May 23, 2013

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 18]

Cover page: “Because of totoro-jiru, the mood had become more harmonious in Mego and Aoi-kun’s first date.” In some nearby arcade center, Mitsuru and Azusa are currently on a duel with air hockey. The bystanders comment that kendo youth and Gothic Lolita who are really into it that they’ve lost count how many times the puck got hit back and forth. Satisfied Azusa says that is 1 win and 1 loss so in the end, there is no ‘defeat’ in her vocabulary. Mitsuru curses for there is unexpectedly a girl who can match his physical strength. A note says that they both got the grade of A in PE. Mitsuru sees a Dance Revolution game so he tells her that will determine the victor. He grabs her wrist and says that they should go. Blushing Azusa mentally tells him not to just casually grab her hand and even if he only misunderstood and think that they are just playing a duel but for her, this is her first date in her whole life. Mitsuru tells her that they have to dance like the animation and the one who danced well [with the most points] wins. Azusa tells him that she has never played this game before. Mitsuru says that he also hasn’t played it so since both of them hasn’t played it before, it is a fair way to know the winner. On the first round, the two had a bit of difficultly. On the second round, they are getting the hang of it. Soon, there are bystanders again watching them. A girl says that the more those two danced, the more they got better. A guy says isn’t that Azusa, the model, and they must be shooting because of their strange get-up. Their timing is quite good that they both look cute. Glancing at Mitsuru, Azusa thinks that this is so strange for she never had this ‘frolic for joy’ feeling before when she’s with someone. “It’s quite magical. For the first time, I felt quite ‘happy’.” Mitsuru watches Azusa. He observes that no wonder she’s a model for her movements are quite graceful. “She also dances quite neat and efficiently. A woman with manly spirit. Not only is she reluctant to make mistakes[/pride], she also has strength, right?” Mitsuru calls out to Azusa and tells her that she is quite amazing. This made her blush and stop dancing. Mitsuru is puzzled over her reaction. It is announced that Mitsuru won with 98 points vs Azusa’s 93 points. Mitsuru is happy that he won. Azusa exclaims that he was cunning[tricked her] a while ago. Mitsuru asks about that. Azusa just says that it is nothing.
While her heart is beating really fast like a deer [in front of the headlights], blushing Azusa thinks that startled her for he suddenly smiled at her and praised her. “It’s a foul!! But it is the first time I was praised by him. (>///<)” Mitsuru tells her that these activities is quite tiring so how about a ceasefire and they go eat something. While walking in the streets, as an ojousama, Azusa is wondering if they should eat Italian or French cuisine. As a commoner, Mitsuru is short on money so he plans to eat at Mcdonald’s. Then, Mitsuru overhears someone exclaiming that is amazing. It is Mego who is delighted to also have Kojuro doll aside from Masamune and Megohime. [Kojuro is Masamune’s outstanding counselor] The souvenir stall owner says that is right, she is giving it to her because she’s so cute. Mego tearfully thanks her. Mitsuru falls down in disbelief. While Azusa is puzzled over what Mitsuru is doing by the wall near the bushes, Mitsuru thinks that Mego would actually go on a date nearby and she would even go to some souvenir shop on her first date, how disappointing. He assumes that Aoi is definitely horrified and angry that things turn out this way. Glancing at Aoi, Mitsuru is shock that Aoi is actually happy and he looks like he is enjoying himself. “That’s wrong, it’s too strange, Aoi-kun!! Quickly get angry!!” Mego happily tells Aoi that today, she thoroughly enjoyed the totoro-jiru and it’s quite delicious. Angry Mitsuru is shock that she would even unexpectedly eat totoro-jiru on the first date. “No good, these two totally don’t know the situation!! Fundamentally, there’s no slightest degree of sentiment. *sighs* It cannot be helped. I have to do it. As the older brother, I’m going to fire things up.” ‘Aoi’ says, “Compared to totoro-jiru, I want to make you softly melt into my love tonight.” Mego goes into shock. Aoi blushes. While Mego starts to nosebleed, confused Aoi wonders if this this situation just now, is that the voice of his heart, is that what his heart desires. Hiding by the bushes, Mitsuru tries to suppress his laughter for he just imitated Aoi’s voice to say that. “Gambatte, Aoi-kun.” Azusa asks Mitsuru what he is doing. She notices Mego and says that it is his younger sister. Then, she sees Aoi. Azusa looks stunned and tense. She mutters that it is Shino’s older brother. Mitsuru is surprised that Azusa knows Aoi.
