objections, you big idiot. Kazuki is in shock-aghast that he can only mutter Karin’s name. Nao apologizes to him for it is his mother’s fault. He assures him that he’ll clear up this misunderstanding so leave Karin up to him. Kazuki is relieved and says that Nao is quite dependable. Flustered Nao glares at his mother who looks unfazed. After Nao left, Reika grabs Kazuki’s collar and angrily asks how come he didn’t tell her that Nao is also there. Kazuki says that obviously, she was the one who suddenly barged in to visit. At some room, Nao calls out to Karin who is crying by the side. She turns to him and calls his name. With arms wide, Karin tearfully says that their parents unexpectedly had an affair so how should she explain this to her mother.. Nao claps his hand loudly and tells Karin to calm down and listen to him. It was effective since Karin calms down and says okay. After the two sit down, Nao tells Karin that her father isn’t at fault and it is only because his mother got too close to him. Karin tries to protest that her father has a ‘beaming with joy’ expression when his mother hugged him. Nao is a bit doubtful about that. Nao tells her that it seems that before, her father has an unrequited love towards his mother but then, that is when they are still in college. Karin is surprised by this. Flashback: During their fourth year college, Tobita Reika [guesswork from飛田怜華] held on to Oriyama Kazuki’s arm and thanked him for the report he did that has enabled her to get enough course credit and he’s so dependable 
While Kazuki blushed and became timid–happy over this, a girl arrived and told Reika for always depending on Kazuki. She is Sasaki Akari [guesswork from 佐佐木明里], Karin’s mother. Akari told Kasua that if he doesn’t want to do it, he can refuse. Blushing Kazuki said that it isn’t like he doesn’t want to do it, he is more than delighted to help her out. Akari asked if that is true. Reika happily said that’s right. She kissed Kazuki’s cheek and said that is why she likes him and she’ll leave it to him again next time. As Reika left, Akari tried to scold Reika. Kazuki dropped all of his papers and froze in happiness. Kazuki’s friend said that he’s really amazing for he unexpectedly got the princess in-charge-of-school, Reika-sama’s kiss. His other friend asked if they are secretly going steady. Kazuki asked how that can be for she only asked about the homework and Reika already had a boyfriend. He stopped talking upon hearing Reika calling out to Tsuruki Takumi. While Takumi patted Reika’s head, Kazuki’s friend told him that lately, he heard that Takumi is into entrepreneurship [/starting a business]. The other friend is surprised for it is the [student council’s] president. The friend commented how envious they are for not only is Takumi good looking, he is also into business and even has Reika for his girlfriend. Kazuki tearfully said that is right. Kazuki looked flustered-sad over happy Reika looking at Takumi. During some picnic, Takumi informed Kazuki and Akari that they are getting married next month. Reika winked and said that she is already three months pregnant. Kazuki and Akari are shocked. Akari congratulated them but then, she’s unexpectedly pregnant so what about college.. Reika said that she doesn’t plan on studying anymore. She’ll just go ahead and help out in Takumi’s company. Kazuki said is that so, even if it might be quite hard but congratulations to them and may they have happiness. Akari sadly glances at Kasunori. When it was sunset, Kazuki sat on the bench that is overlooking the river. He is startled when Akari told him that it is good for him to abandon those feelings. “Even if you continue on liking Reika, she also cannot become yours, Oriyama.” This surprised Kazuki. He denied that he had that kind of idea towards Reika. Akari told him that he obviously has and she knows it. Kazuki sweatdropped and muttered about her saying that she knew. Akari said, “It’s because I’ve always been paying close attention to you, Oriyama! Can’t it be me..” Kazuki blushes in surprised at blushing Akari.
At a rundown apartment of room 203, Takumi and Akari congratulated Akari’s discharge from the hospital after giving birth. Reika gave Akari some gifts and some of Nao’s old things. Akari thanked her for the help. Holding a paper with Karin’s name, Takumi asked Kazuki how come he chose the name ‘Karin’. Kazuki happily said that it is from both of their names, Akari and Kazuki, and it also based on the number of character strokes, she’s so cute. While young Nao looked at baby Karin, Reika said that there is only a two year age difference with Nao so wait until he’s 18 and she’s 16, they can marry and it would be amazing. Someone told Reika that she thinks too far ahead. As they head to their car, Reika bid them goodbye and just call if they need something. Kazuki said okay and thanked them. After a few years, Reika is shock to hear from Takumi that their company went bankrupt. With many packed boxes, Reika is shifting through urgent notices [debt] letters, when she spots Akari’s name among the letters. It is a postcard of Kazuki’s family in front of a huge mansion. On the postcard, it is written that ‘they’ve moved’ including their names and address. Akari wrote that Kazuki bought the house from the president at his work and lately, they weren’t in contact with them that they are a bit worried so if it is convenient, please contact them. Reika’s eyes widen over this. At a rundown multi-floored apartment, Nao woke up and greeted his mother in the kitchen a good morning. He asked where his father is, is he working on Sunday. Nao is surprised when Reika suddenly threw the food from the table to the floor. Standing up, frustrated Reika shouted at Nao that aside from his father’s face, there is nothing good about him [Takumi]. “He is womanizing again today..! Why do I have to encounter this kind of misery.. *Nao looked flustered and teary-eyed* If only I didn’t give birth to you, I would have graduated from college and obviously should live happily with Kazuki..!” End flashback. Nao tells Karin that after having failed at work, his mother regretted choosing his father, who is nowhere good as he ought to be, that she lately [tries to] get close to Karin’s father who was successful in business. Looking at Karin, Nao tells her that Karin’s father didn’t do anything wrong, so she should take back the things she just said about ‘hate the most and really disappointing’--.. He is surprised to see Karin crying. He tells her not to keep quiet and it isn’t because he wants her to sympathize with him that he told her this.