Azusa is trembling as she recalls young Shino with Aoi and, some long haired woman. She quickly grabs Mitsuru’s collar from behind and says that they’re going. He asks her what’s up with her all of a sudden. Azusa says that she is in a bad mood for she saw something that she doesn’t want to see, anyone related to Shino. This surprises Mitsuru. He asks how come she treats Shino like some thorn on her flesh and didn’t she say before about ‘I don’t want to see your face, just disappear’. “Why did you tell her such mean words. You’re character is too twisted!!” This jolts Azusa. Mitsuru thinks that it has always been on her mind as to what is Shino and Azusa’s relationship, and why Shino say that Azusa is pitiful when she was the one being troubled by Azusa. “What could have happened between these two?” Facing away from him, Azusa says that is right, she doesn’t want to see Shino’s face that is like some beautiful doll. It’s disgusting to death and she hates it to death. Mitsuru suddenly grabs her hand and shouts what nonsense she is talking about. He is surprised to see Azusa’s flustered expression. Azusa turns around again and says that she is leaving so goodbye. Somewhat flustered Mitsuru thinks that for a second, it appears like Azusa is crying or was that his imagination? After walking some distance away, Azusa falls down on the floor. She complains over how painful her unsuitable shoes are. She curses over how stupid she was for she’s the only one elated over this and wore this kind of clothes. She tightly holds her skirt and thinks that in the end, she doesn’t like that guy.. Then, she overhears a couple of lovers sitting on the bench at the other side of the bushes. They are lovey-dovey and kiss-kiss The girl tells Shinobu to stop for it is still broad daylight and it is embarrassing. Shinobu says that it is okay, no one is watching anyway. Azusa sees the two kissing. Shinobu says, “Ito, I like you.” Ito tries to tell Shinobu that is enough. [Note: it is presumed that these two characters are from Suki Desu Suzuki-kun!!] While the hearts are bouncing off Azusa, she angrily thinks what’s up with these troublesome lovers doing that during daytime when she is obviously quite depressed. Taking off her shoe, furious Azusa prepares to throw it at the couple so that they would just be gone. She is surprised when Mitsuru suddenly grabs her to stop her. While Mitsuru carries her on his back, Azusa insists that he quickly put her down.
While Ito blushes and puzzled Shinobu watches the two, Mitsuru angrily tells her to shut up, her foot hurts and yet she still won’t be humble[/admit defeat]. As her heart beats loudly like a deer, Azusa is blushing over Mitsuru suddenly carrying her on his back and they are so close to each other. Mitsuru tells her that he didn’t know what happened between her and Shino and he also won’t force her to tell him. “But, because I really like Shino so from today on, I’m also going to protect her. *Azusa felt a sharp pain in her chest* Don’t cause trouble to Shino again, and in return, I will become your target [for you to cause trouble with]. Whether you’re angry or jittery, everything, I will properly face and take it up. Just like today, I will always accompany you, always until you become happy. *Azusa blushes in surprise* Honestly, I really had fun today!! *smiles* You’re obviously a girl yet you were able to be evenly matched with me. It changed my point of view towards you. I feel that you are a very amazing opponent!!” Azusa suddenly grabs his neck that Mitsuru asks what’s up with her for trying to strangle him, is she doing that deliberately. Blushing Azusa says that is right, it’s settled, stupid. She thinks, “I couldn’t say it. That it is because I suddenly wanted to hug you tight. This bit, I absolutely couldn’t tell you.” She tries to cover up her blushing face by holding on more tightly on Mitsuru’s neck. Mitsuru shouts that it hurts and is she trying to kill him. Azusa mutters that he didn’t have to tell that to her, for she earlier on, planned not to continue causing trouble to Shino. Mitsuru didn’t hear this. Azusa thinks that she really hates Shino but if she hurt her, that would really pain him, right? After complaining to her to watch it [about the strangling?], Mitsuru says that that she is heavier than she looks. Embarrassed Azusa says that he’s quite rude and she isn’t heavy, but rather, it’s because he’s too small. This irks Mitsuru. Narration: “Ah, I finally understand. Whether it is angry, or pain, but still able to feel some warmth. Even if I’m quite frustrated but this feeling is definitely called ‘romantic love’.” Blurb: “Mego and Aoi’s first date will also [become] all sorts of pink Pink to the max!!”
Comment: Azusa and Mitsuru’s date is quite fun..and competitive. Just like him, Azusa is unexpectedly quite athletic and she doesn’t want to lose easily. It is amusing that these two seem more like on a date rather than Mego and Aoi based on ‘normal standards’ since they are playing around in the arcade while the other two are just going around shopping for the things that Mego likes. I find Mitsuru’s ‘push’ quite amusing and would that lead to the pink stuff mentioned at the blurb for those other two? It does seem that there is indeed a very ‘dark and deep’ past between Azusa and Shino. That woman seems to be the same one that traumatized Aoi. I think Azusa is in a ‘difficult’ position but I guess, that arrangement with Mitsuru is okay for her as long as she gets to spend some time with him even if his heart belongs to someone else and she can hide her true feelings for him by acting like the ‘villain’ who wants this keep this kind of agreement. I wonder how Mitsuru will react when he learns that Azusa actually likes him. Also, I wonder if any of the two couples would encounter Shino, perhaps with that other guy. Scans by 莺工作

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