With sparkles, Karin tearfully exclaims that it’s quite it turns out to be like is because the opportunity is wrong so her father and his mother weren’t fated to get married when they obviously mutually like each other.. “but passing over a generation, we had become a married couple. *Nao is stunned and puzzled over how come it became this way* In the end, this is definitely.. it is definitely.. *smiles* a fated love!! Adding up papa and mother-in-law-sama’s share, we would definitely be happy!” Frowning Nao sweatdrops and thinks that Karin’s way of thinking is quite optimistic as if she basically didn’t understand what he just told her..but.. Nao ends up smiling. Soon, the couple bids their parents goodbye. While watching the two heads towards the gate, Reika says that she absolutely thought that things won’t progress smoothly between those two but they ended up getting along with each other. Kazuki asks is that so, he thought that things will go smoothly between them. Looking away, Reika says that Nao would definitely have an extramarital affair soon because after all, he is Takumi’s son. Kazuki tells her that Nao is also his son[in-law] now that it will really hurt him if she says those things. He offers to have some tea with him since there will be some time before Akari comes home. He is surprised when Reika grabs his arm and says that she has learned that Akari isn’t home that she came here. Kazuki asks if she also wants to do what Takumi does. Reika says yes. Kazuki tells her that even if she really wanted to, but actually, she cannot do an extramarital affair. Reika looks flustered and embarrassed. She grabs Kazuki’s collar and shouts that he is looking down on her. Kazuki sheepishly says no, but actually, it is because she is like that so he would longed for her until now. At the train station, it is very crowded that Karin asks what had happened that there are unexpectedly a lot of people here, is the train so popular. Nao tells her that it isn’t about being popular but rather, it is always like this during daytime of Sunday and it is the peak period. Blushing Karin asks him if this is really okay. Nao asks her what she is referring to. Karin thinks that he would even ask [and of course, she meant their holding hands]. Karin says that there are so many people here and they would definitely bump into some schoolmates. That will cause him trouble for he didn’t want to expose their relationship to his friends, right? Nao says that is right but it would be more troublesome if she got off the wrong station. Slightly disappointed Karin thinks is that so. At a station, a lot of people got off and Karin mentions this to Nao. Nao says that it is because it is at the interchange station. She tells him that right now, it is impossible for her to be left behind right. Nao says yes. And, they are still holding hands. Blurb: “The two’s relationship starts to slowly change--.. Gambatte, Karin!!”
Comment: Things are indeed moving slowly but surely, Nao is falling for Karin’s optimistic nature. Hehe, he cannot even let go off her hand when his alibi no longer stands =P Somehow, I think she got that from her father, and also being quite ‘persevering at work’. Their parents’ past is pretty much like how I thought it would be. Reika seems to be a bit of an opportunist which kind of rub off a bit on Nao. I begin to wonder if Reika liked Kazuki or at least consider him a second choice – somewhat like that Karin thought that it is mutual. Kazuki seems to still have a ‘fondness’ towards Reika..probably something like ‘first love never dies’. So, I wonder if it is the same with Reika that is why even if she is frustrated and everything with Takumi, she still didn’t divorce him. Of course, both know that they cannot be together anymore and none of them would cross that line. Reika’s biggest regret would probably be not choosing Kazuki who knew her really well..well, aside from he is now successfully rich and the one she married is a failure. Based on Reika’s comment about Nao, it seems that she is projecting Nao as a would-be Takumi that is why she is venting her frustration on him and blamed him that it is all his fault that she got into this mess. Apparently, just in the flashback of not being able to do her own homework, Reika is irresponsible and won’t admit that she is also her fault that she got into this situation. I do wonder if Takumi is still ‘redeemable’ like did he start womanizing because of Reika’s nagging or he was like that even before? Can their marriage still be saved or not? I wonder what Takumi’s perspective on this, as well as, Akari, being the second choice..and Reika kind of seducing her husband. ^^; The parents’ love life can be a mini-soap that I wonder if there would be more to this later on, and if so, how it will affect the couple. It is also interesting that Nao looks up to Kazuki and doesn’t treat him negatively after all his mother’s ‘if only’ rants. I wonder if deep down, Nao is also disappointed at his father and would probably want a father like Kazuki who is good in business. Scans by allwink汉化组

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